Ultimate Climate Hypocrisy: Coal Burning BoJo Demands the World “Grow Up”

Even the BBC seems perplexed by UK PM Boris Johnson’s grotesque climate hypocrisy, demanding action from everyone else, while failing to practice what he preaches in Britain.

NYT: “Do We Need to Shrink the Economy to Stop Climate Change?”

According to Economic Degrowth proponents, we need to give up guns, S.U.V.s, eating beef, private transportation, advertising and consumer goods, to achieve a life which is more in harmony with…

“Insulate Britain” Climate Activists Blamed for Motorway Crash

“Insulate Britain” apparently think mainstream Extinction Rebellion is not doing enough to dictate home renovations to ordinary people.

Walmart, Murdoch Climate Action Initiatives Dismissed as Greenwashing

Anyone who thinks trying to cosy up to the climate movement will win any public relations points should take a look at how Walmart and Newscorp are being treated.

British Government Dumps Climate Propaganda into Turkmenistan Schools

A gift for radicals? The British Government believes dumping 7000 books likely full of climate propaganda into the schools of a country which borders Taliban controlled Afghanistan will help make…

Claim: Human Health has Already Been Harmed by Climate Change

According to health journals and activists, grants and debt forgiveness rather than loans are needed to address the crisis of slightly warmer temperatures.

Guardian: “Climate change deniers are as slippery as those who justified the slave trade”

The Guardian is outdoing itself reaching for ridiculous hyperbole, to try to make us care.

Democrats Alarmed CEOs Not Rushing to Support Climate Bill Trillion Dollar Corporate Tax Rises

Has the phone stopped ringing in the White House? President Biden appears to be struggling with lukewarm support for dumping more trillions of freshly printed or borrowed money into the…

Aussie Coal Miners Demand Compensation for when Net Zero 2050 is Declared

Coal miners are demanding handouts when the $50 billion / year export earning pits are closed, coal plants are demanding handouts to stay open, to stabilise the grid, renewable operators…

SMH: Paul Ehrlich Got Almost Everything Wrong, but We Should have Listened to his Climate Warning

Former NSW Premier Bob Carr thinks even though Paul Ehrlich was wrong about global starvation and resource depletion, we should have listened to him.

EENews: Climate Denial Flourishes on Facebook

EE News reports that not only is heresy against IPCC approved scientific positions wildly popular, it is also producing a lot of revenue for the heretics.

Australia’s Federal Treasurer Admits He Wants a Net Zero by 2050 Commitment

Just in case you thought the politician in charge of Australia’s financial stability has a clue, the following interview with the Guardian should settle any doubts.

Ipsos MORI: UK Climate Change Concern at a Near Record High

According to Ipsos MORI, Climate Change concern has reached fever pitch in the UK, as the relentless BBC and establishment campaign to frighten ordinary people with stories of bushfires and…

Claim: Climate Attribution Shows Weather is 1.2x – 9x More Severe Because of CO2

With an uncertainty of 900%, weather attribution specialists stand ready to contribute to the conversation about the urgent need for climate action.

Texas’s Renewables: How Did the Problem Start? (Enron, Republicans Running Wild)

This post from 12 years ago recounts the political origins of the Texas wind power boom. It is also the prehistory of the Great Texas Blackout of February 2021. Note…

The Hill: Forcing Renewable Operators to Pay for Network Upgrades is Impeding the Green Energy Revolution

According to The Hill and industry advocates, its deeply unfair that the government is unfairly trying to force renewable energy providers to pay the full cost of power line upgrades…

The Guardian Accuses the Biden Administration of Climate Denial

The Biden Administration’s appeal for OPEC to pump more oil to keep gasoline affordable has drawn rare criticism from The Guardian.

IPCC AR6 WG1 Author: “more and more starting to get scared … hopefully that’ll affect the way they vote”

Naked political scaremongering and manipulation? IPCC Author Jim Kossin, who works for The Climate Service, a consultancy firm which helps corporations navigate Biden’s push for climate risk disclosure, has made…

Australia is About to Breach +1.5C Climate Change – And All is Well

Renew Economy claims my native Australia, at 1.4C warming above pre-industrial, stands on the brink of the dreaded 1.5C threshold. My question, when should we expect to see something unusually…

Comparing the world before 1900, to today

For thousands of years before 1900, the population of the world hovered around one billion on the entire planet. In the short 200 years since 1900 the world population has…

Guardian and IPCC Pushing Climate Emergency Methane Hysteria

Fear of the evil gas is reaching new peaks in the offices of The Guardian, and in climate conferences leading up to COP26.

Science Journal Demands “Hate Crime” Laws to Shield Scientists from Public Criticism

Could criticism of government science be outlawed? A science journal paper appears to have equated Republican attempts to fire Dr. Fauci with physical intimidation and NAZI oppression of science, and…

British Labour MP Ed Miliband Demands Real Climate Action

Ed Miliband, who served an unremarkable two years as secretary of state for energy and climate change under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, has just demanded real climate action.

Claim: Global Cooling – Because of Climate Change Driven Wildfires

Are Climate activists preparing their excuses in advance, for the imminent plunge in global temperatures predicted by Dr. Willie Soon?