When Climate Change Really Was an Existential Threat

Guest “Could have used the Extinction Rebellion back then!” by David Middleton, What was going on from 1,000-800 ka that may have nearly wiped out our ancestors? Temperatures plunged, glaciers…

A Brief History of Climate, From Prehistory to The Imaginary Crisis of the 21st Century

Climate history clearly shows that we’re living in a blessed time, and that past civilizations generally prospered during warm periods and declined during cold ones.

Claim: Climate Change Likely Led to Violence in early Andean Populations

Round and round the p-hacking wheel goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

“How CO2 Starvation & Plate Tectonics Caused the Greatest Mass Extinction, the Permian Great Dying”

The gradual sequestering of CO2 over millions of years gradually dropped CO2 to starvation levels that reduced photosynthesis, causing the “phytoplankton blackout” and Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse, wide spread ecosystem disruptions…

Surprise: Hurricane Activity Reconstructions Show Greater Storm Frequency When Globe Was Cold

warmer periods don’t mean more hurricanes and it appears that colder periods are associated with greater hurricane frequency.

How a drought affects trees depends on what’s been holding them back

Contrary to expectation, sometimes a record-breaking drought can increase tree growth.

Aarhus University Researchers Find Arctic Warmer, Ice-Free in Summertime 10,000 Years Ago!

Moving goalposts

Ice Cores, Temperatures, And CO2

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about the ice cores. It’s pretty amazing to realize that the air trapped in the tiny bubbles in the ice is…

McIntyre: Reverse engineering a ‘hockey stick’ shows ‘bogus methodology’

It’s worse than anyone can imagine.

Largest-ever genetic analysis of grapevine varieties reveals how glacial cycles shaped grape domestication and the rise of wine

Among their findings, they uncover more about the genetics underlying white grape color, and the ancient muscat flavor; at least one allele underlying muscat flavor may be detrimental to plant…

Holocene CO2 and the earlier IPCC Reports

By Andy May This post has been translated into German by Christian Freuer here. As I noted in my earlier post, “The IPCC AR6 Report Erases the Holocene,” the IPCC…

Do European tree ring analyses indicate unusual recent hydroclimate?

MBF23 should be corrected and retitled because some key conclusions, including the headline claim in its title, are not supported by proper statistical analysis of the SPEI values that their…

Kumimanu fordycei: The Giant Penguins of the Paleocene Epoch

Giant penguins thrived in a much warmer world, without year-round sea ice… Yet modern penguins are doomed by warming temperatures and declining year-round sea ice… Right.

Low atmospheric CO2 levels before the rise of forested ecosystems

Ultimately, the composition of Earth’s atmosphere is governed by an interplay between biological and geological processes and how land plants and their root symbionts affect the physical and chemical weathering…

Ice Age Temperatures and Precipitation Reconstructed from Earthworm Granules

New method for determination of past climate data on land applied comparatively for the first time / Ice Age summers in Central Europe were at times warmer than previously known.

Tiniest Ever Ancient Seawater Pockets Revealed

The surprising discovery of seawater sealed in what is now North America for 390 million years opens up a new avenue for understanding how oceans change and adapt with the…

Scientists say sea-level changes formed Australia’s K’Gari Sand Island, Great Barrier Reef

“Our research provides evidence that the formation of K’gari and the Great Barrier Reef are linked to a change in the magnitude of sea-level rise and fall due to major…

Climate Physics w/ Professor William Happer on Saifedean Ammous’s THE BITCOIN STANDARD Podcast.

How does politicization affect science, and why does Professor Happer think that the more policy-driven a field is, the less trustworthy its conclusions are?

The Last 12,000 Years Show a More Complex Climate History Than Previously Thought

Inconsistencies between Holocene climate reconstructions and numerical model simulations question the robustness of climate models and proxy temperature records.

Sea Level: The Geological “Control Knob” for Atmospheric CO2?

Guest “putting 2 and 2 together” by David Middleton This post is the nucleus of a hypothesis I’ve been trying to develop. It is a “work in progress” and not…

Key Phases of Human Evolution Coincide with Flickers in Eastern Africa’s Climate

Three distinct phases of climate variability in eastern Africa coincided with shifts in hominin evolution and dispersal over the last 620,000 years,

Record of Antarctic Ice Sheet Response to Climate Cycles Found in Rock Samples

“Antarctica has these interesting brines with no carbon in them, because it all precipitated out earlier, so when those brines are isolated from other sources of water they form opal,”…

Steven McIntyre vs. the Spawn of Yamal

Stephen McIntyre’s tweet thread is a delight for old timers of the Climate Wars and has resurrected the issue, or at least the region, of the Enchanted Larch of Yamal.…

Are fossil-fuel CO2 emissions good or bad?

By Andy May This is the transcript, with minor edits to get it into blog post format, of my keynote speech to the Division of Professional Affairs, at the second…

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