When 2 Parents Tried To Make Their Young Daughter Practice What Greta Preaches…All Hell Broke Loose!

You think FFF kids are mad at their parents for trashing the planet? That’s nothing compared to their anger when you ask them to walk the talk.

Putin Trolls Germany

While Europe is cursing him now, they only have themselves to blame for continuing to demonize his gas and oil :

11 Hilarious Responses to Late Night TV’s ‘Climate Night’ Programming

Hey all, its Climate Night! When comedy is trumped by virtue signaling! And therefore: no longer comedy! its just the elite parroting assumptions that keep them elite. these aren’t comics;…

Friday Funny: Climate Change Bingo

Climate Change Bingo

Monday Mirthiness: Mann thrice loses, but is going to court anyway! (wellll, maybe)

From Mark Steyn’s opinion piece today at steynonline.com You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Loser…Michael E Mann, Loser (Again) (and Again) ~Global warm-monger Michael E Mann’s defamation suit against me…

Friday Funny: California Feelings

This sums up the feeling of Northern Californians today.

Friday Funny – D-Words Describe Defective Mann

Our resident cartoonist Josh writes: Apparently Michael Mann has a new book out where he describes a whole new slew of climate change ‘D words’, but which sound, as ever,…

Climate Narcissism 101

Guest “Good fracking grief!” by David Middleton I do a lot of networking on LinkedIn. The vast majority of it is with oil & gas and other energy industry professionals…

Aussie Acting Prime Minister: “Hell Will Freeze Over Before I Start Listening to the Greens” on Climate Change

A hilarious week in Australia politics, during which acting PM Michael McCormack has labeled the Aussie Greens leader a “traitor to Australia”, because the green leader wrote to foreign governments…

How to run a Tesla on gasoline…

Guest “Now that’s funny right there” by David Middleton

The Same People Who Embraced the “Wet Market” Theory Are Now Pushing Climate Change!

How various #ClimateChange dummies, from John Kerry to Prince Charles to Pope Francis, eagerly embraced the “wet market” theory for the origin of Covid-19, even though it has not one…

Thank You North Face

HT/Doug B

Friday Funny: A new addition to the climate DOOM lexicon

Down under in Australia, there’s this “Leader of the Australian Greens” wannabe politician by the name of Adam Bandt. He’s got his panties in a twist over the the now…

Flying Cars Will be Racist, “Undermine Democracy” and Finish Off the Environment

Guest “I couldn’t make this sort of schist up if I was trying” by David Middleton From Enviromarxism Central… Flying Cars Will Undermine Democracy and the EnvironmentBy Kevin DeGood May…

Friday Funny: The Seance Is Settled

How ‘Climate Scientists’ Decide Your SUV Causes Bad Weather

2021: The Year Oil Stocks Clobber Renewables?

Guest “Now that’s funny, right there” by David Middleton Feb 24, 2021 – Energy & EnvironmentOil stocks are destroying clean energy in 2021 after years of lagging behind Dion Rabouin,…

Friday Funny: nature makes a mockery of month-ahead model forecasts.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Earth is a complex system, and forecasting weather events in such a complex system is no easy task due to the built in entropy…

Dr Fauci Spins His Handy Wheel of Science.

Dr. Fauci’s latest press conference reveals the latest virus safety measures according to the science… WHEEL!

Friday Funny: Another last chance to save the world from Climate Change

Another last chance, but this is the best one Kerry says. Well, of course it is. THIS year’s climate summit in Scotland is the world’s “last best chance” to avert…

President Xi walks away with this year’s top EMMA award:

We at the GWPF were taken aback by the huge interest in this year’s search for the World’s Greatest Climate Hypocrite of the Year, with over a hundred readers submitting…

Merry Christmas to all, did you get coal…or?

Happy Holidays from the gang at WattsUpWithThat!

Trudeau Pranked by Fake Greta

Today’s Holiday weekend Friday Funny HT/John H

The Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2021

What a crazy year it has been and still is! The most therapeutic way to remember it all next year is to buy a Cartoon by Josh Calendar 2021 –…

Friday Funny: Dilbert nails the climate blame game

The comedy of Scott Adams, along with his climate skeptical viewpoint is on full display here today. Enjoy the chuckle. Licensed with permission: