Guardian COP28 Circus: Our Last Hope is an Arab Oil Sheik who Plans to Increase Production

… A diplomat from one developed country said: “It could not be much worse.” Another said: “You could not make this stuff up.” …

COP28 Climate Conference Boss Promises to Introduce KPIs

The big gas COP28 boss expects tangible results and progress reports from the climate communists.

COP28 Boss is Presiding Over a Massive Gas Production Expansion

Perhaps COP28 boss and national oil chief Sultan Al Jaber sees the climate conference as a marketing opportunity for his nation’s fossil fuel products?

Four Regional Climate Conferences Announced in the Buildup to COP28

Your tax dollars at work: 4-8 Sept Nairobi Kenya, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 9-12 October, Panama City 23-27 October, Asian Pacific Week – no dates yet, but keep you diary open.

Wrong, Media and COP-27, Africa Is Not De-Carbonizing, Oil Exploration Is Expanding

African countries appear to be going forward with new oil and gas projects, including pipeline infrastructure, to take advantage of the bounty of natural resources the continent is blessed with.

Comedy Week: Arab Big Oil Sultan to Lead COP28 Climate Talks

Climate campaigners are concerned Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber may not put his heart into wrecking his own national oil company.

COP27 Greenwishing: Progressive Discontent

[T]his agreement currently represents an empty bucket, and the detail of who should fill it, with how much money, then how the funds should be distributed and to whom are…

COP-27: A Window into How the UN Keeps the Poor Poor

The more wealth is transferred, the more need for UN staff and bureaucracy to administer the process. And God forbid that the poor countries should get rich and not need…

COP27 Is a Down Payment on Disaster

With the GOP now in charge of the House, and thus in control of the purse strings, they are likely to block any increase in US aid, particularly if it…

AP COP 27 Article Grossly Misrepresents Global Energy and Emissions Reality

The AP article supported the contrived proposition that “it’s the wealthiest nations who cause more carbon pollution” and therefore “it’s best to look at the major northern emitters to begin with” in…

COP27 Fail: John Kerry MIA as Delegates Demand the USA Pay for “Loss and Damage”

Could this be the worst diplomatic embarrassment John Kerry has ever inflicted on the United States? Even worse than shaking hands with an accused narco-terrorist?

COP27 — Colombia Claims an Absurd $800 Billion a Year “Loss and Damage”

When it comes to the UN, absurdity is no obstacle.

Wrong Again: Al Gore Nobel Lecture Edition

From Steve Milloy At the opening of COP-27, Al Gore said: We have a credibility problem all of us: We’re talking and we’re starting to act, but we’re not…

We are Being ‘Misled’ on the Climate Change Crisis-Bjorn Lomborg

… the reality is we are being “misled” on climate change because they want to “scare us” into spending “trillions of dollars”.

COP27 Scandal: Egypt Rejects Accusations of Espionage and Disrupting Events

Who could have guessed that a dictator accused of routine mass violation of human rights would allegedly spy on delegates and interfere with human rights events?

Escaping From The COP-27 Insane Asylum

Let’s hope climate talks finally come to grips with energy, scientific and economic reality

The BBC Defends Special People Flying Private Jets to COP27

In 2020, the BBC asked “should we give up flying for the sake of the climate?”. That same BBC defends the right of the climate elite to continue using private…

Four HUNDRED Private Jets Attended the COP27 Climate Conference

Climate hypocrisy on steroids – four hundred delegates and their retinues arrived by CO2 spewing private jets, to discuss how to restrict everyone elses CO2 emissions.


Another year, another United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP) on how to persuade the bogeyman of our age, climate change (CC), to cease misbehaving. Time – and money –…

Fossil Fuels for Africa! African Energy Chamber at COP 27

“… why should we in Africa give up our fossil fuels – fuels that represent solutions to some of our most pressing needs – when so many others question the…

COP27: A Meaningless Ritual for China and India

Green promises made at COP27 by China and India will be superficial at best.

Britain Joins Australia’s Call for Bigger Climate Change Payouts

Is Prime Minister Flip-Flop planning £60 billion of tax rises and spending cuts so he can provide large “climate pledge” payouts to foreigners?

Australia Backs Climate “Loss and Damage” Compensation at COP27

Last September, the Australian government told voters Australia’s financial situation is too precarious to continue a six month gasoline tax holiday. Those same politicians now want to give our tax…

Julia Hartley-Brewer Rips into Policy Researcher over Climate Change

Julia Hartley-Brewer destroys IPPR Director over climate change:

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