Climate fearmongering reaches stratospheric heights

entitling such a paper “Exceptional stratospheric contribution to human fingerprints on atmospheric temperature” is essentially a non sequitur on the issue of global warming.

Thermosphere is Cooling, Bad for Satellites. Thermosphere is Heating, Bad for Satellites.

Thermospheric cooling, CO2 and models are proved again, bad for satellites. Thermospheric warming, it’s that damn sun and its storms, bad for satellites.

Solar Panels: The Unspoken Environmental Cost

By 2030, we think we’re going to have four million tonnes [of scrap] – which is still manageable – but by 2050, we could end up with more than 200…

“Clearer Skies, Warmer Planet? The Paradoxical Impact of Lower Emissions Amid a Pandemic”

The findings highlight a delicate balance and interconnectedness in our atmosphere, underscoring the complexity of climate dynamics.

If We Imagine Really Bad Stuff, It Might Affect Crop Yields.

…use large ensembles to generate plausible unprecedented events, which can inform our assessment of the risk to crops

Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless

Contrary to forecasts of doom, crystal-clear science shows that a broad range of outcomes related to climate change have stayed level or improved for the past 30 years.

Flawed Alarmism: Coastal Cliff Erosion in California and the Inaccuracies of Climate Change Projections

Kanik’s article ignores the longstanding problem of coastal cliff erosion

Antarctic Ice Shelves Growing

Our observations show that Antarctic ice shelves gained 661 Gt of ice mass over the past decade, whereas the steady-state approach would estimate substantial ice loss over the same period, demonstrating…

More Amtrak High-Speed Train Delays

The outdated infrastructure has raised questions about the efficiency and efficacy of such endeavors.

The Great Snow Cover Debate: Are We Seeing More Snow or Less?

We find the models got it wrong for all four seasons.

More Proof The Lancet Has Fallen – Publishes New Paper: Envisioning environmental equity: climate change, health, and racial justice

[sic] Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination interact with climate change to worsen existing harm to health and widen inequities for minoritised people both within and between the Global North and Global South4

“We have no reason to be against nuclear energy other than prejudice & stupidity” – Dr Patrick Moore

Moore argues that we should conserve the most precious fuels we have, which are fossil fuels, by replacing them with nuclear energy where feasible.

Arctic Ice: A Cold Reality Check for Climate Alarmism

If we are experiencing a global warming crisis as intense as many suggest, shouldn’t we be seeing a decrease in such significant ice formations?

The South African Energy Crisis: A Battle between Power Needs and Environmentalists

…the vehement objections from environmental groups continue to cause gridlock driving the South African economy into a ditch.’s Steve Milloy Schools Climate Activists on Israeli Television

The money quote from Steve: “Dude. Shut up. It’s my turn.”

New Labor Laws and the Threat to Wildfire Prevention in California

…recent changes in state labor regulations are posing a threat to this innovative wildfire prevention strategy.

The Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Watch is an Interesting Initiative but Let’s Not Repeat History

World Meteorological Congress approves global greenhouse gas monitoring initiative

Climate Alarmists FAIL to Garner Support in Melbourne

Avi Yemini hits the streets of Melbourne as Extinction Rebellion protesters attempt to shut down city in the name of science.

Labour Will Block New North Sea Oil & Gas

Quite how developing North Sea oil and gas “undermines our energy security is a mystery.

Jim Steele Corrects NPR: Setting the Record Straight on Climate Narratives

Accusing NPR of fearmongering climate change, Steele goes on to explicate their flawed reasoning in blaming the Denton fire on global warming.

How a drought affects trees depends on what’s been holding them back

Contrary to expectation, sometimes a record-breaking drought can increase tree growth.

STUDY: ‘Global warming can cause headaches’ through ‘stress of…changes in weather patterns’ – Makes Parkinson’s, ‘stroke, MS, migraines, & dementia worse’

According to researchers from the American Academy of Neurology, global warming is fueling a rise in neurological diseases ranging from migraines to Alzheimer’s. People with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS)…

Open Thread

Open Thread

Environmental NGOs In the Global South: Saviors of Humanity or Predatory Special Interests?

The ban on Greenpeace India provoked much furore in the Western press

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