The Court Ruling which could Outlaw Climate Skepticism

Vanuatu has urged Australia to join its push to have the United Nations International Court of Justice rule that states are “obliged to use all the means at its disposal…

UN: “New funding for fossil fuel exploration and production infrastructure is delusional”

Global communism: “… make renewable energy technology a global public good, including removing intellectual property barriers to technology transfer. …”.

WHO: Climate Action Must Include Mental Health

Even the New York Times criticised the politicised incompetence of the WHO during the pandemic. Yet instead of focussing on internal reform, getting their core mission right, the WHO seems…

Is UN Climate Apparatchik Christiana Figueres Bidding for a Second Term?

As the UN climate team grapples with their total lack of talented candidates for the top job, Christiana Figueres may have sensed her moment has come, and is suddenly appearing…

Which Woke Mediocrity will Replace the Outgoing UN Climate Chief?

If you think the current UN climate chief is bad, wait until you see the new candidates.

Guardian: Media “Barely Reporting” UN Climate Catastrophe Warnings

Climate warnings appear to have finally jumped the shark even with liberal media audiences, with reporters focusing on issues people care about, like the economy and Russia’s war with Ukraine.

“Who’s Talking Climate Change Now?”: Arab States Respond to Global Demand for Energy Security

According to Al Jazeera, Arab states are responding to Ukraine war shortages, by pledging to “keep pumping oil until the last drop” to assist with the transition to renewable energy.

“This is madness”: UN Secretary General Whining About Abandoned Climate Goals

As the UN plan to assume leadership of the world’s climate response unravels before his eyes, and the world focusses on real problems, UN Secretary General António Guterres is urging…

UN Climate Report: Send Money, “Delay Means Death”

“a damning indictment of failed climate leadership”: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stops short of openly offering his services as global climate dictator, but I think we get the idea.

Russia Vetoes UN Security Council Climate Resolution

Russia has vetoed an attempt to pass a resolution which would have made climate change UN Security Council business.

African Cowboys Attack Farmers Over Water Access: UN Blames Climate Change

The United Nations has blamed a Cameroon version of an old style US Wild West style Range War over control of water and territory on climate change.

Top UN Climate Official: World Conflict and Refugee Chaos if you Disobey

According to the UN’s top climate official Patricia Espinosa, if nations fail to follow the UN’s direction on climate change, they will face food shortages, conflict and a flood of…

Texas to United Nations: Pound Sand

The world is reeling from spiraling fuel costs caused by premature over-reliance on renewable energy. High fuel costs punish middle class families & stoke the supply chain crisis. Texas oil…

What Renewable Energy Price Shock? UN Urges Fossil Fuel Extractors to Slash Production

As the USA, Britain, Europe and China reel from a self inflicted renewable energy failures, the United Nations has doubled down on stupid by demanding producers slash production by 45%…

Greta Climate Case Thrown Out by the United Nations

Greta Thunberg has learned the hard way that UN bureaucrats don’t cut short their lunch breaks for anyone. The United Nations has ruled they cannot hear Great Thunberg’s climate complaint,…

UN Warns Australia that Climate Savvy Investors are Abandoning Coal

As Aussie coal stocks soar, likely thanks to the breakdown in climate talks between the USA and China, the UN has issued a new warning that coal is doomed.

UN Secretary General: “This report must sound a death knell for coal and fossil fuels, before they destroy our planet”

In 2019 WUWT celebrated the 30th anniversary of the 1989 10 years to save the world UN climate emergency declaration. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is showing real determination to…

Claim: China Weaponising UN Protection For the Great Barrier Reef

China’s ongoing effort to punish Australia for opposing their South China Sea territorial ambitions has now allegedly extended to stacking the UN Heritage Committee.

Covid Problems Disrupting UN Climate Negotiations

You couldn’t make it up; Internet glitches, delegates too lazy to match timezones, and China objecting to the presence of observers at negotiations on transparency.

UN Climate Message: “We are rapidly reaching the point of no return”

According to United Nations General Secretary António Guterres, “these next 10 years are our final chance to avert a climate catastrophe”.

UNFCCC Extends the Deadline for Climate Award Entries

If you missed the 30th April deadline for submitting your application for recognition for your climate efforts, the UN has extended the deadline, because their awards are so popular.

Study: Hollywood Movies Demonstrate the UN Needs More Funding to Prevent Climate Disasters

The United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction is so obscure they don’t even have their own ambassador. But according to a study, unless the UNDRR receives more money, disasters…

United Nations Demands an End to Silicon Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

Guterres actually demanded an end to coal, but metallurgical coal is an essential component in solar panel manufacture; no coal, no new solar panels.

UN Shames Australia for a Lack of Climate Ambition

Making big climate pledges was a cheap political win when the goal was way off in the future. But now the first deadlines are approaching, long serving politicians in countries…