Fridge or freezer left in a ditch.

“Zimbabwe and Puerto Rico … provide models” for our Renewable Energy Future

According to Boston Review, we have to surrender our obsession with continuous electricity supply to save the world from climate change.

Washington Utility: “No more wind” or solar!

Guest “Ha Ha!” by David Middleton ‘No more wind.’ WA state utility questions efficacy of wind farms for power generationBY BILL VIRGIN CONTRIBUTING WRITERSEPTEMBER 19, 2020 […] Renewables, a category that also can include solar and more exotic forms like geothermal or tidal, will, so the theory goes, help “de-carbonize” the region’s generating portfolio of…

Wind Energy in Scotland

Guest post by David Redfern, aka HotScot I was invited by Charles the Moderator to write an essay with the emphasis on Scottish wind derived electricity. I’m not a scientist, nor an engineer, in fact barely educated beyond high school, so, whilst you won’t get ‘shorthand’ scientific terms here, you will get something laymen can…