Rowan Atkinson: I love electric vehicles … But increasingly I feel duped

Comedy legend Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr Bean, Johnny English, Blackadder, and many other comedy roles, is not happy with his electric vehicle.

The Actual Levelized Cost Of Energy

Guest Post By Willis Eschenbach A company named Lazard puts out an annual report on something called the “Levelized Cost Of Energy” (LCOE). Here’s the April 2023 version. The LCOE…

ClimateTV – LIVE at 1PM EDT –  ‘Climate and Energy Potpourri’

This week’s Climate Change Roundtable, Climate and Energy Potpourri is a show about nothing and everything. Host Anthony Watts and expert panelists Sterling Burnett and Linnea Lueken discuss a variety of topics…

Open letter to Dr Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC

The following letter was sent to Dr. Lee, the Chair of the IPCC earlier today (May 25th, 2023) by Dr. A.J. (Guus) Berkhout, President of Clintel, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics,…

Energy and Environmental Review: May 22, 2023

This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post…

Climate Change Weekly #471: Special Edition: The Republican Debt Ceiling Bill Deserves the People’s Support

You borrow the money, you pay it back.

Hydrogen Fraud? The Newest Twist in Australia’s Renewable Energy Insanity

Apparently a $2 billion headstart for the hydrogen economy will solve all our problems, and certification will reduce the risk of hydrogen fraud.

ESG Part I: An Examination of Environmental, Social, and Governance Practices with Attorneys General

Ever since the signing of the Paris Agreement there’s been an open conspiracy to bypass Congress

Germany Opens the Door to High Inflation, with an 80% Green Energy Bill Subsidy Proposal

The plan is to continue the subsidy, until investment in renewables brings energy prices down.

Feds admit offshore wind can kill whales!

Of course these admissions are well hidden, buried in the depths of thousand page documents

The Mysterious AR6 ECS, Part 1

By Andy May Christian Freuer has translated this post to German here. The climate sensitivity to CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) is arguably the most important number in the…

Open Thread

Open Thread

Tropical Paradise Islands Are Not Sinking and Shrinking…Most Are in Fact Growing!

The reefs thus permanently supply sand that compensates for or even overcompensates for the rise in sea level.

Media FAILS: Ignores Real-World Data When It Comes to Tornadoes and Climate Change

This article originally appeared in American Thinker on April 7, 2023. After the recent devastating tornadoes in the Midwest and South, some media outlets scrambled to try to link the weather events…

Green Energy Crunch Time: Aussie Liddell Coal Plant Closes This Month

Last winter, during a low wind deep freeze, the Aussie East Cost suffered blackouts and energy shortages. This year they’ll face the same – with 1200MW less capacity.

Boston University: Forgive Third World Debt to Advance Climate Goals

According to Boston University, banks need to forgive the national debts of nations run by corrupt despots, to advance climate and development goals.

Did an AI Convince Someone to Sacrifice Himself for Climate Change?

A grieving widow has accused EleutherAI’s GPT-J of convincing his husband that committing suicide would help save the planet from climate change.

Scientists Shifting Global Warming Goalposts to 1.8-1.9C?

“… economic modelling has often suggested that temperature increases well above … the 2 °C target … would result in higher total welfare …”

Emissions and CO2 Concentration: An Evidence Based Approach

Therefore, if we keep living our lives with the current CO2 emissions – and a 3%/decade efficiency improvement, then the Paris climate goals are fulfilled.

Claim: Insurers are Writing Off Electric Vehicles with Minor Damage

Would you want to drive an EV whose batteries might have been subtly damaged by a minor collision, even if there were no visible signs of damage?

Koonin wins in Cornell Oxford Style Debate

By Andy May Steve Koonin is still undefeated! The Steamboat Institute hosted a Campus Liberty Tour Oxford style debate at Cornell University on Mar 15, 2023. Drs. Steven Koonin and…

Claim: Climate Skeptics Have Long Intimidated Scientists from Full Disclosure

All the muted climate claims of previous years apparently represent climate scientists holding back for fear of intimidation.

STEVE MILLOY: Biden Uses His First Veto to Sacrifice Americans’ Retirement Savings at The Altar Of ESG

The new Biden rule permits retirement savings to be placed into an ESG investment vehicle, without consent from the employee.

A New Board Game to Induce Climate Guilt in School Children

Just what we need, right? A board game designed to make kids feel even more miserable and guilty about climate change.

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