Claim: Global Cooling – Because of Climate Change Driven Wildfires

Are Climate activists preparing their excuses in advance, for the imminent plunge in global temperatures predicted by Dr. Willie Soon?

Claim: Covid-19 Spread by Farting in a Confined Space

Fart of death? British Politicians are allegedly concerned about a case of Covid-19 transmission apparently caused by someone passing wind in an adjacent toilet cubicle.

Gizmodo goes fuller retard… on the geologic time scale

Guest “You never always go full retard” by David Middleton 7 Epic Epochs of Earth, Ranked […] 1. Pleistocene, 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago The very best time on Earth.…

CNRS: “Global warming can lead to increased frost damage!”

According to Climate Scientists, Europe’s bitterly cold April would have been colder if it hadn’t been for climate change, so we must step up our effort to fight global warming.

BBC Censors their Own Climate Change Page

The BBC has caved in to pressure from climate activists and academics, to remove any suggestion warmer temperatures might bring benefits to people living in Britain.

Media Scrambles to Deny Climate Revolutionaries Staged an Insurrection

The other day WUWT published a satirical piece, suggesting self described climate revolutionaries who sat on their butts in front of the White House and demanded money were an “insurrection”.…

Music to Soothe the Climate Denial Away?

Climate activist Naomi Oreskes now has her own theme song, after the University of Utah commissioned a musician to compose a song about climate denial, to convince people to read…

“Courts, customers and Wall Street delivered rebukes to Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Shell”… Oh my!

Guest “it just doesn’t get any dumber than this” by David Middleton ‘Powerful signal’: In a single day, Big Oil suffers historic blows on climateCourts, customers and Wall Street delivered…

Facebook: People Are Now Permitted to Speculate Covid-19 Leaked from a Laboratory

Following official suggestions the Wuhan laboratory leak hypothesis is being seriously considered by the US Government, Facebook has announced they will now allow users to share their Wuhan lab leak…

Left Wing Activists Demand Americans Freeze in the Dark… Because?

Guest “You can’t fix stupid” by David Middleton Left-wing activists demand Democrats exclude nuclear and carbon capture from climate billby Abby Smith, Energy and Environment Reporter | | May 12,…

Rise of the Climate Change Stinkies: NYT Wants you to Shower Less and Stop Using Toilet Paper

The New York Times is praising the efforts of low carbon pioneers who reject personal hygiene to save the planet from Covid-19 and Climate Change.

Music Industry Demands Funding So They Can Stop Climate Change by Eliminating Live Tours

They would also like an effort to “nurture local artists”, to reduce the influence of foreign artists, so fans are less tempted to fly overseas to see live concerts.

MI6 Head Explains the Focus of British Espionage Against China is Climate Change

Richard Moore, head of MI6, Britain’s answer to the CIA, says gathering intelligence about Chinese compliance with climate pledges will be his spy agency’s highest priority.

Rolling Stone: “Now Is Our Last Best Chance to Confront the Climate Crisis”

Rolling Stone thinks making the world more habitable for humans will kill us off.

Guardian Climate Expose: Big Oil Companies Pay Bonuses to CEOs who Increase Profits

According to The Guardian, oil executives are so focussed on profit they are ignoring the opportunity to make even more money by investing in renewables.

Climate Grief: “Half the wildlife in Africa has died on my watch.”

Climate scientists want to be “stewards of grief, to hold the hand of society as we enter the unknown space of the climate crisis”.

The Guardian: The Plastics and Pollution Crisis will Shrink Your Penis

The effort to find a replacement for the dying climate crisis has plumbed new depths.

Claim: Gender assumptions harm progress on climate adaption and resilience

ARC CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR CORAL REEF STUDIES Research News Scientists say outdated assumptions around gender continue to hinder effective and fair policymaking and action for climate mitigation and adaptation.…

Michael Mann: Russian Web Bots are Causing Climate Activists to Fight Each Other

According to Michael Mann, the main obstacle to climate action is a coalition of Russian robots, Saudis, fossil fuel tycoons, Rupert Murdoch, Wikileaks and climate deniers.

Google Fires Ethics Heads for Questioning the Global Warming Impact of AI

When the woke outwoke the woke. Back in December, Google fired AI Ethics Unit co-leader Timnit Gebru, in relation to her paper “On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language…

NATO chief suggests battle tanks with solar panels as militaries go green

“Nato should do its part to look into how we can reduce emissions from military operations,” he told the Chatham House event. “We know that heavy battle tanks or fighter…

FP: China’s Belt and Road is a “Silk Road with Green Energy”

Foreign Policy Magazine fantasising about China rolling out a green energy revolution via its Belt and Road initiative, like it is already happening.

Experts Blame Global Warming for Cold Weather in Thailand and Singapore

Not quite the snow storm in Delhi scene out of “The Day After Tomorrow”, but notably cooler temperatures in regions which are normally intensely tropical, prompting the climate explainers to…

Gizmodo: US Should Demilitarise and Withdraw to Reduce CO2 Emissions

According to Gizmodo, as the USA switches away from fossil fuel there will no longer be a need for a US military presence in global hotspots.