STUDY: ‘Global warming can cause headaches’ through ‘stress of…changes in weather patterns’ – Makes Parkinson’s, ‘stroke, MS, migraines, & dementia worse’

According to researchers from the American Academy of Neurology, global warming is fueling a rise in neurological diseases ranging from migraines to Alzheimer’s. People with Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS)…

CLINTEL’s critical evaluation of the IPCC AR6

From Climate Etc. by Judith Curry Clintel has published a new report entitled “The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC: Analysis of the AR6.” “The new Report provides an independent…

How the Disinformation Industrial Complex is destroying trust in science

If everything is an existential threat and words are violence, real violence can seem more and more to be justified.

Dueling ITCZs

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Inspired by a comment about modeled rainfall by Dr. Richard Betts over in the Twitterverse, I decided today to look at how well the climate…

The Broken Science Initiative with guest, William Briggs

Academy for Science and Freedom presents: The Broken Science Initiative with guest, William Briggs.

Claim: Droughts developing more rapidly says global study

…global warming has made the world wetter on the whole.

Note to AMS and Associated Press: There is No Evidence Proving ‘Climate Change is Causing More Home Runs in Major League Baseball’

When I first read the story, and then the study at BAMS, I thought surely this must be an elaborate April Fools joke. Sadly, no.

How Climate Reductionism is Itself Causing Bad Science . . .

Science? Peer review? Journalists? WYD?

Restoring trust in government by using the IQA

Dr. Fauci, would have been required to inform the public that his daily statements were mere opinions.

PM2.5: Mass Killer or Mass Fraud?

The bottom line is that the claim that PM2.5 causes death is the most demonstrable science fraud of our time.

CEEMD vs Joe Fourier

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In one of my late-night somnambulistic ramblings through the climate literature, I came across a 2021 study entitled “Evidence of solar 11-year cycle from Sea…

Scientists Debunk Alarmist Claim That Vertebrates Declined 69% Since 1970

Two independent groups of scientists have destroyed the always improbable claim that vertebrates across the planet have declined by 69% since 1970.

More Wackiness: Flashback 2020: ‘Climate change could be responsible’ for ‘autoimmune diseases & autism’ claims Rutgers U. researcher’s new study

The changes in the environment and biodiversity brought on by climate change could be responsible for increases in allergies, autoimmune diseases and autism,

February Fantasy Redux

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach This is an extension of my previous post entitled “February Fantasy Versus Reality“. Please read that to get the basic ideas. To recap, a study…

February Fantasy Versus Reality

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Yesterday, Eric Worrall posted an interesting article entitled “Forbes: Global Warming is Causing Colder Februaries“. The title says it all. The Forbes article states: Thanks…

Serially Wrong Paul Ehrlich Is Wrong, Again. We Are Not on The Brink of a 6th Mass Extinction Event

Guest Opinion by Chris Talgo On January 1, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” rang in the new year by airing a segment in which several scientists, including Dr. Paul Ehrlich, predicted that we…

P.T. Barnum Science: startup ‘Make Sunsets’ is “releasing particles into the atmosphere” to cool the planet

From MIT Technology Review and the EPA’s “We only regulate peasants and industry” department comes this hot mess of climate ego coupled with P.T Barnum style bad science. A startup…

Academics Pursue Project to ‘Decolonize Physics’

Physics is commonly regarded as the “most objective” and the “hardest” science [2], it fundamentally defines scientific key concepts such as energy, matter, force, light, space and time, for all…

Climate Fear Mongering Bad Analyses Cause Bad Remedies

The media amplifies our fears by promoting unvetted scientific studies that argue climate change is linked to 5 million deaths a year.

Peer Reviewed Science Journal Report: ‘Electric Utility Industry’s Role in Promoting Climate Denial, Doubt, And Delay

If I had been permitted to fact-check review this paper, I would have barred it for publication because it contains a minimum of six major errors

Why “Zombie Ice” and other claims of Greenland ice melt raising sea levels are just modeled hokum

From the check your Chinese soot before you check your CO2 driven climate model department. One of the dumbest climate claims this week is “Zombie Ice” from the ever alarmed…

Friday Funny – Clownfish Climate Science

Star marine ecologist committed misconduct, university says Finding against Danielle Dixson vindicates whistleblowers who questioned high-profile work on ocean acidification [due to rising atmospheric CO₂ levels] A major controversy in…

Latest Survey of ‘Coral Cover’ Fundamentally Unscientific

The relatively low percentage cover is because only the reef perimeter is surveyed by AIMS, which is the equivalent of reporting on the population of Sydney after skirting around the…

Star Marine Ecologist Committed Misconduct, University Says

Finding against Danielle Dixson vindicates whistleblowers who questioned high-profile work on ocean acidification

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