BBC Rejects Guardian Right Wing Backlash Attenborough Censorship Claims

The Guardian claims a David Attenborough episode of “Wild Isles” will not be publicly aired, because of fears of a right wing backlash.

Could Someone Please Translate this Climate Change Gobbledygook?

“… the social plausibility assessments show that global opportunities for climate action multiply, gain visibility, and materialize at least incrementally. …”

Guardian: Google Are Not Trying Hard Enough to Demonetise Climate Deniers

An example greens want demonitised: “Wind Turbines Not Only Shred Birds But Are Piling Up In Landfills”.

NYT: Bomb Cyclone? Or Just Windy with a Chance of Hyperbole?

Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if journalistic weather hyperbole got so bad, people started ignoring all the climate change hype?

“Britain has Become a Poorer Country” – but is STILL Chasing NET ZERO

The mainstream media are failing us, not asking obvious questions, like “how can we prevent energy prices spiralling out of control?”.

Is WSJ Quietly Practicing More Balanced Reporting on Climate Change?

A scattering of surprisingly climate skeptic stories has started appearing lately in the pages of America’s premier financial journal. But there may be an important deeper reason which explains why…

Study: Replacing “Global Warming” with “Weather” Engages Climate Skeptics

UT School of Journalism Professor Renita Coleman is lead author of a study which suggest journalists who want to engage climate skeptics should replace the term “Global Warming” with “Weather”.

Twitter Bans Paid Climate Skeptic Advertisements

Twitter has announced they will no longer carry ads “that contradict the scientific consensus”. But is a plan to destroy shareholder value really the wisest choice during the middle of…

USA and Canada’s Plan to Silence Independent Media

Prime Minister Trudeau’s follow up to distressing media images of police horses trampling old ladies appears to be a Communist Chinese style social credit system for news reporters, presumably to…

Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson Slam Climate Predictions

Climate Blasphemy! Jordan Peterson, whose podcasts have had over 285 million views, and famous Actor / Comedian Joe Rogan who hosts the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience, have triggered the…

John Cook: Climate Deniers Falsely Claim Activists are Anti-Freedom

Quoted in a USA Today call for social media censorship, John Cook, who once thought it amusing to self portrait himself as a NAZI officer, is outraged people could believe…

CBS: Climate Change CAUSED the Tonga Volcanic Eruption

Judge for yourself – on the following video, CBS anchor Nate Burleson appears to claim volcanoes are “happening, and becoming more frequent” because of climate change.

BBC’s Fake Climate Check

There is the usual nonsense about global warming making all of these worse. But there is no data provided to show that any of these events are remotely unprecedented, or…


“attribution of certain classes of extreme weather (eg, tornadoes) is beyond current modelling & theoretical capabilities”

Washington Post: Google Busted Supporting Climate Heresy

According to the Center for Countering Digital Hate, Google is failing to honour their pledge to prevent climate deniers from purchasing advertising space on the Google advertising platform.

Columbia Climate School: “Every Year will Bring New Converts”

Columbia Climate School green entrepreneur Kevin Webb explaining his goal of converting the climate sinners and restoring Little Ice Age CO2 levels.

Researcher: More Inexpert Climate Change Reporting Required

Quantity over quality: According to University of Gothenburg Assistant Researcher Áine Kelly-Costello, climate reporting can no longer be left to people who have made an effort to understand the subject.

John Cook: “Machine learning holds a key to combating [climate] misinformation”

After training a computer to look for online climate “misinformation”, John Cook was surprised that people don’t trust the proposed solutions.

Environment Agency Stokes Flood Fears

Flooding is terrible for those involved, but from a nationwide wide viewpoint is no more than an irritant. To deliberately peddle the lie that millions of people could be flooded…

UK PM Explains how Old Soviet Catchphrases Apply to his Green Revolution

According to UK PM Boris Johnson, the words of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin, who ushered in seventy years of famine and oppression, offer worthwhile guidance to supporters of his British…

Naomi Oreskes Slams Big Oil Climate Change Ads

Naomi Oreskes, who believes that Climate Change is a problem, has written a dramatic expose of old Big Oil ads which actually told the truth about global warming.

Facebook Considering Editorialising Climate Change Posts

Facebook have upped the ante in their ongoing challenge to the limits of Section 230 of the Communication Act, part of the law which shields social media giants from lawsuits…

Unsettling: A conversation about climate and energy

Climate scientist Steven E. Koonin will join President Daniels for an hour-long conversation on the current state of climate science in Stewart Center’s Fowler Hall. A book signing for Koonin’s latest publication, “Unsettled: What Climate Science…

Steve Koonin & The Factcheckers

Reposted from NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood I was asked last week about the factchecker smear of Steve Koonin’s book, earlier in the year. Steve…

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