Celebrate: We’ve Finally Hit an “Irreversible” Climate Tipping Point

According to Professor Markus Rex, we have finally crossed the line – though years of well funded research are required to confirm that we have messed up the planet.

Climate Activist Europe Firing Up Coal Plants as Gas Shortage Bites

As Europe emerges from a harsh winter with depleted gas reserves, desperate European governments are increasingly firing up old coal plants to bridge the energy supply gap.

CBS: CDC Emergency Meeting to Discuss Rare Covid Vaccine Heart Complications

A 2012 SARS Vaccine Study suggested vaccination increases the risk of fatal heart inflammation, when the body is challenged with the actual virus. Fast forward to today, and rare Heart…

Swiss Voters Reject New Climate Taxes

According to the BBC, “Voter rejection undermines Switzerland’s entire strategy to comply with the Paris Agreement. Today’s results are a devastating blow for environmentalists.”.

Climate Woke G7 Agrees to Eliminate Coal Jobs

Anyone listening in Pennsylvania?

Biden Official: G7 Climate Talks “to show that democracy can deliver”

Democracy on trial? As Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrives at the G7 with a voter mandate to export coal as fast as it can be extracted, an unnamed Biden…

Aussie Climate Activists in Damage Control Mode as Winter Weather Strikes the East Coast

In the wake of Deputy Leader of the Nationals Senator Matt Canavan’s two word tweet poking fun at climate tropes, academics and other climate activists have scrambled to reassure people…

New Zealand Climate Commission Report Recommends Fewer Cars, More Electric, Fewer Cows

Climate ambition meet Modern Monetary Theory – a slap for every remaining productive sector of the New Zealand economy.

Guardian: “The Climate Movement Must do More to Mobilise Older People”

Because “Older people can be wealthy”.

UN Climate Message: “We are rapidly reaching the point of no return”

According to United Nations General Secretary António Guterres, “these next 10 years are our final chance to avert a climate catastrophe”.

CJR: Climate Reporting is Like Covering the Invasion of Poland

Legendary journalist Edward R Murrow famously provided live reports of German tanks crossing the Polish Border. Columbia Journalism Review thinks journalists today should copy his example, and defy their editors…

The Guardian: Climate Tipping Points “Could Topple Like Dominoes”

In the face of a complete lack of problems to date, climate scientists appear to be amping up the “woo woo” factor of predicted climate catastrophes. But they are not…

Net Zero Carbon? BOTH Major Aussie Parties Back Gas

Both parties support gas? In yet another blow for Biden’s global climate ambitions, voter and union pressure on the opposition Australian Labor Party to support well paid mining jobs appears…

Aussie Regulator Warns Companies to Disclose Climate Risks

Mixed signals anyone? As debate rages over the Aussie government funding a new gas generator, businesses are being coerced to increase their disclosure of alleged climate risks.

Actor Steven Seagal Joins Pro Kremlin Environmental Justice Party

Steven Seagal is emerging as a clear favourite for most woke Hollywood climate celebrity ever, after joining a Russian pro-Putin left wing environmental activist party, whose leaders include ultra-nationalist Russian…

$20 Billion to Rip Up Highways, To Reduce Climate Change and Division Caused by Road Traffic

President Biden’s infrastructure plan includes $20 billion to pour landfill into major access roads to cities, to eliminate racist community divides, reduce CO2 emissions, and revitalise inner cities by ensuring…

Both Sides Declare Victory in Aussie Children’s Climate Litigation Coal Case

An anti-coal case court judgement so deliciously ambiguous everyone feels like a winner.

Facebook: People Are Now Permitted to Speculate Covid-19 Leaked from a Laboratory

Following official suggestions the Wuhan laboratory leak hypothesis is being seriously considered by the US Government, Facebook has announced they will now allow users to share their Wuhan lab leak…

Guardian: We Must Abandon “Speciesism”, Putting Humans First, to Stop Climate Change

According to Guardian author Peter Sutoris, we need to rediscover the environmental connectedness of indigenous peoples, though we might get to keep some of our tech toys.

Claim: The Climate Crisis is Not About Overpopulation, the Problem is Affluence

A debate is raging amongst climate economists, about whether we need a drastic reduction in global population, or whether simply making everyone poor will suffice to save the planet.

CNBC: “War-Level Footing” Needed to Solve Climate Change

Steve Keen, a Fellow at University College London, believes fellow economists are biased towards believing “capitalism can handle anything”, and that a “war footing” is required to correct the “total…

Shivering Europeans Urged to Keep the Faith on Global Warming

As the global temperatures continue their obstinate refusal to conform with alarmist predictions, climate scientists are urging people experiencing last month’s bitterly cold European Spring weather to keep believing.

Convicted Climate Criminals Saddened They Are Not Above the Law

Arrogant climate vandals want the power to destroy or disrupt vital infrastructure without legal repercussions. Thankfully on this occasion at least, the judge said “no”.

Tesla Slammed Over “Full Self-Driving Capability” Claims

California regulators are officially reviewing Tesla’s claim to have a “full self-driving capability”.