No Matter Your View on Climate Change, Pricing CO2 Is Harmful… Why?

because pricing one externality but not others leads to economic and environmental distortions… causing human suffering.

The Australian Carbon Tax is Back

Carbon tax round 2 – After claiming in 2020 a carbon tax is no longer needed, Australia’s Prime Minister Albanese has decided to offer top emitters an “opportunity” to pay…

EU Global Carbon Border Tax to Hit US Companies

Trade war anyone? The EU is trying to dictate carbon policy to the world once again. But this latest tax the world initiative is overshadowed by the EU’s humiliating 2012…

John Kerry Accused of Proposing US Companies Buy Their Way Out of Climate Action

A scheme for permanent impoverishment of poor countries? US companies pay poor countries to stay poor?

TOMB: Latest RGGI Lawsuit Highlights Increases in Electricity Prices

RGGI would undo our progress toward cleaner energy by imposing prohibitive costs on Pennsylvania energy producers.

A ‘Carbon Fee’ Will Not Save Hawaii from Climate Change

is absurd to levy this sort of regressive tax on people, potentially destroying household budgets in a state that is already extremely expensive to live in

Climate Action? Politically Vulnerable Democrats Demand Lower Gasoline Taxes

It is almost like they think saving their own political hides is more important that the crisis of our times.

The Economist: EU Should Embrace Tougher Carbon Pricing

The Economist has slammed the European Union for not going far enough with its green initiatives.

Coal Use Drives EU Carbon Prices to a Record High

Cold weather, high gas prices, political manipulation of the market and a drop in wind power output created a perfect storm, which is driving up the cost off energy in…

What Coal Price Surge? Climate Council Predicts 20,000 Jobs to Go

In the midst of an unprecedented surge in coal price and demand, Tim Flannery’s Aussie Climate Council has urged Australia to shut down the coal industry, to protect jobs.

Aussie Treasurer: Climate Change is Not Just an Issue for Affluent Liberals

Inner city based Aussie treasurer Josh Frydenberg telling rural district representatives like Senator Bridget McKenzie, that they don’t understand farming, mining and climate change.

Harvard Appoints Obama Advisor as Climate Provost

Harvard appoints “Brilliant” Obama era advisor James Stock to guide their efforts to have more impact on climate change.

Why the EU’s Carbon Border Tax will Fail to Stop Carbon Leakage

The EU is once again attempting to impose a carbon tax on all imports, to stop “carbon leakage”, the loss of manufacturing or other businesses relocating to lower cost countries.…

Elon Musk Demands a Carbon Tax

Buys Bitcoin, bans bitcoin for Tesla purchases because of the Carbon Footprint, praises Dogecoin, calls for a Carbon tax.

$1000 / ton Carbon Tax? Climate Scientist Demands the Alleged Damage of Fossil Fuel be Fully Priced

Climate scientist David Lowe is horrified democratic governments like New Zealand are only charging double digit carbon prices – he thinks the true cost of carbon is around $1000 /…

Oregon State Advocates Global “Convergence”, Equalising Per Capita Emissions

According to Oregon State social science professors, we need harsh carbon taxes to force a global convergence of per-capita carbon emissions. Most of the sacrifices will have to be made…

African countries deem EU carbon border levy ‘protectionist’

Some African countries consider the EU’s planned carbon border levy to be “protectionist”. That was the upshot of a conference organised by the French government on Tuesday (23 March), which…

Bloomberg: “600% Gain in Carbon Prices Vital to Rein in Global Warming”

Renewable energy is so cheap and convenient compared to fossil fuel and nuclear power, a brutal regime of carbon taxes is required to force people to move to using renewables.

$51 / ton: Biden Restores the Obama “Social Cost of Carbon”

President Biden has raised the social cost of carbon from Trump’s $8 / ton to the Obama level of $51 / ton. But the real sting is the price tag…

New Zealand to Impose Carbon Taxes on Tourism?

Given New Zealand’s effort to wreck manufacturing and farming with cow taxes and renewable energy rationing, why should the tourism industry be left unscathed?

UK Carbon Tax to Drive Up the Cost of Gas Heating, Milk and Beef

If you read Willis’ excellent essay on energy poverty, you might think countries like Britain would be keen to address this terrible burden on the poor. Think again; the reality…

EU Carbon Border Levy: A Recipe for Failure

Guest essay by Eric Worrall If the upcoming COP26 Climate Conference in November fails to make progress towards a global carbon pricing scheme, the EU will impose a Carbon Border…

EU’s Carbon Border Taxes and Joe Biden’s Clean Energy plans: A double threat for developing countries

The introduction of the European Union’s Carbon Border Taxes and Joe Biden’s announcement of Clean Energy plans has raised double alarm in developing countries.

SMH: Biden Could Work with the EU to Impose a Global Carbon Price

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the EU and Biden administration working together could together impose a global carbon price to which even China would have to submit. But there…

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