Cabot Institute, Bristol University releases Mann Video

Eric Worrall writes: The Cabot Institute, University of Bristol has published a full video of Michael Mann’s presentation in Bristol, which Anthony Attended. I haven’t had a chance to watch the entire presentation yet, but the opening scene shows picture of cooling towers emitting steam – CO2 is transparent to visible light, so it’s a…

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Michael Mann loses the Nobel Prize – again

  Yesterday I was privileged to be cc’d in some communications between Steve Milloy (of and UCLA. The communications dealt with yet another false claim of Michael Mann being a “Nobel Prize Winner” in an announcement about an upcoming talk of his, as seen below: Milloy wrote: From: Steve Milloy Date: Monday, October 13,…


Final Briefs filed in Mann libel case

By Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel (reposted from [Yesterday was] the close of briefing in our appeal of Michael Mann’s defamation suit against the Competitive Enterprise Insitute, CEI adjunct Rand Simberg, National Review and Mark Steyn. Some background information and the court filings can be found here. We’re appealing a lower court’s refusal to…