How Human Disruptions Impact Global GDP

“Many economists are interested in understanding what the literature says about the cost of “non-climate” and “climate” related human disruptions.

Energy Industries Club speech on energy security

…we have a new approach to energy policy: Gaslighting.

Australia’s Callide C Coal Plant Owners Enter Voluntary Administration

Australia’s version of Chapter 11 – could Australia be on the verge of losing another coal plant?

Australian renewable energy transition. Part 3

The known solutions are expensive, but the renewable sector doesn’t want to pay for them – their mantra remains that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels so the others should…

Renewable Fail: Britain to Now Class Nuclear Power as “Sustainable Energy”

The British government has caved in to the reality that renewables don’t work, and will now include nuclear energy in its plan to transition to “sustainable” power.

E.P.A. Tells States:  Clean Up Your Smokestacks

“The Biden administration is strengthening the ‘Good Neighbor’ rule, to cut pollution from power plants and factories in the West and Midwest that wafts east.”

EU Takes Step to Force All Homes, Buildings to Meet Crushing Energy Efficiency Standards

“That’s pie-in-the-sky policymaking from cuckoo land. It’s neither affordable nor feasible,” said head of the Haus&Grund association Kai Warnecke to Bild newspaper.

A Fresh Approach to Energy Policy

The government’s relentless pursuit of lower emissions is inconsistent with these yet-to-be-resolved issues.

There Is No Energy Transition, Just Energy Addition

While renewables claim a larger fraction of a growing pie, fossil fuels are expected to grow faster in absolute terms.

Australian renewables integration. Part 2

The authors believe it is most likely that costs will increase significantly and reliability will degrade considerably even if they do a great job of implementing all the planned changes.

Renewable Energy Fail, as British Coal Generators Fired Up AGAIN to Cover Shortfalls

Britain has once again been forced to face the inadequacies of their energy system of the future.

New Nuclear: Three Projects, Three Problems

In light of the past experience with nuclear promises, the only sensible attitude is to wait and see how many of these announced plans will, even with the added incentive…

Biden Putting Climate Change Agenda Over Energy Security – Linnea Lueken

In her discussion with host Rachel Campos-Duffy, Lueken explains how artificially raising energy prices in America by moving away from fossil fuels is going to raise the prices of everything,…

Are Grassroot Wind/Solar Foes ‘Cultish’? (Peter Sinclair vs. Kevon Martis again)

Peter and his corporate masters at APEX and Land and Liberty are working overtime in Michigan to strip away township control of wind and solar siting.

Reliable vs. Intermittent Generation: A Primer (Part II)

“IVREs are inherently unreliable. One cannot demand that the wind blow or the sun shine. Industrial wind power and on-grid solar is not cheap but expensive, duplicative, and parasitic.”

Climate Child labor- Who cares?

Showing no moral or ethical concerns for the disposable workforce, wealthy countries continue to encourage subsidies to procure EV’s and build more wind and solar.

Australian renewables integration: Part 1

Forty years ago, Australia had an electricity system delivering cheap, reliable power. That is no longer the case.

Gas Power Is Cheaper Than Wind, Despite Carbon Brief’s Claims

If we had more gas-fired power and less wind power, our energy bills would be lower, not higher.

Reliable vs. Intermittent Generation: A Primer (Part I)

Therefore, if fuel costs are rising, and I am running my generation facility on a skeleton crew, what’s left for me to cut?

IAEA: Wants Papers Describing the Nuclear Path to Net Zero

The International Atomic Energy Agency has called for papers ahead of the Atoms4NetZero Conference in October 2023. The papers must be submitted by 28th April.

Demands for more subsidy expose the illusion of falling wind power costs

The absurdity of current Net Zero plans is now exposed for all to see.

Don’t Believe the Geniuses Claiming to Know Our Energy Future

The energy supply will inexorably move to whatever best supplies consumer needs at the lowest cost.

Childish Beliefs Drive Lethal Energy and Agricultural Agendas

These ideas, and these policy proponents, are what should be banished from government, media and academic institutions. Not the wondrous technologies that make modern life possible. 

How FERC can protect the grid from wind and solar

The basic idea is very simple; do not add renewables without sufficient backup.

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