Friday Funny – The Ultimate Climate Argument Rebuttal Tool

Josh writes a climate ground truth: A reminder that you can ignore anyone saying ‘There is a climate crisis’. It’s not climate science and they aren’t climate scientists. Josh draws…

Friday Funny – Planet of the Apes vs. Climate Change

The climate left is fond of showing ginned-up pictures of what sea-level rise would look like in the future. We are barraged with model projections turned into images of flooded…

Mann’s Twitter Mania is Embarrassing

Sorry Buddy. She’s out of your league.

Monday Mirthiness: Wow So Much Climate Change in Five Years

This will bring out the fact checkers

XR Founder Moans About His Carrots

Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam has taken to Twitter to share his frustration in an 11-point thread after he was served carrots and a handful of potatoes for dinner as…

Friday Funny Cartoon

Branco does it again.

Monday Mirthiness: Wally’s Employment Award

The less you do…

Monday Mirthiness – Diesel Powered Wind Turbines? Yes, Really.

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” department comes this inane story. Josh has his take on it. Scottish Power admitted 71 of its windmills were hooked up to…

Friday Funny: Jane Fonda: “There’d be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism”

Hard to top this one.

Friday Funny: Long Term Career Plan Before Climate Apocalypse Hits

Give me your phone

Friday Funny: Paul Ehrlich Discredits the Peer Review Process

The poor should stay poor, to allow more for us. Hence the concept of “never-to-be-developed countries”

“How Dare You?”: Greta Thunberg Loses Her Cool at Ex-Kickboxer’s Automobile Collection

Naughty Greta made a sexual reference.

The 12 Days of Global Warming

As the rest of the world has to flee the onslaught of Mariah Carey. We have this classic from Minnesotans for Global Warming.

AOC’s Climate Crisis Doc Tanks at Box Office

Less than $10,000 from 120 theaters. That may be a record low.

“Goofy” Celebrities Blind to Cold and Snow

Sometimes, it is easier to understand weather data than a mind unwilling to accept a reality that challenges an apocalyptic narrative. As for the celebrities who exhibit such recalcitrance, we…

Friday Funny – Teenage Expertise Needed – No Experience Required

This is over a month old, but still relevant today. Dilbert channels Greta, who apparently is branching out her “technical expertise.” Hat tip to Kip Hansen.

Schadenfreuday Funny

French and Germans becoming impatient with Climate Limpets

The Future of COPs

Projecting the quadratic curve to COP27 … attendance … to COP100 results in nearly 413 thousand attendees.

Sunday Funday: New Greta Thunberg Thermostat Scowls at You When You Turn the Heat Up

The Greta Thunberg Thermostat™ also emits an audible, “How dare you” if it hears you emit dangerous methane into the atmosphere in the form of a fart.

Late Night Schadenfreude

Welcome to reaping and sowing.

Monday Mirthiness: Mickey Mann Plays The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

When it comes to climate change, a tantrum is just what we need

Tuesday Titter Twitter

Izzy’s mother is not happy that the process of using children as human shields and emotional manipulators backfired.

Bonus Friday Funny: The Greta Thunberg Cult has “Gone Bust”.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Greta Thunberg cult has “gone bust”. “A mere child, full of rage, obsessed with doom, totally devoid of any practical solutions – but…

Friday Funny – There is No Climate Emergency*

Unless you are on the doom news payroll. Josh writes: “There is No Climate Emergency!” say a whole load of scientists from all over the world in a declaration. A…

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