Claim: A Canadian Climate Lawsuit May Succeed Because of a Dutch Climate Activist Victory

The Dutch Supreme Court in 2015 ruled that that the Netherlands had until 2020 to reduce CO2 emissions by 25%, a ruling which was upheld in a 2019 appeal. Canadian assistant law professor Karinne Lantz thinks that the decision of the Dutch court might impact an ongoing Canadian climate lawsuit, because Canada is a signatory to the same treaties which got the Dutch Government into trouble.

Dr Shi Wuhan Institute of Virology

Were Dangerous Wuhan Coronavirus Lab Experiments Part Funded by Western Governments?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Breitbart; The Australian Daily Telegraph claims a leaked dossier suggests it is China’s fault that Covid-19 spread; China deliberately suppressed knowledge of the outbreak, instead of trying to stop the spread of the epidemic. But dangerous Wuhan “Gain of Function” Studies, in which virologists deliberately created lethal human pathogens…