On this picture, thin mid-level clouds are observed in the foreground with deep convective clouds in the background.
Photograph: Radovan Krejci, co-author of the study

Thin tropical clouds cool the climate

From STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY: Thin clouds at about 5 km altitude are more ubiquitous in the tropics than previously thought and they have a substantial cooling effect on climate. This is shown in a recent study by researchers from Stockholm University and the University of Miami published in Nature Communications. The cooling effect of mid-level clouds is…

low cloud cover and cosmic rays

Cosmic Disconnections

I read yesterday that someone had supposedly provided evidence in support of Svensmark’s hypothesis that cosmic rays affect the weather. So I went to look it up. The study is called Cloud cover anomalies at middle latitudes: links to troposphere dynamics and solar variability, by S. Veretenenkoa and M. Ogurtsova, paywalled here. Let’s look at this…

silver ant hairs

Silver Ants

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I stumbled across a lovely article about the Saharan silver ant over at phys.org. These ants have special hairs that reflect strongly in the visual and radiate strongly in the infrared. They show a photo of the ant hairs under a couple different amounts of magnification: Figure 1. Photograph from the phys.org…

CERES total albedo

Albedic Meanderings

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been considering the nature of the relationship between the albedo and temperature. I have hypothesized elsewhere that variations in tropical cloud albedo are one of the main mechanisms that maintain the global surface temperature within a fairly narrow range (e.g. within ± 0.3°C during the entire 20th Century). To…