Bearded Seal pup
(Erignathus barbatus)
Photo: NOAA

Madness: climate ‘projections’ can now be used as evidence to list endangered species

From the Center for Biological Diversity and the “data, we don’t need no steekin data!” department: Appeals Court Reinstates Endangered Species Act Protections for Bearded Seals Judges Cite Loss of Sea Ice, Predictions by ‘Overwhelming Majority of World’s Climate Scientists’ ANCHORAGE, Alaska— A federal appeals court today upheld the National Marine Fisheries Service’s decision to protect…

Source: SGX

The Global Price of Coal has Done a Hockey Stick

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Coal, particularly “coking coal” used for smelting steel, has staged a tremendous comeback in the last few months, thanks to a large scale Chinese buying spree. The rise in coking coal in particular is dragging up the price of related products, such as iron ore. But what is driving this…


Methane Madness: The Battle for our Grasslands and Livestock

By Viv Forbes (Earth Scientist, Grass Farmer, Sheep & Cattle Breeder, Australia) and Dr Albrecht Glatzle (Agronomist and grazier, Paraguay) With assistance and support from: Howard Crozier (Ex CSIRO Admin, Former Exec Councillor NSW Farmers Association, Australia) Robin Grieve (Chairman of Pastural Farming Climate Research, New Zealand) Neil Henderson (Sheep and Cattle breeder, New Zealand)…

This figure shows variations in the atmospheric CO2 concentration observed at Syowa Station since 2014.
National Institute of Polar Research and Tohoku University

The horror! Atmospheric CO2 concentration at Syowa Station in Antarctica exceeds 400 ppm

From the RESEARCH ORGANIZATION OF INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS and “it’s just a number” department, comes this breathless press release. Atmospheric CO2 concentration at Syowa Station in Antarctica exceeds 400 ppm According to the 57th Japan Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE)/National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), a daily mean atmospheric CO2 concentration value of 400.06 ppm was…