Guardian: We Should Consider Prepping to Survive the Climate Apocalypse

Prepper Ben Green thinks the coming climate apocalypse will end the Capitalist system – but if you pay him €3,500 you have a non guaranteed place in his survival compound.

Putting It Into Reverse

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach We have an experiential understanding of the effect of radiation on objects. Oh, not nuclear radiation, that’s something different. I’m talking about things like solar…

Pacific Typhoons Defy Climate Experts’ Dire Forecasts…Trending Downward 70 Years!

The climate experts have been wrong, and the media have been misleading us. Typhoons are not intensifying and becoming more frequent.

Hudson Bay Sea Ice Update: Many Polar Bears are Still on Low Concentration Ice Offshore

This is shaping up to be a great year for Hudson Bay bears!

Sorry, CNN, Great Barrier Reef Is Setting Records, Fearmongering Won’t Work

The evidence suggests, contrary to CNN’s fearmongering, climate change does not threaten to decimate the GBR or other coral reefs around the world. That’s something people around the globe can be…

Court Sides with GAO over UCLA, Awards $225,000 in Legal Fees Over Records Fight

These revelations might well have implications for one or more of the “climate” lawsuits the Hollywood money is actually paying for.

Reuters on Climate Attribution

If you turn every single news story into climate change eco-alarmism, you stop being a news source & you become just another propaganda outlet.

The Conversation: Fossil Fuel Companies Collect Lots of Renewable Energy Subsidies

Fund a green project, prop up an oil company – two University of Texas academics have figured out that in Texas at least, oil companies frequently collect the cash at…

UK Environmental Activist Urges ‘Shutting Down Animal Farming Altogether’ Because ‘It’s One of The Greatest Causes of Climate Breakdown’

If the Davos crowd of the World Economic Forum were looking for a better global environment on which to enact their central planning vision of a Great Reset, it would be…

Rationing is Back – and Britain’s Authoritarian Greens are Delighted

The right way forward is not telling people to do less with less. It is becoming a more productive society once again. Building infrastructure. Investing in nuclear and gas –…

Ten Years of Curiosity on Mars

Today marks 10 years since the Curiosity rover landed on Mars.

Chinese Threat: Renounce Taiwan, or the Global Climate Gets It

China’s suspension of climate cooperation, in response to Nanci Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, is giving climate change worriers a taste of the thuggish geopolitical bullying Taiwan has endured over the years.

Worrying Finding in California’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Climate Initiative Reveals Problem with Using Forests to Offset CO2 Emissions

The problems we observe here aren’t unique to the California program and raise broader concerns about the integrity of offsets’ permanence claims,

No, the Puffin is not a Bellwether of Climate Change

“There are real red flags — warning signs — right now for these puffins.  They’re the proverbial canary in the coal mines for our oceans.” 

LIVE at NOON CDT TODAY: Where’s All the Extreme Weather?

News outlets across the country are struggling with the fact that this hurricane season has been mild. How does the corporate media deal with this “problem?” They double down, claiming…

Miners Explore Amazon Basin to Support “Green” Energy; New York Times Horrified

The Amazon rainforest in South America has large quantities of copper, tin, nickel, bauxite, manganese, iron ore and gold, making it attractive to mining companies all around the world.

The Big Green Lie Almost Everyone Claims to Believe

Epoch Times Sticking it where it hurts, to all the politicians who have given lip service over the years to the climate crisis lie.

Climate Change Schizophrenia: Australian Payoffs to Coal, and a 47% 2030 Emissions Cut

The details of the 47% emissions cut bill are sparse. The bill does not include any mechanism or funding for enforcing emission cuts.

NOAA Still Expects Above-Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season

“We’re just getting into the peak months of August through October for hurricane development, and we anticipate that more storms are on the way,”

Shipping’s New ESG Rules Could Starve Millions

“The question is no longer if people will starve to death because of IMO decarbonization targets. The question is how many?”

Heatwaves in the Northwest: Are Extreme Heat Events Increasing Rapidly?

Why does global warming affect the means more than the extremes?

Tokyo Midsummer Hasn’t Warmed in Decades. And: The Missing Hurricanes”

One example of no warming is the midsummer mean for Tokyo and its rural Hachijojima island in the Pacific.

NASA Scientist Cries on Camera

We now can watch him let it all hang out.

Biden Promises, Policies and Political Problems

Moreover, every increase in “green” energy makes the United States more reliant on China which, like Russia, increasingly wields its energy, mineral and economic power as a weapon, to keep…