McKibben: Last Week’s Climate Report “landed … with a gentle plop”

McKibben believes the reason the IPCC’s increasingly frantic climate warnings are being ignored is people don’t believe they can make a difference.

European Green Ambitions Depend on the USA Funding Ukraine

Here I argue US funding for Ukraine is liberating resources British and European governments are using to undermine Republicans, and drive their radical green agenda right into the heart of…

Who Noticed Earth Hour This Year?

Normally I publish something snarky about how we should all leave our lights on, but this year’s Earth Hour was such a non-event I genuinely didn’t notice it was happening.

Scientists Shifting Global Warming Goalposts to 1.8-1.9C?

“… economic modelling has often suggested that temperature increases well above … the 2 °C target … would result in higher total welfare …”

Australia’s Callide C Coal Plant Owners Enter Voluntary Administration

Australia’s version of Chapter 11 – could Australia be on the verge of losing another coal plant?

Manchester Academic Slams IPCC “Smoke and Mirrors” Carbon Budget Claims

According to University of Manchester professor Kevin Anderson, “IPCC science embeds colonial attitudes”.

Green Dictatorship? Netherlands Politicians Answering to the EU instead of Voters

The EU sees no reason to allow the Netherlands to change course, despite a resounding rejection of EU agriculture policies during recent elections.

Harvard Law Accepts a Paper Advocating Homicide Charges for Big Oil Execs

Environmental activists have written a paper on a computer made of coal and oil products to demand the prosecution of big oil execs.

Claim: Insurers are Writing Off Electric Vehicles with Minor Damage

Would you want to drive an EV whose batteries might have been subtly damaged by a minor collision, even if there were no visible signs of damage?

CBC: “Misinformation Can Have a Very Strong Impact” on Support for Cutting Emissions

“… Its all about planting little seeds of doubt” – CBC climate reporter Jaela Bernstien lamenting Twitter is not as enthusiastic as China’s TikTok at censoring climate skeptics.

Claim: Climate Skeptics Have Long Intimidated Scientists from Full Disclosure

All the muted climate claims of previous years apparently represent climate scientists holding back for fear of intimidation.

Netherlands Votes NO to the Climate Activist War on Farmers

A new political party which represents farmers who are fed up with police shooting at their kids and threatened evictions for daring to work the land has won a “monster”…

IPCC Issues their Annual Final Climate Warning

UN climate warnings are like the village communist predicting the imminent demise of capitalism every week – and about as likely to happen.

Scottish Couple Plan to Drive “From Pole to Pole” in an Electric Vehicle

They plan to bring a portable wind turbine to charge the vehicle when sunlight is unavailable.

A New Board Game to Induce Climate Guilt in School Children

Just what we need, right? A board game designed to make kids feel even more miserable and guilty about climate change.

Widgee “Say NO to the Lines” Rally: Meet the Aussie Battlers Standing Up to Big Green

When Net Zero obsessed Aussie Federal and State Governments announced large scale electricity grid extensions to service renewable energy installations, they forgot to talk to the land owners.

Renewable Fail: Britain to Now Class Nuclear Power as “Sustainable Energy”

The British government has caved in to the reality that renewables don’t work, and will now include nuclear energy in its plan to transition to “sustainable” power.

Four Regional Climate Conferences Announced in the Buildup to COP28

Your tax dollars at work: 4-8 Sept Nairobi Kenya, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 9-12 October, Panama City 23-27 October, Asian Pacific Week – no dates yet, but keep you diary open.

Washington Post: We Must Change the Meaning of Wealth to Appreciate Climate Action

“… What if we imagined “wealth” consisting not of the money we stuff into banks or the fossil fuel-derived goods we pile up, but of joy, beauty, friendship, community, closeness…

License to Disrupt: Australia Goes Soft on Climate Protestors

Deanna “Violet” Maree Coco, who used a truck and flares to set up an illegal road block on Sydney’s main harbour crossing, has just walked free from jail on appeal.

Claim: A Majority of Voters believe Climate Change is a False Religion

“… the climate religion actually has nothing to do with the climate. It is all about power, control, dominion and apologizing for America’s own success.  …”

Should have Gone to School Greta – Deletes a Tweet Predicting Disaster by 2023

Little Greta covering her tracks, squirming and posturing like any other establishment politician?

More Aussie Climate Change Heresy?

Ever since former conservative Aussie PM Tony Abbott announced “I am a climate skeptic” at CPAC 2022, there has been indications climate belief might not be rock solid amongst other…

Former FEMA Heads Warn EV Manufacturers are Compromising Safety

AM radios are long range, resilient means for FEMA to communicate federal disaster alerts. But EV manufacturers are removing them, because EV motors generate radio noise which impedes reception.

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