Death Valley high temperature record of July 10, 1913

*On July 10, 1913, Death Valley, California reached an amazing 134 degrees…the hottest temperature ever reliably recorded in a year with many remarkable weather events*


Report renewable energy risks, too

Public backlash will intensify from growing outrage over child labor, near-slave labor, and minimal to nonexistent worker health and safety, pollution control and environmental reclamation regulations in foreign countries where materials are mined and “renewable” energy technologies manufactured. As the shift to GND energy systems brings increasing reliance on Chinese mining and manufacturing, sends electricity rates skyrocketing, kills millions of American jobs and causes US living standards to plummet, any remaining support for wind, solar and other “renewable” technologies will plummet or evaporate.

Hypothesis: Restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine Contribute to the COVID-19 Cases Surge

Although Hydroxychloroquine remains an approved drug and doctors can still prescribe it off-label, the FDA’s and NIH’s opinions have significant influence. State governments and medical boards adhere to the FDA opinion, in their subsequent recommendations. Even when HCQ is not banned outright, such opinion creates a chilling effect on pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, and, especially insurance companies.

The Climate Model Muddle

In order to convince you of the veracity of that proposition I will first tell you a little story, an allegory if you want, regarding a thought experiment, a completely fictitious account of what a research project might look like, and then apply whatever insight we gained (if any) to the climate modelling scene.

Amazing Grace Saves A Wretch

What’s Natural Guest post by Jim Steele, Published June 30, 2020 in the Pacifica Tribune It’s curious how we find threads of good fortune interwoven with tragedy. Over a month ago I suffered a “widow-makers” heart attack, but I was graced with good luck. Just 2 hours earlier I was hiking on San Pedro Point.…