Claim: Skyrocketing Gasoline Price Inflation is Michael Mann’s Fault

Includes video; In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Libertarian Alex Epstein has accused Climate Scientist Michael Mann of triggering a cascade of events which led to today’s gasoline price horror…

President Biden – High Gasoline Prices are an “Incredible Transition”

Includes video; We’re all used to President Biden’s hilarious gaffs, Biden accidentally saying the quiet part out loud, but this one takes the peach.

Trudeau’s Green Canada Reports Record Oil Exports

The Trudeau government is trying to convince everyone that tar sands oil can be a climate friendly fuel.

Dark Winter: Green EU States Activating Emergency Fuel Rationing Plans

The European Green Energy Transition fantasy is in tatters, as Putin’s demand that Europeans pay for Russian gas in Rubles spreads panic throughout the EU.

“Who’s Talking Climate Change Now?”: Arab States Respond to Global Demand for Energy Security

According to Al Jazeera, Arab states are responding to Ukraine war shortages, by pledging to “keep pumping oil until the last drop” to assist with the transition to renewable energy.

Extinction Rebellion Promises to Disrupt UK Refineries

Extinction Rebellion has promised to do all they can to disrupt the supply of gasoline to UK motorists, to create a “tipping point” in which people abandon fossil fuel.

Trudeau Hints Canada Ready to Replace Russian Fossil Fuel Imports

So long as everybody continues to agree Justin Trudeau is a green leader, Canada has offered to provide a deluge of fossil fuel, to replace imports which used to come…

Guardian: Big Oil Conspiring to Use Ukraine to Overturn the Green Revolution

The Guardian and other greens are still in denial about their culpability in the wrecking of Europe’s energy security.

Green Revolution? No Sanctions Planned for Russian Energy

Self destructive Western climate policies have left major nations, including the USA, helplessly dependent on Russian energy, and unable to impose the one sanction which could financially cripple Putin’s Wehrmacht.

Climate Action? Politically Vulnerable Democrats Demand Lower Gasoline Taxes

It is almost like they think saving their own political hides is more important that the crisis of our times.

Climate Obsessed Canadian Regulator Crackdown on Oil Sands Financing

According to Canadian regulators demand for fossil fuel will collapse in the next few decades, raising the spectre of a resource industry loan default crisis.

Baltimore Big Oil Climate Lawsuit Moves Forward

As Baltimore’s misleading marketing case against big oil moves forward, Big Oil may be about to pay a heavy price for their inconsistent positioning on climate narratives.

Forbes Pushes Climate Activists to Buy Big Oil Shares

Instead of say investing in green energy startups and displacing oil with a better product, business guru Jeroen Kraaijenbrink thinks activists should buy shares so they can mess with big…

Biden Advises Americans Who Can’t Afford Gasoline to Buy an EV

Biden does not understand why people are finding rising gasoline prices such a struggle, when the obvious solution is to buy a $112,595 electric Hummer pickup.

AFR: Net Zero “Strangling” Oil and Gas Producers

When will the food shortages begin? Bankster support for Western Net Zero declarations is killing oil and gas investment, driving up the price of gasoline, electricity and home heating. My…

Biden Democrats Pursue High Cost Climate Change Domestic Energy Agenda

Four weeks ago, the Biden administration was reduced to begging OPEC to produce more oil, to prevent disastrous gasoline pump price rises caused by Biden’s attempts to shut down the…

Cost Comparison: Decommissioning a Wind Turbine vs. Plugging & Abandoning an Oil Well

Guest “Coin toss” by David Middleton A recurring theme in comments sections of WUWT posts are arguments about the costs of decommissioning wind turbines vs the costs of plugging and…

Biden Admin Begs OPEC to Produce More Oil – After Shutting Down the US Oil Industry

The Biden administration is testing new depths of mind blowing political dysfunction, by begging OPEC for more oil, while at the same time maintaining their attack on the US domestic…

Forbes: “Forget About Peak Oil – We Haven’t Even Reached Peak Coal Yet”

Mainstream media is waking up that despite billions invested in renewable energy, oil and coal use are surging.

Bloomberg: $5 Million Ransom Paid to Criminals, to Restore East Coast Fuel Supplies

Bloomberg claims Colonial paid the ransom to cybercriminals who halted 45% of East Coast fuel supplies. But this episode has exposed just how vulnerable vital US systems are to hacking…

Biden Energy Secretary: “Pipe is the best way to go” When Transporting Fuel

After cancelling Keystone and other pipeline projects, the Biden administration seems to have discovered that if you don’t provide a means of transporting fuel, people run out of fuel.

US Emergency Declared After Cyber Criminals Cut 45% of the Fuel Supply to the East Coast

Climate activists in New York and other East Coast cities may have an opportunity to live their dream of life without fossil fuel, as operators of the Colonial pipeline struggle…

Major Aussie Refinery Closing, Due to Hostile Government Policy

Despite desperate offers of subsidies from the Federal Government, one of the last oil refineries in Australia is set to close, along with a string of dependent industries, thanks to…

“You Can’t Fix Stupid”… Biden Pauses New Oil & Gas Leasing on Federal Lands and Waters

Guest “you can’t fix stupid” by David Middleton We knew this was coming… Biden Hits ‘Pause’ On Oil And Gas Leasing On Public Lands And WatersJanuary 27, 2021NATHAN ROTT, SCOTT…