Aussie Climate Activists Still Rejecting Nuclear Power

Nuclear power should be a no-brainer for climate activists – scalable zero carbon energy which most Conservatives and climate skeptics would find acceptable. But despite the obvious advantages, greens in…

Climate Activists Stepping Up Efforts to Ensnare YOUR Children

Having failed to win over adults, climate activists appear to be stepping up efforts to impress their viewpoint on children entrusted to their care, with strategies ranging from climate themed…

Drought No More: Climate Change Now Causes Too Much Rain

Can you tell what the previous year’s weather was like, by reading the latest climate science doomsday press releases?

BoJo’s Green Energy Britain: Cuddle Your Pets for Warmth

Boris Johnson’s Green Britain has plumbed new depths of humiliating energy poverty, with the revelation that in 2020 Ovo Energy advised customers to exercise and cuddle pets if they couldn’t…

NASA’s Gavin Schmidt Replaced by Dr. Katherine Calvin

The NASA role of senior climate advisor has been combined with the role of Chief Scientist, with Dr. Katherine Calvin replacing Dr. Gavin Schmidt (former senior climate advisor) and Jim…

The Conversation: Moratorium on Climate Research until Governments Take Action

Climate scientists Bruce Glavovic, Iain White and Tim Smith have called for tools down on future IPCC climate assessments until governments start to act on their dire warnings.

Coral Island Expedition Discovers Tropical Mangroves Grabbing More Land

A field expedition to investigate remote islands on the Great Barrier Reef has discovered the islands are growing.

University of Houston: More Renewable Energy to Prevent Another Texas Ice Storm Outage

According to the University of Houston and Houston Advanced Research Centre, more investment in renewable energy will prevent a repeat of the deadly outages during last year’s ice storm.

Investment Advisor Slams Climate Disaster Claims

According to Chris Leithner, founder of Leithner & Co Investment Advisors, the apparent upward trend in weather disaster payouts disappears when you correct for the rise in population.

San Francisco EV Owner Mines Cryptocurrency Using Free Electricity

Youtube personality Siraj Raval converted his Tesla EV into a mining rig, allowing him to use a free re-charge deal to mine cryptocurrency.

Swiss Researchers Use Brain Electrodes to Stimulate Climate Concern

Researchers at University of Bern have reported promising results after attaching electrodes to the scalps of test humans to stimulate climate concern.

The Economist: EU Should Embrace Tougher Carbon Pricing

The Economist has slammed the European Union for not going far enough with its green initiatives.

Coal Use Drives EU Carbon Prices to a Record High

Cold weather, high gas prices, political manipulation of the market and a drop in wind power output created a perfect storm, which is driving up the cost off energy in…

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Denies He is a Sex Symbol

In the wake of Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in “Don’t Look Up”, Michael Mann has gone all coy about whether DiCaprio’s portrayal fully corresponds with his life as a scientist whose…

Climate Council: Global Warming Now Causes MORE Rainfall

Tim Flannery, who founded the Climate Council in 2013, once predicted “the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams”.

Austrian Climate Researchers Excited About Manipulating the Minds of Children

Researchers from Austria and the UK are excited that an experiment in Innsbruck, Austria successfully used children to manipulated adults, pressuring raised parent participation in green charitable giving.

I-95 Ice Storm Overnight Traffic Jam – Imagine you were Stuck in an EV

An ice storm and accident stranded drivers in freezing conditions on the Virginia I-95 overnight on Monday. My question – what would have happened if they were all driving electric…

The Hill: Disintegrating Western Democracies Must Accept Climate Advice

According to Professor Emeritus David Shearman, some problems are beyond the comprehension of elected politicians, and should not be entrusted to their authority. The only way to halt the disintegration…

EU: Natural Gas and Nuclear are now Green Energy

The long predicted collapse of the EU renewable energy push has finally arrived. The EU has effectively just admitted renewable energy does not work, by moving to extend their definition…

Forbes Pushes Climate Activists to Buy Big Oil Shares

Instead of say investing in green energy startups and displacing oil with a better product, business guru Jeroen Kraaijenbrink thinks activists should buy shares so they can mess with big…

Salem State University: New England Climate Change Faster than Average

Did Salem miss a few witches? According to Salem State University and UMass-Amherst, New England has already experienced greater than 1.5C warming.

Ipsos Mori Poll: UK People Reject Expensive Climate Action

According to Ipso Mori, 83% of the British people want drastic climate action, but support “drops off rapidly” when people are asked to make personal sacrifices.

2021: The Year the Electric Vehicle Batteries Burned

Are electric vehicles inherently unsafe? This is a question more people may be asking, as realisation grows that 2021 was a horror year for battery fire vehicle recalls.

3.. 2.. 1.. Claim: Colorado Wildfires Because Climate Change

Climate ambulance chasers are trying to bag another photogenic wildfire for their cause. But Colorado legislated a moratorium on prescribed burns in 2012, following a burn fail which ended in…