British Empire Expanding its Influence in Africa, Spreading Climate Evangelism

Did I say “Empire”? Sorry I meant to say British “Commonwealth”…

Germany Green Energy Crisis: Warning of “Lehman Like” Contagion

Germany’s renewable policy inspired energy insecurity has reached crisis levels, with Germany’s Vice Chancellor warning of “Lehman like” economic contagion if energy prices rise any further.

NASA Launch: Australia Joins the Commercial Space Race

Australia’s first ever commercial space launch, from our near Equatorial Arnhem Space Centre, will occur 10.44pm ACST (06:14am Sunday California Time).

Coal Burning Germany: Pay Poor Countries to Switch to Renewables

“It’s difficult to cajole developing countries to abandon coal while reopening your own coal-fired power plants.”

Time: Exploit the Ocean to Build Our Green Future

Time Magazine painting a glorious green vision of massive exploitation of unspoilt marine wilderness to build our renewable energy powered future.

Claim: Australia’s Supercomputer Gadi will Solve the Climate Crisis

Because when your models can’t predict the climate, what you really need is a bigger computer, right?

Study: Replacing “Global Warming” with “Weather” Engages Climate Skeptics

UT School of Journalism Professor Renita Coleman is lead author of a study which suggest journalists who want to engage climate skeptics should replace the term “Global Warming” with “Weather”.

IEA Warns Russia could Cut Off All Gas to Europe

Just as well Europe has invested hundreds of billions of Euros in renewable energy capacity /sarc.

Claim: Climate Friendly GM Rice can Trap More CO2

According to the Innovative Genomics Institute, Genetically modifying Rice to make it more vigorous with deeper roots, could trap more CO2.

Aussie ABC: Electric Vehicles Could Overload the Grid

“At the moment our electricity grid is not coping at all”: According to Origin Energy, a major Aussie supplier, unless smart chargers are used to shift EV charging load away…

USDA Food Waste Climate Initiative Tells People How to Compost

Your tax dollars at work – I read this three times and it still looks like a word salad. But there is a disturbing question – why?

US Navy to Hold a Climate Change War Game

The US Navy is holding an open source table top war game, to model how climate change could affect future conflicts.

Aussie Climate & Energy Minister: Nuclear Advocates are “Dangerously Ignorant”

“Firmed renewables are quicker to build and cheaper to operate. Those who say otherwise are either dangerously ignorant or simply seeking to perpetuate the climate wars.” 

Former Bush Official Urges more US China Climate Change Cooperation

The CCP mouthpiece China Daily has quoted former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson speaking at a Chinese sponsored conference, urging more cooperation with China to defeat Climate Change. But the…

Claim: Climate Science can Change Minds, but Skeptics Undo Progress

According to Associate Professor Thomas Wood, the impact of climate education is so fragile, exposure to climate skeptic voices rapidly undoes progress in changing minds.

Claim: Quantum Computing Magic can Solve the Climate Crisis

According to McKinsey and Company, Quantum Computing modelling can accelerate discovery of breakthrough technologies to solve the climate crisis. But is this an admission of how far we need to…

Green Aussie PM Caves, Offers Subsidies for Coal and Gas

Australia has embraced a worst of both worlds energy policy, in which both renewables and fossil fuel providers will receive generous subsidies to maintain their services.

German Vice Chancellor Announces a Return to Coal

German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Green Party): “That’s bitter, but it’s simply necessary in this situation to lower gas usage,” 

The Court Ruling which could Outlaw Climate Skepticism

Vanuatu has urged Australia to join its push to have the United Nations International Court of Justice rule that states are “obliged to use all the means at its disposal…

Claim: Climate Change Causes Heart Failure

Because tropical hairless apes like we humans are so maladapted to warm weather our hearts can’t cope. /sarc

MIT Proposes Giant Space Bubbles to Reverse Climate Change

According to MIT researchers, blowing bubbles in space to block sunlight might be the solution to our climate woes. But they like all the others ignore a fundamental flaw with…

Obama Installing 2500 Gallon Propane Backup at Marthas Vineyard

In a resounding vote of confidence in our new green energy age, President Obama is installing enough propane backup to provide an entire winter of energy independence for his Martha’s…

Australian Government: More Committed than Ever to Renewable Energy

The Aussie climate change clown show continues, with state and federal politicians arguing about whether to allow some gas projects until the battery backup is ready.

UN Bonn Climate Talks Ends in Arguments Over Money

Once again the promised climate cash has not been delivered.