Solar panels generate mountains of waste

Solar panels generate mountains of waste

They also heat the planet, blanket wildlife habitats and cause other ecological damage

Alien Solar

NASA is Funding a Search for Alien Civilisations Powered by Solar Cells

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Maybe someone out there has solved the problem of renewable energy intermittency. With intelligent life in scant supply on Earth, boffins search for technosignatures of civilizations in the galaxy Pollution, sprawling cities of megastructures, any sign aliens are screwing up just like us… MON 22 JUN 2020 // 07:52 UTC Astronomers are on the hunt for…

How efficient are solar power storage systems?

‘Testbench’ project improves quality of measurement results and facilitates comparison Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) More and more photovoltaic systems are equipped with batteries that store power produced during sunshine for later use. Such solar power storage systems enable operators to use a maximum fraction of the solar power produced for own purposes. The more…

How much electricity may produce a $1 Billion Solar Plant backed by the Obama Energy Department?

Guest post by Albert Parker It is in the news, as expected Crescent Dunes, the world largest concentrated solar power plant featuring 10 hours of molten salt thermal energy storage, just went bust. The electricity produced, as usual not even when needed but mostly when the sun was shining (and often…