Germany Mean Temperature Trend For The Month Of May Sees No Rise Since 1986

The 2023 May was therefore not entirely satisfactory – but in the long term neither May temperatures nor precipitation showed any worrying trends.

Bureau Capitulates: But Overseas Model Unlikely to Solve All Temperature Measurement Issues

It has only taken ten years, that is how long a few of us have been detailing major problems with how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology measures daily temperatures.

Averaging Last Seconds Versus Bureau Peer-Review

…recording just the last second of the minute is not equivalent to the numerical average of even just the five last-one second readings.

Fake Analysis by Greg Ayers and Jane Warne – Because End Justifies Means

From Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog Jennifer Marohasy I estimate the Bureau have about 200,000 parallel temperature records. These are handwritten records of temperatures measured at the same place and the same…

Jokers, Killing Dissent – While calling it Debate

There was real opportunity for an overhaul of how the Bureau not only change recorded temperatures, but also forecasts the weather.

Jokers, and Temperature as Radio Chatter

The real test of this is seeing how the readings from a mercury thermometer compare with readings from these resistance probes at airports – around the world.

The Coronation & The Guardian, Temperatures, Misinformation (Part 2)

A 0.7C difference is enough to generate more record hot days for the same weather, supporting the narrative of the new King – that the planet risks overheating.

The Guardian, Temperatures, Misinformation (Part 1)

There has been no harassment on our part. All the Bureau needs to do is produce the data that John Abbot and I have reasonably requested over the years and…

Introducing the Realitometer

Month by inexorable month, the Realitometer will show just how absurdly exaggerated were and are the official predictions of global warming on which easily-manipulated governments

Bureau Can’t Dodge Differences in Temperature Data

The Bureau is unique in the world in taking instantaneous readings from the probes and using the highest in any 24-hour period as the maximum temperature for that day.

Urbanization Effects on GHCN Temperature Trends, Part IV: UHI Effects on Tmax and Tmin

The nonlinearity of the relationship is, as other investigators have found, very strong.

Australia-wide assessment: climate change or instrument change?

…a majority of these AWS stations had an average 62.8% increase in their 99th percentile observations. These are the hottest 1 per cent of days calculated since the start year…

Parallel Temperature Data, Except for Cape Otway Lighthouse

These findings are not consistent with claims made by the Bureau that there is no public interest in releasing the parallel data because the temperatures are the same whether measured…

Jennifer Marohasy on TNTRADIO.LIVE: Mercury Thermometers Versus Probes in Automatic Weather Stations

I will be talking about these issues this afternoon on TNT radio with the legendary Chris Smith.

Bureau Releases Limited Parallel Data from Brisbane Airport

One might think it prudent to have maintained the two methods of measurement alongside each other for some period at Rutherglen to determine whether there were any biases.

Why We Need an Independent Global Climate Temperature Database

Given that governments are spending billions of taxpayer dollars on climate mitigation programs, doesn’t it make sense to get the most important thing – the actual temperature – as accurate as…

Re-imaging Tasmania’s Temperature History, Part 1

He wanted to know from me if they showed global warming.

The 1.5 C Temperature Fiction, Already Exceeded

…temperatures tend to cycle at a decadal scale and by much more than 1.5 C.

The US Blows Hot And Cold

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about the raw unadjusted temperature station data. Despite the many flaws in individual weather stations making up the US Historical Climate…

Is NOAA trying to warm the current 8+ year pause?

Is this a mere data correction/adjustment by NOAA or the beginning of something more sinister? Stay tuned.

Hyping Maximum Daily Temperatures (Part 7)

Replacement probes at the 59 ACORN stations had an influence on extreme maximum percentile frequency and average temperatures, particularly extremely hot 99th percentile days.

Hyping Maximum Temperatures (Part 6)

The extent of any contrived warming is likely to vary with the type of custom-designed probe and the local environmental conditions.

Legacy Electronics Botch Temperature Recordings Across Australia (Part 1)

The Bureau is yet to explain how long the minus 10.0C/10.4C limits was in place at those locations.

Hyping Maximum Daily Temperatures (Part 5)

I wanted to compare the new record temperature with the temperature as recorded by the mercury at the same weather station, for verification.

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