New WUWT Global Temperature Feature: Anomaly vs. Real-World Temperature

One of the most frightening aspects of global warming, aka “climate change” is the graphs produced from temperature data for public consumption and trumpeted by an unquestioning and compliant media.…

NY Climate Act Cap and Invest Plan Going Off the Rails

In New York and elsewhere climate justice considerations are making their way into legislation

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #544

: Cheap renewables are very expensive.”— Power engineers Chris Morris and Russ Schussler

A New Board Game to Induce Climate Guilt in School Children

Just what we need, right? A board game designed to make kids feel even more miserable and guilty about climate change.

Widgee “Say NO to the Lines” Rally: Meet the Aussie Battlers Standing Up to Big Green

When Net Zero obsessed Aussie Federal and State Governments announced large scale electricity grid extensions to service renewable energy installations, they forgot to talk to the land owners.

Weather Disasters Getting Deadlier, Say Experts, As Death Tolls Plummet!

Every year official agencies like the UN and WMO tell us that weather disasters keep getting more frequent.

The Sleight of Hand in the Disingenuous 4th National Climate Assessment

Among the most troubling aspects of the NA4 is what appears to be a sleight of hand intended to disguise the unimportance of their estimated damages.

Peaker Power Plants and Environmental Injustice

…the presumption of egregious harm is based on selective choice of metrics, poor understanding of air quality health impacts,  and ignorance of air quality trends

Return of Svalbard sea ice in time for seal births and the polar bear feeding bonanza

It seems that every fall and winter for the last decade at least, there has been hand-wringing about the lack of Svalbard sea ice and what a tragedy this is for polar bears.

Climate Change Weekly #465: [Fill in the Blank Climate Crisis] Season Is Here

Climate realists should gird their loins in preparation for the pending onslaught of stories in the mainstream media proclaiming this or that seasonal weather event is being enhanced by anthropogenic…

Wrong, PBS and AP, Climate Change Isn’t Worsening Floods or Droughts

This flawed reporting seems to be a sad trend.

A Simple Reason Why Net Zero Is Impossible

None of this impossibility is being considered in today’s reliability assessments.

The Danger Of Short Datasets

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A couple of months ago, I came across another claim that the solar sunspot cycle affects weather down here at the earth’s surface, in particular,…

Urbanization Effects on GHCN Temperature Trends, Part III: Using Population Density, 1880-2015

Eventually, all of this will lead to an estimation of how much of the land warming (say, since 1880) has been spurious due to the Urban Heat Island effect.

Open Thread

Open Thread

Best Extinction Prevention Plan?  Quit Killing Them

An example of Killing to Extinction is the near-miss demise of the Northern elephant seal of California. If you haven’t seen a male elephant seal the wild, you have really…

The LWIR Puzzle: Experiments with MODTRAN

Much ink is spilled on this site, both in the articles themselves and in the threads that follow, on CO2 and its impact on long wave infrared radiation (LWIR).

Australian renewable energy transition. Part 3

The known solutions are expensive, but the renewable sector doesn’t want to pay for them – their mantra remains that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels so the others should…

Climate TV LIVE at 1PM EST: Climate Change Madness Bracket

Welcome to Climate Change Roundtable, your weekly live show dedicated to debunking myths and discussing the latest news in climate change! In this week’s episode, we’re applying the spirit of…

Countdown To New York’s Rendezvous With Energy Impossibility

It appears that the owners of these buildings are just now figuring out that the standards that have been set cannot be met, at least not in any remotely reasonable…

US Gas Consumption Trends

No surprise there, as gas has steadily been replacing coal in the electricity mix.

Serious Climate Misinformation In Seattle Time Headline Article

When a reporter describes research as “indisputable” you know they have little understanding of the scientific process. 

Renewable Fail: Britain to Now Class Nuclear Power as “Sustainable Energy”

The British government has caved in to the reality that renewables don’t work, and will now include nuclear energy in its plan to transition to “sustainable” power.

Four Regional Climate Conferences Announced in the Buildup to COP28

Your tax dollars at work: 4-8 Sept Nairobi Kenya, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 9-12 October, Panama City 23-27 October, Asian Pacific Week – no dates yet, but keep you diary open.

Washington Post: We Must Change the Meaning of Wealth to Appreciate Climate Action

“… What if we imagined “wealth” consisting not of the money we stuff into banks or the fossil fuel-derived goods we pile up, but of joy, beauty, friendship, community, closeness…

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