Zurich Considers Insurance Premium Discounts to Reward Climate Action

Is Zurich charging too much? If Zurich has enough spare cash to reward for climate action, perhaps everyone should demand a discount?

World Bank Considers Looser Loan Requirements to Boost Climate Lending

“… higher statutory lending limits, lower equity-to-loan requirements and the use of callable capital – money pledged but not paid in by member governments – for lending. …”

Omnibus Bill Trims President Biden’s Overseas Climate Funding Promise

The $1.7 trillion Omnibus government funding bill which just passed Congress omitted at least one extravagance.

Green Germany Haemorrhaging €1.5 Billion per DAY to Keep the Lights On

How is that wind and solar working for you Germany? Just under half a trillion US dollars of government subsidies and counting, to make Germany’s broken energy system affordable for…

Claim: Welsh Government Wind Farm will Lower Electricity Prices

Obviously the illusion that renewables drive up prices is caused by greedy green energy developers, right?

Barbados Proposes Rich Countries Provide $1Trillion to Fund Climate Action

Bad timing? As GOP leaders retake control of Congress, Barbados chose now to pitch for more money for climate action.

FREE MONEY: Aussie Governments Desperately Pump Priming their Green Energy Revolution?

What if all the private money they’ve modelled fails to show up?

Australia’s Green Energy Dream Sinking Under Royalty Demands, Tradie Shortages

Was this in the budget? Australian Aboriginals have joined farmers in demanding cash payouts or royalties for renewable energy installations which impact their land.

Africa: The Place where Claims Renewables are Cheaper Go to Die

If renewables are the cheapest form of energy, why is Africa making a dash for gas, with greens in developed nations scrambling to organise climate finance so they build renewables…

Australia Demands the World Bank Pay for the Renewable Transition

Australia made $100 billion from coal exports this year – but the Aussie government still wants everyone else to pay for the green energy transition.

Green Fail: British Consumers Paying £1 billion per year for Wind Energy which Cannot be Used

The Express claims a billion pounds per year is being paid to British wind turbine operators who have been asked to disconnect from the grid during periods of low demand,…

John Kerry Accused of Proposing US Companies Buy Their Way Out of Climate Action

A scheme for permanent impoverishment of poor countries? US companies pay poor countries to stay poor?

Climate Victimhood Comes to “Corruption House Number One”?

I have fond memories of visiting Vanuatu in 2019. My tour guides in Luganville gave me a free lift back into town, refused my offer of lunch or a beer,…

Britain Joins Australia’s Call for Bigger Climate Change Payouts

Is Prime Minister Flip-Flop planning £60 billion of tax rises and spending cuts so he can provide large “climate pledge” payouts to foreigners?

UN: $2 Trillion Per Year Required for Climate Development

“… about 70% of that needs to come from the private sector…”

Australia Backs Climate “Loss and Damage” Compensation at COP27

Last September, the Australian government told voters Australia’s financial situation is too precarious to continue a six month gasoline tax holiday. Those same politicians now want to give our tax…

Monday Mirthiness #juststopoil funded by – oil heiress

You really can’t make this stuff up. Heiress of billionaire Getty oil dynasty ‘donates $1 million to… Just Stop Oil disruption group. Aileen Getty has given more than £800,000 ($1million)…

Washington Post: The USA Should Pay for Pakistan’s Climate Floods

According to Wikipedia, since 1952 Pakistan has received 22 IMF bailouts, substantially funded by the USA. But apparently the USA is still liable for climate reparations.

NPR: President Biden Paused his Climate Promises Because of Ukraine

Still covering for Joe; According to NPR, the USA owes billions of dollars climate reparations to the developing world, but those pledges have been put on hold because of the…

SMH: Young People want Climate Action More than Money

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, young people would rather the government keep their money and spend it on climate action.

Time Magazine: We Only Have to TRIPLE the Global Renewable Energy Budget to Achieve Green Nirvana

According to Time the world currently spends 1% ($0.8 trillion / year) of global income on renewables. But for the “surprisingly low cost” of $2.4 Trillion / year, we could…

Australia Begs for Foreign Investment to Fund Aussie Net Zero

Everyone who slammed Australia in the lead up to COP26, for failing to realise our renewable energy “superpower” potential, are now being asked to put up some of their own…

China and India Demand a TRILLION Dollars to Reduce CO2 Emissions

After meeting Joe Biden and John Kerry in person, China, India and delegates of other developing nations have added another zero to their carbon ransom, and are now demanding a…

Guardian Demands a 100x Increase in British Climate Investment

The Guardian is distressed the UN code red climate emergency declaration has disappeared from the front pages of most news outlets.

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