Bureaucracies Utterly Incapable of Making Reasonable Tradeoffs

I’m old enough to remember when being self-sufficient in food production and not dependent on food imports was considered a positive good for a country.

Give up Beef and Dairy or the Global Climate Gets It

“… Unless humans rapidly change mass food production systems, including eating less beef and dairy, emissions from the sector could add nearly 1 degree to global temperatures by 2100 …”

Farmers Blockade EU Capital to Fight Fertiliser Restrictions

Green policy obsessed European leaders are ignoring the implications of Sri Lanka’s organic farming food crisis.

British Net Zero Insanity is the Cause of Winter Food Shortages

“… Britain … reduced how many crops they have planted over the winter, … energy required to light and heat greenhouses and the cost of the fertiliser …”

Childish Beliefs Drive Lethal Energy and Agricultural Agendas

These ideas, and these policy proponents, are what should be banished from government, media and academic institutions. Not the wondrous technologies that make modern life possible. 

How Livestock Farming Benefits The Planet

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood Maybe Monbiot should pay attention to what the real experts are saying:

Eating less meat won’t ‘save the planet’


Monbiot : We Must End Our Dependence on Farming

…switch out of farming altogether to produce protein-rich foods which we can do through Precision fermentation

Are Your Veggies Less Nutritious?

“Mounting evidence shows that many of today’s whole foods aren’t as packed with vitamins and nutrients as they were 70 years ago, potentially putting people’s health at risk.”

The Great Food Reset: ‘Lab-grown meat’ harvested in ‘massive steel vats’ edges closer to fed approval & U.S. dinner plates – As EU approves human consumption of worms & crickets

Many children have the power of pester, so in some cases can be great agents of dietary change within the family

What Has Been the Role of Petroleum in Human Progress? (Part IV)

The role that fossil fuels have played in the progress of humanity in four revolutions is undeniable:

Record Agricultural Yields Should Allay Climate Fear

In fact, globally, there has been a steady increase in yields of wheat as measured in tons per hectare, with some of the highest being in China.

Bill Gates: Nuclear Power and Fake Meat can Save Us from Climate Change

Microsoft founder Bill Gates wants us all to eat fake vegetable meat and embrace nuclear power, to avert the climate crisis.

Get the Facts Straight, CNBC, Climate Change Is Not Harming Cambodia’s Crops

There is no evidence whatsoever that climate change is undermining Cambodian farmers abilities to pay back existing loans or forcing them to undertake new ones.

Wrong, Climate Home News, Climate Change Is Not Hurting India’s Sugar Crops

Indian sugarcane production increased by more than 64 percent, setting new records for production 10 times during the 30-year period

Claim: Indoor Farms can Solve Climate Crisis Weather Disruption

Apparently the amount and cost of electricity to run the indoor grow lights is a problem.

COP-27 Financiers and Merchants of Death

Africa resists policies that promote primitive farming and energy, and making muffins out of flies

“Farming Needs to Stop, That’s the Single Biggest Driver of Climate Change”

I just don’t know what to say to this one…

3 Myths Debunked: Animal Agriculture’s Real Impact on the Environment

As Dr Mitloehner explains, the global stock of methane in the atmosphere will not increase unless herds increase around the world.

Fossil Fuels Are the Greenest of Energy Sources

fossil fuels are currently indispensable for manufacturing fertilizers and pesticides that are critical to producing adequate food supplies at reasonable prices.

Collapse Of Energy, Food, Transportation Systems Prompt Calls for Government Nationalization of Industries – Echoes 1930s Push for Great Reset Style Reforms

From Climate Depot Morano: The modus operandi of the Great Reset (AKA Build Back Better) is to intentionally collapse the current system with policies designed to create a crisis, havoc,…

Global Decarbonization: Negative Agricultural Impacts

There is a clear downside to pricing CO2 emissions. It is not only detrimental throughout multiple sectors of the economy, but at increasingly ambitious levels it leads to trade-offs with food…

JAYARAJ: Climate Change Transformed India into an Agricultural Superpower — Just Ask My Grandparents

From the CO2 Coalition By Vijay Jayaraj My grandparents survived a nationwide famine in the 1960s that pushed many Indians into abject poverty. Little did they know then that they…

From Sri Lanka to Salinas

Kawamura added that a fertilizer ban would  “collapse the production curve” in California within about three years of implementation.

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