Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part Three: Nature Magazine Calls Out the IPPC for Climate Hypocrisy

Even failure to achieve targets would be useful, by highlighting real-world limitations in net-zero policy assumptions, which could then inform wider societal strategy.

Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part Two: It’s Not Hypocrisy if Your Heart is Pure

I believe I can sum up the following bafflegab in three short bullet points.

It’s Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part One: Climate Activists Channel Michael Crichton

He also suggested that private jets be banned as they add more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the benefit of the few who could afford them.

How is widespread use of helicopters to study polar bears defensible in a warming world?

…the lifeblood of most polar bear research is jet fuel needed by helicopters

Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis? Part Two: Where We are in the UK Today

We, the people, want all this climate crap stopped. Now. And we want our money back!

SMH: Radio Silence Replaces Greenwashing Claims

Stronger laws against false climate claims appear to have silenced former corporate green enthusiasts.

Claim: Companies are Cashing in on Climate Anxiety with False Marketing

Who didn’t see this coming?

Jacob Nordangård: UN/WEF openly planning to use the CO2 scam to control us | Tom Nelson Podcast

Tom Nelson Mar 23, 2023 Tom Nelson PodcastJacob Nordangård is a Swedish researcher, author, lecturer, and musician. Ph.D. in Technology and Social Change at Linköping University. Master of Social Science…

Legalized Climate Grifting

In short, nothing about “renewable energy” is clean, renewable, sustainable, fair or equitable.

ExxonMobil Cans Algae (greenwash failure)

The end of algae as a substitute for crude oil comes after $350 million and 14 years of commitment.

German Green Ministers Emitting the Most with Government Flights…Minister Baerbock 5000 Tonnes CO2!

Number 1 among all the ministers is Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Green Party) with 67 flights, 5000 tonnes of CO2 and costs of around 7.6 million euros.

Greenpeace Betrays Founders to Peddle Junk Science

. By siding with machines over living, endangered whales they have betrayed their founders and everyone who really cares about the natural world.

‘Al Gore and the End of Climate Policy’ (autopsy time)

The mitigation strategy of the United Nations, the UK/EU, and the Biden Administration has failed.

Climate Aristocrat Bill Gates Invokes the Special Person Defence for Private Jet Use

Who are you to question your betters, peasant? Aristocrats break the rules they try to impose on others, they believe their service justifies any personal excesses.

New Rule: Climate Shame | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill comes clean about flying on private jets and calls out the stars and politicians who speak about the need to reduce our carbon footprint while doing the same.

Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and Aisling Bea: Stop Financing Fossil Fuel

Jetset celebrities Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson and Aisling Bea have demanded banks stop financing production of jet fuel? Maybe they haven’t thought it through.

Barry Brill: For Billionaires, Climate Lobbying is Hot

There was once a time when climate change was about science. No longer.

Big Tech Insiders Pushing Modular NUCLEAR Reactors for Data Centers

As green energy policies pushed by big tech destabilise the public grid, tech industry insiders are pushing onsite miniature nuclear reactors to insulate their businesses from blackouts.

How Michelin Covered Up Industrial Deforestation by its Indonesian Partner in “Eco-Friendly” Rubber Venture

The moral of the story is clear – don’t believe any business that tells you they are saving the planet; in most cases they are simply out to make money.

Meghan and Harry: Private Jet Climate Hypocrites

Meghan and Harry’s Netflix self indulgent Netflix series about their alleged victimhood has mercifully concluded. But a lot of criticisms of their behaviour remain unanswered.

ABC: “Ramp Down” Fossil Fuel Production Instead of Jailing Protestors

The Aussie federal government owned ABC thinks climate extremists are just trying to show us the disruption climate chaos will bring.

‘Staggering Disconnect’: Climate Summit Boasts Opulent Beef, Seafood Menu Despite Spearheading Anti-Meat Initiatives

Meat for me, but not for thee!

The BBC Defends Special People Flying Private Jets to COP27

In 2020, the BBC asked “should we give up flying for the sake of the climate?”. That same BBC defends the right of the climate elite to continue using private…

Four HUNDRED Private Jets Attended the COP27 Climate Conference

Climate hypocrisy on steroids – four hundred delegates and their retinues arrived by CO2 spewing private jets, to discuss how to restrict everyone elses CO2 emissions.

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