At CHECC, We’re Down But Not Out!

We plan to fight on, likely through the en banc DC Circuit and the Supreme Court.

Aarhus University Researchers Find Arctic Warmer, Ice-Free in Summertime 10,000 Years Ago!

Moving goalposts

NOAA predicts a near-normal 2023 Atlantic hurricane season

“The upcoming Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be less active than recent years, due to competing factors — some that suppress storm development and some that fuel it —…

BOOK REVIEW:  Climate Uncertainty and Risk – Rethinking Our Response

This is one book that is far different, with a difference that is important. It has been written by a real climate scientist.

Environmental NGOs In the Global South: Saviors of Humanity or Predatory Special Interests?

The ban on Greenpeace India provoked much furore in the Western press

More Carbon Credit Fraud Uncovered: CEO of Verra Resigns

CEO of biggest carbon credit certifier to resign after claims offsets worthless

The Holocene CO2 Dilemma

Guest Post By Renee Hannon This post evaluates the relationship of global CO2 with regional temperature trends during the Holocene interglacial period. Ice core records show that CO2 is strongly…

Bureau Capitulates: But Overseas Model Unlikely to Solve All Temperature Measurement Issues

It has only taken ten years, that is how long a few of us have been detailing major problems with how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology measures daily temperatures.

Neil Oliver: There’s nothing green about the green agenda…just plain old greed!

Neil Oliver: There’s nothing green about the green agenda…just plain old greed!

ClimateTV Live @ 1PM EDT: Extreme Hurricane Season, or Extreme Fearmongering?

With hurricane season around the corner, Stanley Goldenberg, a scientific expert in hurricane research, joins us for the newest episode of Climate Change Roundtable. Goldenberg joins host Anthony Watts and…

Friday Funny – Planet of the Apes vs. Climate Change

The climate left is fond of showing ginned-up pictures of what sea-level rise would look like in the future. We are barraged with model projections turned into images of flooded…

Germans Appear to Have Had Enough Climate Disruption

According to CNN, German Police have been cracking down on organized Climate Protest rings.c

Watch British Police Protect Road Blocking Climate Protestors

Instead of arresting Just Stop Oil climate protestors, who appear to be maintaining an illegal road block, British police arrested a commuter who lost his temper at police inaction.

CNN Publishes Blatantly False Claim About Wildfires – There’s No Link to Fossil Fuels at All

Originally posted at ClimateREALISM A May 16, 2023 article by CNN reporter Rachel Ramirez titled, “More than a third of the area charred by wildfires in Western North America can…

Open letter to Dr Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC

The following letter was sent to Dr. Lee, the Chair of the IPCC earlier today (May 25th, 2023) by Dr. A.J. (Guus) Berkhout, President of Clintel, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics,…

SCOTUS KILLS WOTUS: Enormous Setback for Obama Era EPA Power Grab

Enormous setback for the fanatics at the EPA who would regulate ever puddle or ditch they could find.

Haynesville Natural Gas Production Sets New Record… Again

Featured image from Midwest Capital Advisors Guest “Déjà vu all over again” by David Middleton From the US Energy Information Administration: Just over one year ago… Frac On! From 2000…

Record World Cereal Outputs Forecast for 2023/24

What climate crisis?

Climate Activist Scientists Get all Verklempt Their Echo Chamber No Longer Exists on Twitter, Throw Tantrums and Leave

Now that Twitter content moderators and healthy conversation enforcers are not amplifying climate activists nor suppressing dissenting voices it’s disheartening for those that believed everyone agrees with them.

Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part Three: Nature Magazine Calls Out the IPPC for Climate Hypocrisy

Even failure to achieve targets would be useful, by highlighting real-world limitations in net-zero policy assumptions, which could then inform wider societal strategy.

Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part Two: It’s Not Hypocrisy if Your Heart is Pure

I believe I can sum up the following bafflegab in three short bullet points.

It’s Climate Hypocrisy Wednesday Part One: Climate Activists Channel Michael Crichton

He also suggested that private jets be banned as they add more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the benefit of the few who could afford them.

“California’s Duck Curve Hits Record Lows”

The forced energy transformation crowd continues to be in denial about how badly the California grid has been compromised by wind and solar

ExxonMobil is Right, Net-Zero Efforts Will Cause a Lower Quality of Life

If voters were aware of the true costs of net-zero, the alarmist media and politicians may have a harder time forcing it on the public.

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