The Nanny State Strikes Again: 30C Heat Health Alert?

Let’s not let a bit of warm weather – or alarmist media – disrupt our enjoyment of a beautiful summer weekend.

Guardian COP28 Circus: Our Last Hope is an Arab Oil Sheik who Plans to Increase Production

… A diplomat from one developed country said: “It could not be much worse.” Another said: “You could not make this stuff up.” …

More Proof The Lancet Has Fallen – Publishes New Paper: Envisioning environmental equity: climate change, health, and racial justice

[sic] Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination interact with climate change to worsen existing harm to health and widen inequities for minoritised people both within and between the Global North and Global South4

Climate Alarmists FAIL to Garner Support in Melbourne

Avi Yemini hits the streets of Melbourne as Extinction Rebellion protesters attempt to shut down city in the name of science.

STUDY: ‘Global warming can cause headaches’ through ‘stress of…changes in weather patterns’ – Makes Parkinson’s, ‘stroke, MS, migraines, & dementia worse’

According to researchers from the American Academy of Neurology, global warming is fueling a rise in neurological diseases ranging from migraines to Alzheimer’s. People with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS)…

Mann’s Twitter Mania is Embarrassing

Sorry Buddy. She’s out of your league.

Archbishop Blames Climate Change For Illegal Immigrants

…maybe the Archbishop would care to explain just how many migrants are coming here because of climate change, which countries they are coming from, and provide the data to prove…

Democrat Rep. Claims Climate Change is Root Cause of Illegal Immigration

RealAmericasVoice LOL: Democrat Representative Pete Aguilar claims CLIMATE CHANGE is the root cause of illegal immigration. 🤣🤣🤣#BorderInvasion #title42 #BidenBorderCrisis #bordercrisis @RealMirandaKhan @RealDrGina @AgueroForTexas

Claim: Climate Change Could Cause Us Catch a Nasty Wooly Mammoth Virus

Aix Marseille University Professor Emeritus Dr Claverie explaining how ancient mammoth viruses released by melting permafrost could make us sick.

Reasoning about Climate Change

More crap from ideologically captured social scientists who couldn’t tell you the atomic weight of a Hydrogen atom

The Conversation: “Can we justify … botanic gardens in an age of climate change … ?”

How much do greens hate green spaces? If they’re not hacking down forests for renewables, they’re trying to turn the water off?

Former New Zealand PM Joins Global Climate Skeptic Censorship Push

Former NZ PM Jacinda Ardern has formally joined Harvard’s global push to censor online speech, because publicly questioning climate alarmism is related to mass shooting atrocities.

Michael E Mann Goes Humpty Dumpty on “1000 Year Event”

…we shouldn’t have witnessed it if we lived for a thousand years.

Guardian: Gas is Dragging Up the Cost of Renewables

According to The Guardian, a publicly owned company could overcome the impediment of private companies, which are reluctant to cut household energy bills by investing in renewables.

Column: Wake Up, West – a new energy world order is building, fast

But storm clouds are on the horizon for the existing superpower order.

JRM & The Nutter From Just Stop Oil

Jacob Rees-Mogg interviews Looby Loo!

Climate Insanity: Swiss Government Sued for Not Preventing a Heatwave

Greens are trying to redefine “climate lockdown” as meaning a weather even which makes it unpleasant to be outdoors.

Wash, blow dry & talk to me about global warming please: Hairdressers trained to talk about ‘climate action’ to customers

During the sessions, hairdressers hear the basics of climate science and get to role play how conversations might go.

Should have Gone to School Greta – Deletes a Tweet Predicting Disaster by 2023

Little Greta covering her tracks, squirming and posturing like any other establishment politician?

Modern Diplomacy: We Should Focus on Climate Action Rather than Interplanetary Colonialism

NASA might have to put their plans to invade Mars on hold, if we heed the green concerns of one of Europe’s foremost woke think tanks.

New Study Blames ‘Climate Change’ For Gun Violence. Morano Responds.

Marc Morano doesn’t hold back.

Greta Protest Against Windmills!

Reindeer herders in the Nordic country say the sight and sound of the giant wind power machinery frighten their animals and disrupt age-old traditions.

Monbiot : We Must End Our Dependence on Farming

…switch out of farming altogether to produce protein-rich foods which we can do through Precision fermentation

Aussie Greens are Blocking the New Carbon Tax

A hilarious standoff has developed in Aussie politics, where greens are refusing to support a new carbon tax unless all the loopholes are closed.

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