Netherlands Arrests 1500 Extinction Rebellion Protestors

Police used a water cannon to clear the road block.

Watch British Police Protect Road Blocking Climate Protestors

Instead of arresting Just Stop Oil climate protestors, who appear to be maintaining an illegal road block, British police arrested a commuter who lost his temper at police inaction.

German Greens in Crisis, Plummet 40% In Opinion Polls as Anger Mounts Over Bans, Scandals

…chances are better than even that things are going to get a lot worse as the bills for energy and drastic green policies start coming due.

French President Macron Sells Out Climate Activists, Calls for a “Pause” in New Regulations

President Macron has chosen to dump climate activists in his desperate struggle to save his political skin from the rise of French Conservative Marine Le Pen.

Obama Longs for the Days When Establishment Media Set the National Agenda

“… Now people will say … I don’t care about the science … cause they’re just all liberals …”

Extinction Rebellion Radicals Claim Responsibility for a Stage Invasion

Jacob Rees Mogg – free to hold “his national loonies convention next week and see how many people show up”.

ESG Part I: An Examination of Environmental, Social, and Governance Practices with Attorneys General

Ever since the signing of the Paris Agreement there’s been an open conspiracy to bypass Congress

Royal Dilemma: The People who Most Support Ditching the Monarchy are Climate Alarmists

A hilarious dynamic has emerged in Commonwealth nations, in which the most committed anti-monarchists also want King Charles to help them win the climate war.

Thanks, Guardian, For Reporting that Europeans Are Also Unwilling to Make Huge Lifestyle Changes to Stop Climate Change

“The more a measure would change their lifestyle, the less they support it,” reported The Guardian.

European Green War on Agriculture: Farmers Banned for Life if they Want Compensation

A new chapter in the horror being inflicted on Dutch farmers, in the name of climate action and fertiliser use reduction.

Guardian / YouGOV – European Support for Real Climate Action is Weak

Lots of people support climate action – but that support wanes dramatically when the proposed actions are personally inconvenient, like giving up your automobile.

Climate Justice | James Lindsay & Michael O’Fallon | Changing Tides

Draconian change frequently arrives with propaganda-spiced phrases that confuse the true intentions of its advocates, the same is true of climate justice.

ANU Climate Scientists Wargame UN Martial Law and A Global Military Coup

Fantasies of heat stroke victims rotting in the streets, and military and security leaders stepping in to protect the world from the weakness of civilian leaders.

Is Russia Preparing to Attack Offshore Wind Turbine Infrastructure?

According to a joint investigation by Norwegian journalists, the Russian spy trawlers are back – and this time the are mapping offshore infrastructure, including wind turbine cables.

Scientific American: Social Bullying is the Best Motivator for Green Behaviour

“… social pressure had the strongest effect on behavioral change. Such pressure can take passive forms, … or more active ones, such as home energy reports that compare our energy…

Victorian State Government Begging for Private Renewable Energy Investment

“… We need to see 25GW of new [generators] between now and 2035 …” – but Victoria is consistently voted the hardest place to do business in Australia.

Michael Mann Calls the Defeat of Climate Denialism in Australia

Michael Mann appears to have mistaken a left wing electoral cycle maximum for a hockey stick.

Germans Overwhelmingly Fed Up with Move to Green Energies as Massive Costs Loom

Green energies no longer have the support of Germans due to high costs and technical limitations.

The Economist: “Hug Pylons, Not Trees” to Prevent Climate Catastrophe

The Economist setting forth a nightmare vision of saving the world by paving over the wilderness.

$60 Billion Investor Slams Green Australia for “Quietly Quitting” on Gas

Economic ruin approaching? $60 billion of Japanese investment in Australia is in peril, along with 10s of billions of dollars exports, because of Australia’s energy policies.

President Biden to Impose a US Version of the Great Chinese Firewall?

Could voicing support for a climate skeptic position land you with a million dollar fine, if Biden’s “RESTRICT Act” is passed?

UN’s climate panic is more politics than science

The IPCC Reports have become “bumper sticker” climate science

Body Blow To Activists: Whopping 82% Of Berlin’s Voters Refused To Support 2030 Climate Neutrality

It’ll take a longtime for the radical climate activists to recover from this major setback

Berliners Fail to Endorse Climate Neutral by 2030 Ballot

The brutal reality of Germany’s green energy failure and unaffordable power bills may have finally generated some reluctance to push forward.

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