New WUWT Global Temperature Feature: Anomaly vs. Real-World Temperature

One of the most frightening aspects of global warming, aka “climate change” is the graphs produced from temperature data for public consumption and trumpeted by an unquestioning and compliant media.…

Heartland Institute Ships ‘Climate at a Glance’ Book to Thousands of Teachers Across America

Book intended to be “supplemental” to standard curricula and counter alarmist narrative with facts on the climate that reflect current data and research  ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (February 2, 2023) –…

A New Series of Posts on Bomwatch

Perkins-Kirkpatrick could encourage her girls to enjoy re-runs of Frozen while she objectively analysed datasets that underpin her irrational warming-fears using BomWatch protocols.

It’s Not Too Late: Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2023 Has Second Printing.

I am letting everyone who ordered last year’s calendar know that you can still order the Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2023.

Live at Noon Central Time: Our Dystopian “Green” Future – In the Tank Podcast #375

The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, Justin Haskins, and Chris Talgo present episode 375 of the In The Tank Podcast.

97% Consensus on Climate Change? Survey Shows Only 59% of Scientists Expect Significant Harm

Humans are likely causing some warming, but substantial scientific disagreement exists on whether there will be significant impacts ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (November 8, 2022) – A new poll of scientists…

User Registration Required to Comment Now Enabled – Here’s How

As mentioned previously, today we are rolling out the code that will require getting a user account with WUWT, just like you do with dozens of other sites. The reason?…

COMING SOON: Commenting here will require registration

First, don’t panic – we are going to make this easy. Starting About November 7th/8th, commenting on WUWT will require you to be a registered user. Read on for the…

Pre-order the Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2023

Josh writes: I am letting everyone who ordered last year’s calendar know that you can now pre-order the Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2023. Go to and pick the right dropdown for…

Tim Ball’s Memorial Fund Wrap Up

To All, Our entire family has been humbled by all the wonderful communications regarding Dr. Ball, and to all who contributed to his memorial fund. As a family we intend…

Please Donate Towards Dr. Tim Ball’s Funeral Expenses

UPDATE: This post will fall off the top of WUWT after today (Monday 10/3) , but will still be findable via search for “Dr. Tim Ball”. Note from Anthony: This…

Spambot Announcement

We are being spammed by an extremely clever and aggressive spambot.

RIP Dr. Tim Ball, Climate Realist

This was sent to me by the Ball family Saturday evening. See note that follows. It is with deep grief that we announce the passing of Dr. Timothy Ball. Tim…

Announcing the 1st Place Winner of the WUWT Essay Contest, Student Division

I believe that the credibility of the whole scientific enterprise is in jeopardy due to the careless and irresponsible sophistry of activist ‘climate science’.

Why a Dud Hurricane Season … So Far? Join us LIVE on YouTube at noon CT today.

Participate in the chat on the YouTube stream LIVE at Noon CT today and every Friday to get your questions answered.

Student Essay Winner Announcement Delayed

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are delaying the announcement of the selected winner for a week.

Save the Date! 15th International Conference on Climate Change

IT’S BACK: Make plans NOW to join The Heartland Institute at the 15th edition of the most-important and informative conference on climate science and energy policy in the world.

Watch LIVE – Who Pays for Climate Alarmism?

The Heartland Institute Climate alarmists love saying that anyone who opposes their position is a shill for the special interests of billionaires. They should turn the magnifying glass inwards, as…

New Feature: Book Review Page

Just like the sortable Video page we rolled out three weeks ago, we have rolled out a a book review page.

New Surface Stations Report Released – It’s ‘worse than we thought’

Official NOAA temperature stations produce corrupted data due to purposeful placement in man-made hot spots

Review of the 5th National Climate Assessment: Call for Nominations

Nominations are due by Monday, August 1, 2022.

Deadline: August 15th – STUDENTS ONLY – WUWT Climate Change Essay Contest

We have already announced winners in the professional and general categories here. However, we did not get any student category entries. This may be due to COVID, time pressure during…

Biden Depletes U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve: CC Roundtable Live at Noon CT

The Biden administration is releasing around one million barrels of oil per day from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The move is designed to ease Americans’ suffering at…

Announcing a Video Upgrade

We’d like this to become a comprehensive library so please send us suggestions for any video you think should be included.

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