Claim: Arctic Climate Modelling Too Conservative

[It’s been a while since we’ve had a good “It’s Worse Than We Thought” story~cr] UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG Climate models used by the UN’s IPCC and others to project climate…

The Models Are OK, the Predictions Are Wrong | Dr. Judith Curry | EP 329

Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Judith Curry discuss climate change, the major error in current models and future predictions, academic fraud, and the need for dissenting opinions.

AIs Trained on Climate Models Predict Faster Warming

Why did they train the AI initially using climate models? Why not ignore the models, and directly use the observations to directly train the AIs?

Monash Professor: Climate Change Driven Bushfires will Kill 2412 Aussies in the Next Decade

The researchers appear to be effectively predicting five events of the same severity as Australia’s 2019-20 “Black Summer”, over the next seven years.

Claim: Skiing over Christmas holidays no longer guaranteed – even with snow guns

Current climate models predict that there will be more precipitation in winter in the coming decades, but that it will fall as rain instead of snow.

Claim: Computer Models Predict a Third of Vertebrates will Die by 2100

A natural adaption to an Australian ecological disaster exposes these claims of fragile food webs as nonsense.

Have Embarrassing Failed Predictions Taught Climate Scientists to be Cautious?

“… It is difficult to predict whether changes in cyclone formation and behaviour will pose a risk to Australia …”

Colorful fluid dynamics” and overconfidence in global climate models

This situation is related to the replication crisis in science generally, whereby much of the literature is affected by selection and positive results bias.

Claim: Climate Models Are Imprecise, Because Psychologists Were Not Consulted

According to Nature “Human behaviour is a neglected factor in climate science”.

50-Year U.S. Summer Temperature Trends: ALL 36 Climate Models Are Too Warm

Given that U.S. energy policy depends upon the predictions from these models, their tendency to produce too much warming (and likely also warming-associated climate change) should be factored into energy…

Claim: Rising Global Temperatures Point to Widespread Drought

according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA). 

Updated Climate Models Clouded by Scientific Biases, Researchers Find

After all, the ultimate goal of any model evaluation study is to help improve those models.”

How Serious is the ARk Storm (Catastrophic Flooding) Threat Along the West Coast?

 reality is not following the predicted extreme precipitation increase projected by the climate models.

Thoughts About Clouds And Water (Vapor)

Climate models are NOT capable of modeling clouds. Their resolution is too low and clouds are too complex.

Corruption of Climate Science Supported by Flawed Models

Imagine the theory of gravity being determined by a partisan vote.

Models, Climate Scientists Wrong Again…New Study Finds Jet Stream Strengthening, Not Weakening

…in fact found that the winter jet stream over the North Atlantic and Eurasia has increased in average speed by 8% to 132 mph.

Claim: Reserve Banks Should Hire Climate Scientists

Professor Andy Pitman wants central banks to hire climate scientists to help them build high resolution risk models, to properly evaluate regional climate risk. But the Aussie RBA disagrees their…

Ocean Atmosphere Response to Solar EMR at Top of the Atmosphere

How can climate models hope to reflect the real world when clouds are parameterised with no sensitivity to surface temperature?

John Christy Debunks Climate Models and Extreme Weather Hysteria With Laura Ingraham on FOX News

From the July 14, 2022 episode of Ingraham Angle.

Climate Claim: Somali Pirates and Warlords Need More Access to Financial Services

According to European academic models, the reason the Horn of Africa is a crime and war torn horror show is locals don’t have enough access to Western financial services and…

Study: Global Warming is Causing a DECLINE in Tropical Cyclones

Aussie researchers believe cyclone intensity may be rising, though their study was “too coarse” to address this question.

Claim: Australia’s Supercomputer Gadi will Solve the Climate Crisis

Because when your models can’t predict the climate, what you really need is a bigger computer, right?

“Climate models have not ‘exaggerated’ global warming” except when they do…

Guest “double take” by David Middleton September 2017 21 September 2017 Factcheck: Climate models have not ‘exaggerated’ global warming ZEKE HAUSFATHER A new study published in the Nature Geosciences journal this week…

Quantifying CMIP6 Model Uncertainties in Extreme Precipitation Projections

Despite the overestimated inter-model spread, our results show a robust enhancement of extreme precipitation with more than 90% of models simulating an increase of RV20.

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