Column: The Humanitarian Horror That ‘Electrify Everything’ Would Unleash

‘Electrify everything’ is a barbaric and stupid concept that, if even partially adopted, will outright kill large swathes of humanity when harsh weather strikes.

D’oh! The ‘Energy Transition’: Learning and Retreat at BP

Wishing and hoping for change is not a successful business strategy, and the past few years have awakened BP management to that reality.

Green Energy Construction Company Collapse Triggers Aussie Government Crisis Talks

Green energy construction firm destroyed by the shift to green energy? $10 billion of energy transition projects at risk.

IPCC’s 1990 Predictions Were Even Worse Than We Thought

… it is clear that IPCC’s midrange medium-term prediction has proven to be a 140% exaggeration…

How IPCC’s 1990 Predictions Expensively Failed

…it is high time someone examined IPCC’s medium-term predictions to shed light on the plausibility of its long-term predictions.

New York Times prediction BUST: 1995 article cited climate ‘experts’ warning ‘most of the beaches on the East Coast of the U.S. could be gone in 25 years’

At the most likely rate of rise, some experts say, most of the beaches on the East Coast of the United States would be gone in 25 years.

German Government Fears Millions of Furnaces Going Off…Children Now Being Handed Blankets at School

Confidential government conference fears millions losing heat this winter…schools now handing out blankets for children to keep warm. 

Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All of Europe’s Power Supply at Risk” …30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed

The economic damage resulting from a major blackout would be crippling. Chaos would ensue for weeks or months.

What Happened to The Ice-Free Arctic?

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood I wonder how these predictions worked out? (Answers tomorrow!!) . Scientists in the US have presented one of the…

Blackout News Friday: Germany, Europe Teeter on The Economic Brink as Energy Crisis Intensifies

The Green New Deal in Europe is quickly turning into a House of Horrors

From Sri Lanka to Salinas

Kawamura added that a fertilizer ban would  “collapse the production curve” in California within about three years of implementation.

Failed Climate Predictions – Willie Soon, PhD

Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Published August 19, 2022 Presentation by Willie Soon, PhD, Independent Scientist, CERES, DDP, Las Vegas August 15, 2022 Also available on our Vdeo page.

Rationing is Back – and Britain’s Authoritarian Greens are Delighted

The right way forward is not telling people to do less with less. It is becoming a more productive society once again. Building infrastructure. Investing in nuclear and gas –…

Great Idea for U.S. Energy Policy: Let’s Follow the Example of Germany!

Is there any deeper thinking behind this than just that wind and solar are “clean” so we should build more of them?

What The Future Holds for Our Climate Leaders

This is bureaucratese meaning “we’ll turn off your electricity at random times when we feel like it.”

How the Climate Elite Spread Misery

The chattering classes who jet to conferences at Davos or Aspen have for years been telling the rest of us that our biggest immediate threats are climate change, environmental disasters…

BBC Ignore the Real Reason for Sri Lanka’s Problems

Most of Sri Lanka’s tea is grown by smaller farmers, like Rohan Tilak Gurusinghe, who owns two acres of land close to the village of Kadugunnawa.

Germany’s Running Out Of Energy: Wind Turbine Construction Stalls, Firewood Becoming Scarce!

Personally, I called a local firewood dealer earlier in the week. They told me they have none left and that they could put me down on a waiting list.

BJORN LOMBORG: Going organic might be fashionably green, but it won’t feed the world

A global food crisis is looming, so policymakers everywhere need to think hard about how to make food cheaper and more plentiful.

Trudeau’s Nitrogen Policy will Decimate Canadian Farming

Much like in the Netherlands, Justin Trudeau is bringing in a nitrogen emissions cap that will absolutely decimate Canadian farming.

And The Winner Is, Germany!

A prolonged period of unfavorable weather (calm and overcast) could cause a serious energy crunch to hit one or both of Germany or the UK as soon as this winter.…

Sydney Grid Fail: Australia’s Greenest Voters Plunged into Darkness

Will nobody turn up the solar panels?

Australian “Green Transition” Electricity Grid on the Brink of Failure

“… AEMO says … some gas and diesel generators were not interested in providing power under the price cap. It said it would take action to force them online. …”…

New York Legislative Race to the Bottom

One last point.  In another outstanding example of cluelessness, the underlying argument that the primary reason fuel prices have gone up is because the evil oil companies are making windfall…

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