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  1. Suggested in the ‘Housekeeping’ thread, but quickly buried there, so allow me to repeat:

    One day I’d like to see a Reference Page devoted to The Basics of Skeptical Climatology, to which one could refer laymen who want a succinct explanation of the problems with the CAGW position and how to counter the smug assertions of its proponents. I refer people to WUWT, but fear they will be overwhelmed by its often-technical content and deterred by its appeal to an in-group of readers and contributors.

    /Mr Lynn

    • Exactly what I’d like, too!
      Too difficult for newcomers/disbelievers to find key issues/facts and references. A separate listing of science and government/politics/religion/etc would be helpful.
      (Does anyone know of handout materials? –summary, bulleted, references—)

      Anthony and commenters: Thank you for your time and dedication and fairness to all sides! A lot of what just happened is because of you.

    • I agree with comments supporting this initiative.
      I have trouble explaining some of the detail and concepts to those unfamiliar with the climate debate. I find that diagrams with references to their source the best way to open up any discussion.

  2. James Cook Uni’s alarmist mangrove scientist Dr Norm Duke says the recent El Nino caused sea levels in Queensland’s Gulf of Carpentaria to drop by 20cm, resulting in mangrove die-back.

    Here’s the press release sent out today. He’s failed to convince me, what do you mob reckon?

    From: Bone, Alistair
    Date: 13 March 2017 at 12:10
    Subject: JCU Media – Mangrove dieback cause revealed

    Thirsty mangroves caused unprecedented dieback
    EMBARGOED to 12.01am AEST, Tues 14 March 2017

    A James Cook University scientist has discovered why there was an unprecedented dieback of mangroves in the Gulf of Carpentaria in early 2016 – the plants died of thirst.

    Dr Norman Duke, leader of JCU’s Mangrove Research hub, headed an investigation into the massive mangrove dieback. The findings were published in the Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research today (Tuesday 14 March).

    The scientists used aerial observations and satellite mapping data of the area dating back to 1972, combined with weather and climate records.

    Dr Duke said they found three factors came together to produce the unprecedented dieback of 7400 hectares of mangroves, which stretched for 1000 kilometres along the Gulf coast.

    “From 2011 the coastline had experienced below-average rainfalls, and the 2015/16 drought was particularly severe. Secondly the temperatures in the area were at record levels and thirdly some mangroves were left high and dry as the sea level dropped about 20cm during a particularly strong El Nino.”

    Dr Duke says this was enough to produce what scientists regard as the largest recorded incident of its kind, and the worst instance of likely climate-related dieback of mangroves ever reported.

    “Essentially, they died of thirst,” he said.

    Dr Duke said scientists now know that mangroves, like coral reefs, are vulnerable to changes in climate and extreme weather events.

    He said the mangroves of Australia’s Gulf region have experienced relatively little anthropogenic impact and are considered the least altered mangrove ecosystems in the world.

    “So the relative dominance of climate influences in this region is of critical interest to world observers of environmental responses to climate change.”

    Dr Duke said the area is sparsely populated, with passing fisherman and scientists conducting unrelated work the first to notice the dieback.

    “It took 4-5 months to come to the attention of mangrove tidal wetland specialists and managers. Our response to this event further involves training and equipping Indigenous rangers and local community volunteers to build local partnerships for rigorous and repeated shoreline assessments.”

    “We cannot afford to be caught out like this again!” said Dr Duke. “The Gulf dieback has been a wakeup call for action on shoreline monitoring. We urgently need a national shoreline monitoring program commensurate with our global standing. We have the specialists, we have the resources, and we know there is interest and concern amongst the Australian public.”

    To progress this further, Australia’s top specialists and managers will review the situation at a dedicated workshop during next week’s Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network annual conference in Hobart (, hosted by the University of Tasmania and CSIRO.

    “The aim of Australia’s specialist network is to apply intelligent, innovative and considered responses, as fully expected by the public, to improve and disseminate informed understandings of the changes taking place in high value natural resources such as Australia’s coastal tidal wetland habitats,” Dr Duke said.


    Dr Norm Duke
    M: 0419 673 366

    Link to pics and video:

    The Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research paper is available on request from Dr Duke.

    Alistair Bone
    JCU Media Liaison
    M: 0409 734 542
    P: 07 4781 4942

  3. This message was scrolling across the tv screen this morning on MSNBC:

    “Marine scientists warn that even if Global Warming is stopped now, 90 percent of the world’s coral reefs will still die by 2050”

    I haven’t seen a article about this yet.

  4. I saw this today on a yahoo news site.

    It starts out, “The paper, based on model simulations of different climate conditions, was a rare attempt to quantify the relative contributions of humans and Nature to the dramatic decline and could have a major impact on future research into Arctic ice lost.” but it doesn’t give a link or name the authors.

    It goes on about percentages of this and that and then says: “Commentators not involved in the study said its findings do not call into question whether human-induced planet warming has contributed to Arctic sea-ice loss.”

    It’s a real convoluted way to come up with the headline: “Humans to blame for bulk of Arctic sea ice loss: study” and of course has a picture of a polar bear on thin ice. A classic case of alarmist fake news.

  5. Ther German Chancellor Merkel had to postpone her visit to Washington, where she was to meet DJT, for several days. The reason given is winter gale “Stella” blowing along the east coast of the US and, of course, not only her resulting ugly hairdress.


    And it turned up in the NZ Herald this morning as well. I wonder how the 30-50% estimation of natural variability was arrived at, its seems quite low. Natural variability is usually at 100% as the driver of climate through the billions of years of earth history….maybe those SUV Miles for melting Ice meme hasn’t quite left the confirmation bias issues of the authors ?

  7. The link below on ocean heating from a NOAA study may be of interest to readers
    Trenbeth was involved and it claims ” the study said. Ocean warming also strengthened the 2015-2016 El Niño and contributed to record global heat in 2016. “The result was an all time record hurricane season in 2015 and record heat-waves, droughts and wildfires around the world.”

  8. Readers may be interested in the link below to Inside Climate News that has an article on the Rate of Ocean Warming Has Nearly Doubled Over Two Decades, Study Says The rate of ocean warming has nearly doubled since 1992 compared with the previous three decades. And the warming has reached deeper waters, scientists reported Friday.
    It is a report of a NOAA piece of research that Kevin Trenbeth is involved in, one of the articles claims is ” ” the study said. Ocean warming also strengthened the 2015-2016 El Niño and contributed to record global heat in 2016. “The result was an all time record hurricane season in 2015 and record heat-waves, droughts and wildfires around the world.”Really!!!!

  9. ‘Science for sale comes to Canada’ …. Nat. Post. …. can’t paste the link for some reason (used to be able)??
    With appropriate obeisances to NP, I regurgitate the e3ssence of their item:
    “Her’e sht eway to cheat your way to succesds in the academic world: Give a speech at a science conference conference that’s so awful, it will let y7ou present research about flying pigs.
    All you have to do is pay cash. companies that host thousands ….. are now offering them in Canada.
    Fake — but expensive conferences helop people top become professors, doctors and other professionals without proper training by providing credentials they haven’t really earned. They are marketed heavily in the Third World.’
    Unquote. the whole article is worth tracking-dowmn and reproducing it in its entirety.
    Seems to me this is how myriads of SELF-PROFESSED CLIMNATE EXPERTS have gained ‘clout’ among themselves and among the gullible policy-makers..
    It would b e interesting to back-up and check the so-called professional status of the chief alarmists. How bona fide are they in their respective field and to what extent is *that* particular field relevant to the overall debate?

  10. One only has to look at Pachauri, whose profesional qualifications appear to be limited to “Railway Engineer” (check me out lest I transgress propriety).
    With thanks to Wikipedia, here are his qualifications”R.K Pachauri was born in Nainital, India. He was educated at La Martiniere College in Lucknow[6] and at the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Jamalpur, Bihar. He belongs to the Special Class Railway Apprentices, 1958 Batch, an elite scheme which heralded the beginning of mechanical engineering education in India.[7] He began his career with the Indian Railways at the Diesel Locomotive Works in Varanasi. He joined North Carolina State University in Raleigh, United States, where he obtained an MS in Industrial Engineering in 1972, and a PhD with co-majors in Industrial Engineering and Economics in 1974.[8] His doctoral thesis was titled, A dynamic model for forecasting of electrical energy demand in a specific region located in North and South Carolina.[9] He lives in Golf Links, New Delhi.[10] He is a strict vegetarian, largely because of “the environmental and climate change implications.”[11]

  11. REPORT: President Trump Tells T-Rex Cut U.N. Funding by 50%…
    Posted on March 13, 2017
    Earlier today President Trump signed an executive order initiating a full review of all federal departments to include a recommendations within 180 days for which departments and programs can be completely shut down. Almost immediately the Swamp trees begin convulsing spasmodically.

    The notification ripples had yet to carry across the swamp water notifying all of the inhabitants when… Apparently President Trump was not satisfied with the XO instructions alone. Trump slams down the atomic sledgehammer in an epic budgetary notification to battalion commander T-Rex.

  12. A couple weeks ago, Washington DC Cherry blossoms were in the news. All the warming causing earlier blooms, etc, etc. Oops. New cold snap is endangering all of them and peak was pushed back a week.

    Here’s WaPo “Earliest on record”

    Whoa, now delayed and may be killed for the first time ever.–415898463.html


    First 3-D Printed Nuclear Power Plant Part Comes Online

    “Engineers installed the world’s first three-dimensional, printed nuclear power plant part in a facility in Slovenia Friday.

    The part is a metallic impeller for a fire protection pump in the Krško nuclear reactor in Slovenia. The original part was produced by a manufacturer which went out of business and was thus unable to be replaced by conventional means.

    Three-dimensional printing can be used to replicate very old or obsolete parts, the designs of which are virtually impossible to obtain. This makes it incredibly useful for nuclear power, since many reactors are very old and have antiquated features.

    “We continue to push forward our investments and cutting-edge advancements in additive manufacturing and 3D printing,” Tim Holt, CEO of Siemens power generation company, which printed the part, told Power Engineering. “This achievement at the Krško nuclear power plant is another example of how the digital transformation and the data-driven capabilities we have are impacting the energy industry in ways that really matter.”

    end excerpt

  14. There is currently a pause in our heavy winter rainfall in California. There has been severe flooding in some areas, but in general the hill-slopes appear to be holding up pretty well. Is this due to a strengthening of the vegetation root systems because of increased access to atmospheric carbon dioxide? Mass wasting is a major issue – sometimes life and death – for this region, as more population spreads into varied terrain. The hydrologic cycle and the biological/carbon cycle are inter-twined and this relationship needs much more public/media attention than we have been seeing. Will try to remedy that.

  15. James Cook Uni’s serial mangrove-death CAGW-alarmist Dr Norman Duke says a sea level drop of 20 cm likely caused the worst climate-related mangrove dieback evaah!

    Wait, what? Sea levels dropped? Weren’t they supposed to be rising? Sounds like the millions who were to be displaced by rising seas can relax.

    Paywalled: Google “cairns post drought killed off mangroves in gulf”
    1000km of mangrove forests died from thirst in Gulf of Carpentaria
    Daniel Bateman, The Cairns Post
    March 15, 2017 5:00am
    Subscriber only
    A GULF tour operator says the only thing that will help restore large swathes of mangrove forests that have died in the region will be a big wet season.
    Scientists have discovered that drought is the cause behind 7400ha of mangroves dying out, stretching over 1000km of coastline in the Gulf of Carpentaria from Karumba west, since early 2016.
    The scientists from James Cook University’s mangrove research hub used aerial observations and satellite mapping data of the area dating back to 1972, combined with weather and climate records, to solve the mystery.
    Karumba-based fishing charter operator Gavin New said the mangrove die-off had impacted local marine life.
    “The lack of wet season has definitely affected fish stocks and the abundance of fish and bait,” he said.
    “There’s a particular area, four nautical miles of coastline (near Karumba), that doesn’t seem to hold much life now that those mangroves have died.
    “It used to be quite a productive little area to fish amongst the mangroves there.”
    He said a major monsoonal event would help revitalise the coastal waters.
    JCU mangrove scientist Dr Norman Duke said his team found below-average rainfall, high temperatures and a sea level drop of 20cm combined to produce the largest recorded incident of its kind and the worst instance of likely climate-related dieback of mangroves ever reported.
    “Essentially, they died of thirst,” he said.
    He said scientists now knew that mangroves, like coral reefs, were vulnerable to changes in climate and extreme weather events.
    “It took four to five months to come to the attention of mangrove tidal wetland specialists and managers,” he said.
    “Our response to this event further involves training and equipping indigenous rangers and local community volunteers to build local partnerships for rigorous and repeated shoreline assessments.”

    Here’s the sea level plot for the Karumba port,
    Here’s the monthly sea levels for Karumba in table form


    Trump to Drop Climate Change From Environmental Reviews, Source Says

    “President Donald Trump is set to sign a sweeping directive to dramatically shrink the role climate change plays in decisions across the government, ranging from appliance standards to pipeline approvals, according to a person familiar with the administration’s plan.

    The order, which could be signed this week, goes far beyond a targeted assault on Obama-era measures blocking coal leasing and throttling greenhouse gas emissions from power plants that has been discussed for weeks. Some of the changes could happen immediately; others could take years to implement.

    It aims to reverse President Barack Obama’s broad approach for addressing climate change. One Obama-era policy instructed government agencies to factor climate change into formal environmental reviews, such as that for the Keystone XL pipeline. Trump’s order also will compel a reconsideration of the government’s use of a metric known as the “social cost of carbon” that reflects the potential economic damage from climate change. It was used by the Obama administration to justify a suite of regulations.”

    end excerpt

  17. Gas-fired power plants emit more methane than previously recorded but not enough to negate the climate benefits of coal-to-gas switching, according to a pilot study from Purdue University.

    Most of the methane emissions detected in the study were not associated with the actual gas-burning process. The researchers noted that methane found near carbon dioxide represents incompletely burned gas coming from the stack, while methane near other molecules likely comes from other power plant equipment, such as compressors, steam turbines, steam boilers and condensers.

    The U.S. EPA’s greenhouse gas reporting program requires power plants to report only methane emissions that come from the combustion process, which means the vast majority of the escaped methane the Purdue study measured would not be included in federal emissions tallies. This means actual methane emissions for gas power plants could be anywhere from two to 120 times as high as those calculated from data provided by facility operators, the researchers said.

    Despite the notable discrepancy between the EPA’s and the study’s methane estimates for power plants, the researchers concluded that the emissions rate was not so high that it would negate the greenhouse gas benefit of burning gas in lieu of coal, which emits more carbon dioxide than gas in the combustion process.

    Assuming that coal-to-gas switching offers climate benefits so long as methane emissions from gas systems remain below 3% of total gas throughput and that emissions sources outside power plants release less than 2% of throughput, the previously undocumented emissions from power plants do not tip the scale in favor of coal, the study said. At the natural gas power plants where the researchers collected data, facility-scale loss rates were between about 0.1% and 0.42%.

    “The good news from our study is that while emissions are greater than anticipated, natural gas-burning power plants are still cleaner, relative to burning coal,” Paul Shepson, a professor of analytical and atmospheric chemistry at Purdue, said in a March 13 statement. “It’s a better fuel all around as long as you don’t spill it. But it doesn’t take much methane leakage to ruin your whole day if you care about climate change.”

    That the power plant methane emissions were mainly not related to combustion efficiency is relatively good news for curbing emissions, he said. Operators could take a closer look at whether relatively simple adjustments could be made to the facility equipment to minimize escaping gas.

    The Purdue study also looked at oil refineries and at recorded similar findings: Some major methane sources might not be accurately captured in the EPA’s emissions-factor calculations. Already, refineries are required to report emissions from stationary fuel combustion activities, along with a host of other specific sources, including flares, process vents, storage tanks and equipment leaks. But annual methane emissions may be 11 to 90 times as high for refineries as the EPA has estimated, the Purdue researchers said.

    Operators may also want to turn their attention to boilers, process heaters, furnaces and incinerators to get a fuller picture of methane emissions, the study concluded.

    The researchers emphasized that more data should be collected. The pilot study they did encompassed only three power plants and three refineries. While the researchers selected facilities that represented a range of classifications, more extensive sampling is necessary to understand the scope of emissions, they said.

    The study, conducted with help from the Environmental Defense Fund, was published by the American Chemical Society’s journal, Environmental Science & Technology.

    Me: “…two to 120 times more…” in other words they have no idea.


    Republicans Break Ranks With Pledge to Fight Climate Change

    “Seventeen conservative Republican members of Congress—10 of them in their first or second terms—are bucking long-time party positions and the new occupant of the White House. They announced on Wednesday that they’re supporting a clear statement about the risks associated with climate change, as well as principles for how best to fight it.”

    end excerpt

  19. From an article in yesterday’s Detsche Welle interviewing climate researcher Hans Joachim Schellnberger:

    “And in order to meet this tight budget, what do you see as being the major things that need to happen between now and then?

    It’s quite mind-boggling – for example, by 2030, we have to phase out the combustion engine. And we have to completely phase out the use of coal for producing power. By 2040 we will probably have to replace concrete and steel for construction by wood, clay and stone.”

    Gonna be tough to have an economy with no trains, planes, trucks or ships. And we’ll all have to live in grass huts…


    Study: Climate change research is without publication bias

    “March 15 (UPI) — A new survey confirms climate change research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals is untainted by so-called publication bias.

    If a study’s conclusion, not the quality of its content, impacts whether or not it gets published, the partiality is referred to as “publication bias.”

    Some have claimed publication bias explains the dearth of studies challenging the man-made climate change consensus.

    A new study by scientists at Lund University in Sweden suggests the consensus — that global warming is happening, and happening as a result of greenhouse emissions — is based on a sober analysis and reporting of the facts, not collusion or bias.”

    end excerpt

  21. House resolution on climate should be mentioned:

    I was particularly impressed with this:
    “Whereas increased pollutants and other factors contribute to local, regional, and national environmental and human health impacts, including increased mercury in the fish we eat, elevated asthma attacks in our children, acid rain, smog, degraded water quality, urban heat islands, and rapid storm water runoff that leads to costly infrastructure projects;”

    Still trying to figure out how increased pollutants contribute to urban heat islands or rapid storm water runoff.

    Note, however that it does include this:
    “Whereas any efforts to mitigate the risks of, prepare for, or otherwise address our changing climate and its effects should not constrain the United States economy, especially in regards to global competitiveness”

    That would seem to say we are not going to argue with all the alarmist talking points but we won’t do anything about it if it hurts the economy.


    Trump’s Budget Is A Full-Scale Assault On Obama’s ‘Climate Action Plan’

    “At EPA, for example, Trump’s budget proposal:

    “Discontinues funding for the Clean Power Plan, international climate change programs, climate change research and partnership programs, and related efforts—saving over $100 million for the American taxpayer compared to 2017 annualized CR levels. Consistent with the President’s America First Energy Plan, the Budget reorients EPA’s air program to protect the air we breathe without unduly burdening the American economy.”

    Trump wants the State Department to stop funding these programs:

    “Eliminates the Global Climate Change Initiative and fulfills the President’s pledge to cease payments to the United Nations’ (UN) climate change programs by eliminating U.S. funding related to the Green Climate Fund and its two precursor Climate Investment Funds.”

    end excerpts


    Everyone Is Misinterpreting Mattis’s Remarks On Climate Change

    “Mattis’s remarks reflect the thinking of the Pentagon for at least a decade, so they should come as no surprise. Mattis never assigns blame for climate change to humans or nature, nor does he call for the abandonment of carbon dioxide-emitting fuels. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of the “97 percent” consensus we often hear from liberals.”

    end excerpt

    This is true. The attitude of the military is: show me some CAGW, and we will deal with it. That doesn’t mean any of them believe in CAGW, although I’m sure a lot more of them do now, than before Obama took Office and started pushing the narrative.

    Military people are practical people. They don’t go off chasing moonbeams. Show them something real and they will deal with it. If there is nothing real to worry about, then they won’t worry about it or spend money on it.

  24. Columbia University divests from thermal coal

    ‘Building on the Columbia University’s commitment to addressing climate change, the University’s Trustees have voted to support a recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) to divest from companies deriving more than 35% of their revenue from thermal coal production and to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Climate Change Program.’

  25. Anthony (or moderator):

    You may be aware of this issue, but for the last couple of weeks, both on my home computer and work computer, the site hangs up while loading. If I click on the X to stop loading, the site shows on screen. If I then hit the refresh button, all is well.

    Google Chrome, Windows 7 on both systems.


    World’s biggest fund manager issues ‘Darth Vader-style’ threat to oust bosses who ignore climate change

    “The world’s biggest fund manager has threatened to vote out directors of companies that fail to address the risks posed to their businesses by climate change.

    In a post on its website, BlackRock, which controls assets worth $5.1 trillion (about £4.2 trillion), said climate risk was a “systemic issue”.

    It said it planned to engage with the companies that are “most exposed to climate risk” over this year to help them tell investors – like BlackRock — about the financial impacts of global warming and the shift to a low-carbon economy.

    In an associated briefing note, BlackRock made clear how serious it was about the issue, pointing to a letter written to businesses by its chief executive Larry Fink which had said “while we are patient investors, we are not infinitely patient”.

    “Climate risk will be one of the key engagement themes that the Investment Stewardship team will prioritize in 2017 and the team’s recent work on this issue … will inform our assessment of shareholder proposals on the topic,” the briefing note said”

    end excerpt


    Trump’s Budget Chief Says Climate Research ‘A Waste Of Your Money’

    “President Donald Trump’s budget director told reporters Thursday the White House was no longer spending money on climate change research because it’s a “waste of your money.”

    “We’re not spending money on that anymore,” Mick Mulvaney, the Office of Management and Budget director, said at a press briefing while discussing the president’s decision to dial back climate science research.

    “We consider that to be a waste of your money,” he added.”

    end excerpt


    Fears Trump Would Gut Climate Agencies Were Overblown

    “Scientists and activists who claimed President Donald Trump would gut the scientific capabilities of federal climate and weather agencies can breath a sigh of relief.

    Trump’s budget does cut dozens of federal climate programs, but the deep cuts many feared would hit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) didn’t materialize.

    For months, activists warned the White House could gut climate programs and data through draconian budget cuts. Some scientists were so concerned they began downloading government data, and others organized a political march in “support” for science.

    NOAA satellites won’t fall out of the sky and NASA will still conduct climate science, says Ryan Maue, a meteorologist and adjunct scholar with the libertarian Cato Institute.

    “Scientists lose credibility as policy advisors when they latch onto conspiracy theories created by activists,” Maue told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The rumors and speculation that led to hysterical overreaction turned out to be unfounded.”

    end excerpt


    Enviros Seek A Probe Against Scott Pruitt’s ‘Unprecedented’ Climate Comments

    “Environmentalists want the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general to investigate whether Scott Pruitt violated internal policies when he suggested carbon emissions might not contribute to climate change.

    The Sierra Club asked the independent watchdog in a letter Wednesday to check whether the former Oklahoma attorney general violated the EPA’s 2012 Scientific Integrity Policy when he told a reporter emissions were not a “primary contributor” to so-called man-made global warming.

    “It’s pretty unprecedented to have the head of the EPA contradicting basic scientific facts,” Sierra Club Senior Attorney Elena Saxonhouse told reporters Wednesday.

    The group’s lawyers said Pruitt’s comments contradicted a “comprehensive review” of research on climate change. EPA requires its officials and employees respect the basic findings of the scientific community.”

    end excerpt


    Trump’s Budget Revives Yucca Mountain After Harry Reid And Obama Killed It

    “President Donald Trump’s budget revives plans to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

    The budget “provides $120 million to restart licensing activities for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste, repository and initiate a robust interim storage program,” according to a budget summary. “These investments would accelerate progress on fulfilling the Federal Government’s obligations to address nuclear waste, enhance national security, and reduce future taxpayer burden.”

    end excerpt

  31. And yet another call to arms over the coral reef:

    I don’t have access to the full article, but one blog I follow indicated that the paper makes claims about further 2017 bleaching. Additionally, the abstract states, “Similarly, past exposure to bleaching in 1998 and 2002 did not lessen the severity of bleaching in 2016.”

    I’d love to see Jim Steele’s take on this. (I’m not submitting it as a story myself since I lack any expertise / background in coral biology…this is definitely one for Jim.)




    Trump Budget Trashes Obama’s Green Energy Loan Program

    “President Donald Trump’s budget eliminates a pair of Department of Energy (DOE) green energy loan programs on track to lose taxpayers billions of dollars.

    The budget entirely eliminates the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy and the Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program. The DOE used these programs to issue roughly $16 billion in loan guarantees to 26 different projects over the years. Several of the companies that got taxpayer-backed loans went bankrupt.

    These green loan programs lost $2.2 billion dollars between 2008 and 2015, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. As of 2015, the GAO concluded that taxpayers were securing $28 billion in loans for 30 different green energy projects.”

    end excerpt

  33. This presentation to the Senate Environmental Committee (2014?) by Dr. Don Easterbrook makes the most complete and definitive case against AGW that I have seen..
    He starts with a list of “heretical” statements and then goes on to prove them all, including the dodgy origin of the “97% of scientists agree” nonsense.

    I know it’s old but it deserves to see the light of day again.


    From Ivo Vegter in South Africa’s ‘Daily Maverick’. You have posted at least one of his articles before.

    Rich environmentalists oppress poor people

    Environmentalism remains enduringly popular among the world’s rich elite. Activists would like us to believe they are motivated only by the purest of intentions, but is that really true? They routinely oppose development and discount the needs of ordinary people, but their campaigns are often motivated by factors that have no redeeming merits at all.


    ‘I Will Name Names’: Infighting At EPA Drives Top Official To Resign

    “Reports already suggested tension between President Donald Trump’s political appointees and EPA career staff.

    An unnamed career staffer told Politico that EPA employees will “fight actions they deem ill-advised or illegal by quietly providing information of what is happening inside their agencies to advocacy groups and the media.”

    A small group of EPA staffers began using encryption apps, like Signal, to communicate in a way that can’t be tracked by the White House. The actions may violate federal records law.

    Other government employees may have started “rogue” Twitter accounts to attack the Trump administration over social media, and a former EPA official suggested agency employees would boycott Trump if he ever came to visit the agency.”

    end excerpt

    From the report issued by the “Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health” which claims representation of 400,000 doctors (all in lab coats I bet). The director of the new consortium is Mona Sarafty of George Mason University (who would have guessed). The damage of course is “felt most by children, the elderly and people of color”.
    Mona claims 3 types of harms:
    1. direct such as injuries and deaths from increasingly violent weather , asthma and lung disease…..
    2. increased disease through insects that carry Lyme disease….and “through contaminated food and water” (a non sequitur?!?)
    3. the effects on mental health “resulting from the damage climate change can do to society”…..(It appears that damage has already spread to George Mason.)
    To me this shows how low journalism has sunk; you need only a fax machine and a University letterhead to spread unfounded claims and some “reporter” will reprint and distribute your “Fake News” to every Gannett Newspaper and TV station in the country.
    All 3 claims have repeatedly been disproven, but since it is now printed in B&W (and in color in USA Today) it MUST be true.

  37. Claim Bejing now “coal free” no mention that China is actually converting coal to gas

    AFP Beijing shuts last coal power plant in switch to natural gas

    “The Huangneng plant is the fourth to be closed and replaced by gas thermal power centres between 2013 and 2017, cutting nearly 10 million tonnes in coal emissions annually.”

    AFP Ignores or is ignorant of reality I think WUWT also had an article on SNG

    Washington Post
    In China, a tug of war over coal gas: Cleaner air but worse for the climate

    “China has enthusiastically embraced coal gasification. It has proposed to build more than 50 plants like this in its sparsely populated north and west and to create by far the largest synthetic natural gas (SNG) industry in the world……. The entire process of turning coal into gas, and then burning that gas somewhere else, produces significantly more greenhouse gases than just burning the coal in the first place. The industry is also extremely water-intensive, putting pressure on water supplies in some of China’s most arid regions.”

    BBC 14 April 2014 Coal gasification: The clean energy of the future?

    “The main technology being used is coal gasification – instead of burning the fossil fuel, it is chemically transformed into synthetic natural gas (SNG).
    The process is decades old, but recent rises in the price of gas mean it is now more economically viable. The US has dabbled in the technique, but China is going all out in a bid to satisfy its soaring demand for power and reduce its dependency on imported liquefied natural gas (LNG).
    The country’s National Energy Administration has laid out plans to produce 50 billion cubic metres of gas from coal by 2020, enough to satisfy more than 10% of China’s total gas demand.
    Not only does it make economic sense, but it allows China to exploit stranded coal deposits sitting thousands of kilometres from the country’s main industrial centres. Transporting gas is, after all, a lot cheaper than transporting coal.”

  38. Uh oh!
    How ‘cash for ash’ climate change do-goodery plunged Northern Ireland into a political crisis

    Disciples of climate change orthodoxy are taught that the world will pay a heavy price for global warming. Rising water levels will impact populations along existing shorelines; changing temperatures will produce sharp shifts in agricultural potentialities; plant, animal and insect populations will be dramatically affected by changes to their traditional habitats. All sorts of things will change, challenging governments and threatening political turmoil.

    It’s going to be a mess. Someone has to fix it! Except — and you won’t hear a lot about this from the usual climate change sermonizers — trying to correct the situation has a way of going wrong, perhaps because the politicians who eagerly seize on climate policy as a road to easy votes have only the vaguest grasp of what their doing.

    A prime example has been simmering away in Northern Ireland, which has barely had time to enjoy the peace that came with the end of years of sectarian violence, but faces new pressures thanks to a colossally inept and badly mismanaged climate scheme and the tensions it unleashed.

  39. Unpaid bills….

    “Mike Nowatski, a spokesman for North Dakota Governor Doug Borgum, said that “all options are on the table” as far as the state is concerned, and that “the governor’s office has been in discussions with both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and White House officials to emphasize the state’s position that federal reimbursement is warranted.”

    “We know for certain who won’t be paying, and that is the protesters and the various conflict groups, like Earthjustice, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and, who organized and paid many of them to engage in often-violent actions that led to more than 700 arrests during the course of the protest action.”

  40. Children won’t know what a full dam looks like, or something like that.
    Promo with a child looking at a muddy water hole with cracked mud around it.

    Seymour Centre Presents
    By Duncan Macmillan and Chris Rapley
    26 MAY – 10 JUNE
    “An urgent call for the greatest collective action in history.”
    The Guardian UK, Michael Billington

    and featuring a cast of young performers from Australian Theatre For Young People

    2071 is a performance about climate change, created from the words of prestigious scientist, Professor Chris Rapley. This beautiful production fuses the facts of climate change and our planets’ history of global warming with astounding 3D projections and an original music score. Theatre, science and art combine to imagine what the world might be like in the future.

    2071 perfectly frames the climate change facts and challenges within a beautifully structured and eloquent dramatic monologue.

    First produced by London’s Royal Court Theatre in 2014, the production received critical acclaim and was an immediate success with performances in Germany, Brussels and two seasons in London.

    The Australian production will feature state of the art projections by Joe Crossley (Vivid Sydney) and an original musical score by award-winning composer Andrée Greenwell (Gothic, Vivid 2015).

    2071 is part of Seymour’s Great Ideas series which engages with significant issues of our time, provoking thought and public discourse around big contemporary questions.

    “2071 strikes me as pretty essential viewing if you want a sensible overview on what is happening to our planet” – Time Out UK

    This is a Shutterstock image, used in many alarming accounts of the danger of climate change.

  41. Trump’s EPA administration has postponed implementation of Obama’s EPA expansion of Process Safety Management (PSM). Federal Register / Vol. 82, No. 50 / Thursday, March 16, 2017 / Rules and Regulations. See exert below. This expansion was opposed by industry groups for what they viewed as unprecedented micromanagement of an industry’s timing, response, and methodology. President Trump promised relief from EPA’s burdensome regulations during his campaign. The postponement will allow industry time to argue to remove, or have the new regulations adjusted to a more welcomed implementation.

    40 CFR Part 68
    [EPA–HQ–OEM–2015–0725; FRL–9959–57–OLEM] RIN 2050–AG82

    Accidental Release Prevention
    Requirements: Risk Management
    Programs Under the Clean Air Act;
    Further Delay of Effective Date
    AGENCY: Environmental Protection
    Agency (EPA).
    ACTION: Final rule; delay of effective

    SUMMARY: By a letter dated March 13, 2017, the Administrator announced the
    convening of a proceeding for reconsideration of the final rule that
    amends the chemical accident prevention provisions addressing Risk
    Management Programs under the Clean Air Act published in the Federal
    Register on January 13, 2017. The effective date of these regulations had
    been March 21, 2017. By this action, the EPA is administratively staying and
    delaying the effective date of this rule for 90 days. Thus, the January 13, 2017
    rule will become effective on June 19, 2017.

    DATES: The effective date of the rule amending 40 CFR part 68 published at
    82 FR 4594 (January 13, 2017), as delayed at 82 FR 8499 (January 26,
    2017) is further delayed to June 19, 2017.

    ADDRESSES: The EPA has established a docket for the rule amending 40 CFR
    part 68 under Docket ID No. EPA–HQ–OEM–2015–0725. All documents in the
    docket are listed on the Web site. Although
    listed in the index, some information is not publicly available, e.g., Confidential
    Business Information (CBI) or other information whose disclosure is
    restricted by statute. Certain other material, such as copyrighted material,
    is not placed on the Internet and will be publicly available only in hard copy
    form. Publicly available docket materials are available electronically through

  42. London, 22 March: A report on the State of the Climate in 2016 which is based exclusively on observations rather than climate models is published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).

    Saw this over at “not a lot of people know that

    Thought it was a well a very written non sensationalist review of recent climate data. Worth linking to IMO

  43. Oh crap! Not again! Suzuki cites Desmog Blog, Pembina, and peer review from Skeptical Science, to prove CO2 emissions are going to destroy life as we know it.

    David Suzuki: Facts and evidence matter in confronting climate crisis

    We recently highlighted the faulty logic of a pseudoscientific argument against addressing climate change: the proposition that because CO2 is necessary for plants, increasing emissions is good for the planet and the life it supports.

    Those who read, write, or talk regularly about climate change and ecology are familiar with other antienvironmental arguments not coated with a scientific sheen.

  44. WMO with the Met Office, NASA, NOAA, UEA CRU, say “Hottest year evah!”

    Climate breaks multiple records in 2016, with global impacts.
    “The increased power of computing tools and the availability of long term climate data have made it possible today, through attribution studies, to demonstrate clearly the existence of links between man-made climate change and many cases of high impact extreme events in particular heatwaves”

    WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2016 (PDF, 28 pages)

  45. Comment on this story please from the EarthSky website:

    Record low sea ice at both poles
    By Deborah Byrd in EARTH | March 23, 2017
    Considering both poles in February 2017, Earth essentially lost the equivalent of a chunk of sea ice larger than Mexico, in contrast to the average global minimum for 1981-2010.

    Scientists at NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado said on March 22, 2017 that Arctic sea ice probably reached its 2017 maximum extent on March 7, and that this year’s maximum represents another record low. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the planet, on March 3 sea ice around Antarctica hit its lowest extent ever recorded by satellites at the end of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. NASA called it:
    … a surprising turn of events after decades of moderate sea ice expansion. …

  46. The comments for the medical society story appear to be for a different article – related to renewable energy / wind power by the nature of the comments. WordPress issue perhaps.

  47. Anthony,
    Apropos of the Medical Society Consortium article, I just read my latest edition of the American Psychiatric Society’s “Psychiatric News” and was dumbfounded to see the degree to which the CAGH meme has infected the profession. Knowing the trajectory of the profession, I suspect that the APA will adopt a similar position statement in the near future.

    The article is too long to post as a comment to Leo Goldstein’s. I hope my “cut and paste” works.

    Here goes:


    Resilient Greater Miami & the Beaches: Community Questionnaire
    Introduction Introducción Entwodiksyon

    Who is Resilient Greater Miami & the Beaches? Resilient Greater Miami & the Beaches is a collaboration formed in 2016 by Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami Beach and the City of Miami to respond to the region’s challenges: urbanization, globalization and climate change, among others. After a competitive process, Greater Miami & the Beaches was selected to join the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program. The three municipalities representing Resilient Greater Miami & the Beaches have partnered to create a 20-year strategy.

    What is Resilience? Resilience is defined by the 100 Resilient Cities Program as the capacity of individuals, communities, businesses and systems within a city to survive, adapt and thrive no matter what kinds of challenges they experience. These challenges include not just acute “shocks” to a community such as earthquakes, fires, and floods but also ongoing “stresses” that weaken the fabric of a city on a day-to-day or cyclical basis such as poverty, long-lasting food or water shortages, and a poor transportation system.

    How can you help? To understand the full range of challenges Greater Miami & the Beaches is facing, we need your input about the factors that threaten our community’s resilience, including our ability to prepare, survive and adapt to whatever challenges we may face. Your input will directly inform the priority issues that Greater Miami & the Beaches’ resilience-building focuses on.

    We ask that you take 10 minutes to answer this questionnaire. The questionnaire is anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact information. We ask that you respond by March 31, 2017.

  49. MEDIA ALERT – GBR Bleaching could cost Queensland $1 billion, 70K jobs
    WHEN: TUESDAY, March 28, 2017 at 9:30AM QLD TIME

    WHERE: Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park (meeting at the lookout next to Cliffs Café – 29 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point, Queensland).

    WHAT: The Climate Council will launch its milestone report ‘Climate Change: A Deadly Threat to Coral Reefs,’ in Brisbane.

    NEW BLEACHING VISION: Underwater and aerial vision of the latest coral bleaching event is also available for media but must be pre-arranged with Alexia Boland (contact below).

    Professor Lesley Hughes, Ecologist and Climate Councillor
    Dr. Martin Rice, Head of Research at the Climate Council

    • The longest global coral bleaching event on record, ongoing since 2014, has led to widespread bleaching and mortality of reefs as pools of unusually warm water move around the globe.
    • The World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef is a national economic asset worth $7 billion annually, supporting the livelihoods of around 70,000 Australians employed in sectors such as tourism.
    • If severe bleaching continues, regions adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef risk losing more than 1 million visitors annually – equivalent to at least $1 billion in tourism spending and 10,000 jobs.
    • Loss of coral reefs potentially puts an astounding $1 trillion at risk globally.
    • The commissioning of new coal mines such as that planned for the Galilee Basin is completely at odds with protecting the Great Barrier Reef and other reefs globally.

    For an advanced copy of the media release and the report, along with access to latest vision files please contact Media Advisor Alexia Boland on 0430 511 068 and at prior to press conference.

    FFS!!! “Talent”? WTF? We’re in frackin’ show business now?

    “We’re the talent! You know, like actors! We’re people who say things for money without any concept of truth or consequences! Hell, geez, you’se all weren’t taking us seriously, were you? God, no! We’re the talent..! You’re only supposed to sit back and be entertained!”

    Good grief… <]-|

    The "longest global coral bleaching event on record" isn't a huge claim when they only have a short and patchy record. 40 years versus 400 million years? They know nuthin'!

    This "… Reef is a national economic asset worth $7 billion annually, supporting the livelihoods of around 70,000 Australians…" won't change because there's no problem with the Reef, just with their demonstrably underdeveloped science.

    This – "If severe bleaching continues … losing more than 1 million visitors annually … $1 billion in tourism spending and 10,000 jobs" is nothing more than speculation. Lefty speculation at that.

    This – "Loss of coral reefs potentially puts an astounding $1 trillion at risk globally" is just a just a multiple of a wildarsed guess based on a most-unscientific prophecy. It is embarrassing and shameful that these people are handsomely fed at the public trough. They're modern science's answer to Nostradamus.

    This – "The commissioning of new coal mines such as that planned for the Galilee Basin is completely at odds with protecting the Great Barrier Reef and other reefs globally" is pure propaganda. The majority of Aussie coal is burned by India and China. If we don't sell them our clean, high-quality coal they'll simply get dirtier coal from Africa or their own reserves. This is the tell that it is nothing to do with science and everything to do with the politics of fear-driven de-industrialisation campaigns.


    After Months Of Waiting, Academics Still Worried Trump Will Trash Climate Data

    “College activists will hold “data rescue” event Friday to “save” government climate data from the Trump administration.

    Academics and students at Boston’s Northeastern University will systematically explore federal websites to archive climate data just in case the Trump administration deletes it later. Activists have been archiving climate data for months over fears Trump will change or manipulate data to suit his agenda.

    But so far, no climate data has been deleted. That hasn’t eased worries among activists.”

    end excerpt

  51. According to an annual report published on Wednesday by China’s State Oceanic Administration, average coastal sea levels in 2016 were up just under half an inch compared to the previous year, and saw record-breaking highs in the months of April, September, November and December.

    Against the background of global climate change, China’s coastal air and sea temperatures have soared, coastal air pressure has fallen and sea levels have also soared, it said.

    It warned that high sea levels would lead to problems like coastal erosion as well as more frequent and severe typhoons.

  52. Anthony, since you and I are into clouds, I thought this would interest you:

    (CNN)Looking up, you might be thinking you’re under a roiling, stormy sea.

    But what you’re looking at is a unique and breathtaking meteorological phenomenon. And today, World Meteorological Day, it’s being officially recognized: asperitas cloud.
    This is how the new edition of the International Cloud Atlas describes it, in almost poetic form:
    “Asperitas is characterized by localized waves in the cloud base, either smooth or dappled with smaller features, sometimes descending into sharp points, as if viewing a roughened sea surface from below.”

  53. Just need the Cliff Notes?

    Watch this video (4 minutes)

    This is a summary of the State of the Climate in 2016 which is based exclusively on observations rather than climate models.


    Australian ABC reports that Victoria is going for 40% renewables and as a result the old coal fired power stations that are left will make a motza.
    Article lacks any careful analysis of need for despatchable base load power.
    An example

    ‘AGL, which owns Loy Yang A, says it will be generating power at the plant until the late 2040s.

    But that could all end in tears — or happen a lot sooner — given that Victoria will be building 5400MW of wind and solar power in the next eight years to meet its 40 per cent 2025 renewable energy target.

    Two giant wind turbines in a field of canola
    PHOTO: Victoria will be building 5400MW of wind and solar power in the next eight years. (ABC Open: subterrania)
    When the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, renewable energy will be far cheaper than even dirty brown coal.

    And of course, the biggest elephant in the room is a price on carbon pollution, which would slowly tighten the screws on coal and turbocharge the energy transformation in Australia.

    Mr Bhavnagri, from Bloomberg, explains it best: “Are we going to stay in this unreal world of politics where climate change doesn’t really need to have any firm policy [and] pretend that we’re going to meet emission reduction goals without actually having any policy or any plan in place to do that? Any practical thinker would say no.”‘
    Practical thinkers may ask
    is 5400MW plate capacity or actual output?
    If it is not output, what supplies the gap?
    Where is the ‘firm policy’ that actually stops climate change in this mix.
    Is it an aspirational 40%, if so isn’t that a plan?
    So a practical thinker thinks there is a plan.
    Problem is it won’t work other than turbocharging outages, price hikes and people with jobs and industry voting with their feet.

    • From It WAS much worse than we thought or modeled department:
      ““What we showed is that even under natural conditions, it can become much drier than predicted by any of our models.” . . .
      According to the study, the region experiencedtwo major drought periods when rainfall and runoff patterns were at some points less than 20% of the average rainfall for the 20th century. . . .
      These “epic” droughts lasted for decades or even centuries. There were at least two indications of these massive droughts, one dating from 115,000 to 130,000 years ago, and the other one from 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.”

      Kiro, Y., Goldstein, S. L., Garcia-Veigas, J., Levy, E., Kushnir, Y., Stein, M., & Lazar, B. (2017). Relationships between lake-level changes and water and salt budgets in the Dead Sea during extreme aridities in the Eastern Mediterranean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 464, 211-226.

      Relationships between lake-level changes and water and salt budgets in the Dead Sea during extreme aridities in the Eastern Mediterranean,
      Yael Kiroa, Steven L. Goldsteina, b, Javier Garcia-Veigasc, Elan Levyd, Yochanan Kushnira, Mordechai Steine, Boaz Lazarf
      Earth and Planetary Science Letters Volume 464, 15 April 2017, Pages 211–226

  55. How much does science knowledge influence people’s views on climate change and energy issues?
    “Many in the scientific community believe that if the American public were more informed about the science behind climate change and energy issues, people would hold views that aligned more closely with those of scientific experts. But how much people know about science only modestly and inconsistently correlates with their attitudes about climate and energy issues, while partisanship is a stronger factor in people’s beliefs, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center survey.”

  56. It has been a cold March so far in Fairbanks, AK, running -17f degees below normal and doesn’t look to get back to normal before end of the month.

    YEAR: 2017
    LATITUDE: 64 49 N
    LONGITUDE: 147 52 W

    DPTR FM NORMAL: -17.2
    HIGHEST: 22 ON 11
    LOWEST: -39 ON 8

  57. Belles and Donnegan at the Weather Channel are quoting several model forecasts that another El Nino may be on the way later this year.

    h/t GWPF

  58. Got this today.

    ” As a nonprofit, AAAS cannot fulfill ”

    “Join today and receive a free “I Am a Force for Science” T-shirt, which AAAS members and staff will be wearing when we join you and thousands of others in marching in support of science on April 22.”

    This looks like AAAS are getting very political for a non profit. Maybe some one with US legal knowledge may like to look at this ….


    Together we are the force for science.

    Show the world that you support fact-based policymaking, STEM education, public engagement in science and other important issues. With your help, we will continue to be powerful advocates for science and the resulting discoveries that improve lives every day.

    Become a member of AAAS for as little as $40.

    Join today and receive a free “I Am a Force for Science” T-shirt, which AAAS members and staff will be wearing when we join you and thousands of others in marching in support of science on April 22.
    Join by April 8 to ensure you receive a free “I Am a Force for Science” T-shirt before the March for Science on April 22.

    AAAS membership includes 51 issues of Science, members-only discounts and access to free certificate-level career development courses.

    Be part of the force for science.

    Join AAAS today

    Learn More

    This limited-time offer ends April 22, 2017.

    Offer valid from March 9, 2017, to April 22, 2017, for new individual members only. There is a limit of one short-sleeved T-shirt per membership order. Please allow two weeks for domestic delivery and up to four weeks for international delivery. As a nonprofit, AAAS cannot fulfill any size exchanges due to additional postage cost. The AAAS short-sleeved T-shirt is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty and cannot be exchanged or returned. In association with the product, AAAS makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

  59. It appears that the NSIDC posted a little “update” on their website three days ago, which I’d never seen before…

    “Editor’s Note (March 22, 2017): In 2016, NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado, reported that year’s maximum as the lowest in the satellite record, and 2015 as the second lowest. An update to NSIDC’s Sea Ice Index in summer 2016 changed the sea ice extent numbers slightly, making the 2015 Arctic maximum extent a bit smaller than the 2016 maximum extent. This change did not affect the overall trend toward ice loss: The Arctic’s sea ice maximum extent has dropped by an average of 2.8 percent per decade since 1979, the year satellites started continuously measuring sea ice. The original story from March 28, 2016, appears below.”

  60. *US scientists launch world’s biggest solar geoengineering study*
    “US scientists are set to send aerosol injections 20km up into the earth’s stratosphere in the world’s biggest solar geoengineering programme to date, to study the potential of a future tech-fix for global warming.
    The $20m (£16m) Harvard University project will launch within weeks and aims to establish whether the technology can safely simulate the atmospheric cooling effects of a volcanic eruption, if a last ditch bid to halt climate change is one day needed.
    Scientists hope to complete two small-scale dispersals of first water and then calcium carbonate particles by 2022. Future tests could involve seeding the sky with aluminium oxide – or even diamonds.
    “This is not the first or the only university study,” said Gernot Wagner, the project’s co-founder, “but it is most certainly the largest, and the most comprehensive.”
    Janos Pasztor, Ban Ki-moon’s assistant climate chief at the UN who now leads a geoengineering governance initiative, said that the Harvard scientists would only disperse minimal amounts of compounds in their tests, under strict university controls.
    The real issue here is something much more challenging,” he said “What does moving experimentation from the lab into the atmosphere mean for the overall path towards eventual deployment?”
    Geoengineering advocates stress that any attempt at a solar tech fix is years away and should be viewed as a compliment to – not a substitute for – aggressive emissions reductions action.
    But the Harvard team, in a promotional video for the project, suggest a redirection of one percent of current climate mitigation funds to geoengineering research, and argue that the planet could be covered with a solar shield for as little as $10bn a year.
    Some senior UN climate scientists view such developments with alarm, fearing a cash drain from proven mitigation technologies such as wind and solar energy, to ones carrying the potential for unintended disasters.
    Kevin Trenberth, a lead author for the UN’s intergovernmental panel on climate change, said that despair at sluggish climate action, and the rise of Donald Trump were feeding the current tech trend.
    But solar geoengineering is not the answer,” he said. “Cutting incoming solar radiation affects the weather and hydrological cycle. It promotes drought. It destabilizes things and could cause wars. The side effects are many and our models are just not good enough to predict the outcomes”
    Natural alterations to the earth’s radiation balance can be short-lasting, but terrifying. A 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption lowered global temperatures by 0.5C, while the Mount Tambora eruption in 1815 triggered Europe’s ‘year without a summer’, bringing crop failure, famine and disease.
    A Met Office study in 2013 said that the dispersal of fine particles in the stratosphere could precipitate a calamitous drought across North Africa.
    Frank Keutsch, the Harvard atmospheric sciences professor leading the experiment, said that the deployment of a solar geoengineering system was “a terrifying prospect” that he hoped would never have to be considered. “At the same time, we should never choose ignorance over knowledge in a situation like this,” he said.
    “If you put heat into the stratosphere, it may change how much water gets transported from the troposphere to the stratosphere, and the question is how much are you [creating] a domino effect with all kinds of consequences? What we can do to quantify this is to start with lab studies and try to understand the relevant properties of these aerosols.”
    Stratospheric controlled perturbation experiments (SCoPEX) are seen as “critical” to this process and the first is planned to spray water molecules into the stratosphere to create a 1km long and 100m wide icy plume, which can be studied by a manoeuvrable flight balloon.
    If lab tests are positive, the experiment would then be replicated with a limestone compound which the researchers believe will neither absorb solar or terrestrial radiation, nor deplete the ozone layer.
    Bill Gates and other foundations are substantially funding the project, and aerospace companies are thought to be taking a business interest in the technology’s potential.
    The programmme’s launch will follow a major conference involving more than 100 scientists, which begins in Washington DC today.
    Solar geoengineering’s journey from the fringes of climate science to its mainstream will be sealed at a prestigious Gordon research conference in July, featuring senior figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Oxford University.
    Pasztor says that most scientific observers now see the window to a 1.5C warmed world as “practically gone” and notes that atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations will continue rising for many decades after the planet has reached a ‘net zero emissions’ point planned for mid-late century.
    But critics of solar radiation management approach this as a call to redouble mitigation efforts and guard against the elevation of a questionable Plan B.
    “It is appropriate that we spend money on solar geoengineering research,” said Kevin Anderson, the deputy director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. “But we also have to aim for 2C with climate mitigation and act as though geoengineering doesn’t work, because it probably won’t.””

    [Mods, apologies if this posted twice. Please remove the first post, links incorrect]

  61. guardian – MONDAY 27TH 2017

    Climate change: ‘human fingerprint’ found on global extreme weather
    Global warming makes temperature patterns that cause heatwaves, droughts and floods across Europe, north America and Asia more likely, scientists find

    The fingerprint of human-caused climate change has been found on heatwaves, droughts and floods across the world, according to scientists.

    The discovery indicates that the impacts of global warming are already being felt by society and adds further urgency to the need to cut carbon emissions. A key factor is the fast-melting Arctic, which is now strongly linked to extreme weather across Europe, Asia and north America

  62. Full Committee Hearing- Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method
    Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – 10:00am
    Location: 2318 Rayburn House Office Building
    Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method

    Hearing Charter

    Dr. Judith Curry
    President, Climate Forecast Applications Network; Professor Emeritus, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Dr. John Christy
    Professor and Director, Earth System Science Center, NSSTC, University of Alabama at Huntsville; State Climatologist, Alabama

    Dr. Michael Mann
    Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Pennsylvania State University; Director, Earth System Science Center (ESSC), Pennsylvania State University

    Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.
    Professor, Environmental Studies Department, University of Colorado

    Hearing Purpose:
    The purpose of this hearing is to examine the scientific method and process as it relates to
    climate change. The hearing will also focus on the underlying science that helps inform policy

  63. The upcoming March for Science is a political event, endorsed by the Socialist Alternative among others.
    It seems some folks in the sciences are beginning to catch on. But no one wants to quite call the kettle black.
    I am willing to wager there will be quite a few ‘science enthusiasts’ in the March who will be more interested in promoting some leftist cause or another. Any takers?

  64. Most scientists ‘can’t replicate studies by their peers’ – Or Zombie Science
    Has portions about why studies that have been proven wrong are still believed
    An earlier article on Organization Development Change with particulars

    There are also a few other articles lying about on the web. Makes you think maybe reporters are a bit lazy about finding story ideas.

  65. Hi Anthony, Interesting article on the BBC about badger culling for TB control… not the badger bit, but the criticism made of UK Gov by an objecting scientist, who said:

    “When evidence is being cherry-picked and presented in the best possible light, it ceases to be evidence. It is fake science. When it comes to (other policy areas) such as climate change and bee pollination, issues that have a big impact on lives and livelihoods of people, it is important that we can rely on the government to provide good evidence to stand up to scrutiny.”

  66. The American Meteorological Society is calling for nominations for their 2017 awards (due May 1st). I suggest that we submit Dr. Judith Curry for the Cleveland Abbe Award
    “The Cleveland Abbe Award for Distinguished Service to Atmospheric Sciences by an Individual is presented on the basis of activities that have materially contributed to the progress of the atmospheric or related sciences or to the application of the atmospheric or related sciences to general, social, economic, or humanitarian welfare.”
    Each nomination requires 3 letters of support, so if someone at WUWT wants to sponsor a nomination (they must be an AMS member) they could easily solicit such letters from the luminaries who contribute here. I would put in the nomination myself, but I would have trouble finding ‘big names’ to write such letters, and I think the nomination would carry more weight if submitted from a ‘big wig’.

  67. I got tired of listening to all the rubbish being taught to my daughter about climate change at school so I wrote a children’s book about the actual facts. I was very fortunate to get in contact with Bob Carter in 2015 and he gave me invaluable editing help. I dedicated the book to him, and initially it was only available as an ebook on Amazon. I have now created a print-to-order version at Blurb books.
    If any parent or caregiver has a child interested in actual climate scIence, or feels that their child is being brainwashed at school, please take a look.

  68. From the BBC website
    Does Trump believe in climate change?
    Tara McKelvey, BBC White House reporter
    Yes – at least according to a senior aide.
    When asked whether the president believes in man-made climate change, the aide said “sure”, adopting a matter-of-fact tone.
    This marks a shift. In 2015 the president said that climate change was a “hoax”.
    By November 2016, the president had softened his position on the matter, saying he saw “some connectivity” between man and climate change.
    Now the president has gone further – at least, according to his aide.
    The president, a one-time climate-change denier, now believes, that climate change is real – and that humans are behind it.

    Comment- So Paris is a goer?

    • He may be waiting ul after the April 22 march for science has passed, so as not to give them something to protest about.

  69. Was recently cleaning out the garage and came across a stash of semi-old National Geographic magazines. The first one I picked up contained an article titled “Coral In Peril”!! (Exclamation points mine). I expected the article, in the January 1999 issue, 50 years after the onset of anthropogenic warming, to contain all sorts of claims of human-caused coral deaths. Nor was I disappointed.

    However, it describes the usage of crowbars, bleach, cyanide, and explosives as the main causes of coral extinctions. It also explicitly mentions that El Nino events are temporary whereas cynanide and explosives are, apparently, relatively permanent. No mention of CO2 as a contributor to coral death. Amazing to me that 17 years ago, CO2 was not causing coral bleaching and today, only 17 years later, CO2 is causing all of it.

    There is also a humorous contrast to the current National Geographic website. The main website is blank on my iPad (no idea why), but the TV broadcast site is now discussing important topics such as the Return of the Mullet (the hairstyle, not the fish).

    I’m willing to write an article on this, so let me know if you think this is interesting, but hoping someone else has more time than I.


  70. Yesterday, Dr. Adrian Bejan published his paper on the physics of wealth inequality in the Journal of Applied Physics.

    I also published and enclosing blog post putting it in the perspective of the effects of energy restrictions on the lowest levels of society.

    Now is the time to shift the discussion toward skeptical advocacy and take the high ground away from the alarmists.

  71. PBS’ Frontline has a conniption over the Heartland’s latest educational effort:
    There is the usual nonsense about ‘climate denial’ and how Heartland’s conference was about ‘denying the consensus’ among scientists. But my favorite passage is at the end of the article:
    ‘That polarization could easily be exacerbated at South Whidbey High School in Washington state, where biology and physics teacher Greg Ballog received the material. Ballog said that one of his colleagues is a “borderline climate denier,” which has already caused tensions in the school’s science department.
    “I’m not going to show this stuff to him,” he said. “It’s pretty slick. I think he might use it.”’
    Heaven forbid you pass along information to a colleague because it might make his point.
    Also there is this nugget at the end:
    ‘Correction: An earlier version of this story mistakenly said that a 2012 Heartland strategy document was leaked to the press. Rather, the document was acquired from Heartland under false pretenses before being publicly released.’ by Peter Gleick, they forgot to mention. What’s a little wire fraud between friends?

    • Rather, the document was acquired from Heartland under false pretenses before being publicly released.’

      Their correction still maintains the lie that the strategy document came from Heartland. I’m surprised PBS wasn’t informed of the article in The Atlantic mocking that provenance.

  72. Add another ‘new battery’ manufacturer business failure to the taxpayer funded ash heaps of government picked losers.
    Another taxpayer-funded energy company files for bankruptcy
    Seven years after Aquion Energy received a $5.2 million stimulus-tied grant from the federal government, the Pennsylvania company on Wednesday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  73. So what’s in it for you to deny climate science? I really really want to know. I’m curious. It would seem to me that with the fate of the earth hanging in the balance it makes sense to err on the side of caution? No? Just keep on keeping on and our kids can all go to hell? For real. ‘Splain yo selfs. Please.
    O and thanks for all the great links. I’m using a few of them for a presentation I’m making to my Congressman. I hope you like the Catholic Climate website. Have a warm and toasty day.

  74. J Scott Armstrong: Fewer Than 1 Percent Of Papers in Scientific Journals Follow Scientific Method

    Fewer than 1 percent of papers published in scientific journals follow the scientific method, according to research by Wharton School professor and forecasting expert J. Scott Armstrong.

    Professor Armstrong, who co-founded the peer-reviewed Journal of Forecasting in 1982 and the International Journal of Forecasting in 1985, made the claim in a presentation about what he considers to be “alarmism” from forecasters over man-made climate change.


    HONEST Act – EPA Science and Transparency

    This should be ‘science 101’

    By JASON HAYES | March 13, 2017

    (some excerpts from the article below)

    On March 6, members of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee introduced the Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment Act of 2017 (HONEST Act). At the same time, Reps. Frank Lucas, R-OK, and Lamar Smith, R-TX, proposed legislation to reform the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board.

    The institute’s work has revealed, among other things, that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson had secret email accounts. Additionally, EPA staffers were found to have used personal email accounts, apparently to avoid federal requirements for preserving and reporting data. The institute also found out about a string of secret meetings and communications between senior EPA officials and environmental groups carried on while the agency was preparing energy-focused regulations.

    The Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee also experienced difficulties when dealing with the EPA. In April 2016, Sen. Jim Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma who chaired the committee, sent a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy describing a strained, multi-year interaction between the EPA and the committee. He noted serious “concerns the agency is not committed to a transparent or meaningful public input process” for selecting members of the advisory board.

  76. In an article ( about the 75 mayors pushing back on the administration’s climate regulations, this excerpt from the linked manifesto was published…
    Climate Mayors letter to Trump(

    “Today, one in fifty American jobs is now in the solar sector, surpassing employment in oil, gas, and coal extraction combined. Texas is once again experiencing an energy boom — this time, with wind power. In fact, the majority of wind jobs in the U.S. are in congressional districts that voted for you.”

    Who knew that renewable employed more people than oil, gas, and coal extraction? And who would be able to provide a source for such an apparently difficult number to believe?


    Effects of climate change may ‘wreak havoc’ on mental health, doctors say

    “THURSDAY, March 30, 2017 — As the Trump Administration moves to undo certain climate change policies, a leading group of U.S. psychologists has issued a report that says warming trends and related extreme weather events could wreak havoc on mental health.

    “The impacts of climate change will not be restricted to those who are directly affected,” said Susan Clayton, co-author of a new report from the American Psychological Association and the nonprofit ecoAmerica.

    Climate change presents “a far more widespread threat to our well-being through direct and indirect impacts on mental health,” said Clayton, a professor of psychology at the College of Wooster in Ohio.”

    end excerpt

  78. Anthony, I have taken screen dumps of showing Michael Mann as an advisor, their publication about using RICO and an undamaged video of the Congressional hearing of the end of March 2017.
    It is apparent that some things are disappearing from the above mentioned site and in my opinion it looks like deliberate interference with the video record which made key parts of it useless.
    You are welcome to use this material if you so desire.


    Obama spying looks even worse than Trump claimed

    Not exactly about climate change, but it is about your personal freedoms, which you use to fight the good fight on climate change. Know your political enemies, or lose the battle, on climate and a whole lot of other things. You need to read this article if you want to know what is really going on.

    I would bet that the Obama administration has been using U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on their political enemies for the last eight years. The only thing they changed when Trump got unexpectedly elected is Obama allowed previously exclusive NSA data to be shared with over a dozen other agencies, making it easier to leak the information because more actors were involved.

    It doesn’t look like the Obama administration hid their tracks well enough. Trump and Justice are going to have the last laugh on this one, I do believe. People thought Trump was a fool for tweeting that Obama had “wiretapped” him. Who’s the fool now?

    The Democrats are doing everything they can to distract from this story. And you can understand why, because it is going to be devastating for their party and power. Their corruption is getting ready to be exposed.

    Thank God for Trump.

  80. From US Dept of Energy, NREL, solar PV grid-scale economics are improving rapidly.
    “Q3/Q4 2016 Solar Industry Update”

    Utility-scale PV system price reductions continue in 2016, with most
    reports well below $2/W.
    • GTM Research and SEIA report that the Q3 2016 capacity-weighted
    average utility-scale PV system price was $1.21/W—down 21% y/y.
    • BNEF expects the global benchmark for ground-mounted PV systems
    above 1 MW to be $1.14/W in 2016—down 13% y/y.
    • SolSystems reported in December 2016 that a developer all-in asking price
    for PV systems for >2 MW was $1.8/W—down 20% y/y.

  81. Global warming is cyclic, a consequence of natural climate cycles and can be demonstrated as the addition, at present, of two large cycles.

  82. EPA administrator Scott Pruitt will be interviewed on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace” this morning at 9am CT, U.S., on the Fox broadcast network, and will be re-aired later in the day on the Fox News Channel.

  83. The nuclear advocates at WUWT should be cheering like mad over this one:

    NRC To Begin Full Certification Review of NuScale Small Modular Reactor

    “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has docketed for review NuScale Power LLC’s
    application to certify the company’s small modular reactor design for use in the United States.

    “The company submitted its application Jan. 12 for the design, in which the reactor building
    holds 12 co-located pressurized-water reactor modules for a total output of 600 MWe. NuScale is the
    first company to submit a small modular reactor design for certification. SMR designs seek to meet
    NRC safety requirements through smaller reactor cores and passive safety features. The NRC, after
    completing its acceptance review, has concluded NuScale’s application is complete enough for a full
    design certification review. The staff soon will provide a review schedule.

    “The NRC’s certification process determines whether a reactor design meets U.S. safety
    requirements. Companies can then reference a certified design when applying for a Combined License
    to build and operate a reactor in the United States. The NRC’s Advisory Committee on Reactor
    Safeguards provides input on design certification reviews. If issued, certifications are valid for 15 years.

    “The NRC has most recently certified Westinghouse’s AP1000 and GE-Hitachi’s Economic Simplified
    Boiling Water Reactor designs.”

    Note, (my words, not NRC’s) the certification process evaluates only the safety aspects and has zero concern over economics, costs to construct, time to construct, costs to operate, reliability or onstream factor, costs to decommission, etc. SMRs have zero chance of producing economically attractive electricity.

  84. The self-proclaimed “environmentalists” are in borderline cardiac arrest over some of Scott Pruitt’s comments re C02. They are demanding that the EPA’s Scientific Integrity officer investigate to determine whether or not he violated EPA’s definition of science. Who would have ever thought that the EPA had a “Scientific Integrity” officer. I wonder if his name is Rip van Winkle because the occupant has been asleep at the switch for decades.

  85. New Zealand farmers break world record for wheat growing.

    Ashburton farmers Eric and Maxine Watson have broken the world record for wheat growing.  
    The couple produced 16.791 tonnes per hectare, beating the previous record of 16.519 tonnes held for two years by a United Kingdom farmer.
    The record was accepted by the Guinness Book of Records, and now means New Zealand farmers own the title for the highest yielding crop of both wheat and barley. Two years ago Timaru’s Warren Darling broke the world record for barley.
    Watson, who has been farming on his near coastal property for the last 40 years, said it had been a mixed sheep/cropping property until 24 years ago when he got seriously into cropping.

    Bayer customer manager Neil Waddingham said a lot of the credit had to go to Watson who, like many arable farmers in Canterbury, was highly skilled.

  86. “According to sensors on NASA’s ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer) spacecraft, galactic cosmic rays have just hit a Space Age high.

    “If the flattening continues as it has in previous solar minima, we could see cosmic ray fluxes jump all the way to 30% above previous Space Age highs,” predicts Mewaldt.

    Earth is in no great peril from the extra cosmic rays. The planet’s atmosphere and magnetic field combine to form a formidable shield against space radiation, protecting humans on the surface. Indeed, we’ve weathered storms much worse than this. Hundreds of years ago, cosmic ray fluxes were at least 200% higher than they are now. Researchers know this because when cosmic rays hit the atmosphere, they produce an isotope of beryllium, 10Be, which is preserved in polar ice. By examining ice cores, it is possible to estimate cosmic ray fluxes more than a thousand years into the past. Even with the recent surge, cosmic rays today are much weaker than they have been at times in the past millennium.

    “The space era has so far experienced a time of relatively low cosmic ray activity,” says Mewaldt. “We may now be returning to levels typical of past centuries.”

    How can any data from Nasa be trusted?


    Democrats Ask Teachers To Destroy Books Written By ‘Climate Deniers’

    “Three senior House Democrats asked U.S. teachers Monday to destroy a book written by climate scientists challenging the environmentalist view of global warming.

    The Democrats were responding to a campaign by the conservative Heartland Institute copies of the 2015 book, “Why Climate Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” to about 200,000 science teachers. Democratic Reps. Bobby Scott of the Committee on Education, Raúl M. Grijalva of the Committee on Natural Resources, and Eddie Bernice Johnson of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology all issued a statement telling teachers to trash the book.

    “Public school classrooms are no place for anti-science propaganda, and I encourage every teacher to toss these materials in the recycling bin,” Scott said. “If the Heartland Institute and other climate deniers want to push a false agenda on global warming, our nation’s schools are an inappropriate place to drive that agenda.”

    end excerpt


    NOAA Study Admits It’s ‘Premature’ To Link Global Warming And Hurricanes

    “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently posted a summary of research on the link between global warming and hurricanes, concluding it is “premature” to say human activities are making storms more powerful.

    “It is premature to conclude that human activities–and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming – have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity,” reads the research summary put together by NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory.

    “That said, human activities may have already caused changes that are not yet detectable due to the small magnitude of the changes or observational limitations, or are not yet confidently modeled,” reads NOAA’s research summary.”

    end excerpt

    Well, that’s about as honest a statement as I’ve seen from NOAA on the climate in a long time. Is this a Trump influence?

  89. Another underlying agenda of climate change scare policy is to blame climate change for declining fresh water supplies instead of local responsibility like rising demand, poor planning, pricing policies, or other over-use of limited resources. Using the Paris Agreement funds to pay for damage from over consumption and lack of fiscal responsibility is the real aim. Maybe technology can divert the scheme.

  90. What is it from ‘…..’ that pages here that cause Firefox to put up a wildly spinning polo-mint and keep it waiting?

  91. “The Magic of Wind”
    by Reality Check

    “1. Always refer to wind energy as “energy from weather”. It makes clear exactly how unreliable and useless it is.

    2. Always call them “wind plants”. They are NOT farms. Wind turbines do not grow from seeds. Sixty 400 foot screaming metal towers are NOT a farm. They are an industrial site. In Wyoming , the industrial siting commission approves their location. INDUSTRIAL.

    3. Always refer to them as 19th century energy production methods. This is the 21st century and wind is trying to convince people what was rejected in favor of REAL energy in the early 1900’s is somehow now magically useful.”

    for more see

  92. This is a strange tale from the UK’s Daily Express. Apparently Hungary has closed one of it’s top universities, on the grounds that it is funded by George Soros. It comes as the Hungarian government pledged to crack down on foreign owned universities and non-governmental organisations, claiming cash from unknown overseas interests could “threaten the country’s political and economic interests”.

    Now outraged liberals in the rest of the EU are trying to get Hungary’s voting rights taken away. Just why they are so interested in protecting the interests of Soros, that they would turn on one of their own is a mystery.

  93. BPA has shut down its wind power because of high flow in its Columbia River system dams from snow melt and rain. Thus it can’t take advantage of recent windiness.

    In the past it sold excess capacity to CA but now solar there meets renewable targets. During the drought since 2012, it hasn’t needed to shut down the windmills due to low water flows.

  94. Arctic sea ice extent is doing just what skeptics predicted, contrary to Griff’s assertion that it was “sure” to make a new record summer low this year because its winter high was below average.

    A new low could still happen, but it won’t be because of a low winter high. What we forecast has indeed happened since the March high. The areas that didn’t freeze over this year are of course still open water, but the sea ice margins next to those areas are melting more slowly than usual.

    Arctic sea ice extent actually grew on seven of the nine days March 27 to April 4, inclusive. Since then, it has declined at less than the normal pace for this time of year. During the past three days, it dropped only 0.038 square kilometers, according to NSIDC “data”. Normal for April 5-7, inclusive, ie, from April 4, is a fall of 0.106 sq. km.

    For the whole melt season to date, average is a decline from March (1st) high of 15.546 sq. km. to 15.098 sq. km. on April 7, or 0.448 sq. km. By contrast, this year the March (7th) high was 14.420 sq. km., but 14.137 sq. km. on April 7, for a drop of just 0.283 sq. km.

    Yesterday, sea ice extent was still well above its level on March 26, with seven up days and now five down days.

    At the present rate of essentially sideways movement, sea ice extent could enter the normal range within two weeks. Possibly even less time.

  95. According to the article linked below, ‘Anthropogenic Climate Change’ will cause much more turbulence for transatlantic flights. Scare mongering at its finest… and ‘Yes’, it’s ensembles of models and probability estimates, all the way down.

    Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
    May 2017, Volume 34, Issue 5, pp 576–586
    Increased light, moderate, and severe clear-air turbulence in response to climate change
    Anthropogenic climate change is expected to strengthen the vertical wind shears at aircraft cruising altitudes within the atmospheric jet streams. Such a strengthening would increase the prevalence of the shear instabilities that generate clear-air turbulence. Climate modelling studies have indicated that the amount of moderate-or-greater clear-air turbulence on transatlantic flight routes in winter will increase significantly in future as the climate changes. However, the individual responses of light, moderate, and severe clear-air turbulence have not previously been studied, despite their importance for aircraft operations. Here, we use climate model simulations to analyse the transatlantic wintertime clear-air turbulence response to climate change in five aviation-relevant turbulence strength categories. We find that the probability distributions for an ensemble of 21 clear-air turbulence diagnostics generally gain probability in their right-hand tails when the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is doubled. By converting the diagnostics into eddy dissipation rates, we find that the ensembleaverage airspace volume containing light clear-air turbulence increases by 59% (with an intra-ensemble range of 43%–68%), light-to-moderate by 75% (39%–96%), moderate by 94% (37%–118%), moderate-to-severe by 127% (30%–170%), and severe by 149% (36%–188%). These results suggest that the prevalence of transatlantic wintertime clear-air turbulence will increase significantly in all aviation-relevant strength categories as the climate changes.

  96. Crowd funding research the way forward?

    A very well respected and accomplished Professor was denied funding for the first time in over twenty years when he refused to cave in to political correctness. The fact that part of his research happens to include studying the psychology of political correctness likely had nothing to do with it?

    *UPDATE: Year One fundraising achieved in under 24 hours! Thank you!

  97. Sergio Garcia just won the Masters golf tournament in Augusta! Who’d have thought that we would have another El Nino year so soon after the last?!?

  98. Oh no! Farming causes global warming!

    How frozen farmers’ fields are an unexpected culprit in climate change, according to a new study

    Across Canada, the last of the snow and ice is melting away from a vast expanse of farmers’ fields, making way for the planting of this year’s crops.

    And — suggests a new Canadian study — making an unexpectedly large contribution to greenhouse gases and climate change.

  99. Your video of the House hearing: “HSST Hearing: Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method 3/29/17,” breaks up during most of Mr. Rohrabacher scathing criticism of Dr. Mann and others for name calling. It also skips Judith Curry’s response. The defective portion begins at 1:41:30 into the video. The link at WUWT where the video appears (with the option to view it on YouTube) is:

    Because Mr. Rohrabacher’s makes important critical points, consider substituting a version of the Hearing that is complete. You can find that on youTube at:

  100. Consequence of modeling chaos!

    Supercomputer models show severe turbulence will increase with climate change

    “Using a supercomputer, Dr. Paul Williams and his colleagues ran models of winter time clear-air turbulence at 39,000 feet when CO2 levels are twice what they are now, a mark we’re expected to hit by the end of the century. They found that different turbulence strength levels will increase at different rates. The average amount of light turbulence in the atmosphere will increase by 59%, with light-to-moderate turbulence increasing by 75%, moderate by 94%, moderate-to-severe by 127%, and severe by 149%.

    The cause of these increases is that climate change is generating stronger wind shears in the jet stream, which become unstable and cause turbulence.”

    Has their code been verified or validated?
    Observations on CFD Verification and Validation from the AIAA Drag Prediction Workshops

    “The authors provide observations from the AIAA Drag Prediction Workshops that have spanned over a
    decade and from a recent validation experiment at NASA Langley. These workshops provide an assessment
    of the predictive capability of forces and moments, focused on drag, for transonic transports. It is very difficult
    to manage the consistency of results in a workshop setting to perform verification and validation at the
    scientific level, but it may be sufficient to assess it at the level of practice. Observations thus far: 1) due to
    simplifications in the workshop test cases, wind tunnel data are not necessarily the “correct” results that CFD
    should match, 2) an average of core CFD data are not necessarily a better estimate of the true solution as it is merely an average of other solutions and has many coupled sources of variation, 3) outlier solutions should be investigated and understood, and 4) the DPW series does not have the systematic build up and definition on both the computational and experimental side that is required for detailed verification and validation. Several observations regarding the importance of the grid, effects of physical modeling, benefits of open forums, and guidance for validation experiments are discussed. The increased variation in results when predicting regions of flow separation and increased variation due to interaction effects, e.g., fuselage and horizontal tail, point out the need for validation data sets for these important flow phenomena. Experiences with a recent validation experiment at NASA Langley are included to provide guidance on validation experiments.”

    NASA Independent Verification and Validation Facility
    To provide our customers assurance that their safety and mission-critical software will operate reliably and safely and to advance the systems and software engineering disciplines. In doing so, we work to standards of excellence, provide professional engineers, provide national and global leadership, focus on customer satisfaction, and adhere to and demonstrate our core set of values: safety, integrity, respect, teamwork, balance, innovation, and excellence.”


    Trump Refuses To Sign G7 Statement Endorsing Paris Climate Agreement

    “The U.S. refused to sign onto a statement with other G7 countries to commit to the implementation of the Paris climate agreement, which President Donald Trump promised to withdraw from on the campaign trail.

    Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said the U.S. “is in the process of reviewing many of its policies and reserves its position on this issue, which will be communicated at a future date,” Italy’s industry and energy minister Carlo Calenda said in a statement.”

    end excerpt

  102. This is the exception to the alarmist rule. A study that started out looking for climate and sea level impacts and ended up with volcanic ash and the word “natural.”

  103. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt just said on Fox News a few moments ago that:

    The Paris Agreement was something the U.S. needs to exit.

    It was a bad deal for America.

    China and India had no oblibations under the agreement until 2030.

    We (the U.S.) frontloaded all our costs.

    His biggest objection to the Paris Agreement was that “America was put last”.

    To Sum up: Scott Pruitt is for pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

    • Since MSN believes that whatever happens on earth is as a result of “climate change”, then both drought and deluge are equally supportive of their statist positions.

  104. Hi there. I checked your articles and didn’t see this story covered. The alarming headline on CBC reads: “Permafrost thawing faster than previously thought, new study says”.

    I am interested in hearing your take on how researchers were able to accurately determine “permafrost” disappearance between 1960 and 1990, especially given the massive expanse of land that is simply not monitored and the lack of research resources.

    • Can you believe this quote?

      Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas driving climate change, which threatens political instability, severe weather and food insecurity worldwide, according to the United Nations climate body.

      Natural carbon levels have risen from 280 to 405 parts per million since the Industrial Revolution, and current estimates hold that the world will be 6 C hotter by 2100.

      Seems to be an AP story by one Sam McNeil, featured in the Washington Post. So far comments are all skeptical.

      /Mr Lynn


    Chicago Paper Implores Trump To Solve Yucca Mountain Mess Left By Obama

    “The Chicago Tribune’s editorial board implored President Donald Trump Tuesday to clean up the nuclear waste storage debacle left by former President Barack Obama.

    Obama helped former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to derail plans to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Without Yucca, nuclear power plants don’t have a permanent location to store spent fuel and left the federal government with $50 billion in legal liabilities.

    “Many people in Nevada didn’t want the waste, no matter how safe or isolated the storage facility may be,” the editorial board wrote. “It was the ultimate NIMBY [Not In My Backyard] project. One of those opponents, alas, was Harry Reid, who for 10 years was Senate Democratic leader and in a position to get his way. As president, Barack Obama gave Reid exactly what he wanted, closing down the entire effort.”

    The Tribune editorial board argued nuclear waste is a huge problem for Illinois, which has more spent fuel than any other state stored outside of Chicago.

    “Obama’s capitulation [to Reid] defied scientific evidence as well as common sense,” the editorial board wrote, criticizing Obama for storing 79,000 tons of nuclear waste in facilities “much less secure and permanent than Yucca Mountain is designed to be” for purely political reasons. The editorial board argued Obama’s policy made “no sense” from a security, safety, or environmental perspective. Instead one easily defensible facility in Nevada, Obama spread waste storage across 34 states.

    Nuclear energy advocates have been pushing the federal government for years to open Yucca Mountain.

    “President Obama’s kicking the can down the road on Yucca Mountain over two terms was irresponsible on multiple fronts including further mortgaging the US nuclear energy fleet and its future,” David Blee, executive director of the U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council (NIC), told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    The Department of Energy submitted its proposal to build Yucca Mountain in June of 2008, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) determined in 2014 that Yucca met safety standards.”

    end excerpt


    Anthropogenic climate change is expected to strengthen the vertical wind shears at aircraft cruising altitudes within the atmospheric jet streams. Such a strengthening would increase the prevalence of the shear instabilities that generate clear-air turbulence. Climate modelling studies have indicated that the amount of moderate-or-greater clear-air turbulence on transatlantic flight routes in winter will increase significantly in future as the climate changes. However, the individual responses of light, moderate, and severe clear-air turbulence have not previously been studied, despite their importance for aircraft operations. Here, we use climate model simulations to analyse the transatlantic wintertime clear-air turbulence response to climate change in five aviation-relevant turbulence strength categories. We find that the probability distributions for an ensemble of 21 clear-air turbulence diagnostics generally gain probability in their right-hand tails when the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is doubled. By converting the diagnostics into eddy dissipation rates, we find that the ensembleaverage airspace volume containing light clear-air turbulence increases by 59% (with an intra-ensemble range of 43%–68%), light-to-moderate by 75% (39%–96%), moderate by 94% (37%–118%), moderate-to-severe by 127% (30%–170%), and severe by 149% (36%–188%). These results suggest that the prevalence of transatlantic wintertime clear-air turbulence will increase significantly in all aviation-relevant strength categories as the climate changes.

  107. Do you wonder why the colleges have gone to hell

    Universities ‘Weed Out’ Right-Wing Scholars, Says Report

    “United States universities are obsessed with hiring politically correct professors through mandatory “diversity statements,” according to an explosive report released in March by the Oregon Association of Scholars (OAS) and reported by The College Fix.

    Coming from one of the nation’s most liberal states, the scholars can argue that they know first-hand what they are writing about.

    Their report focuses on how universities and colleges use “diversity statements” and their insistence that professors agree with them, as the means by which post-secondary institutions “weed out non left-wing scholars” and hire liberals.

    These diversity statements are integral to liberal ideology the OAS argues, arguing that it is the doctrine of group victimization and their subsequent claims for group-based entitlements that mark diversity statements as “partisan litmus tests” to ensure ideological purity of faculty.

    The association notes that it is now routine for universities to provide a diversity statement template that is like a checklist for progressive causes. These templates insist that professors will wholeheartedly agree to “keep the white students from dominating all classroom discussions,” and “reflect a commitment to queer visibility,” while advising students against the temptation to “thoughtlessly reproduce the standard white and Western model of legitimate knowledge.””

    end excerpt


    Trump’s DOE Chief Orders Review To Determine If Green Energy Is Killing Coal

    “Energy Secretary Rick Perry ordered a study Friday examining to what extent solar and wind power are hurting what the Trump administration considers reliable forms of coal power.

    Perry, a Texas Republican who served as governor of an energy-rich state, wants the Energy Department to undergo a 60-day review of the energy grid to determine if green energy subsidies are hurting more reliable forms of energy like natural gas and coal.

    “We are blessed as a nation to have an abundance of domestic energy resources, such as coal, natural gas,” Perry wrote in a memo to his chief of staff, Brian McCormack. The DOE chief was referring to sources of energy he and President Donald Trump believe should be included when discussing the country’s energy grid.

    Perry’s review also seeks to evaluate to what extent regulatory burdens, subsidies, and tax policies “are responsible for forcing the premature retirement of baseload power plants.”

    The grid study comes after Perry said he and international counterparts discussed the need for a diverse supply of electricity during a G-7 Energy Ministerial meeting in Rome.

    “It impressed upon me that the United States should take heed of the policy choices our allies have made and take stock of their consequences,” Perry said, not referring to any specific country.

    But there is evidence that Germany and Australia’s reliance on green energy subsidies have caused damage to their grids. Germany’s subsidies for green energy, for instance, have sharply increased power prices in the country, with the average German paying 39 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity. The average U.S. citizen, meanwhile, spends 10.4 cents per kilowatt-hour by comparison.”

    end excerpt

    The Free Market should decide which industries make it and which don’t. Subsidies distort the free market.


    Europeans Delay Trump’s Plan To Send Astronauts Back To Moon

    “NASA auditors worry the agency’s mission to return astronauts to the moon will be delayed due to space program failures in Europe.

    The inspector general’s office reported Thursday NASA may not be launch its EM-1 on schedule due to budget constraints and delays at the European Space Agency (ESA), which is building the Orion capsule for the mission. . .”

    “But the problems may be even more severe. Dr. Robert Zubrin, who helped design plans for NASA’s manned mission to Mars, says NASA lacks any useful plans for Orion and SLS.

    “The problem is not that SLS and Orion are late,” Zubrin told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “The tragedy is that it doesn’t matter that they are late – because NASA currently lacks any plans to employ them for anything useful.”

    end excerpts

    Yes, that sounds just like NASA. The only plan they have is to spend money. Beyond that, not much thought given to the space program. Lack of vision. Endemic to a bloated bureaucracy like NASA. They need Buzz Aldrin to get involved and shake things up. They don’t have to hire Buzz, they just have to listen to his advice on where our space program should be headed and then follow it.

    NASA has frittered away tens of billions of dollars over these last few decades. We should already have humans orbiting Mars. We had all the money and launch vehicles needed to get this done, but we can’t even get ourselves to low-Earth orbit now. It’s called “spinning your wheels for decades”. A pathetic performance. Which looks to continue without drastic changes. NASA needs a new, effective leader. That’s the only thing that will tame a bureaucracy and get it on the right track and keep it on the right track. NASA is definitely not on the right track now.

  110. Anthony – The last week or so the WUWT main page is hanging due to failed delivery of the advertising.
    I use Win 10 and IE11 on 25 Mbps broadband.

    I can access the articles via Climate Depot’s 411 direct links, and the advertising is being delivered perfectly well for those. Load time is very quick – just not for the main page. To make this report I was able to get to the Tips & Notes page via a direct linked article, but not via the main page.

    (Haven’t tried another browser as this is a new PC without others on it yet, except Edge. I don’t like Chrome or Edge as they don’t do what I need, although Firefox may do.)

  111. We live in recognition of a new era & zeitgeist of “Post-Truth society” and “Fake News” I invite readers to “out” the biggest ‘Fake News’ artistes, starting first and foremost with the most egregious purveyors & exponents of ‘Fake News’ and tendentious, ‘Truth-Altered’ statements from the AGW cabal of conspirators, who will try anything to pervert YOUNG MINDS AND GULLIBLE ONES to THEIR WAY OF THINKING AND ***THEIR*** VISION OF THE FUTURE WORLD, for their collective advantage.
    I would submit, subject to correction from my skeptical peers,that the AGW Cabal wins Gold Medals in both categories. Thank god, the world — thanks to blogs like this — are waking-up to the *real* truths, enunciated by straight-up, honest, ‘tell-it-as-it-is’, INTELLECTUALLY HONEST, Scientists, many of whom are extremely well qualified to critique the B.S. INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST SCIENCE WE ARE BEING SPOON-FED BY THE LIKES OF THE CABAL ITSELF, IPCC, AND MEDIA SHILLS SUCH AS BBC, CBC, GRAUNIAD,
    I would love to see a BLACK LIST of entities competing for classification in the INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST PURVEYORS OF JUNK SCIENCE; ‘FAKE-NEWS’ Category.

    A.W. since I have prev’ly failed, thro’ my submissions, to get any debate going (for reasons you have consistently failed to provide me, nor offer alt. means of getting ‘posted’, I will assume that *this* will fare no better.
    IF NOT, WHY NOT…..?


    Green CEO Says Companies Selling Customers 100% Wind Or Solar Energy Are Selling A ‘Hoax’

    “A green energy CEO says companies selling the idea that everything in modern civilization can rely solely on solar and wind power are selling a “hoax.”

    Customers think their homes are powered entirely by green energy and pay extra money for the service, while they’re actually getting conventional electricity in most cases.

    “For starters, if you signed up for a 100 percent green energy plan, you are not actually using 100 percent green energy,” Gregory Craig, founder and CEO of the green energy company Griddy, wrote in Renewable Energy World. “So when you run your dishwasher or turn on the lights, it’s not all powered by solar and wind, but a combination of gas, oil and coal too.”

    Companies claiming to sell 100 percent green energy regularly trick their customers by using misleading marketing.

    Craig blames this scam on virtually unregulated voluntary Renewable Energy Credits. These credits allow companies to misleadingly brand their electricity as green energy, which they can sell at significantly marked up prices compared to conventional power. Companies can use these credits to convince customers they are helping the environment, but the benefits only exist on paper.

    “Despite good intentions, these have become a cheap way for retailers to mislead consumers into thinking they are getting a product totally sourced from renewable energy — while also selling them at overpriced premiums,” Craig wrote.”

    end excerpt

  113. Leaving California….

    Google Makes Nevada Land Grab for Data Center
    Alphabet unit pays $29.1 million for 1,210 acres a few miles south of Tesla’s battery ‘gigafactory’

    Google’s expanse of land is so large that it could easily house more than just a data center


    “The abrupt and unexpected disappearance of the Slims River…….. first observed case of river piracy.”

    The Guardian has got to be kidding. Thompson also gets in on the story. Whole thing is observed….the new Tipping Point…. river piracy is apparently the new Tipping Point caused by climate change.

    Should this be used please do not reference my name…… reason obvious by my government e-mail address.

  115. Paul MacRae in letters to the editor…

    Paris agreement not an effective policy

    Re: “Mountains of Oman could hold the Holy Grail of climate change,” April 15.

    This reporter makes two claims about potential global warming that are patently false. One claim is that “current estimates hold that the world will be six degrees Celsius hotter by 2100.”

    In fact, in its 2013 report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates likely warming by 2100 of only 1.7 degrees C (this is considerably lower than its 2007 prediction of 3.8 degrees C by 2100 and a far cry from the news report’s “current estimate” of six degrees). Meanwhile, actual global warming continues to be way under the IPCC model predictions and has almost flat-lined since 1998 (the so-called “pause” that many climate scientists continue to deny).

    Adding to the misinformation, the article states: “In 2015, 196 nations signed the Paris climate accords, agreeing to curb greenhouse gas emissions to levels that would keep the rise in the Earth’s temperature to under 2 C.”

    While it’s true that this agreement was signed, most climate scientists admit that, even if all nations did what they promised under the Paris agreement, warming would be affected by a fraction of a degree Celsius at best. The Paris agreement is window-dressing, not an effective policy — an effective policy would be economic suicide for any nation that tried it.

    Paul MacRae

  116. I am sorry to report that Astronomy Magazine is delving into the promotion of human-caused climate change.

    The quandary of predictability

    Chaos, climate, and an unpredictable future.

    By Jeff Hester

    Unfortunately, the Astronomy website doesn’t show the entire article so I can’t post the part pertinent to the promotion of human-caused climate change.

    It’s a rare occasion when Astronomy broaches the human-caused climate change subject, but not rare enough. No mention of it would suit me just fine. I would rather learn about astronomy in an astronomy magazine.

    Don’t go the way of Scientific American, Science News and National Geographic: I cancelled my subscriptions to them because they tried to sell me CAGW speculation as established fact. Don’t make me cancel you for the same reason. Speculate about stars and planets, not the Earth’s climate.


    Well here in NZ the Met office is convinced Climate change is affecting their forecasts, after overpredicting a mild storm last week in an attempt to appear in control after underestimation the cyclone the week before that.

    These Easter Storm events are historically correlated and quite normal signs of the El Nina for us here in NZ.

    However the UK Met office disagrees with the NZ offering in realizing weather is not climate, a basic tenant of begin a weather scientist/person in all its manifestations …so as usual weather forecasts have a 50:50 chance of being right. Just blame it on Climate.

    One wonders who whow and why different Met offcies arid the works formulate their opinions, Mainstream media or actually using their own grey matter once in a while ?

  118. This just in – a colleague sent me this link to a Thursday April 20 Environmental Defense Fund webinar on how to debate with skeptics:

    “As a climate activist, you know that there is vast scientific consensus on human-made climate change. But there’s a lot of misinformation floating around, muddying the waters.

    “You can help clarify the science by being armed with the facts!

    “Join two of EDF’s top climate scientists for a lively webinar presentation, filled with facts and charts, “Responding to Arguments by Climate Change Skeptics.”

    “Ilissa Ocko, Climate Scientist
    “Scott Weaver, Senior Climate Scientist”

    After a brief presentation, time will be reserved for Ilissa and Scott to answer your questions live on the air.

  119. Further indications that the Late Pleistocene glacial was a dry period:

    The isotopic evidence indicates that the terminal Pleistocene from 15,000 to 11,000 BP was marked by increasingly wet conditions and that grasslands were extensively replaced by forest and bog land. The large megafauna, and the predators that preyed on them were largely driven to extinction because of these environmental shifts, not Pleistocene over hunting.

  120. Better late than never down under
    This is only about 15 or 20 years late….


    Australia Considers Cross-Continent Pipeline to Beat Gas Shortages
    Prime minister meets with exporters to discuss ways of getting more LNG into domestic energy market

  121. Rooftop Solar Tax Credits

    WSJ Opinion

    Thanks for Giving Me Your Tax Money
    I’m opposed to all energy subsidies—unless, of course, I’m the one collecting them.
    By Robert Bryce
    April 18, 2017 6:34 p.m. ET

    Now that tax day has passed, I must thank you, my fellow federal taxpayers. You all are the wind beneath my solar panels.

    Pardon me for mixing energy metaphors, but it’s only appropriate that I express appreciation for the generous subsidy you provided for the 28-panel, four-array, 8,540-watt photovoltaic system I installed on my metal roof last year. Thanks to the investment tax credit, I slashed my 2016 federal tax bill by $7,758.

    Before going further, let me be clear: I’m opposed to all energy subsidies—unless, of course, I’m the one collecting them. And thanks to the incentives for rooftop solar, I’ve snared three subsidies.

    In addition to the federal subsidy, Austin Energy (our city-owned utility) paid $6,593 of the cost of my system. Thus, after subtracting local and federal subsidies, the net cost of my 8.54-kilowatt system was $18,100, or about $2.12 per watt of installed capacity. I’m also getting an ongoing subsidy that pays me far more for the electricity I produce than what other generators get in the Texas wholesale market.

    My panels are producing about 12 megawatt-hours of electricity per year. In 2016, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the average wholesale price of electricity was $24.62 per megawatt-hour. But Austin Energy pays me $106 for each megawatt-hour my system produces. Therefore, I’m getting more than four times as much for my solar electricity as other generators in Texas. I get that price regardless of whether the grid needs the juice from my panels or not……………………………….


    Device For Feeding Astronauts On Mars Finds New Use Right Here On Earth

    “Purdue University revealed a device Wednesday capable of feeding astronauts on Mars, but it could also be used on Earth to improve nutrition in several African countries.

    NASA commissioned Purdue to develop a device capable of processing plants grown on Mars, like soybeans, into puffed cereals and pastas. The device, called an “extruder,” grinds up raw grains or beans and shapes them into a final, edible product. Conventional extruders make food much cheaper and more widely available in the developed world.

    “NASA needs small scale food processing systems to satisfy the diet requirements of future astronauts to be stationed on Mars,” Martin R. Okos, a professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue who led the project, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Because the high cost of shipping material through space, the challenge Purdue researchers faced was to decrease the size of the extruder to an extreme minimum and still produce high quality foods.”

    Before the NASA-developed extruder makes its debut on the Red Planet, a similar design will improve food production in Africa.

    Okos and a graduate student modified the extruder to work with other types of grains widely grown in developing African countries. These countries don’t have the necessary infrastructure to support many conventional extruders, so the NASA design could be a game changer.

    “Although the small scale extruder has been of interest in the US, much more demand has been shown in a number of African countries,” Okos said. “However to be most successful for the African market the cost of the small scale extrude was modified to decrease the cost by simplifying some of the parts costly to machine. The extruder has been use to develop processes to produce Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods for children in Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Ghana using grains grown in the respective countries.”

    end excerpt


    Gisele Tweets Anti-Trump Protest Link on Day Brady Misses Patriots White House Victory Celebration

    Most men have some familiarity with the saying “happy wife, happy life,” and Tom Brady apparently has familiarity with it as well.

    While many speculated over the “personal family matters” which caused Tom Brady to not attend the Patriots White House victory celebration on Wednesday, a tweet from Brady’s wife, Giselle Bundchen, may have the answer.

    On the day the Patriots met with President Trump, without Brady, Bundchen tweeted out a link to an upcoming protest against Trump’s environmental policies [march for climate, jobs and justice, she tweeted]”

    end except

    Bundchen and Leonardo Di Caprio were an item before she married Brady.

  124. I thought we would have starvation by now?


    U.S. Farmers, Who Once Fed the World, Are Overtaken by New Powers
    Bumper soybean and wheat harvests in Brazil and Russia push down global prices, imperiling America’s growers; ‘hard for our psyche’

  125. Unfortunate start up for superannuates leads to loss.

    NZ Super Fund writes off investment in US wind turbine company Ogin
    11:53 AM Friday Apr 21, 2017
    The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has completely written off the value of its investment in US wind turbine company Ogin which is in the process of being wound down.
    The Super Fund invested US$55 million in Massachusetts-based Ogin in 2013 to give the US start-up capital to develop new products before going public, of which US$25m was debt and US$30m was equity. Those plans didn’t come to fruition and after Ogin failed to raise more capital last year, the Super Fund wrote down the investment to nil in June 2016, which had been valued at NZ$47.5m. The debt portion was repaid in 2014 and the Super Fund injected a further US$3.8m.
    “Commercially this has not been a successful investment for the NZ Super Fund and we are disappointed with the outcome,” chief investment officer Matt Whineray said.
    “We went into this investment knowing that the company was early-stage. We accepted that because of the earlier stage investment there were a broader range of possible outcomes associated with the potential for high returns.”

    The Ogin investment barely dented the fund’s returns, representing just 0.2 per cent of its $30.1 billion portfolio at the time of the write-off. Since then, the fund has expanded to $34.1b as at March 31.

    Whineray said the fund still sees long-term value in alternative energy.


    Several AGs Call Out NY Dem’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Anti-Exxon Probes

    “Nearly a dozen attorneys general called a year-long investigation targeting Exxon Mobil’s climate research a politically biased infringement of the company’s free speech.

    Republican AGs from 11 states, including Oklahoma, Utah and Texas, filed an amicus brief Wednesday castigating a Democrat-led probe against the oil company’s handling of decades worth of climate data.

    The authors of the amicus believe the pursuit of Exxon violates the First Amendment of the U.S Constitution and constitutes an “unconstitutional abuse of investigative power.”

    Their brief also asserts that New York AG Eric Schneiderman and his Massachusetts’ colleague Maura Healey are seeking to “promote one side of [the] international public policy debate” on climate change issues, which should not be up to the courts to decide.”

    end excerpt

  127. Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilizations

    Ancient stone carvings confirm that a comet struck the Earth around 11,000BC, a devastating event which wiped out wooly mammoths and sparked the rise of civilisations.

    Experts at the University of Edinburgh analysed mysterious symbols carved onto stone pillars at Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey, to find out if they could be linked to constellations.

    The markings suggest that a swarm of comet fragments hit Earth at the exact same time that a mini-ice age struck, changing the entire course of human history. . . .

    Paging Velikovsky!

    /L. E. Joiner

  128. Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilisations
    “Ancient stone carvings confirm that a comet struck the Earth around 11,000BC, a devastating event which wiped out woolly mammoths and sparked the rise of civilisations. . . .
    Using a computer programme to show where the constellations would have appeared above Turkey thousands of years ago, they were able to pinpoint the comet strike to 10,950BC, the exact time the Younger Dryas begins according to ice core data from Greenland.. . .

    Before the strike, vast areas of wild wheat and barley had allowed nomadic hunters in the Middle East to establish permanent base camps. But the difficult climate conditions following the impact forced communities to come together and work out new ways of maintaining the crops, through watering and selective breeding. Thus farming began, allowing the rise of the first towns. . . .
    Dr Martin Sweatman, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering, who led the research, said: “I think this research, along with the recent finding of a widespread platinum anomaly across the North American continent virtually seal the case in favour of (a Younger Dryas comet impact).

    “Our work serves to reinforce that physical evidence. What is happening here is the process of paradigm change.”

  129. Nonlinear relationship

    Gas Guzzlers’ Gains in Fuel Efficiency Go Farther Than Fuel Sippers’ Do
    Consumers tend to overrate incremental gains in fuel economy for highly efficient models; the ‘mpg illusion’

    Intuitively, it might seem that improving the mileage of any car by 10 mpg would reduce fuel consumption by a constant amount. It doesn’t. Improving from 10 to 20 mpg saves five gallons of fuel over 100 miles. Improving from 40 to 50 mpg saves only half a gallon.

    In geeky terms, the relationship is curvilinear, an unexpected bend in fuel consumption that leads people to undervalue improvements to gas guzzlers and overrate improvements to gas sippers.

  130. Hi Anthony,

    Happy Friday! My name is Stephanie and I recently came across your site. We here at Trulia are also concerned about global climate and its impacts. Spring is peak house hunting time and an increasing number of Americans are choosing to move to coastal neighborhoods. With rising sea levels threatening coastal home owners, we compiled a few tools in our article released today in honor of Earth Day to help your readers identify the safest seaside communities. I thought this would be helpful to your readers.

    Would you be interested in writing about this or posting it on your blog? I look forward to hearing from you!

    • From Stephanie’s website The “trulia” above), we quote:

      At the same time that Americans head to the shores, the oceans are predicted to rise by 5.9 feet by 2100. And while events 83 years in the future shouldn’t cause anyone to panic, the fact is sea-level rise is already a reality, causing flooding and other damage to coastal areas. The journal Nature recently reported that as many as 13 million Americans live in areas vulnerable to sea-level rise. – See more at:

      Going to question that exaggerated 5.9 feet rise in the next 82 years. See, in the past 82 years, sea levels have NOT risen 5.9 feet. Nor even 5.9 inches. Now, why do you the government’s claim that they would suddenly increase by more tens their current microscopic increase, when that claim is created to justify tax increases of 1.3 trillion dollars a year? And a sudden profit of 31 trillion dollars a year in carbon offsets and green futures funding for the government’s chosen donors (er, bankers and friends)?

    • Yep.
      One day.
      One swallow does not a summer make. But not without some traction.
      However –
      About 5 GW from wind.
      Solar to a maximum of about 3,5 GW; plus over 3 GW, on average, & more at times, from French and Dutch Interconnectors.
      Plus Biomass [is that US wood pellets, mainly, hauled across the Atlantic? I think it is . . . . ] about 2 GW, and with some help from hydro.

      In December and January, with (very) modest solar, coal was generating some 6-8 GW at times, with Gas Turbines near maximum.
      No coal – brownouts, at least . . . .
      Maybe renewables will be able to cover much of the demand sometimes.
      And when it is winter?
      And the wind doesn’t blow???

      Auto, aware of daily, weekly – and annual – cycles. Others are too, of course.
      Unless Al Gore is speaking – then you will have snow [probably; may not work for Sahara in July].


    Arctic thaw may dramatically alter environment

    “April 21 (UPI) — The 2015 Paris agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions may not prevent as much as half of the permanently frozen soils at the Earth’s highest latitudes from thawing, according to a new study.

    Newly published research in the journal Nature Climate Change, offers what may be the most realistic estimate to date of how much of the Northern Hemisphere’s 5.79 million square miles of permafrost would be lost as the average global temperature continues to rise in coming decades and centuries.”

    end excerpt

    “as the average global temperature continues to rise in coming decades and centuries” = facts not in evidence.

  132. US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is asking for public input. Here’s yet another chance for all the nuclear design experts that post and comment at WUWT to show their stuff. Make it count. Show up on May 10. Set the guys in charge straight.

    “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is seeking public comment on a draft regulatory basis for
    new emergency preparedness requirements for small modular reactors and other new technologies, such
    as non-light water reactor facilities.

    In addition to accepting written comments, NRC staff will conduct a public meeting May 10 to
    discuss the draft regulatory basis. The meeting will be held from 9-11:30 a.m., in the Two White Flint
    North auditorium at the NRC’s headquarters in Rockville, Md. Visitors will need to enter through One
    White Flint North, 11555 Rockville Pike. Additional information on the meeting, including a telephone
    bridge line, will be made available in a public meeting notice.

    A regulatory basis is an early stage in the rulemaking process in which the NRC staff explains
    the rationale for developing new regulatory requirements and seeks input from the public. After the
    regulatory basis is finalized, the staff will develop a proposed rule, which will also be issued for public
    comment before the staff produces a final rule. The draft regulatory basis, in part, explains why the
    NRC believes the existing regulations should be updated, revised, and/or enhanced; presents
    alternatives to rulemaking; and discusses costs and other impacts of the potential changes.

    The nuclear power industry is developing small modular reactors and other advanced reactor
    technologies that differ in size, scope and hazard from the large light-water reactors operating in the
    U.S. today. Their smaller size or innovative safety features are likely to lead to lower risk or less
    challenging accident conditions than today’s reactors. This rulemaking would establish emergency
    preparedness requirements appropriate to these technologies.”


    Science March Tells Activists ‘Be Prepared’ For Encounters With Cops

    “The March For Science told supporters over social media to prepare themselves for encounters with law enforcement during their protest planned for Saturday.

    The science march tweeted legal advice, instructing activists to “[b]e prepared for the improbable (encounters with law enforcement).” The legal handout was prepared by the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF), one of the march’s official partners.

    CSLDF’s handout tells activists how to behave when arrested by police. The handout says to bring cash, make emergency childcare plans in advance, memorize the phone numbers of lawyers and to disable security programs on smartphones to make it harder for police to search them. The handout also instructs activists to record police activities when possible.

    Organizers say the march is part of a movement by “scientists and science enthusiasts in protest of the policies of the United States Congress and President Donald J. Trump.”

    The march is largely inspired by alleged “censorship” of federal science agencies and by “anti-science” comments made by Trump. The group is concerned Trump is “[s]lashing funding and restricting scientists from communicating their findings.”

    Several left leaning environmental groups are listed on the rally’s website as direct partners, including NextGen Climate America, the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. The march has over 518,000 “likes” on Facebook and 347,000 Twitter followers. An estimated 25,000 activists say they’ll be attending the march in Washington D.C.”

    end excerpt


    Democrats Scramble All Over Each Other To Show Support For Science March

    “As 500 cities around the world #MarchforScience, a lesson to the GOP—science is not up for debate. Empirical evidence > #AlternativeFacts

    — Rep. Nydia Velazquez (@NydiaVelazquez) April 22, 2017”

    end excerpt

    Science is not up for debate according to some people on the Left. They don’t seem to understand that science *is* a debate, a constant debate. Anyone who wants to shut the debate down is anti-science.

  135. Pardon my language but WTF is THIS?

    The BBC, which has not got the faintest idea of how to report science, makes the fact that scientists call this aurora stream ‘Steve’ the main point of the article.

    In fact, here are the REAL main points of this story:

    1. Lots of amateur observers have known about this stream for sometime – but not a single official atmospheric scientist knows anything about it! Are you KIDDING ME?

    2. It has been measured at 3000˚C higher than the surrounding atmosphere. Er….the BBC report this as a how-hum fact as if they do not employ hundreds of employees who every day take intercontinental flights and realize that as you go higher it gets very cold indeed. WTF?

    3. This stream apparently movescat 4 miles per second as opposed to the surrounding atmosphere which moves at 30 feet per second. I say again – WTF?

    Anthony/moderators – please get your brightest readers working on this one. Surely I am not alone in finding that this phenomenon is not only extraordinary but also the slightly bored way in which it is being reported is even MORE extraordinary.

    To put it into perspective – this stream appears to have the potential to knock out a satellite or space mission…but as far as the media is concerned, the really vital fact about it is that the amateur scientists refer to it as Steve.

    Really look forward to a WUWT article on this.

    • John V. Wright,
      I was about to highlight this.
      The BBC has semi-educated sub-editors. I wonder if any have even a GCSE in Physics, or even ‘combined science’.

      Today there was a report of a shark attack off St Helena.
      In fact it was off the decidedly more tropical Ascension Island, which, true, is administered from St Helena.
      But they are over 1000 miles apart.
      Later the headline read ‘Ascension’.

      Please do not trust the detail or, indeed, the emphasis, in any story on the internet [not just the BBC, grim though they often are]. Hard copy articles in the [London] Daily Telegraph appear to be cut and paste jobs from ‘science’ article abstracts. And the Grauniad teaks the bicuist every time! [Mods, Sorry. Orthography is -/sarc, but probably better than some Grindaua efforts . . . .]


      [Teaks? Tweaks? Takes? Takes the tweaked teak? .mod]


    EXCLUSIVE: New Study Calls EPA’s Labeling Of CO2 A Pollutant ‘Totally False’

    “A new study published by seasoned researchers takes aim at the heart of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to issue regulations to curb carbon dioxide emissions.

    The study claims to have “proven that it is all but certain that EPA’s basic claim that CO2 is a pollutant is totally false,” according to a press statement put out by Drs. Jim Wallace, John Christy and Joe D’Aleo.

    Wallace, Christy and D’Aleo — a statistician, a climatologist and meteorologist, respectively — released a study claiming to invalidate EPA’s 2009 endangerment finding, which allowed the agency to regulate CO2 as a pollutant.

    “This research failed to find that the steadily rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations have had a statistically significant impact on any of the 14 temperature data sets that were analyzed,” the authors say in the release for the second edition of their peer-reviewed work.

    “Moreover, these research results clearly demonstrate that once the solar, volcanic and oceanic activity, that is, natural factor, impacts on temperature data are accounted for, there is no ‘record setting’ warming to be concerned about,” the researchers say. “In fact, there is no natural factor adjusted warming at all.”

    end excerpt


    Bill Nye Freaks Out After Scientist Schools Him On Climate Change

    “Comedian Bill Nye accused CNN of doing a “disservice” to its viewers for inviting a well-respected physicist on Earth Day to argue about the legitimacy of man-made global warming.

    Nye, who is well known for hosting a children’s TV show in the 1990s, scolded CNN’s “New Day Saturday” panel Saturday for pitting his environmentalist pedigree against the climate skepticism of physicist William Happer.

    He also suggested the 24-news channel should instead drown out people like Happer with 98 scientists who believe in man-made global warming.

    “And I will say, much as I love the CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,” Nye said after the Princeton University academic suggested that it is a “myth” to believe that carbon dioxide is a pollutant causing widespread ecological destruction.”

    end excerpt

    I love the author calling Nye a comedian. If the CAGW promoters, like Nye, didn’t have that fake “97 percent” to use, they wouldn’t have anything. Their whole case rests on the “97 percent” lie, and the Hockey stick lie. Without those, they would have nothing with which to make an argument.


    Official Pledges ‘No Quarter’ In Fight Against Wind Turbines In New York

    “An upstate New York local official has promised “no quarter” in his town’s battle against a planned wind power farm that has Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s support.

    Yates town councilman John Riggi opposes Apex Clean Energy’s plan to build a 200-megawatt wind turbine project over the objections of local officials and a majority of voters.

    Riggi says he’s not opposed to green energy, but doesn’t want it nearby if his constituents don’t support it. He wrote an editorial in a local paper this week pledging to accept “no quarter” in the fight against the Lighthouse Wind farm.

    “The main concern is the desires of the constituency who are massively opposed to this project,” Riggi told The Daily Caller New Foundation. “It is like 87 percent opposed.”

    end excerpt

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this were to become a trend.

  139. I notice that the speaker list for the March for Science
    shows that more poets than meteorologists were given mic time. Heidi Cullen, as you recall, used to work at the Weather Channel where she declared that anyone who didn’t agree with CAGW hypothesis would not be given air time on TWC.


    Real Climate Debate Hasn’t Even Begun

    “Contrary even to former Obama administration Energy Department Undersecretary for Science Steven Koonin’s admission that the climate change debate isn’t settled, there never really was one.

    Koonin, who now directs New York University’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, wrote a headlined Wall Street Journal Weekend Review story that was entirely right about [one] thing however: “We often hear there is a ‘scientific consensus’ about climate change . . . But as far as computer models go, there isn’t a useful consensus at the level of detail relevant to assessing human influences.”

    Dr. Koonin is also correct in noting that the issue isn’t whether or not the climate is changing because “the climate has always changed and always will.” He points out that the main question remains to be about the relative importance of both natural and man-made influences which will effect energy and infrastructure policy decisions.

    On this score, while he believes that humans can cause serious issues, “they are physically small in relation to the climate system as a whole”, whereas carbon dioxide emissions “directly shift the atmosphere’s natural greenhouse effect by only 1 percent to 2 percent.”

    Still, there’s even very good reason to think that even this amount of human CO2 influence may be highly exaggerated.

    He admits that “climate sensitivity,” an estimate of warming induced by a hypothetical doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentration, is no different, and no more certain than it was 30 years ago. Meanwhile, global sea levels rose at almost the same rate during the first half of the 20th century as today.

    At the same time, Earth’s average surface temperature rise of 0.9 degree F over the last quarter of the 20th century has slowed over the past 16 years (many say longer), while human CO2 contributions have continually risen 25 percent. Koonin adds: “Yet the models famously fail to capture this slowing in the temperature rise.” He also observes that models showing Arctic ice melting over the past 20 years forget to note almost equal growth across Antarctica which is “now at a record high.”

    Incidentally, global temperatures were just as warm, or even warmer, than now from about 1910 to 1945 when atmospheric CO2 levels were lower. And let’s also recognize that no respectable surveys show consensus among experts that global warming since the industrial revolution brought smoke stacks and SUVs onto the scene is either unusual or anything to lose sleep over.”

    end excerpt

    • It’s not old enough. The YD began about 10,900 BC. The oldest layer at Göbekli Tepe dates from 9130 BC, at best. It’s almost 2000 years too young.

  141. This looks suspicious. They claim to have a more accurate method of calculating oil sands emissions, but the article only makes clear they are measuring them a different way. It says nothing about steps to determine this was more accurate. VOC’s of course have many natural sources as well and I am unsure how they convert spot concentrations into rates of emission. Regards, Andy P

  142. Coral-bleaching alarmists from the ARC “Centre of Excellence” for Coral Reef Studies are again considering geo-engineering – this time by “making clouds brighter”. Good grief!

    Marine scientists have upped the ante in their fight to save the Great Barrier Reef from the devastating effects of coral bleaching.

    A team of Australian researchers at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science is working on plans to alter the clouds above the reef in a bid to save the delicate coral communities below.

    Marine cloud brightening is the process of making larger and more reflective clouds over the ocean to cool the water underneath.

    It may seem far-fetched, but Daniel Harrison, a postdoctoral research associate with the Ocean Technology Group at the University of Sydney, believes it could work.

    “All of our preliminary calculations so far suggest that it is plausible,” Dr Harrison said.

    “You can think about this in very layman’s terms.

    “If you’re in a hot sunny day and a cloud comes across overhead, you can feel right away there’s quite a lot less heat coming through.”

    The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world, but with two-thirds of the reef already damaged, marine scientists fear the entire system has reached a critical tipping point.

    As the bleaching continues, they are getting increasingly desperate.
    Dr Harrison and his team considered several other approaches, including pumping cool water onto the reef in a bid to cool it during times of extreme heat.

    But they believe the cloud-altering technology is the most feasible, sensible, and environmentally benign option for preserving the reef.

    (== Perhaps my petition discouraged them? <{-; Beliaik – ==)

    "If we can make just a little bit less heat over the reef for a few months during say an El Nino year, when it's at most risk of getting bleached, we should be able to cool the water a degree or two, which is enough to prevent most of the damage," he said.

    'Maybe we can cool the entire planet by brightening the clouds'

    The idea that scientists can counteract the damages of global warming by re-engineering the climate is not new.

    In the past, researchers have used salt particles to brighten low-level clouds, which promote droplet formation and lead to bigger and denser clouds.

    But it is believed to be the first time a geo-engineering solution such as cloud brightening has been considered for the Great Barrier Reef.

    "Cloud brightening was conceived as a potential fallback," Dr Harrison said.

    "If we can't get emissions under control, maybe we can cool the entire planet by brightening the clouds.

    "But nobody has thought about applying it to a small local area of a coral reef to prevent bleaching before."

    'It might be the only way to save the reef'

    Aerial surveys conducted earlier this year by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies show the bleaching of coral in the Great Barrier Reef is much worse than first thought.

    The data indicates the reef is struggling through a second consecutive year of serious and widespread bleaching, with two-thirds already devastated.

    The northern sections of the reef were badly damaged by excessively hot conditions in 2016 and the new surveys reveal that the bleaching has now spread to the middle section of the reef.

    But are we ready to deploy a tool that could significantly change the climate?

    Dr Harrison has warned any move to brighten clouds above the reef is a temporary, stop-gap measure only, while the real focus needs to be on reducing carbon emissions.

    "If we don't reduce emissions then I don't think the reef really has much chance of surviving in its current configuration at all," Dr Harrison said.
    "At the moment, we've only experienced a little bit less than 1 degree [Celsius] of average global temperature rise.

    "So if you can imagine how badly this is affecting the reef now, at 1.5 or 2C the reef has no chance.

    "Which is why — although we wouldn't want to have to do these geo-engineering ideas and deliberately make clouds over the reef if we didn't have to — we think we need to look into this because it might be the only way to save the reef."

    (== Spare us from these "scientists"… ==)

  143. The Australian Institute has got itself in bit of a muddle: In a report released in August 2016 entitled Never Gonna Dig You Up, the TAI claimed that phasing out coal mining would have very little impact on NSW. The report claimed that the coal industry ‘accounts for a small portion of government revenues’ and upon releasing the paper, TAI spokesperson, Rod Campbell stated: “Our modelling shows that the NSW economy would not be affected at all in the short term”

    And now, less than a year later?

    The TAI has claimed that a proposed Queensland coal mine will hurt the NSW economy by reducing coal mining royalties and impact jobs, through potential mine closures in this state

  144. The Arctic Council says that Arctic ice will be gone by 2030
    Arctic climate warming higher and faster than expected
    Open water in Arctic Ocean affecting weather patterns around world
    Among the findings in this year’s report:
    The Arctic Ocean could be largely free of sea ice in the summer as early as 2030 or even before that.
    Arctic temperatures are rising twice as fast as the temperatures in the rest of the world. In the fall of 2016 mean temperatures were six degrees higher than average.
    Thawing permafrost that holds 50 per cent of the world’s carbon is already affecting northern infrastructure and could release significant amounts of methane into the atmosphere.
    Polar bears, walruses and seals that rely on ice for survival are facing increased stress and disruption.
    Changes in the Arctic may be affecting weather as far away as Southeast Asia.

    But it’s another model based study (20 pages)
    Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic; Summary for Policy-makers

    • In the article, evidently from the ‘Report’, the ETC (Energy Transitions Commission) states that the fossil fuel industry would have to be cut, (that is, raise prices, make it more expensive);
      “to make green energy cost-competitive with fossil fuels in some parts of the world by 2035.”

      Now wait a second, I thought “Green Energy” was currently cost-competitive with the fossil fuel industry. This report states it will take until 2035, thru costly regulations to make the use of fossil fuel unappealing, no doubt. Imagine all of the pain and suffering for the next 18 years, of sky rocketing energy prices, that will mainly effect the poor.

      It just goes to show, the government can’t raise up an industry, it can only knock down it’s competitors.


    Rick Perry Says Trump Will ‘Need To Renegotiate’ The Paris Agreement


    I wondered about Perry when I heard him say the other day that he *did* think humans were having an effect on the Earth’s atmosphere and then felt compelled to point out how helpful he had been as Texas governor to the windmill and solar lobbies.

    I don’t know what a renegotiation of the Paris Agreement would do to benefit the U.S. unless they all agree that U.S. taxpayer money will NOT be sent to other nations. I don’t see any benefit to the U.S. from the Paris Agreement. I would love to hear the arguments being made in favor of it.

  146. Might those associated with the ARC “Centre of Excellence” for Coral Reef Studies be the world’s most-stupid scientists? Two more items about “cloud brightening”.

    “Making the low-lying clouds off the coast of north-east Australia larger and more reflective would potentially cool the waters below and help to stem the widespread coral bleaching that is occurring with growing intensity across vast swathes of the 1,500-mile stretch of reefs.

    Daniel Harrison, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Sydney, said preliminary testing indicated that cloud brightening was a “plausible” solution.”

    He proposed deploying fleets of ships to spray tiny particles of salt at low-lying clouds above the ocean. The particles would cause additional droplets to form, producing larger, denser and whiter clouds, which would reflect more heat back into space.”

    More on Daniel Harrison here –

    “Daniel is investigating the possibility of preventing coral bleaching by brightening marine clouds during periods the water is unusually warm, as brighter clouds reflect more sunlight into space and cool the reef. This novel technology would use only renewable energy and sea water and make clouds more ‘white’ by launching microscopic sea water droplets into the air to provide cloud condensation nuclei, mimicking the natural process of sea spray from breaking waves.”

    and here –

    “Daniel Harrison is an Oceanographer who somewhat unusually began his career with a degree in Civil Engineering.”

    (== Spare us from these “scientists” ==)

  147. Here’s an article on a simmering embarrassment to nutrition science and peer review in Arstechnica:

    “Mindless Eating,” or how to send an entire life of research into question{ Now questioning: 3,700 citations in 25 different journals—and eight books—over 20+ years.
    CATHLEEN O’GRADY – 4/24/2017, 4:30 AM

  148. This is happening in Vancouver, a convergence of “Social Justice Warriors”, “Climate Alarmists” and well at least they feign at wanting jobs (well not entirely their fault, government schools in Canada don’t teach entrepreneurship skills very well at all if ever).

    Not sure what is worse yet, “Conservative Justice Warriors” or “Social Justice Warriors”, hmmm… both are a problem… especially when they attempt to get laws past that limit a person’s freedoms… or as a money grab via the new CO2 taxes that are coming across the country.

    The Native Indian art looks dark in their logo, is that “Cultural Appropriation”? Or was it made by a Native Indian? Unknown.

    Certainly the violation of the core notions of the Scientific Method are a serious problem.

    I suppose this is Vancouver’s “March Against Empirical Science”. The weather is likely to be rainy in the morning with a chance of riots and sunshine in the afternoon.

    The Facebook event link:

  149. I went to the movies last night (“The Lost City of Z”) and got treated to a trailer for Al Gore’s new film “An Inconvenient Sequel”.
    The real kicker is the part where he claims the most criticized part of his last film was the sequence showing lower Manhattan going under water due to global sea level rise (in about two centuries). Gore then says, “Then this happened…” and shows footage from Hurricane Sandy. Thus storm surge becomes sea level rise through the magic of Hollywood.
    Maybe we should arrange special showings where skeptics can come and throw rotten tomatoes at the screen. Or maybe Rifftrax?

  150. Innovation in Renewables!
    After negative interest rates in the financial world, someone invented a “negative energy generator”.
    Quote from the producer “”:

    “Amongst other things, the new system will allow Alpiq to offer negative balancing energy on the ancillary services market.
    Ancillary services are used by transmission grid operators to balance the differences between generated and consumed electricity and thus contributes towards ensuring the stability of the electricity grid. With the increase of fluctuating power from wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, this balancing function has become an increasingly demanding task for grid operators. Power to heat technology is a flexible and efficient solution for balancing capacity. Alpiq is taking advantage of these benefits and pursuing its strategy of applying innovative approaches to seize new business opportunities on the energy markets.”

    So it produces 22MW of “negative energy”. But.. but it heats water! Very progressive! Much steam!


    Congress Asked To Eliminate $270 Million A Year In Solar Subsidies

    “Conservative groups wrote a letter to Congress Tuesday asking lawmakers on the appropriations committee to eliminate a solar subsidy program worth $270 million.

    Conservatives want Congress to pull funding from the Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative, citing recent investigations that found the program provided subsidies for rooftop solar power.

    The letter calls SunShot the “ground zero of the solar subsidy machine,” arguing that it gives out millions of dollars in subsidies through net metering programs. Such programs force utilities to buy the electricity from rooftop solar panels at up to six times the market price, effectively forcing non-solar residents to pay more to maintain the grid.”

    end excerpt

    • Yes! an interesting piece showing the Bloomberg bias and a source of weather broadcasters CAGW information.
      The story starts with Sullins approach but later notes:
      “Sullins’s introduction to climate science came just four years ago. Attending a September 2013 workshop for broadcasters ”
      I would have thought all meteorologists had a good grounding in climate science (just to be able to tell us it was warmer than average needs a climate average).
      The people surveying ” broadcast meteorologists” also show their bias when they state half the broadcasters surveyed don’t believe human activity is the main driver of climate change, that the broadcasters are not correctly identifying the drivers.
      Obviously Climate Matters believe the half who do believe equals 97%!
      “Maibach, who is also an investigator for the federal grant that funds Climate Matters, periodically surveys broadcast meteorologists about climate change. The most recent survey, of 486 broadcast meteorologists, was released last month; it found that 95 percent agree that the climate is changing.
      “I believe we are getting to some tipping point. We are reaching much deeper into the mainstream meteorologist community,” says Bernadette Woods Placky, a former newscaster who is the chief meteorologist and program director at Climate Matters. 
      Still, only half of those surveyed managed to correctly identify human activity as the main driver of climate change.”


    Former EPA employees find new gigs as Trump protesters

    “Former Environmental Protection Agency employees are finding new gigs as climate change activists ahead of this weekend’s climate protest in Washington.

    Nearly 800 former employees, some of them directors and senior staff, sent a letter Thursday to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, White House officials and several others, blasting President Trump’s “policy of denial” on global warming.

    “As former employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we know that science is at the heart of the bipartisan progress our nation has made toward protecting public health and the environment,” the letter read. “Yet as we mark the 47th Earth Day this month, the Trump administration and its supporters in Congress are turning their backs on science and what it tells us about the gravest environmental problem of our times — climate change.”

    They said that the protests that began April 22, Earth Day, will continue April 29 to mark Trump’s 100th day in office to “demand climate protection.” They even asked McConnell, a Republican from the coal-mining state of Kentucky, to join them in the march against Trump’s environmental agenda.”

    end excerpt


    Trump Will Overturn Obama’s ‘Permanent’ Arctic Offshore Drilling Ban

    “President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Friday rescinding an Obama-era policy keeping most of the Arctic seas off-limits to drilling and asking the Department of the Interior to review the current five-year offshore leasing plan.

    Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told reporters Thursday evening the “America First Offshore Energy” order would reverse an executive order issued in the final weeks of former President Barack Obama’s tenure.”

    end excerpt

  154. India: Development first

    Plans to build 370 coal plants could undermine India’s Paris climate pledge| @jloistf @CarbonBrief @_rospearce

    Carbon Brief‏ @CarbonBrief Apr 27
    India’s planned coal plants could ‘single-handedly jeopardise’ 1.5C target | @jloistf

    India’s enormous coal reserves, estimated at 87 billion metric tonnes (Gt) have led to it being heavily dependent on coal, making up 63% of India’s electricity capacity in mid-2016, with 28% coming from low-carbon sources, including nuclear. . . .
    India’s NDC includes a pledge to reduce the overall emissions intensity of its economy 33-35% on 2005 levels by 2030.

    This means India’s emissions can continue to increase over this period. Previous analysis by Carbon Brief has suggested India’s emissions could almost double to around 6.5bn tonnes of CO2 equivalent (GtCO2e) in 2030. . . .
    If the proposed plants were built and operated at an average capacity factor of 45%, then all but 14GW of the proposed plants could be used. . . .
    One study found the combined emission pledges of the EU, the US, China and India left no room at all for other countries to emit CO2 if global temperatures are to be limited to below 2C. . . .
    Yesterday’s new research shows India’s planned coal plants would almost single-handedly jeopardise the 1.5C target, says Steven Davis, associate professor of Earth system science at University of California, Irvine and co-author of the new study. Proposed coal plants and those currently under construction would together emit around 83 GtCO2 by 2065, the paper shows – which is more than half of the remaining carbon budget for 1.5C of just 162 GtCO2. . . .
    Previous analysis by CoalSwarm has shown that cumulative emissions from the world’s current and proposed coal plants would push the global carbon budget well beyond both the 1.5C and 2C targets.

    Carbon Brief‏ @CarbonBrief Apr 26
    Analysis: Just four years left of the 1.5C carbon budget | @rtmcswee @_rospearce #marchforscience

  155. DC Circuit Puts Hold on CPP, MATS Challenges
    “The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Trump administration’s requests to hold in abeyance lawsuits challenging EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, small but important victories for the president — just before his 100th day in office — as he tries to reverse the Obama administration’s regulations on fossil fuel-fired power plants.”


    From the WSJ:

    A Climate Hysteric’s Fake Enemies List
    Who really has the power in the climate-change debate?

    By Steven J. Allen April 27, 2017 6:07 p.m. ET

    In a widely cited 2014 study, the sociologist Robert Brulle purportedly exposed a network of nonprofit groups executing “a deliberate and organized effort to misdirect the public discussion and distort the public’s understanding of climate change.” He provided scant evidence of the public’s ignorance but lots of numbers supposedly exposing its source: center-right groups that form a “climate change counter-movement.”

    Mr. Brulle’s smoking-gun statistic—call it the Brulle Number—was the combined annual income of 91 alleged conspirators. He calculated that from 2003 to 2010, these groups’ revenues averaged “just over $900 million” annually. The media twisted that into an even more extreme claim: “Conservative groups spend $1bn a year to fight action on climate change,” as a Guardian headline put it.

    That’s false twice over. Mr. Brulle didn’t measure spending but income. Nor did he isolate the amount spent on climate issues, although most of the groups he studied had many policy interests…”

    Full article at

  157. I was browsing NOAA site on their Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network today.

    The graph near the bottom of the page at this NOAA link:
    shows the annual growth of Fossil Fuel Emissions and the annual “Observed Atmospheric Increases” of CO2 in the atmosphere. Both are in units labeled “PgC”, which I assume are petagrams of carbon, or some other measure of mass. So this graph shows the annual incremental increases in these quantities, not the cumulative amounts commonly shown.

    Two things are interesting,
    1.) CO2 added to the atmosphere is not growing in proportion to fossil fuel emissions. If fact, just visually smoothing the “Observed Atmospheric Increases” of CO2, it is nearly flat since 1980. Hence no acceleration. This is not surprising with the massive increase in greening of the earth due to CO2.

    2.) NOAA has not bothered to update it since ~2014. Do they have something to hide? (Especially now with Trump in office?)

    The fact that these are not tracking each other undermines arguments used in many analyses that warming or climate change will track emissions. As does the increasing saturation of the weak greenhouse effect of CO2.

    Does anyone here on WUWT have an updated comparison of this same data?

  158. Interesting program on CSPAN3 this weekend. Lecture by Gregory Nobles, professor emeritus at Georgia Tech, titled John James Audobon and “Citizen Science”.

  159. Actual scientist “Thunderf00t” who is a major YouTuber and actually quite good on some subjects shows why scientists aren’t experts in everything. He regularly gets downvoted on his political rants. He has just posted a video where he lambasts Patrick Moore –

    I think Patrick needs to send a response to this video full of strawmen and inaccuracies and cherry picking.


    Stunner: EPA’s CO2 ‘hot spot’ ‘simply does not exist’

    Man-made climate change ‘should be discarded into the dustbin of other failed theories’

    “The theory of human-caused global warming is straightforward. The level of the so-called “pollutant” carbon dioxide, or CO2, is rising in the atmosphere, causing a worldwide increase in temperatures that ultimately will have a catastrophic effect on the planet.

    To prevent this catastrophe, a vast regulatory infrastructure needs to be created, even if it means sacrificing jobs, economic efficiency, personal freedoms or national sovereignty itself.

    But what if CO2 isn’t a pollutant?

    That’s precisely the shocking finding of a new report from statistician Jim Wallace, climatologist John Christy and meteorologist Joe D’Aleo, who contend the Environmental Protection Agency erred when it ruled CO2 is a pollutant in 2009.

    The researchers claim they could find no evidence that rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations “have had a statistically significant impact on any of the 14 temperature data sets that we analyzed.”

    “These analysis results would appear to leave very, very little doubt but that EPA’s claim of a Tropical Hot Spot (THS), caused by rising atmospheric CO2 levels, simply does not exist in the real world,” the report said.

    Brian Sussman, a former meteorologist and the author of “Eco-Tyranny: How The Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America,” hailed the report as a devastating blow to what he argues is a phony movement.

    “The left wants the public to believe that human-caused climate change is scientific law, like the laws of gravity and motion,” he told WND. “Instead, human-caused climate change/global warming is a flawed hypothesis that should be discarded into the dustbin of other failed theories. Referring to carbon dioxide – a natural atmospheric component necessary for life – as a pollutant is insane. It’s no different than labeling H2O a pollutant.”

    end excerpt

    • On the Existence of a “Tropical Hot Spot” & The Validity of EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding
      Abridged Research Report, Second Edition, Dr. James P. Wallace III, Dr. John R. Christy, Dr. Joseph S. D’Aleo, April 2017, 73 page report.

      The objective of this research was to determine whether or not a straightforward application of the “proper mathematical methods” would support EPA’s basic claim that CO2 is a pollutant. These analysis results would appear to leave very, very little doubt but that EPA’s claim of a Tropical Hot Spot (THS), caused by rising atmospheric CO2 levels, simply does not exist in the real world.
      Also critically important, this analysis failed to find that the steadily rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations have had a statistically significant impact on any of the 14 temperature data sets that were analyzed. The temperature data measurements that were analyzed were taken by many different entities using balloons, satellites, buoys and various land based techniques. Needless to say, if regardless of data source, the structural analysis results are the same, the analysis findings should be considered highly credible.
      Thus, the analysis results invalidate each of the Three Lines of Evidence in its CO2 Endangerment Finding. Once EPA’s THS assumption is invalidated, it is obvious why the climate models EPA claims can be relied upon for policy analysis purposes, are also invalid. And, these results clearly demonstrate—14 separate and distinct times in fact–that once just the Natural Factor impacts on temperature data are accounted for, there is no “record setting” warming to be concerned about. In fact, there is no Natural Factor Adjusted Warming at all. Moreover, over the time period analyzed, these natural factors have involved historically quite normal solar, volcanic and ENSO activity. At this point, there is no statistically valid proof that past increases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations have caused the officially reported rising, even claimed record setting temperatures.


    Climate experts: Global warming doubts are ‘real science’

    There are ‘good reasons why scientists disagree about this wickedly complex puzzle’

    “A number of Ph.Ds have written a book chapter asserting that doubts about the theory of human-caused global warming should be considered “real science.”

    You know, the idea of basing hypotheses on documented evidence rather than a political agenda.

    But the National Science Teachers Association wants nothing to do with such an approach.

    Its executive director, David Evans, has written a letter to members insisting they must teach the agendas of the National Wildlife Federation, the North American Association for Environmental Education, the Campaign for Environmental Literacy, the Center for Climate Change Communication and other activist groups.

    What they must avoid, he contends, is the information compiled by the scientists who wrote “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming.”

    The chapter, written by Craig Idso, Robert Carter and S. Fred Singer and published by the Heartland Institute, challenges common climate change and global warming agenda arguments.

    Spencer Irvine of Accuracy in Academia wrote in a review: “As much as the liberal media, liberal academics and pundits tell Americans that the earth is too warm and human beings are the cause for a spike in weather and temperature changes, there is little-to-no scientific consensus to support these assertions. … [I]t is clear that the climate change agenda turns a blind eye to neutral and impartial studies of the subject.”

    The Heartland Institute distributed the chapter to several hundred thousand science teachers, prompting outrage from the National Science Teachers Association, the NSTA.

    The NSTA’s director, Evans, told members flatly that “scientists don’t disagree about climate change or its causes” and “labeling propaganda as science does not make it so.”

    Evans called the institute’s information an “unprecedented attack.””

    end excerpt

    Yes, it is an attack on the agenda of the Left, but it is also an effort to get to the truth, which amounts to the same thing. The Left is trying to hijack science for their own political purposes.

  162. more from BILL NYE (apparently).

    Nice, but it is unfortunate that a product, talking about intelligence, claiming to quote one of the worlds clearly most intelligent, and being endorsed (maybe even sold) by one who casts himself as very intelligent (and that we should all listen to his guidance regarding issues of paramount importance), has such a glaringly obvious mistake!!

  163. Changes in North Atlantic Oscillation drove Population Migrations and the Collapse of the Western Roman Empire

    Shifts in the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) from 1–2 to 0–1 in four episodes increased droughts on the Roman Empire’s periphery and created push factors for migrations. These climatic events are associated with the movements of the Cimbri and Teutones from 113–101 B.C., the Marcomanni and Quadi from 164 to 180 A.D., the Goths in 376 A.D., and the broad population movements of the Migration Period from 500 to 600 A.D. Weakening of the NAO in the instrumental record of the NAO have been associated with a shift to drought in the areas of origin for the Cimbri, Quadi, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Huns, and Slavs. While other climate indices indicate deteriorating climate after 200 A.D. and cooler conditions after 500 A.D., the NAO may indicate a specific cause for the punctuated history of migrations in Late Antiquity. Periodic weakening of the NAO caused drought in the regions of origin for tribes in antiquity, and may have created a powerful push factor for human migration. While climate change is frequently considered as a threat to sustainability, its role as a conflict amplifier in history may be one of its largest impacts on populations.

  164. Blackford is unaware that CAGW is a bad idea, otherwise a good article.

    “The world is filled with bad, baseless, factually inaccurate ideas that
    refuse to die. From an article: Philosopher Russell Blackford, a lecturer
    at the University of Newcastle in Australia, tweeted about this
    phenomenon earlier this month: “The momentum behind bad ideas can be
    enormous — they can plunge on, gathering force, long after receiving
    devastating criticism.” If you’ve ever found yourself [0]unable to halt
    someone else’s idiotic plans once they were already in motion, you’re not
    alone. Whether you’re a politician trying to make congress see sense or
    simply a manager trying to halt an atrocious team-building plan, there’s
    simply no foolproof way to kill a terrible idea. Blackford blames the
    momentum behind bad ideas on cascade effects. Yes, individuals are prone
    to making poor decisions for emotional or biased reasons (known as
    “cognitive heuristics”) and this irrationality is part of the problem.
    But there’s also a broader sociological issue, in that others’ opinions
    carry a huge amount of weight in influencing our views. A cultural
    consensus — even without proper evidence — can form pretty quickly. If
    one person convinces a second, says Blackford, then a third person will
    be far more likely to agree with the majority view. This effect
    exponentially increases with each person who agrees with the others. “We
    soon have a sociological effect whereby everyone knows that, say, a
    certain movie is very good or very bad, even though everyone might have
    ‘known’ the exact opposite if only a few early voices had been
    different,” says Blackford”.

  165. Small problem, when I click on the blue box on the right hand side of the Home Page, “Rick Werme’s Guide to WUWT (updated daily)”

    I get sent to this page……..

    “Your connection is not secure

    The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”

    How do I get to his guide?


  166. Strong arm tactics to mine tax credits……


    SEC Probes Solar Companies Over Disclosure of Customer Cancellations
    Some customers say they canceled contracts after being strong-armed into solar-energy deals; hundreds of complaints to state attorneys general

    Hundreds of complaints have been filed against solar companies to attorneys general in Texas, Oregon, California and Florida, with customers saying they are paying more on their utility bills, not less as they were promised, and have been sold expensive systems they can’t afford, according to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the Campaign for Accountability, a consumer-watchdog group, and according to lawsuits filed by customers.


    Small Towns Fight Back Against World’s Largest Green Energy Company

    “In January, NextEra sued after officials in Rush County, Indiana, denied a permit for a 22-turbine wind farm the company wants to construct. In October, NextEra filed a lawsuit against officials in Clinton County, Missouri, after they passed a ban on wind turbines. The company also sued the small town of Hinton, Oklahoma, in October after the town called wind turbines “a public nuisance” and prohibited their installation within two miles of its borders.

    The National Review estimates this prohibition cost NextEra $18 million per year in federal tax subsidies.

    NextEra made a profit of $21.5 billion between 2008 and 2015 but paid zero federal income taxes on it, according to The New York Times. In fact, the company received a net tax credit of $313 million thanks to government subsidies. The company has a total market capitalization of $62.43 billion. It currently operates 110 wind projects across 20 U.S. states.

    NextEra claims to be “the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun” on its website.

    The company also filed a libel suit against Esther Wrightman, a Canadian anti-wind activist, for calling the company “NexTerror” and “NextError” on her website.”

    end excerpt

    I guess with all that federal taxpayer money they get paid, they can afford to sue everybody and their brother, for any little slight.


    In the Trump White House, the momentum has turned against the Paris climate agreement

    “At a rally with supporters Saturday [in Pennsylvania], Trump said he would make a “big decision” on Paris within the next two weeks and vowed to end “a broken system of global plunder at American expense.”

    Administration advisers on both sides of the political spectrum, however, emphasized that the president himself would decide what path to pursue when it came to the climate agreement.

    “In the end, President Trump will make the final decision, regardless of where the staff conversations end up,” Thomas J. Pyle, who heads the conservative Institute for Energy Research and led the Trump transition team for the Energy Department, said in an email.”

    end excerpt

    I saw President Trump make the claim about a “big decision” in his speech, and he announced it with great enthusiasm. That makes me think he is going to kill the Paris Agreement, because I don’t see any reason for him to be excited about staying in it. And from that statement, I would also surmise that the decision has already been made in Trump’s mind.

  169. I saw this today, about hydrogen being carried, in bulk, to Japan.

    Hydrogen was the gas in the Hindenburg airship. We know lots more about its carriage and storage nowadays, but I would need to do a bit of research before I sailed on a ship carrying it.

    Japan want to be a hydrogen society – but if their H2 comes from Australia, they are merely exporting the pollution . . . .


  170. You may want to take a critical look at “The ‘pause’ unpacked”:

    It look like a vain attempt to dismiss the “pause” as expected natural variation and or some reason discusses a duration from 1998 to 2012 but graphs data through 2016 (showing the rising edge of the 2015/16 ENSO).

    It in Nature this week, so it isn’t just some loon (or maybe I have that relationship wrong?)

  171. Nuccitelli is promoting the 97% consensus again. Now 99.9%…
    Is the climate consensus 97%, 99.9%, or is plate tectonics a hoax? (By Nuccitelli)
    A new study argues the 97% climate consensus estimate is too low, while deniers claim it’s too high

    Does it matter if the consensus on anthropogenic global warming is 97% or 99.9%? (By Cook, Skuce & Richardson)
    Cook et al. reported a 97% scientific consensus on anthropogenic global warming (AGW), based on a study of 11,944 abstracts in peer-reviewed science journals. Powell claims that the
    Cook et al. methodology was flawed and that the true consensus is virtually unanimous at 99.99%. (19 pages)

    • It is obviously a 100% consensus. Any so-called scientist who disagrees with it, is not even a scientist. Go for it, Cook!

  172. Hey Anthony, I’m having issues with the advertisements that appear in the middle of the pages in the text area. They are not loading and each time they try, the page gets redirected back to bring the ad to the top center of my screen. It is making it very difficult to read the articles and comments when the whole page keeps jumping back to the ad every 20 seconds. I’m using a Mac OS10.9.5 I don’t know if it is my computer, the ISP, or some ad blocker that is causing the problem, but I thought I would let you know in case others are having the same issue.

  173. Microbead in fish paper – which was splashed all over the news last year – is retracted by its authors. Better jump before you’re pushed.
    1. Updated: Science fish-microplastics paper retracted
    2. “Remarkable” it was ever accepted, says report: Science to retract study on fish and microplastics

    I believe this paper was what prompted UK government to say they are banning microbeads:
    3. Plastic microbeads to be banned by 2017, UK government pledges

    The environment committee’s report suggested microplastic pollution could be more damaging to the environment than larger pieces of plastic because its size makes it more likely to be eaten by wildlife and then potentially enter the food chain.

    As an example, it said a plate of six oysters can contain up to 50 particles of plastic.

    More than 280 marine species have been found to ingest microplastics, but the committee said much more research was needed into plastic pollution because there was huge uncertainty about the ecological risk.

    Ireland and the rest of EU to follow>:
    4. Ireland can’t wait for EU ban on microbeads and is pressing on with its own

  174. Two articles of interest on peer review.
    1. 6 Common Flaws To Look Out For in Peer Review
    2. Two percent of all the papers published in Tumor Biology between 2010 and 2016 had fraudulent peer reviews.

    Cancer studies, medical (drug) trials, social psychology, climate alarmism, and environmental scare mongering. 5 areas in science with a bad rep (as far as I’m concerned). All need more robust peer review, ideally by scientists from other fields too and/or statisticians who will check the data and maths and who are prepared to say what is insignificant.


    Liberal Writers Say Asking Questions Is the New Climate Change ‘Denial’

    “Liberal writers have predictably claimed conservative columnist Bret Stephens’s first column for The New York Times is a form of stealth global warming “denial” disguised as asking reasonable questions of environmental activists and climate scientists.

    Writers at The New Republic (TNR) and Vox argue Stephens’s “reasonableness” and platform makes him more dangerous than someone who outright denies the existence of man-made global warming.

    “What Stephens is doing is still a form of climate-change denial, just stealthier,” TNR’s Emily Atkin wrote Tuesday. “And his faux-evenhandedness has earned him a major platform from which to push bad-faith, misleading interpretations of the science, providing intellectually lazy excuses for America to keep kicking the can down the road while the planet slowly burns up.”

    end excerpt

  176. Using Firefox, the page jumps back to the ads just above the comments section every 15 sec or so. Cannot use adblock or any other add-ons to compensate against. Rather difficult to read.


  177. “Climate change is melting permafrost soils that have been frozen for thousands of years, and as the soils melt they are releasing ancient viruses and bacteria that, having lain dormant, are springing back to life.”

    An actual catastrophic climate change doomsday rapturist calling it the coming ratpure:

    “I was so wrong. I thought we had more time. I wrote about this 6-8 years ago. I thought we had 20 years but boy I was wrong.

    Compare it to seeing the steel belts on your tires wearing through. We are are releasing the oldest, exotic, resistant, germs that have been frozen for thousand sometimes millions years old. And they will be a new hungry organism. We’re talking virus so large that can be seen with a regular junior high school microscope.

    My revised prediction with the new data plugged is catastrophic. Run a way green house effect 7-10 years. Methane will dominate the scene as the trillion upon trillion Microbes fart out and a Giant plague that will kill so efficiently it will be called the rapture.

    Your new vocabulary words are methane galore and superman level antibiotic resistance. Carbon’s big, mean, effective brother. Carbon started it but methane is the closer”

  178. Anthony,

    Published today (Thursday, 4 May 17) in Science Magazine early on-line.

    Authors propose dividing climate impacts into 20 year and 100 year policy relevant impacts.

    I see that as an attempt to save to models trying to project 100 years hence.
    At 20 years, models are BS. At 100 years beyond total absolute BS.

  179. According to the Daily Express a green energy expert who helped to shape the British government’s energy policies has just written a book in which he claims to have interviewed beings from another planet.

    ASTONISHING CLAIM: Aliens EXIST and give ‘first ever interviews about why they abduct us’

    “A researcher says he has proved aliens are REAL amid claims he interviewed several of them for an extraordinary book which promises to lift the lid on why they are here on Earth.”

    “Miguel Mendonça, 43, claims to have interviewed several REAL aliens in order to pen his latest book called Being with the Beings.”

    “Mr Mendonça, a former green energy expert who helped shape UK renewable power policies, interviews each of the human contactees in the book, before allegedly speaking to their ‘alien guides’ through them.”

    “The aliens said: ‘We are also learning from you, and you are learning from us. It is an agreement. Many beings work with Orion Council. But though some haven’t believed that it is possible to communicate with beings from this Betelgeuse star system, it is and we are here to prove it.’ ”

    “Mr Mendonça also spoke with aliens from the Fajan Race from an alleged planet in the Andromeda galaxy called Faqui.”

    The article does not say what the Aliens think about Green Energy or Climate Change but perhaps the book does.


    TV Ratings demand a 100 Year disastrous outlook promo to get viewers obvoiusly rather than the 1000 previous prediction he made only 6 months ago. At this rate in November this year he will be predicting 10 years left till the End of the world. Its a shame to see such a once brilliant Physicist obviously descending into early onset Alzheimer’s or something similar…..

    In 1844 William Miller read his bible and predicted the End of the World, it was known as “The Great Disappointment”. Looks like we are in for the next Disappointing failure to experience Global disaster…assuming CO2 doesn’t get us first….

  181. Time travel sciency stuff!

    Here’s what time travel will look like once we invent it:
    B.C. scientist crunches the numbers

    Traveling back in time is probably still impossible, but just in case, a B.C. mathematician has done the math on what it will look like.

    Specifically, UBC theoretical physicist Ben Tippett has produced a 12-page paper plotting out the precise geometric behaviour of a phone booth-shaped time machine that travels in a loop, constantly shifting backwards and forwards through time.

    The paper:

    Traversable acausal retrograde domains in spacetime

    In this paper we present geometry which has been designed to fit a layperson’s description of a ‘time machine’. It is a box which allows those within it to travel backwards and forwards through time and space, as interpreted by an external observer. Timelike observers travel within the interior of a ‘bubble’ of geometry which moves along a circular, acausal trajectory through spacetime. If certain timelike observers inside the bubble maintain a persistent acceleration, their worldlines will close.

    Our analysis includes a description of the causal structure of our spacetime, as well as a discussion of its physicality. The inclusion of such a bubble in a spacetime will render the background spacetime non-orientable, generating additional consistency constraints for formulations of the initial value problem. The spacetime geometry is geodesically incomplete, contains naked singularities, and requires exotic matter.

  182. Question to Anthony or anybody else who knows the answer:

    Is the following statement correct (the bolded part)?
    Carbon in CO2 released from the burning of fossil fuels presents a unique signature through delta13C negation.”


    Reason I’m asking, I often hear of either carbon pollution or carbon dioxide pollution when talking about fossil fuels. Want to know if the term carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels is correct.

  183. Icelandic Met Office Sells Out To Gavin
    Posted on November 21, 2016 by tonyheller

    “The article quoted Truasti Jónsson saying the adjustments were all good.

    In an email, Truasti Jonsoon, senior meteorologist with a specialty in historical climatology at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, told Senator Roberts that the temperature “adjustments” are “quite sound”.

    NASA chief slaps down climate sceptic senator Malcolm Roberts: ‘You hold a number of misconceptions’

    Four years ago, Paul Homewood contacted the same Truasti Jónsson at the Icelandic Met Office about the adjustments GHCN was doing to the Icelandic temperature record, and got this response, saying that the Met Office rejected the adjustments some of which were grossly in error.”

    “Every single one of the stations in the region has had the past cooled via “adjustments”. These adjustments are absurd, just like they were four years ago. Perhaps part of the adjustment at Vestmannaeyjar was justifiable, but taken as a whole the adjustments have no validity, just as Trausti said four years ago, before he changed his mind.”


    Offshore Wind Power Will ‘Absolutely Cost Jobs’ Of US Fishermen

    “The fishing industry is worried the first offshore wind farm to come online in the U.S. will ruin their way of life and kill jobs.

    An offshore wind turbine three miles off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island, will kill large numbers of fish and potentially drive hundreds of small coastal enterprises out of business, according to a fishing industry representative. Fishermen fear offshore wind turbines will continue to pop up along Atlantic Coast, eventually make it impossible to be a commercial fisherman.

    “This will absolutely cost jobs in the U.S.,” Bonnie Brady, director of the Long Island Commercial Fishing Association, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “If New York Governor [Andrew] Cuomo’s administration gets what it wants from offshore wind that’s thousands of fishing jobs. It’ll rip the coastal communities apart.”

    end excerpt

    • Forgot to mention, Mann was in Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting hosted by Warren Buffet. He was pushing Buffet to divest from fossil fuels, but the vote went against it. Maybe even Warren Buffet’s stockholders know a scam when they see one.

  185. I just had a question about fossil fuels – is it even within the realm of imagination that all of the oil and gas we have extracted and burned off over the last 200 years has relieved a lot of internal pressure within the Earth and maybe reduced the severity of eruptions, other seismic events, kept the Earth from blowing up?


    Neil deGrasse Tyson: Global Warming Skeptic Lawmakers Are Unraveling ‘Informed Democracy’

    “Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said Lawmakers who question global warming are engaged in an “unraveling of an informed democracy.”

    ZAKARIA: So when we look at something like global warming how should we think about it? There are people who say, ‘Look, of course, it’s just a theory, all of science is a theory. These are hypotheses, and you know, we should be looking at the evidence.’ Then there are the scientists who say no, no, no, it is at this point a fact.

    DEGRASSE TYSON: If anyone utters the words, ‘It’s just a theory,’ it means they’re missing a piece of their education where they do not fully understand what science is and how and why it works.”

    end excerpt

    Someone is missing a piece of their education, but it’s not the skeptics.

  187. A lot of junk model pseudo-science from Australia for your interest.

    • Global warming could accelerate towards 1.5℃ if the Pacific gets cranky
    Ben Henley, University of Melbourne; Andrew King, University of Melbourne
    If the Pacific Ocean enters an ‘El Tio’ phase, it could speed the world towards 1.5 degrees of global warming, one of the crucial benchmarks of the Paris Climate Agreement.

  188. Wondering why the Christy, et al report; “Invalidating the EPA’s CO2 Endangerment Finding’ ,etc. (2nd revision, April 2017) is not getting more play, discussion. It really seems to put the whole thing to bed.
    As good a “proof” as you are going to get IMHO.

  189. It seems to me that the primary point of distrust among those of us who would consider ourselves skeptics surrounds the track record of prior predictions/models about where the climate is going–temperature, ice melt, sea level, etc. (there seems to be little to no argument that climate is changing–or warming, nor that humans have at least *some* affect on it).

    I have no real background in any of the hard sciences, so would like to see a dispassionate comparison of those predictions (or models) that historically have predicted with success–and those models that have failed to predict (or been highly unreliable). I’d assume that more recent models would be more reliable (and because they have less data over shorter time, should be stronger) than older models–but being able to demonstrate either that models are highly reliable–or highly problematic–would be instructive.

  190. I posted about Sci-Hub on a recent thread:

    But I think it deserves a notation here.

    Sci-Hub is your friend when it come to reading paywalled academic papers:

    I use , most often with the paper’s title rather than its DOI as the search term.

    For example, take the following paywalled paper:
    Enhanced CO2 uptake at a shallow Arctic Ocean seep field overwhelms the positive warming potential of emitted methane. PNAS. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1618926114

    It can be found via a Sci-Hub search here:

    Note that the Sci-Hub link above is to a full copy of the paper that does not reside, in the case of the example, on PNAS servers, and is available without the need of credentials. Conversely, many of the links to papers that are posted on WUWT in good faith by commenters who, nevertheless, appear to have a subscription that permits access to the full paper, do not yield the full paper without the use of such credentials.

  191. E.P.A. Dismisses Members of Major Scientific Review Board


    Courtney Flint, a professor of natural resource sociology at Utah State University who has served on the board since 2014, said she was surprised by the dismissal.

    “I believe this is political,” said Dr. Flint, whose research focuses on how communities respond to major disruptions in the environment, such as exposure to toxic pollution, forest fires and climate change.


    The Defense Department is weighing the possibility of rescinding, or at least revising, an overarching directive issued in early 2016 that guides DOD’s preparation for climate change impacts, despite commitments by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that the department would continue to prepare to address those impacts in a range of areas.

    But current and former government sources say that even if the administration rescinds the Obama-era directive, it is doubtful that DOD will pull back from preparing for the consequences of climate change, such as flooding or Arctic ice-melt.

    One government source also doubts that other measures DOD has undertaken to adapt to climate change will be eliminated, noting most are based on “common sense.”

    “If sea level is rising, sea level is rising,” the source adds.

    The ongoing DOD review comes in the wake of President Trump’s March 28 executive order, “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth,” which directs agencies and departments to “immediately review existing regulations that potentially burden the development or use of domestically produced energy resources and appropriately suspend, revise, or rescind those that unduly burden the development of domestic energy resources beyond the degree necessary to protect the public interest or otherwise comply with the law.”

    The Trump order in part revokes President Obama’s November 2013 Executive Order 13653 — titled “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change,” which had prompted DOD to craft its climate change adaptation directive.

    DOD is now considering either rescinding or reworking its climate change directive, according to the government source.

    DOD will likely have to revise the overarching directive or “just dump it,” the government source says.

    DOD Directive 4715.21, “Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience,” was approved by DOD in January 2016 — specifically by Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work — who currently remains at DOD as an Obama administration hold-over.

    The directive assigns responsibilities for climate change adaptation and resilience among various DOD offices, saying the department must be able to adapt its current and future operations to respond to climate change impacts “in order to maintain an effective and efficient U.S. military.”

    It calls for planning and execution that includes identifying and assessing climate change effects on DOD’s mission, considering those effects when developing plans and implementing procedures, and managing risks due to climate change by building the department’s resilience to it.

    It also requires the Pentagon acquisition chief to establish “DOD climate change boards, councils, and working groups to integrate climate change considerations into DOD programs, plans, and policies, when necessary.”

    When it was issued, the measure drew significant opposition from House Republicans, who voted on party lines to block its implementation. According to Politico, GOP lawmakers argued the prohibition was needed to keep DOD focused on the threat of the Islamic State.

    But Democrats who opposed the amendment to block DOD spending on the directive argued it would dangerously tie the Pentagon’s hands as it seeks to ensure readiness for future threats, the article states.

    Mattis’ Concerns

  193. “Canadian professor Jordan Peterson who was denied a grant for the first time, started a crowdfunding campaign to help finance his research into political correctness — and made over 265 per cent of our goal!”

    He was denied funding after speaking out about his findings on the mental state of the SJW snowflakes. The same thing could be done to help fund climate research.


    Spicer: Trump Will Decide on Paris Agreement After Summit

    “President Donald Trump won’t decide whether to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement until after he returns from the Group of Seven summit later this month, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Tuesday.

    Spicer said Trump is continuing to hear from advisers on the pros and cons of remaining in the global accord. He’d originally planned to make the decision before traveling to the May 26-27 G7 summit in Italy.

    “It’s a sign that the president wants to continue to meet with his team . . . and come to a decision on what’s [in] the best interest of the United States,” Spicer told reporters, Reuters reported.

    Trump’s advisers and cabinet heads were divided over whether Trump should keep his campaign promise to pull the United States out of the agreement — or stay and try to reshape it, Reuters reported.”

    end excerpt


    Obama Climate Change Speech Earns $3.26 Million for Personal Foundation

    “Former president Barack Obama’s speech on climate change in Italy raised €3 million ($3.26m) in ticket sales for his personal foundation, according to a report from The Times.

    Having travelled to Milan in a private jet, Obama settled into a presidential suite at the Park Hyatt hotel, costing roughly €8,400 a night. Meanwhile, his entourage of security occupied two separate floors across the hotel, while his security detail required a convoy of 14 cars, a helicopter, and 300 extra police.

    The event, which attracted 3500 people paying €850 a ticket, raised nearly €3 million, all of which will go to the Obama Foundation dedicated to “renewal and global progress.”

    “When it comes to climate change, the hour is almost upon us,” Obama told the summit, urging the world to “set aside our parochial differences” to create a better planet for the world’s children.

    “If we seize the future, there is nothing that we cannot do … I do not believe that this planet is condemned to ever-rising temperatures,” Obama said. “I believe these are problems that were caused by man and can be solved by man.”

    end excerpt

    The Clintons demonstrated to all of us just how valuable a personal foundation can be, and now Barack wants to get in on the action.


    Here’s Buzz Aldrin’s Plan To Start Colonizing Mars In 2020

    “Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, outlined his plan to send humans to Mars by 2020 at a conference Tuesday.

    Aldrin outlined his plan to send a series of “cyclers” to Mars, propelled mostly by the gravity of the solar system. Cyclers are proposed spacecraft launched onto a special kind of trajectory that encounters Earth and Mars on a regular basis. They could potentially transport people or materials to The Red Planet using very little fuel, flying between both planets once every 2.1 years.

    Aldrin thinks with adequate political support, such a spacecraft could be tested before the 2020 elections, but would require NASA to use a rocket built by a private company instead of developing its own.

    “I think we can send a very early version to an asteroid,” Aldrin said at the conference at George Washington University in D.C. “And they can do that in 2020 and get back here after the election of 2020. At least there’s an achievement of sorts that can be demonstrated…we’ll probably have to use SpaceX Dragons or New Glenn [Blue Origin’s rocket. That’s what we’re gonna need to do to do these things.”

    end excerpt

    The reason Buzz says we would have to use SpaceX or some other commercial firm is because NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket is behind schedule and questions are being raised about it.

    NASA threw away a perfectly good heavy-lift vehicle in the Space Shuttle Launch System (SLS) in order to build a new heavy-lift vehicle that couldn’t lift any more than the SLS, while the SLS is a certified launch system and the new heavy-lift vehicle is an experimental vehicle that costs unnecessary billions more dollars to our space program and delays our space program for another decade. Good move, NASA. That’s just what a good bureaucrat does. Find ways to spend more money and increase your budget, and don’t worry about actually accomplishing anything. Robert Zubrin, among others, says, “What is the plan going forward NASA?”

    I would like Buzz to add a little innovation to his cycling transport craft: Artificial gravity. This can be done by using two habitat modules. Put one module on each end of a one-mile-long cable and rotate these modules around their common center at a speed of one revolution per minute (the same speed as a second hand on a clock moves around the clockface, imagine a mile-wide clockface, and you are sitting on the outside end of the second hand. ), and the centrifugal force generated in this manner will simulate the equivalent of one Earth gravity inside each module.

    My formula for this is: 1+1=1 One mile in diameter, plus on revolution per minute, equals one Earth-equivalent gravity.

    This eliminates the deterioration of human health when spending long periods of time in weighlessness, such as traveling to Mars, or living for long periods anywhere is space. Add a meter of ice to the outside of the modules and you have your necessary radiation protection for the long journey. Normal gravity and radiation protection. Just what the doctor ordered. They should be some of our first priorities in our new space program. This is what will allow humans to live permanently in space.

    Steven Hawking said in an article I saw today that humans need to move to another planet within 100 years or risk total destruction. Instead of moving to unsuitable planets, we should create our own artificial planets in space with artificial gravity and radiation protection. Humans will certainly be living like this in space within the next 100 years, imo. Millions of people will eventually live in space. The breakout is coming. :)

    Go, Buzz! Love to see that you are still in there pitching! We need you and your ideas!

    Here’s Buzz’s url

    You can learn about cycling transport vehicles there. They are put into an orbit that periodically brings them close to both Earth and, months later, close to Mars. It takes propellant to initially accellerate the vehicle into this orbit, but once it is done, then the vehicle returns again and again and you can get on board at Earth, spend half a year transiting to Mars, and then get off at Mars as the cycling transport vehicle passes it.

    We need artificial gravity/radiation protected infrastructure in the Earth/Moon system, in the cycling transport vehicles, and in orbiting facilities around Mars.

    Those goals ought to get us started on a pretty good space program.

    The first thing NASA should do, though, is establish a U.S. base on the Moon. We need the water that is on the Moon for the rest of our space development activities.

  197. Here’s an analysis of Obama’s climate change speech in Milan yesterday, with video link:

    The former Pres. received a pretty penny to deliver this muddle. Reminds me of that Spike Jones parody
    “All we hear is ‘Ghost Riders’ sung by Vaughn Monroe
    I could do without his singing but I wish I had his dough”

  198. Hi Anthony, people send you things, so I have heard. lol
    So today I send this. Have you seen this?

    I have just learned of the constellation of satellites called IRIDIUM, which was impressive in and of itself.

    What they are capable of monitoring is quite sensational for space weather and climate.

    “””…The Iridium-NEXT constellation is identical in architecture to the original system with 66 active satellites in six orbital planes, orbiting in circular orbits at 780 Kilometers in altitude and at an inclination of 86.4 degrees which allows for global coverage. The orbital period is 100.5 minutes….”””

    Besides communications this constellation will also provide:

    “””…Specific objectives of GEOScan are to measure Earth’s outgoing radiation budget on a global scale at a temporal and spatial resolution necessary for studying the relationship between Earth’s outgoing infrared radiation and rapidly-evolving phenomena such as clouds, dust storms and volcanic activity as well as their effect on long-term climate. GEOScan measures the variations of global mass flux at an appropriate temporal and spatial resolution to uncover trends in Earth’s water cycle, cryosphere and climate. A space environment sensor is responsible for measuring Earth’s radiation belts and plasma environment with an unprecedented coverage to provide new insights into processes for large-scale global reconfigurations that drive space weather phenomena….”””

    “””…CTECS (Compact Total Electron Content Sensors) make use of GPS occultation measurements to deliver data on the state of Earth’s plasmasphere and ionosphere in the form of Total Electron Content, electron density profiles and ionospheric scintillation measurements. GEOScan’s 66 detector systems provide an unprecedented, continuous global snapshot, for the first time revealing the temporal and spatial evolution of the ionosphere/plasmasphere from 80 to 20,000 Kilometers in altitude….”””

    “””…Additionally, CTECS can contribute to gravity science when its data is combined with ancillary data such as satellite trajectory information and accelerometer data showing non-gravitational influences. In essence, the positions and velocities measured through GPS can be differentiated to reveal accelerations caused by gravitational features on Earth which – when calibrated properly – can reveal dynamic mass transport processes occurring on Earth’s surface and in the atmosphere….”””

    “””…The Dosimeter-based RBMS (Radiation Belt Mapping System) studies dynamic processes ongoing in Earth’s radiation belts including relativistic electron bursts, particle loss to the atmosphere and geomagnetic cutoffs of solar energetic particles. A pair of Teledyne micro dosimeters is installed on each Iridium-NEXT satellite, one measures electrons at an energy resolution of 0.3 to 5 MeV and the other detects protons with an energy resolution of 10 to 50 MeV. RBMS can measure the dose rate attributed to galactic cosmic rays and the most intense particle events caused by solar energetic particles….”””

    • First graphic near the bottom on Singer: the text just stops, like you needed more space.

      Second Graphic: more emphasis needs to be placed on Hansen/NASA testimony from 1988. He got way more things right than he got wrong, and that was 30 years ago!

      Keep up the good work.


    Senate rejects GOP effort to repeal Obama anti-pollution rule

    “May 10 (UPI) — The U.S. Senate voted Wednesday to kill another GOP effort that was aimed at stimulating U.S. energy independence by scrapping an Obama-era environmental regulation.

    The upper chamber voted 51-49 to reject House Joint Resolution 36, a proposal to nix a new federal limit on how much methane gas may be emitted into the atmosphere in drilling on public land.

    The Bureau of Land Management rule, implemented shortly before former President Barack Obama left office, was part of the previous administration’s efforts to get a handle on climate change.

    Because Trump has ordered similar moves and Republicans have backed them, Wednesday’s defeat was a surprise to many observers. . .

    “One good thing today: We defeated [the] GOP plan to greatly increase methane pollution,” Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., tweeted Wednesday. “MAJOR win for our planet and health.”

    All Senate Democrats and three Republicans voted to kill the repeal. The GOP members who opposed it were Sens. Susan Collins, R-Me., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and John McCain, R-Ariz.”

    end excerpts

    We need three more Republicans in the U.S. Senate to replace, or nullify these three Republican idiots. Republicans have the entire House, the majority in the Senate, and we are hamstrung by these three fools. It’s always something. I have a feeling Trump is going to be hitting the campaign trail hard in 2018 to increase the number of GOP Senators, and decrease a few who aren’t going along with the program.


    Texas AG Comes Out Swinging Against Anti-Exxon Crusading Colleagues

    “Texas attorney general Ken Paxton criticized a Democrat-led probe into ExxonMobil’s climate research Tuesday for using the legal system to influence policy measures that should be left to the realm of politics.

    Paxton called the Exxon case an “unfortunate misuse of prosecutorial power” that his colleagues are aggressively fighting. He views the issue as a freedom of speech case.

    “A company has a right to express itself on anything it wants to,” Paxton told reporters about claims the oil company hid from the public knowledge about global warming. It’s a matter of pushing back against government intrusion in private matters.

    “[It’s] certain that we don’t want government in the practice of investigating companies for having the wrong opinion on climate change,” he said.”

    end excerpt


    Trump Will ‘Revise Or Rescind’ Obama-Era Methane Regulation

    “While Democrats and environmentalists celebrated the defeat of Senate legislation to repeal a methane regulation, the Trump administration signaled it will rescind the rule on its own.

    Acting Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Kate MacGregor said the department would “suspend, revise or rescind” the methane regulation, which the Obama administration opposed in its final weeks.

    “As part of President Trump’s America-First Energy Strategy and executive order, the Department has reviewed and flagged the Waste Prevention rule as one we will suspend, revise or rescind given its significant regulatory burden that encumbers American energy production, economic growth and job creation,” MacGregor said in a statement.

    The Senate defeated a Congressional Review Act (CRA) bill Wednesday after three Republicans voted “no” to repealing the methane rule. Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Susan Collin of Maine crossed the aisle to oppose the CRA with Democrats.”

    end excerpt

    I feel better now knowing the three RINO’s can’t stop this with their Senate vote.

  202. Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents

    Here we use post-ad 1500 palaeoclimate records to show that sustained industrial-era warming of the tropical oceans first developed during the mid-nineteenth century and was nearly synchronous with Northern Hemisphere continental warming. The early onset of sustained, significant warming in palaeoclimate records and model simulations suggests that greenhouse forcing of industrial-era warming commenced as early as the mid-nineteenth century and included an enhanced equatorial ocean response mechanism. The development of Southern Hemisphere warming is delayed in reconstructions, but this apparent delay is not reproduced in climate simulations.

  203. Umm,
    you’ve got some kind of ad running on your site that makes scrolling impossible.
    Probably best to fix it.
    Just say’n.

  204. Fairbanks Declaration 2017: On the Occasion of the Tenth Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council

    Further recognizing that activities taking place outside the Arctic region, including activities occurring in Arctic States, are the main contributors to climate change effects and pollution in the Arctic, and underlining the need for action at all levels,

    Noting with concern that the Arctic is warming at more than twice the rate of the global average, resulting in widespread social, environmental, and economic impacts in the Arctic and worldwide, and the pressing and increasing need for mitigation and adaptation actions and to strengthen resilience,

    Noting the entry into force of the Paris Agreement on climate change and its implementation, and reiterating the need for global action to reduce both long-lived greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants, and

    Reaffirming the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the need for their realization by 2030,


    7. Recognize the value of sustained biodiversity monitoring, welcome the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program’s State of the Arctic Marine Biodiversity Report as the first of its kind, welcome the summary report, and encourage further efforts to address monitoring needs and to develop biodiversity status reports for other Arctic ecosystems,

    8. Welcome the Arctic Protected Area Indicator Report, adopt the Marine Protected Area Network Toolbox, and encourage additional work to help implement the Framework for a Pan-Arctic Network of Marine Protected Areas in order to strengthen marine ecosystem resilience and to foster the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources,

    9. Note with concern the vulnerability of Arctic marine ecosystems to the impacts of ocean acidification, reiterate the need to study and raise awareness of the impacts of increasing acidity in the marine areas of the Arctic, and decide to continue efforts to study the effects of ocean acidification in the Arctic and its environmental, social and economic consequences,

    10. Welcome the progress made on implementing the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment recommendations, note the importance of increased understanding of Arctic shipping activities and of reducing the risks to the Arctic marine environment, acknowledge the creation of the Framework for Cooperative Action on Arctic Ship Traffic Data Sharing, and welcome the Arctic Regional Reception Facilities Outline and Planning Guide,

    11. Note with concern the increasing accumulation of marine debris in the Arctic, its effects on the environment and its impacts on Arctic communities, and decide to assess the scope of the problem and contribute to its prevention and reduction, and also to continue efforts to address growing concerns relating to the increasing levels of microplastics in the Arctic and potential effects on ecosystems and human health,

    12. Recognize the increasing need for regional cooperation to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the Arctic marine environment, adopt the report of the Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation as an assessment of future needs and existing mechanisms of cooperation, and its recommendations to strengthen coordinated marine stewardship, and decide to establish a new mandate for the Task Force to build upon this work by presenting terms of reference for a possible new subsidiary body, and recommendations for complementary enhancements to existing Arctic Council mechanisms, for consideration by Ministers in 2019,


    13. Reaffirm the role of the Arctic Council in promoting sustainable development through harmonizing its three core pillars in an integrated way: economic development, social development and environmental protection,

    14. Recognize the vital importance of healthy Arctic communities, homes and peoples, and the essential role of the human and social dimension in the work of the Arctic Council, welcome reports and policy recommendations on food security and culture, on the One Health approach in the Arctic, on mental wellness and suicide prevention, and on access to safe water and sewer services, and encourage continued work on these issues,

    15. Further recognize the vital importance for human health of a healthy natural environment in the Arctic, welcome the advancements made to reduce pollutants, such as dioxins, furans, heavy metals, as well as black carbon, and encourage continued work on these issues at all levels,

    16. Look forward to the entry into force of the Minamata Convention on Mercury, encourage prompt and effective implementation of the Convention by the parties, which is important in our efforts to reduce mercury contamination in the Arctic, welcome continued progress in the implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, and welcome the work on Chemicals of Emerging Arctic Concern, addressing new potential persistent organic pollutants and other pollutants,

    17. Recognize the importance of collaborating with the private sector, welcome the operationalization of the Arctic Economic Council, and look forward to strengthened co-operation in order to enhance responsible economic development and to build partnerships for issues of common interest and capacity-building of Arctic populations,

    18. Recognize the need for an improved understanding of the economy, socio-economic living conditions and environmental issues in the Arctic, and welcome the third Economy of the North Report as a resource for decision-makers,

    19. Welcome the assessment on telecommunications infrastructure in the Arctic and its associated findings and recommendations, note the importance of furthering efforts to improve telecommunications in the Arctic as a means to support thriving Arctic communities, and decide to establish a Task Force on Improved Connectivity in the Arctic to compare the needs of those who live, operate, and work in the Arctic with available infrastructure, and to work with the telecommunications industry and the Arctic Economic Council to encourage the creation of required infrastructure with an eye toward pan-Arctic solutions, and to report to Ministers in 2019,

    20. Note the critical role that energy plays in promoting sustainable development, reiterate the need to improve the access of Arctic communities to clean, affordable and reliable energy sources including renewable energy, recognize the potential to further reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and black carbon, to enhance energy efficiency and conservation, welcome the Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy initiative, the Arctic Renewable Energy Atlas, and the Wind-Diesel Project at the Tundra Collective in the Murmansk Region as concrete steps towards this goal, and encourage national continuation of these initiatives and additional efforts to identify innovative energy infrastructure solutions in the Arctic,

    21. Recognize the importance of education in fostering sustainable development and building resilience in Arctic communities, encourage the advancement of equal access to good education at all levels, from early childhood to post-secondary, to all Arctic residents, paying particular attention to empowerment and capacity-building of indigenous youth and involving the University of the Arctic where appropriate, and encourage international co-operation in developing culturally appropriate teacher competencies,

    22. Welcome the initiative concerning preschool education practices aiming to raise the living standards of Arctic indigenous peoples while maintaining their cultures and languages and encourage the establishment of a program for training indigenous youth in the documentation of traditional knowledge related to food, food entrepreneurship and innovation,


    23. Note again that the Arctic is warming at more than twice the rate of the global average, note with concern that the pace and scale of continuing Arctic warming will depend on future emissions of greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants, reiterate the importance of global action to reduce both greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants to mitigate climate change, and call for the Arctic Council to undertake additional analyses to contribute to the assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and continued collaboration with all levels of governments,

    24. Adopt the first Pan-Arctic report on collective progress to reduce black carbon and methane emissions by the Arctic States and numerous Observer States and its recommendations, including an aspirational collective goal, acknowledge the importance of implementing those recommendations as nationally appropriate, recognizing that Arctic communities are entitled to develop in accordance with their needs and interests, note the importance of the continued work of the Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane, recognize the gains that some industries have already made in reducing the emissions and intensity of greenhouse gases, including methane, and underscore the important role of industry in fostering innovative technologies to contribute to further reductions in greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants,

    45. Adopt the Senior Arctic Officials Report to Ministers, including its working group deliverables and work plans, approve the Arctic Council Secretariat budget for 2018 and 2019, and instruct Senior Arctic Officials to review and adjust the mandates and work plans of the Arctic Council working groups and other subsidiary bodies as necessary, and . . .

    Briefing on the Arctic Council Ministerial
    US Signs International Declaration Climate Change . . .

  205. Oceans running out of oxygen, Woe, doom and extinction promised.
    University of Exeter,
    Scientists studied the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event, from 183 million years ago
    The event depleted oxygen in Earth’s oceans and mass extinction of marine life
    The researchers believe a similar event is on the brink of happening again
    And while the drop in oxygen comes to a natural end, it isn’t for a million years


    Electromagnetic pulse attack on Hawaii would devastate the state

    “On July 9, 1962, Hawaii was hit by a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, which within minutes took down the state’s communications systems and traffic lights — virtually everything that ran on electricity.

    The EMP wasn’t an attack by a foreign government; rather the U.S. government had set off a 1.4-megaton nuclear warhead at a height of 248 miles above Johnston Atoll in an operation the military named “Starfish Prime.” The test caused radio disruptions in Hawaii, California, and Alaska, and knocked out six satellites above the Pacific.”

    end excerpt


    Astronauts’ blood vessels less efficient on long missions, study says

    “FRIDAY, May 12, 2017 — Astronauts’ heart and blood vessel function drops during long space missions, which limits their ability to exercise, a new study finds.

    Researchers examined data gathered from nine men and women who spent about six months on the International Space Station.

    Before their missions, the astronauts did a stationary bike exercise, which they repeated after returning to Earth. Comparing before-and-after results showed that their heart and small blood vessels became less effective at transporting oxygen to muscles.

    The result: A drop of 30 percent to 50 percent in their exercise capacity, the researchers reported.

    “It is a dramatic decrease,” said study co-author Carl Ade, an assistant professor of exercise physiology at Kansas State University.

    “When your cardiovascular function decreases [due to weightlessness], your aerobic exercise capacity goes down. You can’t perform physically challenging activities anymore,” he explained in a university news release.”

    end excerpt

    Another human health reason why NASA needs to develop artificial gravity (centrifugal force) habitats in space. Humans are meant to live under one Earth gravity. NASA should be supplying one Earth gravity in space. It’s fairly easy to do.


    Stephen Hawking And 32 Top Physicists Just Signed a Heated Letter on The Universe’s Origin

    “For centuries, people have puzzled over how our Universe began. But the heat just got turned way up on a debate that’s quietly been raging between cosmologists, with 33 of the world’s most famous physicists publishing a letter angrily defending one of the leading hypotheses we have for the origin of the Universe.

    The letter is in response to a Scientific American feature published back in February, in which three physicists heavily criticised inflation theory – the idea that the Universe expanded just like a balloon shortly after the Big Bang. The article went as far as claiming that the model “cannot be evaluated using the scientific method” – the academic equivalent of saying it isn’t even real science.

    In response, 33 of the world’s top physicists, including Stephen Hawking, Lisa Randall, and Leonard Susskind, have fired back by publishing their own open letter in Scientific American. The Cliff’s note version is this: they’re really angry.”

    end excerpt

    Skeptics causing more trouble. Don’t they know the science is settled?


    Delingpole: Donald Trump Is So Right to Wage War on Wind Farms…

    “Donald Trump is not a fan of wind turbines, as he has hinted occasionally on Twitter.

    Not only are wind farms disgusting looking, but even worse they are bad for people’s health (cont)

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 23, 2012

    Wind farms are killing many thousands of birds. They make hunters look like nice people!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 16, 2012

    It’s Friday. How many bald eagles did wind turbines kill today? They are an environmental & aesthetic disaster.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 24, 2012

    But there’s a very powerful lobby which would like us to see wind turbines as being clean, eco-friendly and vital for the planet’s future. So if President Trump is to crush this bloated, parasitical industry as it deserves he’ll need some serious fire support.

    This piece by Matt Ridley is a big help. It convincingly demonstrates that wind turbines are even more of a monstrous stupidity than any of us had hitherto imagined. . .”

    Also, as President Trump has noted before, they’re an absolute killer for avian wildlife. It’s why I call them bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes. Every year, in the U.S. alone, they kill between hundreds of thousands and several millions of birds and bats, among them protected species like America’s national bird the bald eagle.

    The difference for the discrepancy in figures is simple: the wind industry has up until now – in collusion with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – dramatically played down the fatality rate by denying independent researchers access to the areas below turbines where so many raptor bodies are found.

    According to researcher Jim Wiegand, who has dedicated his life to studying the problem, the number of birds and bats killed by turbines every year in the US runs into the tens of millions.”

    end excerpts

  210. Cliff Mass and The Seattle Times are back in the ring. Front page story in the ST today (5/13) describes the death of a pine tree in Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum due to drought induced “climate change.” Prof. Mass shows the actual data in a response on his blog that there is a very slight upward trend in precipitation and temperature over the past 120 years. He also predicts plenty of complaints from the usual suspects for showing the data.


    ‘Surprise’ Asteroid Gets Scary Close To Earth 12 Days After Discovery

    “Former NASA administrator Charles Bolden told reporters in 2013 that the only response to this type of “surprise” asteroid on a collision course with Earth is to “pray.”

    end excerpt

    I think NASA should do more than pray about dangerous asteriods and comets. They ought to develop a plan to move these dangerous objects out of Earth’s path. The first thing NASA needs to do is find all these potentially dangerous objects as soon as possible.

  212. There is a debate about the scientific method and examinable and verifiable predictions in cosmological theory.
    “Pop Goes The Universe,” written by Princeton University’s Paul Steinhardt and Anna Ijjas, and Harvard University’s Abraham Loeb, argues that recent research into cosmic microwave background – radiation left over from the time of the Big Bang – does not support the theory of a rapid expansion. Instead, it posits an alternate theory, the “big bounce,” in which the Big Bang was not the beginning of the universe, but rather, “a transition from some preceding cosmological phase to the present expanding phase.”

    “The data suggest cosmologists should reassess this favored paradigm and consider new ideas about how the universe began,” the article’s In Brief summary reads.

    The problem this article had within the scientific community was not in challenging the inflation theory per se, but the claim that in certain aspects it is untestable.

    “Inflationary cosmology, as we currently understand it, cannot be evaluated using the scientific method,” Steinhardt, Ijjas, and Loeb state at the end of the article.

    This bold statement, which basically brands the theory speculative, is what prompted physicists Alan Guth and Andrei Linde, two of the pioneers of inflation theory, David Kaiser from MIT, and Yasunori Nomura from Berkeley, to write a response, which was also published in Scientific American.

    “They close by making the extraordinary claim that inflationary cosmology ‘cannot be evaluated using the scientific method’ and go on to assert that some scientists who accept inflation have proposed ‘discarding one of [science’s] defining properties: empirical testability,’ thereby ‘promoting the idea of some kind of nonempirical science,’” their letter reads.

    “We have no idea what scientists they are referring to. We disagree with a number of statements in their article, but in this letter, we will focus on our categorical disagreement with these statements about the testability of inflation.”

    Guth and Linde are former colleagues of Steinhardt, with whom they shared the prestigious Dirac prize in 2002 for their work in developing the concept of inflation in cosmology. Their letter is co-signed by 29 other scientists, including four Nobel Prize winners and Stephen Hawking.

    “We were particularly in strong disagreement with the statements they made about the testability of inflation which we thought were completely without justification,” Guth told the site Gizmodo. “We thought it was about time someone answered those objections.”

    The physicists countered that inflation theory was able to make several predictions that have been proven correct, such as the average mass density of the universe. The writers also acknowledge that inflation is far from being proven as truth, and some of its models have been discarded as wrong, but say that this does not make it unscientific.

    “Like any scientific theory, inflation need not address all conceivable questions. Inflationary models, like all scientific theories, rest on a set of assumptions,” the letter reads. “No one claims that inflation has become certain; scientific theories don’t get proved the way mathematical theorems do, but as time passes, the successful ones become better and better established by improved experimental tests and theoretical advances. This has happened with inflation.”

    • In the last panel of that 8-panel strip, this is the dialog:

      Dilbert: “What if I don’t trust the economic models?”

      Climatologist: “Who hired the science denier?”

  213. As I’m sure you are aware Tesla has announced that they will be offering their new solar roof system in June?

    There are already lots of articles about this, but I thought it would be very interesting if a WUWT contributor/commenter was looking into this for personal and we could get some real world figures instead of Tesla’s best case scenario.

  214. In Washington State, renowned meteorologist Dr. Cliff Mass is routinely savaged by the media and AGW hysteria proponents for using science to point out hysterical AGW claims in the media that are not factual. See here:

    It would be great to bring this to the attention of WUWT readers to get thousands of comments to his site in support of Dr. Mass and the truthful and scientific tone of his blog and work.

  215. All time great Scott Adams (Dilbert strip in the comics this morning. Opening cel: I’ve invited a climate scientist to explain the risk of climate change to our company. Don’t miss this one. : > )

      • Not a problem Juan!

        We are all part of humanity’s refusal to joining anti-science nitwits and politicos’ trying mankind!

        And Scott Adams beat all of us with his constant “expose the lame brains” series of articles and toons. Bravo Scott!

        Way back when, Scott did a comic about exposing a false computer scientist to actual computer code and forever destroying the night stalker.

        Which just shows how far people have devolved. In Scott’s previous comic, he could depend upon an alleged computer expert ability to read.
        Nowadays, so few climate posers can read and do math, the posers fail to recognize science reality.

        Now, about how Scott depicts the climastrologist catastrophe worshippers.

        Looks like a morph between many of Earth’s climate loon goons.

    • Toby, I saw the post on the main page today and loudly exclaimed to whoever was in the house my tip (from May 13 at 1:16 pm) had been elevated. Err… sort of. We can meet for coffee next time I am up in Kirkland.
      Regards from KCFD 40,

  216. Hi, Anthony. Could you fix a typo in the Cliff Mass comment from me? “Every” in the last sentence needs to be “even”. Thanks! Also, in the mobile version of the article, the title doesn’t​ show up, which is weird; maybe a Jetpack issue?

  217. Eau no! Now scientists say fizzy WATER makes us fat because the carbon dioxide encourages us to eat more
    Scientists discover that ingesting gas in a drink triggers a surge in hunger
    Study on rats found those given ‘flat’ sugary drinks put on no more weight
    But those given fizzy drinks – including zero-calorie versions – piled on the weight
    Anti-obesity campaigners

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  218. How soon will Italy’s Campi Flegrei supervolcano erupt?

    Is Italy’s SUPERVOLCANO about to blow? Experts warn that Campi Flegrei is at a ‘critical stage’ in the build up to a devastating eruption

    Campi Flegrei is a supervolcano located outside the western suburbs of Naples
    Its last devastating eruption was in 1538, following a century of unrest
    The volcano has been restless again since 1950, with regular earthquakes
    There is now a build up in energy in the crust similar to the 1538 eruption
    If it does erupt, experts believe it would affect 360,000 people living across the caldera and Naples’ population of nearly one million

    While the Campi Flegrei volcano hasn’t erupted since 1538, experts have warned that it could be building up to another devastating eruption.

    By studying patterns of unrest over the last 500 years, the researchers have predicted that we are reaching a ‘critical stage’ where further unrest will lead to an eruption.

    They hope their findings will urge local authorities to prepare for an eruption, which they say would affect the 360,000 people living across the caldera and Naples’ population of nearly one million.

  219. Fascinating stuff

    He also was in contact with scientists around the world, who reported their results from different measuring projects initiated by Malling-Hansen. There were still many unanswered questions to investigate further when Malling-Hansen died, but in 1886 he published a book where he presented the results of his studies. The book was called Perioder i Børns Vækst og i Solens Varme, and here he presented his idea, that the factor that caused the variations in the growth of the children and in nature as such in some way was related to the variations in the heat of the sun. His discoveries became well known not only in Denmark, but also internationally, and his book was also translated into German. In 1884 he had also held a lecture on a scientific conference in Copenhagen, attended by scientists from all over the world.

  220. Canada to phase out fossil fuel subsidies!

    Well, the problem is that their own auditor doesn’t know what these are:

    The money quote:

    “We found that Finance Canada still had not defined what an inefficient fossil fuel subsidy was, nor could the department tell us how many inefficient fossil fuel subsidies there could be,” Ferguson said in remarks prepared in advance of his news conference later Tuesday morning.

    “We asked Finance Canada to provide us with its analyses of the social, economic and environmental aspects of these subsidies. The department did not give us that information.”

    I for one will be looking very hard to see just what they define as a “subsidy” because oil and gas are very heavily taxed in Canada.

  221. Anthony: Please consider developing an Android app for WUWT. The vast majority of cell phone user who don’t have I-pads or I-phones would be grateful. Thank you. Gilbert K. Arnold

  222. I’m watching Fox News right now and EPA Administator Scott Pruiit is saying a decision on leaving or staying in the Paris Agreement will probably come after the meeting of the G7 at the end of this month. Pruiit says he also will be attending the G7 meeting and says “it is very important that we make decisions there [on the Paris Agreement] soon.”

    Looks like Pruiit has a sense of urgency about the subject.


    New Zealand’s penguins facing extinction, scientists warn

    “May 16 (UPI) — New Zealand’s yellow-eyed penguin, Megadyptes antipodes, is in trouble. A new study suggests the iconic species could be extinct by 2060.

    The new research considered a variety factors driving the decline of the yellow-eyed penguin. Researchers suggest climate change, including rising sea surface temperatures, explains roughly a third of the penguin’s population decline.”

    end excerpt

    It never ends.


    Hurricane’s atmospheric gravity waves help predict the storm’s path

    “May 16 (UPI) — Meteorologists believe they’ve found a new way to track the intensity and trajectory of hurricanes by measuring the atmospheric gravity waves emanating from the storms’ centers.

    Atmospheric gravity waves are propelled in spirals outward from the center of large storm systems.”

    end excerpt


    Reddit Community Turns To Full-Scale Revolt On Bill Nye

    “Comedian Bill Nye’s new Netflix TV show, “Bill Nye Saves the Earth,” was harshly criticized on Reddit Tuesday for being too mean and political.

    The post complains that Nye, who is well known for hosting a children’s TV show in the 1990s, left his objective “Science Guy” persona behind in favor of becoming blatantly political and bashing anyone who disagrees with him. The Reddit post received more than 71,000 upvotes and over 14,000 comments as of Tuesday evening. It has been “gilded” 8 times, and each of these means that someone on Reddit paid about $4 dollars to the author for writing it.

    “I am about halfway through Bill Nye Saves the World, and I am completely disappointed. I’ve been a huge fan of Bill Nye since I was ten,” Reddit user Sloth859 wrote. “Bill Nye the Science Guy was entertaining and educational. Bill Nye Saves the World is neither. In this show he simply brings up an issue, tells you which side you should be on, and then makes fun of people on the other side.”

    Sloth859 and many other Reddit users noted that Nye’s show is mean-spirited and ignores real solutions in favor of appealing to progressive political sensibilities. Reddit overwhelmingly leans towards the left and generally supports global warming causes. The post reached Reddit’s front page on Tuesday evening.”

    end excerpt

  226. Trump is speaking to the Coast Guard right now and said the U.S. is getting ready to build lots of new icebreakers. Trump must have some plans for the Arctic.


    Jerry Brown: California Taxpayers are ‘Freeloaders’

    “California Governor Jerry Brown referred to taxpayers as “freeloaders” last week for objecting to his new gas tax and car fee hikes.

    “The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them … They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit,” he said. Brown was speaking in Orange County, defending State Assembly newcomer Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), who is facing a recall effort after voting for Brown’s new transportation taxes in April.

    The new tax raises existing gas taxes — already among the highest in the nation — by 12 cents per gallon, with higher taxes on diesel, and slaps car owners with higher annual registration fees. Critics have pointed out that the burden of the tax falls most heavily on middle-class Californians.”

    end excerpt

    The burden of higher gasoline prices falls most heavily on the poor.

    An arrogant freeloader like Govenor Brown calling taxpayers freeloaders. That’s typical of a liberal hypocrit.

  228. David Suzuki uses GW doom and gloom to sell his new book.

    David Suzuki: Increased awareness is key to resolving the climate crisis

    Most people understand that human-caused climate change is a real and serious threat. True, some still reject the mountains of evidence amassed by scientists from around the world over many decades and accepted by every legitimate scientific academy and institution. But as the physical evidence builds daily—from increasingly frequent and intense extreme-weather events like droughts and floods to disappearing polar ice to rising sea levels—it takes an incredible amount of denial to claim we have no reason to worry.

    That’s why David Suzuki Foundation senior editor Ian Hanington and I wrote Just Cool It!: The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do. The book provides a clear and comprehensive overview of global warming, climate science, and solutions. We examine the science’s history: from 1824, when natural philosopher Joseph Fourier discovered the greenhouse effect—although he didn’t call it that—through to the discovery of feedback loops and up to the present, following the 2015 Paris Agreement, which was based on the current evidence outlined in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report.

    Boulder County, Colorado (possibly the home of global warming)
    Boulder County is under a Winter Storm Warning or Winter Storm Watch from Thursday PM through Friday. Remember to bring in pets and cover outdoor plants. Watch for downed tree limbs and power lines due to ice and snow accumulation. Roads may be covered with ice, slush, or snow. Visibility may be low due to high wind. Allow extra drive time for your Thursday evening commute and Friday commute.

    This is the interesting part of living on the edge of the mountains. This could be a bust…..or we could remember this for the rest of our lives. I can remember busts that were memorable and laughable duds and then there was the more than a foot of snow overnight that nooooobody saw coming. Living at at about 5,400 feet, I have three snow shovels: a plastic one for the deck, a metal one for the drive way, and another metal one in case I need help. They all get used from time to time. I will believe this storm when I see it, I have lived in Colorado that long, we will see; just sayin’.
    Oh, one other thing, you want to know how to allow more drive time for the evening commute? Don’t go to work!
    I just thought this might be an interesting May story.

  230. Gatekeeping IPCC rejects Roger A. Pielke, Sr. offer to review next climate report

    Roger A. Pielke Sr‏ @RogerAPielkeSr 7h7 hours ago
    I volunteered for land portion of new IPCC report. Credentials for my participating on this subject can be seen at


    Professor Debunks Claims That Global Warming Is Causing Violent Conflict

    “When Obama administration officials claimed man-made global warming played a role in causing the Syrian civil war and rise of the Islamic State, “nothing could be further from the truth,” according to a UK-based professor.

    Clionadh Raleigh, a political geography professor at the University of Sussex, recently gave an hour-long talk at Oxford University, where she laid out the reasons why global warming is not causing conflicts to break out in the developing world.”

    end excerpt

  232. Here’s the Presidential comment line telephone number, according to Herman Cain. Call the president up and tell him what you think.


  233. Just had a tornado go about a mile north of my house, and one about 20 miles south of me. The one north of me is hitting Wagoner, Ok right now.

    The storm chaser is reporting winds in excess of 100 mph.

    {we offer our thoughts and prayers for those in peril … under the sky. .mod]

  234. “The 12 warmest years in history have all happened in the last 12 years”

    -climate scientist, 1949

    Year HadCrut
    1918 -0.47
    1917 -0.39
    1930 -0.35
    1919 -0.34
    1923 -0.30
    1925 -0.30
    1924 -0.28
    1920 -0.27
    1934 -0.27
    1915 -0.25
    1921 -0.25
    1926 -0.22
    1928 -0.21
    1929 -0.21
    1922 -0.19
    1936 -0.18
    1916 -0.15
    1937 -0.14
    1931 -0.14
    1933 -0.14
    1935 -0.13
    1927 -0.11
    1932 -0.09
    12 1947 -0.07
    11 1940 -0.05
    10 1948 -0.04
    9 1949 -0.04
    8 1938 -0.03
    7 1943 -0.02
    6 1939 0.00
    5 1944 0.00
    4 1941 0.02
    3 1942 0.02
    2 1946 0.03
    1 1945 0.15

  235. Canada’s new CO2 pollution / carbon tax.

    ‘Pollution isn’t free’: Catherine McKenna makes her case for pricing carbon
    Environment minister releases a technical paper and sharpens her rhetoric

    “We know that carbon pollution causes droughts, fires and floods across our country and across the world, and that it impacts on our health through issues like asthma, premature mortality and more emergency room visits,” she continued, reviewing the consequences of climate change and dirty air.”


    Climate Alarmists: Global Warming ‘Wreaking Worldwide Havoc’ on Migratory Songbirds

    “The latest creatures to fall victim to “climate change” are America’s songbirds, joining a growing list of casualties attributed by climate alarmists to manmade changing weather patterns and global temperature shifts.

    Warmer temperatures are threatening American songbirds with dwindling numbers due to an inability to successfully breed, a new study from Scientific Reports alleges.

    A team of researchers studied migratory patterns of songbirds between 2001 and 2012 and claimed that of the 48 North American songbird species that migrate north, nine of these — or almost 20 percent — “didn’t reach the grounds by the deadline critical for mating and breeding the next generation of birds,” wrote Karla Lant in her summary of the report

    Plants in eastern North America are “greening up” sooner than normal because of global warming, the report contends, while plants in the western part of the continent are somehow undergoing the process later.”

    end excerpt

    Let’s see: Plants are greening up earlier in the Eastern U.S. because of global warming, but are not doing so in the Western U.S. I guess that means there is no global warming in the Western U.S.!

    What is really “Wreaking Worldwide Havoc” on birds are the windmills that kill millions of them.


    Trudeau To Force Carbon Tax On Every Canadian Province

    “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his carbon tax scheme Thursday afternoon; it’s a plan that will force all Canadian provincial governments to adopt their own carbon tax or have one imposed by the federal government.

    Only one provincial leader says he won’t submit to Trudeau’s dictate: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

    Wall has already suggested that he is prepared to take the federal government to court in order to not comply with the carbon tax demand.”

    end excerpt


    ‘Consistency’: Why World’s Second-Largest Oil Company CEO Wants To Keep Obama’s Climate Agenda

    “Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden wants President Donald Trump to break his campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement so energy companies can have more “consistency” when doing business overseas.

    Van Beurden heads the second-largest oil and gas company in the world, so more consistency between countries when it comes to global warming policies would help his business.

    “We want to have a relatively coherent set of policies that will make society move to whatever government has decided it should move to,” van Beurden told NPR’s Ari Phillips in an interview Thursday.

    Shell has increasingly invested in green energy technology, like wind turbines and solar panels, and is one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas — a fuel that would get a huge boost if the U.S. stuck to the Paris agreement.”

    end excerpt

    “Consistency” is not worth spending my tax money on. This oil company thinks its selfish interests are more important than the interests of the people of the U.S. No skin off his nose if the American taxpayers have to pony up $100 billion to waste on unnecessary green projects in other countries.

    Oil companies are not hurting for business. Leave the taxpayers out of it.

  239. A case of one scientist being correct and the consensus being mistaken?

    This scientist against everyone including Einstein… he found a mistake in the Relativity Paper… ?

    Mistake found in Einstein’s Relativity Paper?

  240. Hey folks,

    Here’s a Friday Funny. ;-)

    The Skeptic has an article on a recent hoax paper submitted to & published by a social science journal, purporting, among other things that:

    “Climate Change is conceptually caused by penises”. ;-)

    The paper, The conceptual penis as a social construct, is here:

    • @Toby – they are correct in one respect. The hysteria forces changes that cost a lot of money. Landlords are not in the business of losing money, so they pass on the increases to the tenants. It is not any warming that is caused by AGW, just the hysteria.

  241. “Deep underground in the far reaches of the arctic North, there’s a fortress that’s supposed to be one of humanity’s safeguards if we can’t feed ourselves in the future. It’s a vault containing 500 million seeds, representing 880,000 different crops, many of which can’t be found in fields today. It’s the ultimate failsafe if the world’s farms burn or diseases decimate our staples and we have to start over. The facility is supposed to keep these seeds safe for hundreds of years, without human oversight.

    What the designers weren’t counting on so much: floods linked to climate change.”


    Peer-Reviewed Journal Publishes Gender Studies Hoax Claiming Penises Cause Climate Change

    “A peer-reviewed academic journal published on Friday a hoax gender studies paper titled, “The Conceptual Penis As A Social Construct.”

    Two academics, Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay, used pen names to successfully submit the hoax paper — which argued that “the penis vis-à-vis maleness is an incoherent construct” — to the peer-reviewed journal Cogent Social Sciences. Boghossian and Lindsay cited 20 sources, none of they say they read, and five of which are fake papers that were “published” in journals that don’t actually exist.

    The paper — which the authors said was “actively written to avoid having any merits whatsoever” — opened by stating, “The androcentric scientific and meta-scientific evidence that the penis is the male reproductive organ is considered overwhelming and largely uncontroversial.” It went downhill from there.

    The conclusion stated in part:

    We conclude that penises are not best understood as the male sexual organ, or as a male reproductive organ, but instead as an enacted social construct that is both damaging and problematic for society and future generations. The conceptual penis presents significant problems for gender identity and reproductive identity within social and family dynamics, is exclusionary to disenfranchised communities based upon gender or reproductive identity, is an enduring source of abuse for women and other gender-marginalized groups and individuals, is the universal performative source of rape, and is the conceptual driver behind much of climate change.

    “You read that right. We argued that climate change is ‘conceptually’ caused by penises,” Boghossian and Lindsay wrote in a celebratory article announcing the success of their hoax.”

    end excerpt

      • jchham May 19, 2017 at 4:08 pm, actually posted this funny item first. I didn’t notice until after I had posted. It turned out to be a pretty funny post on WUWT.

  243. Does anyone know of solid research on the effect of CO2 levels on cognitive ability.

    This study is being referred to by a neo-Marxist publisher as saying that present atmospheric CO2 levels are half of the threshold of concern.

    Associations of Cognitive Function Scores With Carbon Dioxide,
    Joseph G. Allen et al, Environmental Health Perspectives, volume 124 Number 6 June 2016, dHarvard, SUNY and University of Syracuse REF REF REF

    I’ll be studying it next month, but want to learn of research from other than the climate alarmists of Harvard. I found a few other articles to read but doubt there’s much out there.

    (One supplier’s MSDS lists 1 % as a safety threshold, 0.5% may be a common limit used in workplaces, those are physiological concerns from interference with breathing mechanisms, whereas my question is what level dulls thinking (dull thinking is a safety concern at some point, of course).
    While CO2 is not toxic in the way that CO is, high levels interfere with use of oxygen by the lungs – that’s a displacement question in one sense.
    I’ve seen claims that CO2 levels were much higher in the past, and the human body adapted to lower.)

  244. A new reason for global warming?

    According to NASA, our VLF radio transmissions have added to cosmic ray shielding in the upper atmosphere! This would reduce cloud formation, and therefore enhance warming. Here’s are the stories from “The Daily Wire” and from “Newsweek”:


    Could somebody please get Michael Mann to investigate this?

    • I presume VLF radio transmissions are ten times more intense in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern. If cloudiness as a result hasn’t diminished down there, then this could account for the less rate of global warming there too.

    Temperature hasn’t risen in 20 years: latest data

    by Peter Westmore

    News Weekly, May 20, 2017
    Recently published data from independent meteorologists Dr Ryan Maue of WeatherBELL Analytics and Dr Roy Spencer show that global temperatures have fallen back to about the levels of 20 years ago.

    The two scientists use different data sources – one terrestrial, the other from satellites – so the convergence of their findings is particularly significant. . . .
    hey looked at the temperature record on the Antarctic Peninsula from 1951 to 2011, using data from 10 weather stations dotted around the peninsula.

    Earlier conclusions of warming of Antarctica had been based on the recorded weather at just one station, the Faraday/Vernadsky station, where temperatures had risen by 0.54 degrees per decade, one of the largest warming trends on earth since the 1950s.

    “Accordingly, most works describing the evolution of the natural systems in the [Antarctic Peninsula] region cite this extreme trend as the underlying cause of their observed changes.”

    However, when data from all 10 stations is considered, a very different picture emerges.

    It shows that a more moderate warming trend of 0.32 degrees per decade from 1979–97 was succeeded by a cooling trend of -0.47 degrees per decade in the period 1999–2014.

    The figures also show that the most pronounced cooling occurred in the north and northeast of the peninsula, where it lies adjacent to Cape Horn and South America.

    The new data contradicts the repeated claims of the IPCC that global warming is causing irrevocable damage to the Antarctic continent.

  246. OXFAM sure that the poor will suffer if we keep burning coal.

    ‘China has suspended more than100 planned or partly constructed coal-fired power plants and plans to invest more than $493 billion in renewables through to 2020,” Dr Szoke said. “India’s latest National Energy Plan projects it will reach 275GW of renewable energy capacity by 2027 and will have no need to begin constructing new coal-fired power plants over the next decade.’
    One wonders why Adani wants all that coal for India and China wants the gas fields of the South China Sea.
    Indira Gandhi made it clear that India was going to industrialize in two generations for the benefit of its poor.
    Greenpeace and OXFAM fail to see that import.

  247. I think some people here may want to check out a new, really good, surfer film titled “Secrets of Desert Point.” The place is near Bali and, at one point, there is a surfer named Watts. Anyway, if people watch it I think they will get it. It is a documentary on surfer places that were kept secret and now the ‘natives’ have to try to protect them.

  248. heavy metals, hard water and glycophosphate
    the suspects for renal disease.
    Areas with filtered water do not suffer from the disease in El Salvador.
    ‘Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly epidemic’, the original story.
    The next one with major edits.

    Johnson began to pore over global maps of climate and solar radiation. The rise in average temperatures over the last few years in Central America had been incremental, but the number of extreme events had gone up disproportionately. “And, by gosh, the areas that have the highest solar radiation and heatwaves are overlapping the places right where the epidemics are.”

    He contacted climate experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado. They verified and finessed his original discovery, and the team published an assessment report in May last year, which suggested a connection between climate change and the epidemic. Johnson says it “may well be one of the first epidemics because of global warming”.

    Climate change brings dire predictions of extreme weather and sea-level rise in the future, but it is affecting the world’s most vulnerable populations right now, he says. And although heat exposure can affect the body in many ways, our kidneys are in the first line of attack, as their role is to keep electrolytes within the normal range and blood volume stable. “We predict the kidney is going to be one of the prime targets as heat increases.”

    Researchers classify the new form of chronic kidney disease as “climate-sensitive”, which means that climate is one ingredient contributing to the epidemic. As temperatures continue to rise, many such climate-sensitive diseases will become climate-driven, and monitoring and bringing attention to them will become even more crucial. “Climate change is not like a new thing, it has been here for a long time,” says Emmanuel Jarquin, who has seen the impacts of rising temperatures on farmers in El Salvador. Already the country has had hotter summers and longer, drier winters. “It will hit the poor people harder. It starts as a little problem and it will grow and grow and grow.”

    Just looking at these workers they are not wearing broad rimmed hats, have dark or black clothing and are working in the heat of the day.They could adopt better work practices with multilayer clothing, uv control and evaporative cooling,

    Were they exposed from birth to heavy metals in well water their storage levels would be high.
    Once exposed to Glycophosphate, a chelating agent, the heavy metals, particularly iron, would precipitate out in the kidneys causing chronic renal disease.
    A world that is warming will always challenge us.
    However the application of medical science and good work practice is the answer for these workers.
    We owe that to them.


    Offshore Wind Turbines Blamed For Killing Family Of Whales

    “Marine environmental experts blame offshore wind turbines for the deaths of three minke whales that washed up on British beaches, The Times reported Monday.

    Wildlife experts claim that the noise generated by wind turbines affected the sonar that whales use to navigate, causing them to beach themselves. There are several commercial offshore wind farms close to where the whales beached themselves.

    “My personal opinion is that it could be a consequence of wind farms and the amount of sand in the water,” John Cresswell, chairman of the Felixstowe Volunteer Coast Patrol Rescue Service, told The Times. “If you stop the boat off the coast you can feel the vibrations and hear the noise.”

    end excerpt

  250. JCU’s serial coral alarmist Professor Terry Hughes is at it again on Twitter –

    “Twitter allows nerdy scientists like me to appeal for help for the #GreatBarrierReef. Please RT…. half the shallow-water corals just died.”

    Apparently half the GBR is dead. He knows because he’s flown over it.

    The WWF press release reads like this –

    Scientist reveals bleaching has killed almost 50% of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral

    Renowned coral scientist Professor Terry Hughes has revealed that bleaching has killed about 50% of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral in just two years.

    On Saturday night Dr Hughes tweeted “30% of #corals died following bleaching in 2016, another 19% this year”.

    Professor Hughes heads the National Coral Bleaching Taskforce which assessed mortality in 2016 and 2017 following unprecedented back-to-back bleaching.

    “Australians will be shocked that the nation’s top reef scientist says about 50% of all the Great Barrier Reef’s coral has been killed by bleaching in just two years,” said WWF-Australia Head of Oceans Richard Leck.

    “The Reef is a global treasure and on our watch global warming has cooked half the coral,” he said.

    It comes as the Reef 2050 Plan Independent Expert Panel has warned that that Australia’s Reef 2050 plan needs a major revision. A communique from the expert panel states: “The Panel considers that action to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases must be central to the response”.

    “Currently, the Australian Government plan to save the Reef does not include a commitment to reduce greenhouse pollution to a Reef-safe level,” Mr Leck said.

    “A decision on whether the Reef is considered by the World Heritage Committee again this year is imminent and Australia must show it is serious about protecting the Reef from all threats,” he said.

  251. Science that is settled is challenged.
    We actually came out of Bulgaria in Europe.
    So, there you go.

    ‘ Sarah Knapton, science editor
    22 MAY 2017 • 7:00PM
    The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa.

    Currently, most experts believe that our human lineage split from apes around seven million years ago in central Africa, where hominids remained for the next five million years before venturing further afield.

    But two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago.’

    The scientific discussion is far more nuanced.

    Phylogenetic position of Graecopithecus

    The investigation of the internal structures of the Pyrgos mandible reveals characters of the roots of the p4 that are derived compared to other Miocene apes and extant great apes.

    In contrast to the Ponginae, Graecopithecus shares derived characters with African apes (ventrally shallow roots, buccolingually broad molar roots; [32, 75]). Therefore, we consider four principle alternative interpretations of its phylogenetic position: Graecopithecus is a stem-hominine (last common ancestor of African apes and Homo), a gorillin, a panin, or a hominin.

    Basal hominids like Proconsul have two or three clearly diverging roots and four pulp canals (1-22M+12D) in the p4 [28]. The prevailing root configuration in extant great apes is two roots and two to three pulp canals [73], which is the condition seen in G. freybergi (11M+12D). However, the mesial and the distal roots of G. freybergi are partially fused at about 47% of maximal root length (Fig 8), a character which is extremely rarely observed in extant great apes (2–4%; [73]). This fusion may represent an early stage of a Tomes’ root, a character that is considered diagnostic for the hominin clade [26, 27]. Thus far, a buccal root fusion similar to G. freybergi is reported from australopithecines [25, 36]. The configuration of the p4 root and the pulp canal in G. freybergi is intermediate between the narrow p4 roots in S. tchadensis [28] (Fig 8) and the Tomes’ root in Ar. kadabba [76]. The derived state of G. freybergi with respect to O. macedonensis is further supported by root and pulp canal reductions in other tooth positions (Table 1). The hominin record shows different levels of p4 root fusion, although separated roots are common as well. However, p4 root fusion never occurs in Miocene non-hominins, suggesting that this feature in Graecopithecus is a hominin synapomorphy. Accordingly, the most parsimonious interpretation of the phylogenetic position of Graecopithecus is that it is a hominin, although we acknowledge that the known sample of fossil hominin root configurations is too small for definitive conclusions.

    So these authors have decided to show their materials and methods, draw their conclusions and invite a debate.
    They acknowledge that one sample ‘is too small for definitive conclusions’.

    In the context of that Yamal tree, this is so refreshing.

  252. Words fail me

    Importing reindeer into Canada to save it from global warming.

    But the reindeer are already there and the imports keep running off with them…

    Maintaining the reindeer population on the peninsula has been difficult. Stopping animals running off with migrating caribou herds is a particular challenge.
    Caribou and reindeer are the same species – Rangifer tarandus – but in North America, the semi-domesticated variety are known as reindeer, and the wild herds are known as caribou. (In Europe the word caribou is not used at all.).

  253. FYI Anthony – not sure what to think of this paper. Satellite studies show high CO2 concentrations in the far north during the Spring season.

    [video src="" /]
    Best, Allan
    Enhanced CO2 uptake at a shallow Arctic Ocean seep field overwhelms the positive warming potential of emitted methane
    John W. Pohlman et al

    Methane released from the seafloor and transported to the atmosphere has the potential to amplify global warming. At an arctic site characterized by high methane flux from the seafloor, we measured methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange across the sea−air interface. We found that CO2 uptake in an area of elevated methane efflux was enhanced relative to surrounding waters, such that the negative radiative forcing effect (cooling) resulting from CO2 uptake overwhelmed the positive radiative forcing effect (warming) supported by methane output. Our work suggests physical mechanisms (e.g., upwelling) that transport methane to the surface may also transport nutrient-enriched water that supports enhanced primary production and CO2 drawdown. These areas of methane seepage may be net greenhouse gas sinks.

    Continued warming of the Arctic Ocean in coming decades is projected to trigger the release of teragrams (1 Tg = 106 tons) of methane from thawing subsea permafrost on shallow continental shelves and dissociation of methane hydrate on upper continental slopes. On the shallow shelves (<100 m water depth), methane released from the seafloor may reach the atmosphere and potentially amplify global warming. On the other hand, biological uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2) has the potential to offset the positive warming potential of emitted methane, a process that has not received detailed consideration for these settings. Continuous sea−air gas flux data collected over a shallow ebullitive methane seep field on the Svalbard margin reveal atmospheric CO2 uptake rates (−33,300 ± 7,900 μmol m−2⋅d−1) twice that of surrounding waters and ∼1,900 times greater than the diffusive sea−air methane efflux (17.3 ± 4.8 μmol m−2⋅d−1). The negative radiative forcing expected from this CO2 uptake is up to 231 times greater than the positive radiative forcing from the methane emissions. Surface water characteristics (e.g., high dissolved oxygen, high pH, and enrichment of 13C in CO2) indicate that upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water from near the seafloor accompanies methane emissions and stimulates CO2 consumption by photosynthesizing phytoplankton. These findings challenge the widely held perception that areas characterized by shallow-water methane seeps and/or strongly elevated sea−air methane flux always increase the global atmospheric greenhouse gas burden.

  254. Here we go again with the sea level rise scares – this time with a scary interactive website…
    Climate change: Model predicts Australia to lose famous sites in new sea-level rise

    Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay and Botanic Gardens, Brisbane Airport, Melbourne’s Docklands and Perth’s Elizabeth Quay will all be underwater in dramatic new climate modelling.

    Major sites at risk

    NSW: Sydney International Airport, Circular Quay, Botanic Gardens
    QLD: Brisbane Airport, Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
    VIC: Docklands, Bells Beach, Greater Geelong
    WA: North Fremantle, Cottesloe and Coogee Beaches, Elizabeth Quay, WACA Ground
    SA: Glenelg, Hindmarsh Island
    TAS: Lauderdale

    The projection used data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States which revealed global sea levels could rise by 2 metres by 2100 if emissions remain at their current levels.

    It is substantially higher than the 74-centimetre increase proposed in a 2013 Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

    Professor John Church from the Climate Change Research at the University of New South Wales said while rising sea levels cannot be stopped, they could be slowed.

    “We cannot prevent all sea-level rise, but we can certainly rein in the worst-case scenarios,” Professor Church said.

    “With business as usual emissions, the questions are when, rather than if, we will cross a 2-metre sea-level rise.”

    Professor Church said the Australian Government needed to prepare for inevitable rises.

    “We need to do two things. One is we need to urgently mitigate our emissions,” he said.
    “But because we can’t stop all sea-level rise we will have to adapt, so we will need to think about appropriate planning measures for Australia, for our coastline.”

    Professor Church said the Government also needed to consider the impact rising sea levels will have on Pacific neighbours, which did not have the same resources as Australia.

    Faster melting of the Antarctic ice sheet is the major contributor to the revised increase in sea levels, but Professor Church said it could be mitigated.

    “With the strongest emissions reductions, the Antarctic contribution is very much in line with what the last IPCC report said, whereas if we have unmitigated omissions, then the Antarctic contribution starts to become the dominant contribution fairly quickly,” he said.

    According to the Coastal Risk Australia website, which maps predicted sea-level change, major infrastructure could be lost by the end of the century.

    Website creator Nathan Eaton said 80 per cent of Australians lived in coastal areas, and it was critical people appreciated the impact rising levels would have.

    Disclaimer on

    The data provided in this tool has been developed to help communicate the risks of sea level rise and storm surge. The data is not provided as professional advice, and should not be relied upon for site specific decision making or for making financial or any other commitments.

    While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of materials presented, the developers make no expressed or implied warranties (including warranties of merchantability and fitness) with respect to the accuracy, completeness, character, function, or capabilities of the tool and the data and images accessed through it. Appropriate use and conclusions drawn from the data and images are the responsibility of the user.

    The developers expressly disclaims liability for any loss, however caused and whether due to negligence or otherwise, arising directly or indirectly from the use of, or reliance on, this visualisation tool or the information contained in it, by any person.

    The Coastal Risk Australia website does not include the dynamic response of unconsolidated shorelines (eg. sand, mud and shell) or the increase in tidal flows in coastal waterways that will result from different coastal configurations in some locations. Nor does the model take account of the effects of catchment flooding from coincident extreme rainfall events. More detailed local study may be required to ensure that particular local circumstances and dynamics are adequately considered in any adaptation response to sea level rise.

  255. On the bunk ABC global scary sea-level rise – this sort of thing is being noticed by our local government who have just drawn 50 and 100 year coastline maps to flag properties and areas subject to possible and probably inundation. Property owners are being required to notify buyers about the risk when selling their house. Obviously it’s affecting values!
    Curiously, the same Council is still approving expensive developments in at-risk coastal areas!

    For data afficionadoes with an antipodean bent, may I commend this site to you full of lots of very unscary trends which show just how crazy trying to work out a ‘global’ sea-level rate actually is: