How Unusual Is the Recent Dry Period?

No suggestion that global warming/climate change is the cause.

Shakedown! Climate Governance Initiative (UK)

Rather than debate climate alarm and forced energy transformation, CGI wants to assume it and race down Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, the Utopia being Climate Stability (or some such thing).

The Federal War Against Your Lifestyle

You need to prove that you are a big shot. You need to do something big. Maybe you could impose a lockdown. Failing that, banning some appliances that are cheap…

Only one sausage per month for everyone!’ German Nutrition Society recommends over 90% reduction in daily meat eating– to combat global warming

Will the nutrition authority continue to issue certifications to canteens that offer meat beyond the recommended quota?

Media Wrong Again about Quebec wildfires

True to form, mainstream media has been quick to associate these terrifying and spectacular natural events with (anthropogenic) climate change. Let’s look at the facts.

California Governor Newsom’s Actions to Reduce Emissions Conflict with The States’ Legal Framework Statutes

Laws focus on reducing emissions, but actions are prolifically against written statutes increase emission worldwide by “leaking” them to other countries.

The Sun in June 2023

When the PDO finally turns negative it will hyper-accelerate the solar-driven cooling evident from 2016.

Coal: The Missing Link

The natural-gas industry in Australia is effectively ‘feeding the crocodile’. It should consider the possibility that, after coal, it is next on the list. And treat coal as an ally,…

‘Climate Finance’ Saving the Planet, One Ice Cream at a Time

…the aid is little more than a transfer of wealth from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.

NOAA proposes massively cruel offshore sonar survey

Given this absurdly cruel proposal, NOAA Fisheries needs to be redirected back to its mission. To begin with, the Invenergy proposal must be rejected.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Third Program Review

The state emission reduction targets are arbitrary and failing to consider technical feasibility and the funding necessary to provide zero-emissions resources to displace energy from the RGGI-affected sources will not…

Does GHG Forcing Have Significantly Less Efficacy Than a Similar Sized Solar Forcing?

Is it possible that the Effective Radiative Forcing (ERF) of a small change in GHG forcing is a lot lower than the ERF for a similar change in solar forcing?…

Surprise: Hurricane Activity Reconstructions Show Greater Storm Frequency When Globe Was Cold

warmer periods don’t mean more hurricanes and it appears that colder periods are associated with greater hurricane frequency.

Coal, Developing Nations, and the Streisand Effect

Thus, was born the “Streisand Effect,” defined as efforts to suppress that only serve to amplify. 

Germany Mean Temperature Trend For The Month Of May Sees No Rise Since 1986

The 2023 May was therefore not entirely satisfactory – but in the long term neither May temperatures nor precipitation showed any worrying trends.

England Needs a National Strategy for Sunny Weather!

England is “not ready” to respond to extreme heatwaves this summer and ministers must implement a national strategy, researchers have said.

Emails Reveal: Bureaucrats censor radiation risk science fraud by cancelling whistleblowers; Huge implications for nuclear power and more

What if the public’s fears about common exposures to radiation were not only baseless, but the product of epic science fraud?

The New Pause Feels the Influence Of The Coming El Niño

The uptick in the UAH global lower-troposphere anomalies from the previous 0.18 K to the current 0.37 K is enough to shorten the New Pause by 1 month from 8…

UAH Global Temperature Update for May, 2023: +0.37 deg. C

This is up from the April 2023 anomaly of +0.18 deg. C

U.S. Exit of the Paris Climate Accord: Reasons Reverberate Today

Six years later, the logic of withdrawal remains–and more so.

New York Senator Is Taking Legislative Action to Stop The “Transition” Until A Fossil Fuel Replacement Is Identified.

Today, world leaders have NO planned replacement for the supply chain of products that are made from the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil that did not exist two hundred…

Climate Lockdowns Begin: France bans short-haul flights in favor of train travel ‘to cut carbon emissions’

They’re going after your freedom of movement; they’re going after private car ownership, they’re going after everything it means to be a free person and turning it over to the…

Bureaucrats Completely Incapable of Making Reasonable Trade-Offs

They’ve got a sole focus, and if that means destroying your lifestyle, they are only too glad to do it.

Expert Prof. Gerd Ganteför Calls For More Studies On The Regional Climate Impact By Wind Turbines

More wind parks means less wind, which means less precipitation, which in turn means more drought and warmer temperatures. 

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