Claim: Covid-19 Spread by Farting in a Confined Space

Fart of death? British Politicians are allegedly concerned about a case of Covid-19 transmission apparently caused by someone passing wind in an adjacent toilet cubicle.

US Parents Sue Over Clandestine Covid-19 School Vaccination Programme Which Does NOT Require Parental Consent

If you live in Washington DC, and your child comes home a bit wobbly, there is a chance the school you entrust with their care just gave them a clandestine…

Aussie Health Minister Goes Off Script with Ivermectin Treatment for Covid-19

A simple tried and tested generic medical treatment which may reduce Covid deaths by 80% is slowly winning grudging acceptance.

Covid Passports – Malfunctions, Discrimination and Police Abuse of Process

Store Security – Your Papers Please? As Britain green lights stores and bars insisting on proof of vaccination, its worth considering where potentially telling the government our every move might…

UK Government Explicitly Exempts Rich People and Other Elites from Covid Lockdown Rules

Following the very recent embarrassment of the minister for lockdowns Matt Hancock breaching his own lockdown rules, while having a fling with a staffer, the British Government has decided to…

CBS: CDC Emergency Meeting to Discuss Rare Covid Vaccine Heart Complications

A 2012 SARS Vaccine Study suggested vaccination increases the risk of fatal heart inflammation, when the body is challenged with the actual virus. Fast forward to today, and rare Heart…

Facebook: People Are Now Permitted to Speculate Covid-19 Leaked from a Laboratory

Following official suggestions the Wuhan laboratory leak hypothesis is being seriously considered by the US Government, Facebook has announced they will now allow users to share their Wuhan lab leak…

Senator Rand Paul: NIH Financed Dangerous “Gain of Function” Virus Studies in Wuhan

Dr. Fauci denies the NIH funded gain of function studies in Wuhan. But last May, WUWT reported on a published gain of function paper which includes a top Wuhan virologist…

Covid-19 Standoff: China Accuses the USA of an Extensive Bioweapon Research Programme

According to Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, the accusation that China created Covid-19 in a laboratory is a case of “the guilty party filing the suit first”.

Rise of the Climate Change Stinkies: NYT Wants you to Shower Less and Stop Using Toilet Paper

The New York Times is praising the efforts of low carbon pioneers who reject personal hygiene to save the planet from Covid-19 and Climate Change.

Bloomberg: More Government Will Save Us from Climate Change and Covid

According to Bloomberg, the reason India is suffering their current Covid outbreak is they didn’t have enough government intervention.

David Attenborough Covid Porn Documentary: “We are Intruders”

David Attenborough’s latest docu-series appears to celebrate how Covid has destroyed African safari tourism, and allowing wild animals to infest abandoned human structures, and how the clear air now lets…

Google, Apple Block UK Government Coronavirus App Update Over Privacy Violations

Google and Apple doing something right for a change, delaying plans by the increasingly intrusive British State to gather absolutely every scrap of information about people’s movements.

Covid Madness: People Fleeing a Volcanic Eruption Can’t Board the Rescue Vessels Until Vaccinated

The volcano on the Caribbean Island of St Vincent has erupted. Cruise liners and Ferries are rushing to the scene to evacuate people caught by the eruption – but people…

Greta Thunberg Threatens to Boycott the Glasgow COP26 Climate Conference

Greta is incensed that rich countries are prioritising taking care of their own people, instead of sharing their Covid-19 vaccines with poor countries.

Should Doctors Receive Mandatory Covid Vaccinations?

A debate appears to be raging in the British medical community, about whether the severity of some long term adverse reactions to the Covid Vaccine undermines the case for mandatory…

Aussie Government: Blood Clotting Case Likely Linked to Astra-Zeneca Covid Vaccine

Australia’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Michael Kidd has stated that a blood clotting problem which led to a vaccine recipient being hospitalised was likely linked to the Astra-Zeneca Covid-19…

New Nose Only Covid Masks

Advocates claim wearing a nose only mask under your regular mask allows you to stay protected when eating at restaurants. But I’m not sure having a contaminated surface just above…

John Kerry Busted Flying Without a Mask

Another example of how Covid rules do not apply to top Democrats.

Some Observations On the Efficacy of Masks in a #COVID19 World

Masks mandates are not a risk free intervention. They have a poor effect of civil society, they absorb resources, they possibly carry health risks of their own, and they certainly…

New Guinea Covid Surge Alarms Aussie Health Authorities

New Guinea, a large island nation which is separated from Australia by a narrow sea channel, is experiencing a surge in severe Covid cases, prompting alarm from Australian health authorities.

Three Countries Suspend Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccine Over Blood Clot / Brain Haemorrhage Concerns

Several nations have suspended rollout of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, after multiple reports emerged in Europe of vaccine recipients suffering brain haemorrhages, though AstraZeneca denies any link.

Israeli Study: Aspirin Helps Protect against Covid-19

Do not take aspirin without consulting your doctor – aspirin use, even in small doses, can have nasty and sometimes fatal side effects. But a recent Israeli study of 10,477…

Great Reset Architects Celebrate The Orderly Quiet of Covid Lockdown Cities

The World Economic Forum released a video, hastily withdrawn, which celebrated the quiet and orderliness of cities whose factories and people were silenced by harsh Covid lockdowns. WEF hosts the…