Arctic 2023 Refuses To Melt…German Scientists Blame “Unusual Weather Phenomenon”

We notice that when the opposite happens, e.g. heat, storms or more melt happens, then it’s all because of climate warming. But when it goes the other way, then it’s…

17 years of near-zero trend in September sea ice demolishes claim that more CO2 means less sea ice

Arctic sea ice failed to nose-dive again this year, undoubtedly disappointing expects who have been anticipating a ‘death-spiral’ decline for ages.

“Mind-blowing” Claims of Record Low Antarctica Sea Ice on BBC Contradicted by Statements Made Seven Years Ago

Any unusual variation in weather and natural events is treated as evidence of a climate collapse requiring urgent human intervention. 

Climate Hysteria Ramps Up in Antarctica but Recent Data Shows Sea Ice Levels Similar to 1966

The climate catastrophe caravan is on the move again with the alarmists whipping up fears over a supposed low rate of winter sea ice in Antarctica.

What Sky News Did Not Tell You About Antarctic Ice

Nor do they mention that the ice has not “gone missing”, as they claim, but strong winds have pushed it polewards. As a result, the ice is thicker than normal:

Polar bear habitat around Svalbard Norway above average despite high temps in N. Atlantic

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford Sea ice extent for Svalbard was above average yesterday and has been since 17 July, despite “record-breaking” sea surface temperatures in June. The temperature…

More Barents Sea Polar Bear Habitat at Mid-July 2023 Than In 2012 Despite More Atmospheric CO2

… field data show bears in Svalbard are in better condition than they were in the late 1990s

Hudson Bay sea ice loss has not accelerated since 2014: in fact, summer ice cover has improved

Hardly the ever-worsening catastrophe of sea ice loss story being spun in the media for Western Hudson Bay polar bears.

Is the Arctic September Sea Ice Doomed to Disappear in the 2030’s?

K23 takes advantage of the rejected CMIP 6 MMM and comes to strongly biased results. It’s overdue for the editorial board of “Nature communication” to check the peer review process…

Polar Bear Sea Ice Habitat Near the End of Arctic Spring 2023

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford Arctic sea ice is beginning to melt and the end of spring is drawing near. Mating season is over for polar bears as is the gorging…

Arctic Ice: A History of Failed Predictions

Decades of failed predictions about the end of Arctic sea ice should prompt us to view these new findings with a critical eye

Arctic Ice: A Cold Reality Check for Climate Alarmism

If we are experiencing a global warming crisis as intense as many suggest, shouldn’t we be seeing a decrease in such significant ice formations?

Aarhus University Researchers Find Arctic Warmer, Ice-Free in Summertime 10,000 Years Ago!

Moving goalposts

17th century documents & 1970s ice maps show sea ice habitat in Svalbard has always varied greatly

Currently, there is more ice than was present in early May in many years of the 1600s.

Return of Svalbard sea ice in time for seal births and the polar bear feeding bonanza

It seems that every fall and winter for the last decade at least, there has been hand-wringing about the lack of Svalbard sea ice and what a tragedy this is for polar bears.

Why Cooking With Gas Won’t Melt Arctic Sea Ice: Temperature Anomaly Graphs Obscure Important Dynamics

It reveals the critical climate dynamics of ocean currents that naturally transport warm warm water from the tropics into the Arctic causing very different local temperatures and sea ice extent.

Emperor penguin ESA listing in 2022 used Antarctic sea ice models known to be flawed

…ea ice experts now say those old sea ice models are quite useless for predicting future sea ice conditions and have known this for more than a decade

The Washington Post Gets Iceberg Story Right

The article goes into detail about the theory and mechanics of the ice shelf and the natural growth of the chasm that eventually caused a split—in part due to the growth of…

Recent paper on W. Hudson Bay polar bears includes new official sea ice freeze-up data

In other words, body weight data–so critical to the argument that the health of WH polar bears is declining due to sea ice loss–is still being withheld.

Polar Bears of SE Greenland Get Shorefast Ice Necessary to Hunt Seals: Not So Unique After All

This is apparently why polar bears in this region are doing just as well as those living in NE Greenland: in other words, thriving despite the pessimistic prophesies of experts.

Arctic Report: primary productivity still high & sea ice flatline continues despite warmer temperatures

NOAAs annual Arctic Report Card is, for the most part, a valiant effort to turn good and ambiguous news into harbingers of climate change disaster.

Sea Ice Mysteries

Guest Post By Willis Eschenbach I’ve never seen either the Arctic or the Antarctic ice pack. I have, however, commercially fished for roe herring in the Bering Sea, setting purse…

Eastern Canadian Arctic Has Much More Sea Ice Than Usual While Svalbard Polar Bears Deal with Less

Yet contrary to predictions, polar bears in Svalbard are thriving.

Polar bear habitat update: ice forming along Hudson Bay, Wrangel & Franz Josef Islands surrounded

Western Hudson Bay polar bears near Churchill will be able to leave shore within days, at most one week later than in the 1980s, although you wouldn’t know that from…

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