The Ill Wind of Offshore Wind Projects

The crux of the matter appears to be the economic viability of these offshore wind projects.

Claim: Windfarms will Destroy the Australian First Nations Connection to Country

“…so many of our people are lost because they don’t have that connection to country…they don’t have a sense of belonging” – Jirrbal woman Georgina Wieden slamming the Chalumbin Wind Farm…

The Whale Killing Study the Feds are Afraid to Do

The research question is simple: What is the mortality rate of harassment for a given offshore wind project?

Wind Turbine Power and Land Cover Effects on Bat Deaths

Unrecorded deaths are > 500% higher than the recorded ones.

Is Russia Preparing to Attack Offshore Wind Turbine Infrastructure?

According to a joint investigation by Norwegian journalists, the Russian spy trawlers are back – and this time the are mapping offshore infrastructure, including wind turbine cables.

The Economist: “Hug Pylons, Not Trees” to Prevent Climate Catastrophe

The Economist setting forth a nightmare vision of saving the world by paving over the wilderness.

The Offshore Wind Turbine Whale Slaughter Continues?

Green energy projects may soon rival the kill rate of Japanese Whale “research” vessels, if claims of a connection are true.

Bloomberg: Wind Turbine Collapses Could Raise Insurance Premiums

If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.

WSJ: Virginia Raises Electricity Bills to Pay for Offshore Wind

While the Virginia SCC is “keenly aware of the ongoing rise in gas prices, inflation, and other economic pressures”, they have to obey the legislature.

Claim: The Wind Turbine Industry is Running Out of Money

The promised green Eldorado has turned into a nightmare of big layoffs, supply chain problems, and razor thin margins.

Australian “Green Transition” Electricity Grid on the Brink of Failure

“… AEMO says … some gas and diesel generators were not interested in providing power under the price cap. It said it would take action to force them online. …”…

Bloomberg: China is Suffering a Renewable Energy “Curtailment Curse”

According to Bloomberg, China is “curtailing”, discarding an increasing percentage of their renewable energy generation, because their grid cannot cope with the excess production on days with favourable weather.

FT: Siemens’ Wind Energy Losses Threaten the Future of the Company

Shareholder Fury: According to FT, the disastrous financial losses in Siemens’ wind power unit are a threat to the financial credibility of the entire company.

President Biden’s DOE Announces an “Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations”

Feeling rejected? Need funding for your Unobtainium free energy device? Nobody taking your Alcubierre rotary warp bubble electricity generator seriously? Uncle Joe’s “Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations” might be the…

Germany Burning More Coal, Renewable Energy Share Falling

Greenpeace blames the German Merkel government for not being green enough.

Aussie Eco-Warrior Fury over Wind Farm Wilderness Devastation

Green supporters of renewable energy are horrified at the devastation construction has wrought on pristine Cairns wilderness.

Tony Blair Institute: New 1.2GW Offshore Wind Farm Every 10 Weeks to Hit Net Zero

The Tony Blair Institute has calculated that a wind farm equal to the largest offshore wind farm ever built must be completed every 10 weeks, to hit Net Zero by…

President Trump: Boris Johnson is Making a Big Mistake Backing Wind Power

During a GB News interview with Nigel Farage, President Trump has warned UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson his renewable policies are leading Br

SCMP: China Offers Renewables and Cheap Nuclear to Poor Countries

The South China Morning Post reports China is offering their clean energy and mass produced nuclear plant expertise to their Belt and Road partners. But past Chinese overseas mega projects…

Study: Extreme Decadal Wind Variability Adds Uncertainty to Climate Predictions

My question – how can renewable energy possibly be a viable option, if we are entering a period of violent weather extremes, including wind droughts which could last for a…

Wind Turbine Property Value Evidence Rejected in Aussie Court Case

A farmer who alleges wind turbines next door have caused a drop in adjacent property values just had his detailed record of land sales rejected by an Australian court, after…

Cost Comparison: Decommissioning a Wind Turbine vs. Plugging & Abandoning an Oil Well

Guest “Coin toss” by David Middleton A recurring theme in comments sections of WUWT posts are arguments about the costs of decommissioning wind turbines vs the costs of plugging and…

The Hill: Forcing Renewable Operators to Pay for Network Upgrades is Impeding the Green Energy Revolution

According to The Hill and industry advocates, its deeply unfair that the government is unfairly trying to force renewable energy providers to pay the full cost of power line upgrades…

The Guardian: Japanese Green Energy Targets Threaten Australia’s Gas Exports

According to The Guardian, Japanese offshore wind power and hydrogen will replace Australian natural gas exports at a faster rate than the Aussie government expects. But if there is such…

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