Lessons from the Past: How Cold-water Corals Respond to Global Warming

Food and oxygen have the greatest impact on survival

The Guardian: Global Warming is GOOD for Rare Coral?

A rare Guardian good news climate change story.

Leonard Lim’s Exquisite Photography of John Brewer Reef

Anyone serious about accurately reporting coral cover at John Brewer reef would swim around the perimeter and also over the top where most of the coral is – this is…

Epicentre of Mass Coral Bleaching – Still So Beautiful (Part 1)

On 10th April 2022 I went to the very epicentre of the claimed latest severe mass coral bleaching, and found a coral wonderland.

Fake Warming Along the Great Barrier Reef

By using visions of dying reefs to thieve ever more money from Australian taxpayers, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies has built an elaborate castle-in-the-air.

Sorry, WaPo, There Is No Evidence Bleaching Threatens a Great Barrier Reef “Tipping Point”

From ClimateREALISM By H. Sterling Burnett -March 29, 2022 The Washington Post (WaPo) published an article today discussing the fact that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR) recently suffered its “sixth massive bleaching event,” blaming…

Not Expecting Coral Bleaching During a La Niña

When you get down to Earth and under-the-water, well Pixie Reef was magnificently healthy.  I am going to visit it again, soon, to check how it is this year.

One New Coral Reef Study Wipes Out Four Climate Alarm Narratives In One Fell Swoop

From the NoTricksZone By Kenneth Richard on 24. February 2022 Corals thrive in multiple-degrees-warmer-than-today waters and their growth is stunted in cooler environments. The warnings peddled by climate alarmists often characterize Earth’s 500 billion…

Study: All Coral Reefs will Die if 2C Climate Target Breached

Even 1.5C would kill 99% of all coral, according to the study. But I think there is room for a little doubt.

A Tale of Two Media Perspectives: New Pristine Reef Discovery a Marvel for Most, A Chance to Promote Unwarranted Climate Alarmism for CNN

Along the way CNN presented half-truths, misleading information, and gross speculation about the threat climate change poses to coral reefs worldwide, in an attempt to say this newly discovered pristine…

Coral Island Expedition Discovers Tropical Mangroves Grabbing More Land

A field expedition to investigate remote islands on the Great Barrier Reef has discovered the islands are growing.

Unexpected hope for millions as bleached coral reefs continue to supply nutritious seafood

Researchers studying coral reefs damaged by rising sea temperatures have discovered an unexpected ‘bright spot’ of hope for communities who depend upon them for food security.

Analysis: Obura et al Coral Bleaching Study: Models Used Misrepresent Warming Rate….”30% Too High”!

The headline of the agency report once again conveys threatening scenarios about the imminent death of “all coral reefs”, which cannot be justified or supported.

Great Barrier Reef Warming, Coral Bleaching Driven By Cloud Radiative Forcing, Not Humans

From the NoTricksZone By Kenneth Richard on 2. December 2021 For decades Great Barrier Reef (GBR) warming and coral bleaching have often been assumed to be driven by human greenhouse gas emissions and/or…

Heron Island Photo Check

From Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog November 24, 2021 By jennifer I am seeking feedback, including comment and corrections, on this draft blog post. I have previously sent an email to Richard Vevers (1…

Great Barrier Reef: No Basis for Alarming Sea Level Fear, Second Report Finds

The notion that the sea may be rising more rapidly at Cooktown than at other places along the Reef is fanciful. 

Cyclones Downs, Corals Up – Except in Glasgow

f I didn’t know something about the scientific method, greenhouse gases, the Great Barrier Reef, and that foundation, I would be inclined to believe there was a crisis – and…

Great Barrier Reef experiencing ‘record high’ levels of coral coverage

Sky News AustraliaFormer JCU Marine Physicist Peter Ridd says the Great Barrier Reef is now experiencing “record high coral cover”. “This is data that’s been accumulated over a little while…

Bleached from a Distance

Reposted from Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog September 26, 2021 By jennifer  I lent my underwater camera (Olympus TG-6) to a dear friend who recently visited Lady Elliot Island at the Great Barrier Reef.…

AIMR Playing “Frying Bacon” Sounds to Combat Coral Climate Damage

Scientists working to save coral reefs from climate change are testing whether underwater speakers continuously playing reef mood music, mostly the sound of predatory shrimp attacking prey, can attract more…

Claim: Coral reef cover, biodiversity, fish catches have declined by half since the 1950s

. “The effects of degraded and declining coral reefs are already evident through impacts on subsistence and commercial fisheries and tourism in Indonesia, the Caribbean, and South Pacific, even when…

The Madness of John Pandolfi and Michelle Gunn

Next time you read that such and such a percentage of the Great Barrier Reef has already been destroyed by humankind, laugh out loud! I say that not to offend,…

Record Coral Cover Of Great Barrier Reef Shames Climate Alarmists, Media

When will these doom stories about the reef, which have been going for 50 years, cease? Will it be like the Ancient Greek legend of Prometheus, who was chained alive to…

Great Barrier Reef Not In Danger

The important point here is that the reef has recovered well in 2021 as any healthy ecosystem will. This does not mean that we don’t study and attempt to understand…