More Solar Cyclomania

Previous investigative forays of this solar cyclomania sort have not ended well, so Charles asked me to investigate this one.

Strange Galactic Science

Many of the fields of Science practiced today seems to have veered off into some kind of Alternative Universe – some kind of “Science from a far and very different and strange Galaxy”, maybe the same Galaxy inhabited by the editors and journalists of The New York Times.

Another scientist who doesn’t believe in a word he says

Scientist demonstrates Pandemic lockdowns are “only for the little people”. The Leona Helmsley moment for science has arrived. From the bigger they are, the harder they fall department comes this epic fall from grace by a deified idiot thinking with his non-science head. From the UK Telegraph: Exclusive: Government scientist Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking…

Steve Milloy wins against Exxon with SEC

By Andy May h/t Willie Soon Steve Milloy is the publisher of and trained as a lawyer and biostatistician. He was “lauded” as one of the top ten “climate deniers” by George Monbiot at the Guardian. Milloy has filed a shareholder proposal with Exxon-Mobil insisting that they account for their “greenwashing” activities that are…

A Surfeit Of Temperatures

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach My last two posts, one on Gavin’s claims and the other on the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, have gotten me to thinking about the various groups producing historical global surface temperature estimates. Remember that the global surface temperature is the main climate variable that lots of folks are hyperventilating…