Canadian Climate Policy: Reasonableness Needed

They exhibit an almost ritualistic narcissism defending their crowning achievement, the Carbon Tax, and treat opposition to its efficacy as malignant, unintelligent treachery while demonstrating hypocrisy in practice.

Brewing Truth: Climate Doomsayers’ Cooked up Coffee Crisis

With the seeming randomness of a capricious roulette wheel, the doomsday clique of the climate world daily selects a fresh topic to sow seeds of anxiety among the populace.

Predictably, the Rush to Electric Cars Is Imploding

Anyone who tells you these power grabs aren’t coming is telling you not to believe your own eyes.

Saving Santa Catalina

“… the Catalina Island Conservancy, in order to conserve the habitat has decreed that all the island’s non-native mule deer are to be shot and killed, from aircraft if necessary. “

The Deadly Geo-engineering Idea which Refuses to Die

Greens seem to have an obsession with dimming the sun, otherwise known as starving plants of sunlight and stripping away our disease resistance.

Munich Record December Snow Depth Shows That Weather Surprises Us Again And Again

It’s snowing a lot in Germany and climate researchers already feel compelled to modify their explanations in an effort to maintain interpretative sovereignty. A brief summary of the contradictions that…

They are coming for your car. An insurance insider speaks out.

As Geoff says – “How else could this be used, who are the people that are going to be using it, and do we trust them?”

Cornering ChatGPT into an Honest Answer on the Carbon Cycle

It just requires extreme measures to force it into honesty.

Climate clowns galore, but what do they squark about?

Australia’s contingent to the circus of COP28 is led by the Government’s top climate-clown Christopher Bowen. But for what precise benefit to Australia?

California’s Electric Truck Mandate Conundrums

This EV truck mandate lacks conversations about the many conundrums associated with this mandate, i.e., the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about:

Turning Food into Jet Fuel

One of the absolutely nuttier ideas to come out of the climate change / anti-fossil fuels mania of modern times comes from the international airlines business.  They are being pushed…

UN Climate Summit Includes Session On ‘Responsible Yachting’

It’s absolutely classic… they tell everyone else to sacrifice while they host discussions on ‘sustainable yachting’ among themselves.”

WaPo: People will Copy You if you Buy a Heat Pump

Associate Professor of Philosophy Michael Brownstein thinks you can lead your neighbourhood to climate activism by riding a bike and installing a heat pump.

Convicts, cars, rats and the best program you’ve never heard of – lessons for energy

That is what can cause one to lose their mind by following energy too closely; the possibility for fantastically productive ‘and’ solutions is not encouraged, it is discouraged. We need…

John Kerry Spins UN Climate Summit President’s Comments That ‘No Science’ Backs Fossil Fuel Elimination Push

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry is playing defense for the president of this year’s United Nations (UN) climate confab after he contended that there is “no science” behind…

Why Won’t those Troglodytes Trust Us and How, How, How! Can We Finally Get Through to THEM?!!! Number Eleventy Zillion

More rending of garments.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #578

“The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” – Bertrand Russell

Wildlife Trust and COP28

Quite what a loss and damage fund has to do with British wildlife eludes me.

COP28: China and India Reject Climate Loss and Damage Demands

Everyone agrees the USA should be looted, but China and India want to be recipients of funding, not contributors.

Argentinian Reform: Subsoil Privatization (Javier Milei, meet Guillermo Yeatts)

The case of Guillermo Yeatts for subsoil privatization should eclipse “climate change” as the number one policy initiative of the 21st century.

Not Caused by Climate Change:  The Sinking of Joshimath

Joshimath is a Holy City high in the Indian Himalayas.  It is one of the stops on the route of a Holy Pilgrimage.  Many homes and buildings in Joshimath have…

Another Critical Thinker Reaches The Obvious Conclusion: Intermittent Renewables Can’t Work On Their Own

Most of the reviewed papers assumed that solar and wind will be always supplemented by some form of “firm generation capacity”, which is the obfuscated name of using fossil fuels…

No, CNN, Climate Change is Not Costing the U.S. Billions

Not only has extreme weather not become worse in the United States over time, but the NCA report and CNN both ignore myriad the other factors, like population growth and…

The Young Activists Who Fill Children’s Heads With Lies

Meanwhile back in the real world, sea levels in Alexandria have risen by about an inch during young Hossna’s life.

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