Major new paleoclimatology study shows (claims) global warming has upended 6,500 years of cooling

Over the past 150 years, global warming has more than undone the global cooling that occurred over the past six millennia, according to a major study published June 30 in Nature Research’s Scientific Data, “Holocene global mean surface temperature, a multi-method reconstruction approach.”


Mass spectrometry and climate science. Part I: Determining past climates

Reposted from Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate Etc. Posted on June 16, 2020 by curryja  by Roland Hirsch Mass spectrometry is essential for research in climate science. Understanding climate requires having sufficient knowledge about past climate and about the important factors that are influencing climate today, so that reliable models can be developed to predict future climate. Analytical chemistry enables…

Early humans in China innovated technology to adapt to climate change 1-million years ago

Science China PressShare Print E-Mail To assess the degree to which early stone tool using hominins modified their tool manufacturing behaviours in Eastern Asia, Shixia Yang and colleagues examined three well-known archaeological sites from the Nihewan Basin in North China. Stone tool comparisons between the archaeological sites of Xiaochangliang, Cenjiawan and Donggutuo indicate that technological skills increase…