Andrew Bolt: ‘Willful ignorance’ on climate change is making people ‘poorer and weaker’

“One green scheme after the other, failed or in strife, costing billions more than promised.”

California Dreaming

A grid that is wholly dependent on batteries would put California at the mercy of China’s monopoly of batteries and the raw materials that go into them.

FERC’s Role in the Offshore Wind Stampede

What is amusing is that FERC has a rule making ongoing on constraining renewables, because they screw up the grid.

Ross Clark: The National Grid is falling apart thanks to Net Zero

We’re left with demand management to keep the lights on – rewarding the rich at the expense of the poor, and all using taxpayer funds

The Pied Piper Has No Clothes

The feasibility analysis performed by Jacobson et al. (2013) is incomplete and scientifically questionable from both the technical and economic perspectives, and it implicitly assumes, without sufficient justification, that social…

Home Insulation Makes Little Difference To Energy Consumption–New Study

An unusually frank piece from the Guardian!!

Winter’s Risks Increased by Irrational Energy Policies

Consumers who once casually put their lives in the hands of large utilities have reason to feel less secure.

Bring On the Electricity Cost Crisis!

It is irresponsible to put out a plan to achieve the CLCPA’s goals while at the same time preventing New Yorkers from understanding the impact on their energy bills and…

UK OFGEM Authorize Brown Outs

None of this would have been necessary if we were not shutting down so much of our firm capacity.

German Officials Blame Gas Shortage on Consumers, warn “People Will Feel the Cost of The Energy Crisis Hard”

If their mastermind green plans don’t work, it’s the citizens’ fault!

New York’s Climate Act Scoping Plan Process Template

I also predict that if the ideologues continue control the implementation process then  costs will sky rocket, that there will be a catastrophic blackout that causes death and destruction, and…

Policy Implications of The Energy Storage Conundrum

Unfortunately, our powers-that-be don’t seem to have those five minutes to figure out the obvious, so we’ll just have to bash them over the head with it.

Germany’s Gas Reserves “Emptying at Record Speed” As Country Struggles to Keep Warm, Lights On

So far Germany’s response to the energy crisis is plans to build many more turbines, with talks of even tripling its current installed  capacity,…

Green Raw Deal: Climate Fanatism Has Put Us Full Throttle On The Highway To Hell

This combination of a misguided energy policy and a war, which shows no sign of abating anytime soon, is a toxic mixture that may threaten all of us.

Oimjakon, Siberia Sees “Extremely Low Temperatures” As Mercury Plummets To 65 Below!

“For early December, these are extremely low temperatures there, which are normally expected only at the end of December or beginning of January,” says Jung.

The World as We Know It Ends If It Can’t Find Its Bearings

Today’s global market is one of broken price signals, starting with energy. High oil/gas/coal prices mean the world is desperate for more, yet global production is being stifled by the…

COP-27 Financiers and Merchants of Death

Africa resists policies that promote primitive farming and energy, and making muffins out of flies

Energy Crisis: German Minister President Suggests Heating One Room in Winter Is Enough

Back to the 19th century…climate-crazed political leader: Washcloths and heating just one room are enough…

As Green Policies Cause Energy Prices To Explode, Deforestation In Europe Accelerates

Skyrocketing fossil fuel energy prices are are driving the deforestation of Europe as citizens try to keep warm

Germany’s Compounding Energy Woes: Even Wind Power Industry Is “Sliding into Crisis”

not only is Germany’s energy supply faltering profoundly, but so is its wind industry as well, reporting  that it is “sliding into a crisis”.

UK Trapped in The Green Energy Cul-de-Sac

And only now has it become apparent that there is no good exit strategy.

America’s Energy Crisis is Mostly US Democrats’ Fault

America’s energy crisis could have been largely prevented if Democrats used their control of Congress since 2019 to liberate oil and gas investment, production, and transport instead of sabotaging them.

Climate Alarmism or Realism | Bjorn Lomborg

We are in the middle of an Energy Crisis and many are wondering if Climate Change is just a false alarm. Should we really be concerned about it and why…

IPCC: We Call Your Bluff (COP 27 alarmism in the air)

Today, more than ever, government (coercive) mitigation policy is being left behind by self-interested energy actions around the world.

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