Dumping Coal Assets Near the Bottom of the Market a Green Energy Success?

“Her … contract was not renewed”: A recent 4000 attendee climate change summit in Paris came up with some interesting ideas on promoting renewable energy to company boards.

Environmental NGOs In the Global South: Saviors of Humanity or Predatory Special Interests?

The ban on Greenpeace India provoked much furore in the Western press

Americans Increasingly Choose a Warmer Life

There’s a reason why people are flocking to Texas and Florida, and not to the Dakotas or Maine.

California’s Retail Electricity Price Highest in the Continental U.S. & More than Double the Western U.S. Average Price

Incredibly, California’s year 2021 average retail electricity price has now grown to be 214% greater than the average of the other 10 western continental U.S. states. 

Biden and the Bank Crash – Why Biden’s Green Energy Push is Driving US Banks into Insolvency

Here I make the case that the financial crisis engulfing the USA’s banks and financial sector can be traced straight back to Biden’s inflationary green energy push.

The Elephants in The Room

On that assumption, each $1 billion spent on abatement would prevent less than 1/10,000,000 C:

99.2% of Swiss National Bank Shareholders Just Rejected a Green Investment Push

“… SNB Chairman Thomas Jordan said the central bank took climate change seriously but should not be distracted from its primary goal of ensuring price stability. …”

Brickworks Closes West Australia Branch, Cites Energy Costs and Planning Delays

The green zealots who run West Australia appear to have claimed another energy intensive industry scalp, with the complete pullout of a branch of Australia’s largest brick manufacturer.

PNG Officials Charged with Skimming $2 million of Climate Aid Money

Who could have predicted that if the USA and other rich donor nations drop millions of dollars of climate aid into poor countries with serious corruption problems, some of it…

Claim: Anti-ESG Investment State Leaders Have Conflicts of Interest

According to Naomi Oreskes, personal fossil fuel investments by politicians leading ESG divestment constitute a conflict of interest.

The Renewable Capital Cost Green Trick

But there is still more, there is a very well hidden green trick.

The End of Cheap Flights

It’s the new reality for flying as airlines face a huge decarbonization challenge and tightening climate-compliance laws

Did The Guardian Just Almost Call for a Coal Plant to Stay Open?

“… The end of a relatively low-cost coal contract in 2028, however, could challenge Bayswater’s economics … A reduced operation, such as retaining just one or more of the four…

Luxury Beliefs And Energy Policy: The Fatal Conceit

Today’s luxury belief of choice, net zero and the climate crusade, seems to be coming apart in front of our very eyes.

Cars soon unaffordable for 50% of Germans, expert warns

… warns half of Germans “will no longer be able to afford a car.

Must Watch: ESG (Environmental, social, & corporate governance) explained in 1-minute video – Best explanation you will ever see

Must Watch: ESG (Environmental, social, & corporate governance) explained in 1-minute video – Best explanation you will ever see! Via Culture War Room pic.twitter.com/tt1vnygW6j— Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) April 14, 2023

Contracts for Difference Subsidies on The Rise Again

…the subsidy conveyor belt is now running again.

Victorian State Government Begging for Private Renewable Energy Investment

“… We need to see 25GW of new [generators] between now and 2035 …” – but Victoria is consistently voted the hardest place to do business in Australia.

Heavier EV’s not funding California Roadways

Newsom’s silence on how California will finance the billions of dollars for the roads being used by those heavier EV’s is an indication that he will just pass that problem…

Germany’s Renewable Heating Plan To Cost Many Times More Than Expected: 776 Billion Euros!

More than 1 trillion euros for a statistically insignificant climate benefit

ESG Tentacles Could Strangle Growth in ASEAN Countries

Though the reasons for Vietnam’s reliance on hydrocarbons are obvious and understandable, the country’s use of them is now under threat.

Biden’s Gift to the Climate Movement – A Deep Economic Recession?

As key economic indicators redline, greens who believe the key to addressing climate change is economic “degrowth” might be about to get their wish.

Guardian: Gas is Dragging Up the Cost of Renewables

According to The Guardian, a publicly owned company could overcome the impediment of private companies, which are reluctant to cut household energy bills by investing in renewables.

Bjorn Lomborg | PBD Podcast | Ep. 254

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David is joined by Bjorn Lomborg, Adam Sosnick and Tom Ellsworth.

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