Why did agriculture start 13,000 years ago?

WUWT reader Susan Corwin writes: Because it would work as CO2 became plentiful! All the academic articles say: “and then agriculture happened”. The “accepted wisdom”/consensus is: ….here was no single factor, or combination of factors, that led people to take up farming in different parts of the world. But It is simple: it occurred because…

A farmer in Malawi checks her maize crop that is struggling as a result of the worst drought in three decades. CREDIT Neil Palmer (CIAT)

Claim: Crop breeding is not keeping pace with climate change

From the UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, where I’m not sure they have seen this graph: Now, if only Africa could solve its political problems, get reliable energy, and reliable roads for transport…and they’d have the kind of success we enjoy in the United States. UPDATE: Fred Berple notes in comments: Maize production: Malawi – 1961 815000 tons…

French vineyards like the one in the photograph are experiencing earlier harvests in recent years as the region's climate has warmed.
Credits: Elizabeth Wolkovich/Harvard University

Climate change is improving French wine quality

NASA study finds climate change shifting wine grape harvests in France and Switzerland- higher-quality wines are typically associated with earlier harvest dates From NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER A new study from NASA and Harvard University finds that climate change is diminishing an important link between droughts and the timing of wine grape harvests in France and…