Media Bombshell: Shocking Outbreak of ‘Climate Disinformation’ in the Media, i.e., Journalists Asking Questions About Net Zero on GB News and Talk TV

…climate scepticism was on the rise throughout the world, as populations start to grasp the effects of the looming Net Zero disaster.

BBC Verify

The BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, announced the launch of a new “disinformation” unit in its newsroom to combat claimed conspiracy theories and fake news.

Regime Climate Censorship Enforcer NewsGuard: The tragic case of Zack Fishman

NewsGuard is a Pentagon funded member of the US Government’s Censorship Industrial Complex.

Scientists Pushing Net Zero Complain of Hurty Feelings on Twitter

The loss of Twitter as a ‘safe’ space for climate alarmists has been a bitter blow.

Jokers, Killing Dissent – While calling it Debate

There was real opportunity for an overhaul of how the Bureau not only change recorded temperatures, but also forecasts the weather.

Fauci, Fear, Balance and the Grid

Focusing too narrowly on public responsibility (CO2 reduction, equity, social justice) without adequate concern for economics and reliability is a recipe for disaster.  Bring on the balance. 

Facebook Censoring The Inconvenient Truth About Antarctic Temperatures

I’ll post this on Facebook and see how long it takes for the censors to strike!

Former New Zealand PM Joins Global Climate Skeptic Censorship Push

Former NZ PM Jacinda Ardern has formally joined Harvard’s global push to censor online speech, because publicly questioning climate alarmism is related to mass shooting atrocities.

How the Disinformation Industrial Complex is destroying trust in science

If everything is an existential threat and words are violence, real violence can seem more and more to be justified.

Shining Light on Science Education’s Dark Age

Possibly even worse than the promotion of “consensus” was their endorsement of censorship of any scientific information that deviates from the consensus groupthink.

Facebook: Extending its Legacy of Science Denial

…the climate cult’s ambitions are too much of a threat to our way of life – and lives – to dismiss.

UN Plan to Kill Free Speech Headlined by a President who was Convicted of Corruption

UN bureaucrats and mostly left wing politicians are pushing to rebuild a societal sense of “shared reality”, by shutting down climate skeptics and other online voices they deem to be…

Will Canada Censor WUWT Climate Change Content?

As Bill C-11 advances towards becoming law, we ask whether the Canadian Government believes their people are so fragile they must be protected?

Censoring Inconvenient Truths

It was never about “facts” or “truth”, it is about “politics”, and censoring inconvenient truths:

The Ministry of Climate Truth

In other words, we’ve been judged untrustworthy because of the fact checks carried out by Logically and others.

Is Freedom of Speech at Risk at the University of Washington?

UW’s Executive Order 31 allows the university “to discipline or take appropriate corrective action for any conduct that is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate, regardless of whether the conduct rises to the level of…

YouTube Bans Heartland Institute’s Channel Just Before Live-stream with Climate Scientist Judith Curry

Note: this is the backstory to what happened yesterday while I was moderating the live interview. We discovered while we were live that the YouTube stream was blocked, now we…

Watch: Morano on OAN TV goes full World Wrestling taunts against London climate debate duckers – ‘I’m coming to London…If you try to block me out – ‘I will be there at the door!’

I will be there at the door! You will not keep me out!’

Hurricane Hype, Lies, Censorship – and Reality

Politicized hurricane and climate science breeds distrust, green energy and economic disasters Paul Driessen Hurricane Ian is in the history books, having unleashed its Category 4 fury on southwestern Florida.…

New Push to De-Platform Climate Dissent Fueled by JunkScience Tweets

The climate mafia recently renewed its pressure campaign on social media companies to to silence online dissent. I’ve noticed a pattern. Maybe you’ll spot it, too.

UN official at WEF: ‘We own the science & we think that the world should know it’ so ‘we partnered with Google’ to ensure only UN climate results appear

“We partnered with Google. For example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources” — Melissa Fleming

Climate Scientists Want to Ban Dissenting Views

Betts and co may disagree, that is their prerogative. But if they do, they need to present the facts why, instead of blackmailing the The European Physical Journal Plus into…

Andrew Dessler Cancels Economists from the Climate Debate

Andrew Dessler is the alarmist’s alarmist, joining Michael Mann and others who have declared war not only against fossil fuels but also against anyone who thinks otherwise.

LinkedIn Bans Scientist for Presenting Inconvenient Truths About CO2

His ‘crime’ consisted of posting charts from peer reviewed research

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