WSJ: US Emissions Cuts Will be “Swamped” by Indian and Chinese Growth

China’s new coal capacity since Chinese Premier Xi Jinping signed the Paris Agreement almost matches the USA’s total coal capacity.

If Chevron, Exxon and Shell Can’t Get Gorgon’s Carbon Capture and Storage to Work, Who Can?

Back to the drawing board!!

Estimates of the carbon cycle – vital to predicting climate change – are incorrect, Virginia Tech researchers show

However, Virginia Tech researchers discovered that when using the accepted numbers for soil respiration, that number in the carbon cycling models is no longer balanced.

Professor: UK Companies Hiding CO2 Emissions with “Carbon Colonialism”

Human Geography Lecturer Dr. Laurie Parsons admitting UK companies are outsourcing emissions overseas to evade strict UK carbon targets.

Guardian: Covid-19 Lockdowns are Driving Up CO2 Emissions

Ditching the commute might seem an easy climate win, but other factors such as the relative inefficiency of home heating outweigh the CO2 savings.

Our “carbon-free for all” brought to you by Google

Guest “I couldn’t make this sort of schist up if I was trying” by David Middleton A “carbon-free future for all” would also be unsustainable for all. All life on…

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