European Commission Declares Nuclear and Gas to be Green

The European Commission has labeled nuclear and gas as sustainable. Critics are calling the step “greenwashing” and say it could threaten the bloc’s bid to become climate-neutral by 2050.

Aussie PM: NSW Climate Change Floods are the Rest of the World’s Fault

If only you selfish Chinese and Americans and Europeans hadn’t burnt all that coal Australia keeps exporting. Of course, some NSW flood management projects might also have helped.

Shameless: Aussie Climate Council Now Claims Floods Caused by CO2

Tim Flannery, Climate Council Founder, in 2006: “even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems”.

US Immigration Crisis Due to Climate Change: DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Sunday that the immigration crisis at the southern border is not unique to the U.S., and that southern countries are also seeing a massive…

Aussie ‘Ambassador for Women’ claims ‘climate change’ causes rape! ‘Exacerbates the risks of sexual & gender-based violence’

As we confront the climate crisis, women and girls’ human rights, must be at the center of our collective efforts.

Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Historic Oil Paintings

Vandalising, risking damage to irreplaceable artworks, because none of us have listened to their spoiled tantrums.

US Navy to Hold a Climate Change War Game

The US Navy is holding an open source table top war game, to model how climate change could affect future conflicts.

Claim: Climate Change Causes Heart Failure

Because tropical hairless apes like we humans are so maladapted to warm weather our hearts can’t cope. /sarc

Bill Gates to Elon Musk: My Climate Virtue is Bigger than Your Climate Virtue?

A bizarre online argument has erupted between Bill Gates and Elon Musk, over who has done the most to prevent climate change.

Climate Nuttiness: IPCC Scientist Peter Kalmus Unglued (‘Scientist Rebellion’ a dud)

The climate nuts hurt their cause as much or more than they help it. And their own words doom them to ridicule and irrelevance.

Climate Madness: Prince Charles Backs Face Masks For Cows In Bid To Tackle Climate Change

From Climate Depot A special kind of stupid: WEF leader promoting cow masks. Screenshot from YouTube # Newsweek: Prince Charles Mocked For Backing ‘Crazy’ Climate Change Face Mask For Cows Reality…

Climate Change – Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Inhaled Anaesthesia?

Every sector must play its part in reducing both emission of harmful gases and overall energy use.

Climate Change to Blame for Monkeypox Outbreak, Says Professor

So it’s going to keep happening, particularly with climate change where we’re invading a lot of habitats. And you want to catch it as soon as you can.

Claim: Climate Change Likely to Reduce the Amount of Sleep That People Get Per Year

The team says their findings suggest that by the year 2099, suboptimal temperatures may erode 50 to 58 hours of sleep per person per year.

Guardian: Climate Change Killed off Ancient Rome’s Herbal Viagra

New Hampshire professors claim the ancient Silphium herb herb died from climate change, not because greedy Romans harvested every last plant.

CLAIM: ‘Covid & Climate Change Push Many Older Women into Prostitution’

He said 12-13 women in their late 30s and 40s from the Sundarbans area who were pushed into sex slavery have been rescued over the last four months. And this…

Watch: Morano on TV explains how climate agenda is pushing ‘the end of private car ownership’ & end of meat-eating

So what they’ve done is they’ve literally got people convinced that the government isn’t doing enough and that we’re all going to die in some climate, emergency, or catastrophe, and…

Claim: Cancer Surgery Causes Climate Change

Cancer care is an obvious target for greener efforts within surgery, Berlin notes, because it often involves intense levels of care over a short period of time.

ALBERTA UNDER ATTACK | Top 10 Findings of the Allan Inquiry

Over the last 14 years, Canada’s energy sector has been the target of the highly organized and highly funded Tar Sands Campaign.

Climate Anxiety: Avoiding Pre-Packaged Food Triggered an Eating Disorder

East Anglia has a new counselling programme to help students who are struggling to eliminate plastic packaging and cook their own food, and other eco-anxiety related issues.

The World Has Gone Bonkers!

Northern Ireland will need to lose more than 1 million sheep and cattle to meet its new legally binding climate emissions targets, according to an industry-commissioned analysis seen by the…

Asset Managers Are Ignoring Climate “Science” and Continuing to Fund Fossil Fuels!

Guest “You can’t fix stupid” by David Middleton ESG AND GREEN BUSINESSGiant global asset managers have $82 billion in coal projects, $468 billion in oil and gasPUBLISHED WED, APR 20…

The Conversation: Invest in Renewable Energy to Save Democracy

According to University of California Professor Eve Darian-Smith, more government is the path to freedom. Building more renewables would protect us from Russia and President Trump.

Comedy Gold: How To Cope With Your “Climate Anxiety”

Evidence that climate change threatens mental health is mounting, according to a recent report from Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation.