Dresden Christmas Market

German Parliament Accused of Passing a Covid-19 Enabling Act

Protestors in Germany have accused the state of endangering citizens rights, by granting the German executive sweeping powers to shut premises or impose curfews to control Covid-19 outbreaks. But advocates claim the law requires greater oversight of Covid-19 lockdown decisions, and provides special protection for cultural events.

Where Are All the Sick People?

Guest Survey by Kip Hansen – 17 November 2020 When I am puzzled by something, I try to find out what’s really going on.  Years ago, I wrote “What Are They Really Counting?”.    The lessons in that essay are even more important today than they were when I penned it at the end of 2015. …

Locking Down See Oh Too

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve read comments from several folks claiming that despite the COVID lockdowns reducing emissions, there’s been no corresponding decrease in the airborne CO2. Here’s a typical claim, complete with graphic, saying that this proves that human emissions aren’t the reason for the gradual increase in airborne CO2. The COVID shutdown…

Call to action: become an author/tech input for the next National Climate Assessment

The deadline for “self-nomination” as an author for the 5th U.S. National Climate Assessment (“NCA5”) is 8:59 PM PST, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020. So time is short.  Here’s the notice: https://www.globalchange.gov/content/request-public-nominations-authors-and-scientifictechnical-inputs-and-notice-planned-public This will be loaded to the gills with climate alarmists, so some cooler heads will be welcome – Anthony