Claim: Climate Change is Helping Herbivorous Crabs To Wreck Salt Marshes

According to a study, higher sea levels / more inundation of salt marshes has softened the soil, allowing burrowing crabs to munch their way through cord grass which holds salt marshes together. But a 2012 study by the same group blamed overfishing of predators for the rise in the crab population, and dismissed climate change as a factor.


Acid Oceans? & Oyster Shells

What’s Natural? Guest post by Jim Steele Published July 14, 2020 in the Pacifica Tribune (I wrote a white paper for the CO2  Coalition, providing more details and references to peer reviewed science regards how marine life counteracts ocean acidification. That paper can be downloaded here ) Search the internet for “acid oceans” and you’ll…

Comet NEOWISE now visible in the evening sky

First, there was Comet ATLAS in April which disappointed sky watchers as it broke apart into pieces. Then there was Comet SWAN in May which also disintegrated. And now we have a third comet named NEOWISE and this one is coming through. In recent days, this comet has been visible shortly before sunrise, but now, it has become an evening object as well and will actually be visible at both ends of the day for the rest of this week.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #416

Unfortunately, scientists in a number of organizations, such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, confuse hypothesis testing with cherry picking – the selection of data that supports the hypothesis, ignoring the rest. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its followers use this erroneous procedure by ignoring forty years of atmospheric temperature trends which show that whatever greenhouse gas warming is occurring is not dangerous.