New Study that Claims it Can Directly Link GHG Emissions to Polar Bear Cub Survival is Poppycock

A global warming miracle has happened.

Those Damn Polar Bears Refuse to Die

Those damn Polar Bears just aren’t dying the way we said they would, but it might/could/may/perhaps happen in the future.

Conservation Officers Misleading the Public about Polar Bear Problems in Churchill

You only have to go back to 2021 to find similar numbers of incidents and bears in the holding facility at the end of week 9

Climate Activists are Silent on Polar Bears Because their Doom-Mongering Blew Up in their Faces

Thriving populations in the Chukchi Sea and elsewhere amid low summer ice levels have busted the myth that polar bears need ice year-round.

Repeat of 2013 high-profile Sierra Club polar bear attack, this time with Inuit victims

Almost 10 years later to the day, another polar bear attack resulting in serious injury has taken place in the northern Labrador/Quebec region of Eastern Canada.

Polar bear habitat around Svalbard Norway above average despite high temps in N. Atlantic

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford Sea ice extent for Svalbard was above average yesterday and has been since 17 July, despite “record-breaking” sea surface temperatures in June. The temperature…

More Barents Sea Polar Bear Habitat at Mid-July 2023 Than In 2012 Despite More Atmospheric CO2

… field data show bears in Svalbard are in better condition than they were in the late 1990s

Hudson Bay sea ice loss has not accelerated since 2014: in fact, summer ice cover has improved

Hardly the ever-worsening catastrophe of sea ice loss story being spun in the media for Western Hudson Bay polar bears.

Early sea ice breakup in W Hudson Bay caused by “record breaking” warmth in 2023 but not 2015?

…what caused the ice to retreat more than two weeks earlier in 2015?

New evidence that polar bears survived 1,600 years of ice-free summers in the early Holocene

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford New evidence indicates that Arctic areas with the thickest ice today probably melted out every year during the summer for about 1,600 years during the…

Book Review:  Polar Bear Evolution: A Model for How New Species Arise

Bottom Line: I liked this book – it made me think, re-think and think again.  It made me do the type of intellectual work that refreshes the mind and brings…

Polar Bear Sea Ice Habitat Near the End of Arctic Spring 2023

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford Arctic sea ice is beginning to melt and the end of spring is drawing near. Mating season is over for polar bears as is the gorging…

The story of polar bear evolution could not be told without discussing climate change

It’s logical to assume this speciation event happened during a cold interglacial, but which one?

How is widespread use of helicopters to study polar bears defensible in a warming world?

…the lifeblood of most polar bear research is jet fuel needed by helicopters

Polar bears in W. Hudson Bay are in good shape, says researcher. So are numbers really falling?

…polar bears his team saw in April while installing collars and ear tags were in good shape this year…

Roald Amundsen tried and failed to tame a polar bear cub in 1920

It only took a month for Amundsen to give up his experiment.

17th century documents & 1970s ice maps show sea ice habitat in Svalbard has always varied greatly

Currently, there is more ice than was present in early May in many years of the 1600s.

‘Less ice means more conflicts with polar bears’ narrative not supported by scientific evidence

This result by veteran polar bear researchers blows a big hole in the emerging narrative nudging the public to expect more polar bear attacks

Russian walrus and polar bears continue to thrive US researchers tell the Washington Post

… the larger estimate seems more plausible as an average for this subpopulation, although the authors of the report did not draw that conclusion.

Winter sea ice habitat for polar bears still abundant enough to sustain a thriving species

The slight decline since 1979 has so far been no cause for concern to polar bears, who are thriving.

Southern Labrador coastal landscape dominated by fat polar bears in March

Photos of some of the bears sighted are all in good or excellent condition, and few of the animals seem to be intent on causing real trouble for locals

15 years after ESA listing as ‘threatened’ due to sea ice loss polar bears are abundant & thriving

There is no existential emergency for polar bears or any other Arctic sea mammals due to declining summer sea ice, despite continued messages of doom from remorseless experts.

Return of Svalbard sea ice in time for seal births and the polar bear feeding bonanza

It seems that every fall and winter for the last decade at least, there has been hand-wringing about the lack of Svalbard sea ice and what a tragedy this is for polar bears.

Polar bear sightings and sea ice conditions in Newfoundland & Labrador 2023 vs. 2017

Conservation officials issued an alert to residents of coastal communities to be aware of polar bears coming ashore

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