President Xi walks away with this year’s top EMMA award:

We at the GWPF were taken aback by the huge interest in this year’s search for the World’s Greatest Climate Hypocrite of the Year, with over a hundred readers submitting…

Merry Christmas to all, did you get coal…or?

Happy Holidays from the gang at WattsUpWithThat!

Trudeau Pranked by Fake Greta

Today’s Holiday weekend Friday Funny HT/John H

The Cartoons by Josh Calendar 2021

What a crazy year it has been and still is! The most therapeutic way to remember it all next year is to buy a Cartoon by Josh Calendar 2021 –…

Friday Funny: Dilbert nails the climate blame game

The comedy of Scott Adams, along with his climate skeptical viewpoint is on full display here today. Enjoy the chuckle. Licensed with permission:

Friday Funny: Greta Thunberg’s perfect petroleum-free world

One crisp winter morning in Sweden, a cute little girl named Greta woke up to a perfect world, one in which there were no petroleum products ruining the earth. She…

Friday Funny: Madden Now Allows You To Select Greta Thunberg As Your QB

After we added socially conscious non-football-player Colin Kaepernick as a playable QB on every team in Madden, we realized we didn’t have to stop there,” said EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson.

Friday Funny: Mann and Cook Get the Vapors

This is hilarious! It’s seems our favorite Klimate Konsensus Kooks went apoplectic when tripping over a 12 year old EPA post, blaming…of course…Trump.

Monday Mirthiness – Follow The #COVID19 Science You Like

These days, these very weird days, pick up any newspaper or read any news website and you are bombarded with conflicting “science” information. usually these are prefaced with “a new…

Friday Funny: Hockeysticks are appearing in the sky, indicating the impending doom of climate change

From the universal boogeyman department. Dr. Roy Spencer captured this “Manntastic” footage that other day while looking for comet NEOWISE. Surely, it is a visual indicator of “end times”. The…