Biden Suspends Federal Oil and Gas Permits, Because Climate Change

As promised, Biden has launched a full frontal assault on the USA’s oil and gas jobs, while he investigates the impact of US domestic energy independence on climate change.

Sensible, sustainable nuclear power for Africa

Nuclear is most certainly a source of sustainable clean energy. At least seven African countries have signed agreements with Russian nuclear company Rosatom to develop nuclear capabilities. Small Modular Reactors…

Surprise! Chinese Coal Output has Risen to 2015 Levels, Undermining Climate Pledges

Who could have imagined the possibility Chinese President Xi Jinping’s climate rhetoric does not exactly accord with what is happening on the ground?

Study: Africa’s Green Energy Transition “Unlikely”

The planned construction of 2,500 new power plants, most of them fossil fuel, has dashed hopes that Africa would leapfrog the developed world’s reliance on fossil fuels by going straight…

How To Handle 40 GW Offshore Wind (Or Not!)–Drax

Reposted from NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT JANUARY 9, 2021 Guest Post By Joe Public Drax’s latest Quarterly Bulletin has a section on storing excess wind power: I…

Record cold weather in China sends power demand through the roof

Frigid weather across north Asia has caught utilities and liquefied natural gas importers off guard as demand for power lowered inventories and pushed spot prices to record levels.

The UK Power Grid and Winter

Enlighten the readers across the pond. Has the weather been unusual? Is much worse expected to come? How likely is it that the current steps being taken will prevent blackouts?…

Nobody’s Fuel – an engineer’s guide to saving the planet

Nobody’s Fuel – an engineer’s guide to saving the planet On a road trip to the heart of an ailing planet [sic] with a message of hope. This documentary about…

Wind and solar are losing ground to gas

What is amusing is that gas-fired power generation, a fossil fuel with no subsidy, is still growing faster than wind and solar. Far from taking over, wind and solar are…

EU Turns to Magic to Progress their Clean Energy Agenda

The European Union is so desperate for their clean energy push to yield a viable solution, they have just given €3,999,870 to a cold fusion research team.