China is Locking Up Future Natural Gas Supplies

Next time you pay your gas bill, the bill might be higher because of China’s geopolitical games. Only the election of pro fossil fuel Western governments can fix this situation.

Gas Stoves: The Beloved Blue Flame is Just Better

DOE needs to stop politicizing energy appliances on unfounded predictions that “clean” renewable electricity will soon dominate the grid. 

Record Cold in New England, As Natural Gas Comes to The Rescue Again

The fossil fuels that Joe Biden has promised to eliminate from the grid by 2035 supplied 65% of New England’s electricity at 8.00pm on Friday night.

L A Times Hype That California Natural Gas Price Hikes Are Due To “Instability of Fossil Fuels” Grossly Distorted

The goals are just too far-fetched and unrealistic — unless you want to inflict major economic pain

Gas-Fired Power Is Now Cheaper Than Offshore Wind Again

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood . . There are increasingly strong signs that European gas prices are back to pre-war lows and may stop…

In Pennsylvania, Will Josh Shapiro Unlock Decades of Affordable Energy?

Developing Pennsylvania’s deposits of natural gas and coal would enhance its role as a global powerhouse and promote the well-being of Pennsylvanians.

Do Gas Cook Stoves Cause Asthma?

Gas cooking stoves are blamed for children’s respiratory illnesses, like asthma, widely in the literature.  Almost none of the studies actually measure the exposure of the child to the putative…

Surprise! Australia’s Green Transition Energy Price Caps are Causing Supply Side Chaos

“… The gas industry is still behaving like a bunch of bullies and effectively looking like they’re withholding supply, …”

SoCalGas Shock: California Gas Prices Skyrocket 128% in One Year

As energy prices in coal states remain steady, California is continuing its green energy revolution plan to bankrupt residents with out of control price rises.

Green EU: The Massive Gas Field Nobody will Touch

Fear of earthquakes is preventing Netherlands from pumping gas from a reservoir big enough to insulate Europe from the consequences of their green energy policy failure and Russian energy geopolitics.

Gas Power Saves Texas from Blackouts, As Wind Power Collapses Again!

Without that gas power, Texas would have faced a catastrophe.

Claim: Aussie Renewables Could Have Prevented Higher Bills and Blackouts

According to Professor Liam Wagner, if the Aussie government had encouraged more renewables 15 years ago, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

Germany’s Gas Reserves “Emptying at Record Speed” As Country Struggles to Keep Warm, Lights On

So far Germany’s response to the energy crisis is plans to build many more turbines, with talks of even tripling its current installed  capacity,…

Aussie Net Zero Insanity: Shell Suspends East Coast Gas Supply Agreement

Gas companies appear to be hinting they might halt exploration and drilling in Australia, unless the government backs off from imposing price controls.

UK Peak Demands for Natural Gas

Natural gas accounts for 43% of the UK’s primary energy consumption. In comparison, renewable energy only supplies 4%.

Renewable Energy Revolution? Energy Australia Warns of Blackouts and Price Spikes

A string of early fossil fuel generator retirements is endangering the stability of the Aussie grid. But an even worse problem could be looming over the Aussie economy.

Africa: The Place where Claims Renewables are Cheaper Go to Die

If renewables are the cheapest form of energy, why is Africa making a dash for gas, with greens in developed nations scrambling to organise climate finance so they build renewables…

Australian Government to Ban All Future Fossil Fuel Projects?

As ordinary Australians reel from skyrocketing energy prices, and our electricity network hovers on the brink of collapse, the Australian Government is moving to block future coal and gas projects.

Green Energy Fail: New England Facing Rolling Blackouts this Winter

SURPRISE – Cold place which repeatedly rejects new gas pipeline proposals is running short of gas.

Environmentalists Petition EPA to Ban Natural Gas Use in Buildings

The environmentalists petition to the EPA is just the opening salvo following passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (a.k.a., Green New Deal Lite).

Putin Responds to Truss / EU Energy Price Cap: “Keep Freezing”

UK PM Liz Truss and the EU plan to impose a Putin Energy Price Cap – but with Chinese hydroelectricity running dry, and Russia sending gas to China via a…

Liz Truss To Cap the Wholesale Price of Gas

In the long term, Truss’s new government wants to decouple electricity prices from gas entirely, a policy the EU is also pursuing.

Gazprom Releases a Sinister Video Taunting Europe Over Winter Gas Shortages

In the wake of announcing an indefinite shutdown of gas supplies, and massive flaring of gas which could have been sent to Europe, Gazprom has released a video titled “And…

Green Energy Fail: British Union Boss Predicts Riots, 1990s Style Uprising

Some good news – Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss has promised to allow fracking if she wins. But this belated outbreak of political sanity comes way too late to prevent…

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