WHO Presses for More Action on Climate Change

In the midst of an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, with many nations struggling with their response, the WHO has decided to focus their efforts on combatting climate change.

UN Report Pushes Green Climate Friendly Covid Recovery

In my opinion the United Nations is not serious about climate change. The UN is continuing to try to conflate Covid-19 and climate change, in the apparent hope some of the Covid-19 recovery money sloshing around the world’s banks will spill over into UN climate programmes. But they are ignoring the only genuine, proven path to reducing CO2 emissions, in favour of fabulously expensive and ineffective non-solutions.

UN Advisor: Divert National Military Budgets to Climate Change and UN Sustainability Programmes

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The United Nations appears to think nations should stop wasting money on guns and soldiers and instead embrace funding UN climate change, economic decarbonisation and sustainability programmes. Redirect military budgets to tackle climate change and pandemics Governments should stop spending billions of dollars on weapons and protect citizens from the…

UNSW Report Mixes Climate Change with Chinese Legal Reform

A report prepared by the University of New South Wales for UNICEF China is one of the strangest documents I’ve ever read. Much of the document makes sense, it discusses inequality in China caused by outdated internal migration laws which deprive rural people who migrate to Chinese cities of important rights. But the authors attempted to tie this very real concern about unequal legal rights to alleged climate issues.

Covid-19 Fallout: President Trump Moves to Formally Withdraw From the WHO

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The World Health Organization’s disastrous handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, their alleged excessive deference to China, and their apparent refusal to consider any serious reform, has convinced President Trump they are not fit for purpose. Trump Administration Formally Notifies U.N. of Withdrawal From World Health Organization BY MATTHEW LEE / AP JULY…