The AI Revolution Is Bad News for Net Zero

Driven by the expansion of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the need for economic growth in developing countries, there is zero chance that Net Zero will be achieved…

Arctic 2023 Refuses To Melt…German Scientists Blame “Unusual Weather Phenomenon”

We notice that when the opposite happens, e.g. heat, storms or more melt happens, then it’s all because of climate warming. But when it goes the other way, then it’s…

Wailing Greens: “Tory strategy is now turning net zero into election fodder”

If only this was true. The real British conservative energy policy is a lot stranger.

People of the State of California v. Exxon Mobil Corporation

this latest People of the State of California v. ExxonMobil lawsuit is not a watershed legal action in the least, it is little more than a repackaged repetition of prior lawsuits among a…

Judge Blocks Biden’s Unlawful Lease Sale Restriction

Oil & gas industry defeats Biden administration in court… Again.

Climate Bombshell: No Ice-Cold Beer to Cool Us Down as Planet Earth Boils Over

If there are to be dramatic shortages in barley going forward due to climate change, they have yet to show up in the production record.

“Climate Change killed my family” – or Was it the Badly Managed Local Dams?

My heart goes out to Om Prakash, who lost his family in a landslide disaster earlier this year. But it wasn’t climate change which killed his family.

Russia And China Dominating the Race For Nuclear Electricity Generation.

The US was once the dominant global supplier of civil nuclear technologies, but that market position has since eroded with the emergence of new international vendors , led by Russia and…

Public Anger at The Hidden Costs of Net Zero Energy Policies

I urge politicians in Holyrood and Westminster to suspend all new large-scale wind and solar developments and grid expansions until a comprehensive analysis and report on the real environmental and…

NOAA and the Media Continue to Misinform About Climate Change and Extreme Weather

The Scientific American, among other mainstreams media outlets, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, are promoting claims made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), that climate change is causing increased…

Desperate governors beg for offshore wind cost relief

Six Atlantic shore Governors are begging the Feds to bail them out of a huge looming offshore wind cost overrun.

AI Part II: Power-hungry AI data systems will follow cheap, reliable energy, no matter what the fuel is

…the world’s AI machinery will come to life in whatever corner of the world that stands ready with an industrial site and a reliable power source.

Hero to Zero: The Descent of Climate Heretic Russell Brand

From a left wing hero of 2014, to a green energy heretic who hangs out with Bjørn Lomborg, to accusations of sex offences. But we’ve seen all this before.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #569

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

Values Of Used EVs Plummet, As Dealers Stuck With Unsold Cars

The average cost of second hand electric cars is plummeting by a “phenomenal amount” as they sit for “months on end” without any buyers.

NASA’s First Asteroid Sample Has Landed, Now Secure in Clean Room

Congratulations to the OSIRIS-REx team on a picture-perfect mission – the first American asteroid sample return in histor

The Global War on Farming: ‘Net Zero and the American beef industry cannot coexist’

It is all one big lie. It’s a pretext

Ford Admits Their Risky EV Gamble Hinges on Government Coercion

Who could possibly have predicted that the promises of politicians aren’t worth the paper they are written on?

Allison Pearson: The public is wiser than the net zero hysterics

Spare a thought for the BBC’s climate editor. He appeared to be having conniptions on News at Ten

Open Thread

“A Cleverly Staged Hoax.” …Former German TV Meteorologist Slams “Climate Hysteria”

They don’t care about the people.

UK Telegraph: The French plan to save the planet? Stop poorer people flying – Seeking ‘a minimum price for airfares within the EU in a bid to reduce the number of flights’ to reduce CO2 emissions

With a bit of luck, Paris’s half-cooked idea will also fail and EU governments will, instead, begin to put new technology, not higher fares, at the top of their environmental…

17 years of near-zero trend in September sea ice demolishes claim that more CO2 means less sea ice

Arctic sea ice failed to nose-dive again this year, undoubtedly disappointing expects who have been anticipating a ‘death-spiral’ decline for ages.

More on the statistical dispute between Scafetta and Schmidt

By Andy May The argument about the proper way to estimate error in the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) ERA5 weather reanalysis dataset between Nicola Scafetta and Gavin…

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