Climate Activist Hypocrisy Example Eleventy Gazillion

Just Stop Oil Protestor Who Pulled ‘Hay Wain’ Painting Stunt Has Racked Up 50,000 Air Miles on Exotic Holidays

Coal Burning Germany: Pay Poor Countries to Switch to Renewables

“It’s difficult to cajole developing countries to abandon coal while reopening your own coal-fired power plants.”

Bill Gates and Elon Musk: The Battle of the Climate Change Hypocrites

So, enjoy your cheeseburger, take your shower, and drive your car to work. The climate bosses are doing it, so why shouldn’t you?

Obama Installing 2500 Gallon Propane Backup at Marthas Vineyard

In a resounding vote of confidence in our new green energy age, President Obama is installing enough propane backup to provide an entire winter of energy independence for his Martha’s…

“Save The Children” Chooses Climate Virtue Signalling Over Feeding Hungry Kids

You might expect on the eve of a global food price crisis, a charity which genuinely cares about feeding hungry children would swallow their pride and prioritise accepting donations from…

BBC: Top Liberal Companies Exaggerating Climate Action

If climate action is such a pressing priority, why do liberal companies run by vocal activist CEOs allegedly feel the need to fake it?

Biden Maladministration Now Cancelling Mining Leases

As if the unlawful cancellation of oil & gas lease sales wasn’t bad enough, Brandon et al., 2021-2022 are now cancelling mining leases that would have led to increased domestic…

Alex Epstein: “It’s time for Larry Fink to come clean about fossil fuels”

Guest “Will the real Larry Fink please stand up?” by David Middleton Remember the old game show, To Tell the Truth? To Tell the TruthSeptember 8, 1969 – September, 1978Produced…

Green Campaigner Exempts Herself From Her Own Climate Demand

British green campaigner Angela Terry has plumbed new depths of arrogant hypocrisy, by demanding a ban on home conservatories during a TV interview – while sitting in her own conservatory.

Nature Conservation Groups Demand More Renewable Energy Transmission Lines

Environmentalists pimping for wholesale destruction, concrete and clear felling of vast corridors of wilderness and farmland, to succour the renewable energy beast.

Jailed Insulate Britain protester went globe-trotting in a gas-guzzling 4×4 pick-up truck

Before becoming involved in XR, Smart and her partner, who describe themselves as “valiant adventurers whose dream is to circumnavigate the planet”, drove across Europe, the Western Sahara and central…

Climate Activist Fury at BBC Suggestion they Target China

According to BBC’s Roger Harrabin, “… Greenpeace and WWF have offices in Beijing and if they rattle China too hard, they could be swiftly closed down”.

Guardian: “Climate change deniers are as slippery as those who justified the slave trade”

The Guardian is outdoing itself reaching for ridiculous hyperbole, to try to make us care.

Michael Mann: Carbon Shaming Celebrity Climate Hypocrites is a Big Oil Plot

According to Mann, whenever we point out the private jet traffic jams at climate conferences, or Clown Prince Harry’s latest green PR disaster, its all part of a sinister big…

‘Hypocrite’ Prince Harry jets home from Aspen despite lectures on climate change

The Duke of Sussex has been labelled a “hypocrite” for choosing to take the two-hour flight back to his mansion in Montecito via the £45million Gulfstream jet. He boarded the…

Sign the Petition to Serve Vegan Food at COP26

Heura Foods is horrified that their petition to put climate friendly Vegan food on the menu at the upcoming Glasgow COP26 climate conference is being ignored.

Extinction Rebellion Co-founder Drives a Diesel

Cristo clashes with Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook after the latest climate protests, calling her a “hypocrite” as she admits driving a diesel car and flew 11,000 miles for a…

The Guardian Accuses the Biden Administration of Climate Denial

The Biden Administration’s appeal for OPEC to pump more oil to keep gasoline affordable has drawn rare criticism from The Guardian.

Telegraph: “[UK] Government climate tsar’s dirty secret: he still drives a diesel car”

British climate tsar Alok Sharma, leader of Britain’s push to ban gasoline vehicles, who regularly ignores quarantine when returning from countries on the Covid-19 red list, has promised to trade…

British Labour MP Ed Miliband Demands Real Climate Action

Ed Miliband, who served an unremarkable two years as secretary of state for energy and climate change under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, has just demanded real climate action.

Claim: Chamber of Commerce Membership is Climate “Guilt by Association”

According to The Verge, being a member of the US Chamber of Commerce automatically means you are guilty of supporting climate inaction.

Claim: Bill Gates Just Gave a Climate Lecture to Billionaires who Arrived by Private Jet

So many private jets, the FAA reportedly had to delay some aircraft to avoid overcrowding the local airspace.

Greta Thunberg: “150 Weeks have Passed” but Leaders are Only Pretending to Act

Greta made woke climate leaders squirm at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian World Summit 2021 – they had to sit there and take it, and applaud and thank her afterwards.

What is good for the climate geese is NOT good for the ganders.

How dare we, in the healthier and wealthier countries, turn our backs on the 11 million kids dying every year in developing countries, and insist that we should limit poor…