Unsettling: A conversation about climate and energy

Climate scientist Steven E. Koonin will join President Daniels for an hour-long conversation on the current state of climate science in Stewart Center’s Fowler Hall. A book signing for Koonin’s latest publication, “Unsettled: What Climate Science…

Steve Koonin & The Factcheckers

Reposted from NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood I was asked last week about the factchecker smear of Steve Koonin’s book, earlier in the year. Steve…

Aussie School Denies Censorship, After Cutting Climate Skeptic Speech

According to the school at the center of the Gina Rinehart controversy, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, suggestions they censored mining magnate Gina Rinehart by only playing part of…

Google Demonetizes Websites Which Contradict Their Climate Narrative

According to The Register, Google’s advertisers have demanded their ads not be shown on pages which dispute the climate emergency.

Facts Debunk NPR Claim that Global Warming Is Causing Dying Trees, Power Outages

If NPR’s claims are true, we should be able to see the declining tree numbers and “mass mortality” of forests in forestry data. Objective scientific data, however, show exactly the…

Facebook Fact Checkers Just Censored Peer Reviewed Science

Dr. Willie Soon an Dr. Ronan Connolly discussing the chilling effect on scientific inquiry, of Facebook’s apparent policy of shutting down mentions of published, peer reviewed papers their inexpert fact…

Marc Morano Demolishes Biden Campaigner’s Extreme Weather Claims On TV

And credit to Fox News’ Dan Bongino, who inconveniently points out that the actual data does not support Walling’s claims that storms are getting worse.

EENews: Climate Denial Flourishes on Facebook

EE News reports that not only is heresy against IPCC approved scientific positions wildly popular, it is also producing a lot of revenue for the heretics.

Express Readers Rebel Against Its Green Agenda

One of the strangest phenomena this year has been the sight of the Daily Express embracing far left climate policies, courtesy of their ex-Mirror, Remoaner, left wing editor Gary Jones.

BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit Responds, re Radio 4’s “How They Made Us Doubt Everything” Ep. 6: ‘Reposition Global Warming’

Did the BBC finally admit fault or effectively defend their broadcast podcast report from August 3, 2020 (and its days-earlier internet-only release), in which the fossil fuel industry stood accused…

Fact Checking The BBC–John Redwood

MP John Redwood highlights some perverse behaviour by the BBC:

Does Climate Change Cause Extreme Weather Now? Here’s a Scorcher of a Reality Check

Many of the climate attribution studies are resulting in headlines that are deceptive and result in people coming to incorrect conclusions about the relative roles of global warming and natural…

Morano and Bastardi Host Zoom Event

Marc Morano and Joe Bastardi will be holding a Zoom event next week. They will be discussing their books, Green Fraud and the Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate…

Debate: Is Global Warming an Emergency

Kudos to the podcast hosts at Newsweek for giving this topic a fair and even-handed airing.

Dr Willie Soon Predicts Global Cooling, Slams Politicised Science

Dr. Willie Soon at his best, educating kids and adults at Camp Constitution about the politicisation of climate science, the exploitation of Greta Thunberg, failed climate predictions, the poor quality…

Communicating About Climate Change: What’s Politics Got To Do With It?

“The most interesting thing to me is that liberals and conservatives are just seeing climate science from a completely different epistemic vantage point,” says Suldovsky about the results.

Gizmodo: Cable TV Keeps Bumping Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe

What makes it even funnier is Richard Branson, whose space rocket stunt bumped the Hayhoe climate segment, fancies himself as a climate hero.

Climate change coverage ignores heavy impact of heat on cold deaths-Bjorn Lomborg

In The Lancet, some of the same authors estimated recent changes in full-year heat and cold deaths from the 1990s to the 2010s. Reliably, they found that heat deaths increased,…

Andrew Neil challenges Extinction Rebellion co-founder: ‘Why don’t you ever mention China?’

HT/Paul Homewood

“Hell No” to RGGI ( Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) Says Morano at PA Hearing

“It’s time to confront the wannabe planet savers here in this room and this state and tell them not only NO, but HELL NO!”

Climate change anxiety: Young people ‘feel hopeless’

If kids really are suffering from anxiety, the wretched BBC has to shoulder for much of the blame for their relentless, alarmist propaganda.

The Disappointing Nature Of Some Science Writing

By Jim Whiting, MD, FACR It’s very discouraging to find, with some frequency, people with training in science who are willing to subscribe to rather unscientific statements, proposals, and predictions.…

Betrayers of the Truth

Accordingly the motto of the oldest scientific institution is Nullius En Verba: Take no one’s word!

Michael Shellenberger Evicerates Peter Gleick

In Apocalypse Never, I point to a pattern. Malthusians raise the alarm about a resource or environmental problems and then attack the obvious technical solutions. Malthus had to attack birth…