The lurking threat to solar power’s growth

Simply put: the more solar you add to the grid, the less valuable it becomes.

Eating less Meat won’t save the Planet. Here’s Why

Why are people saying Cows are bad for the planet?

G20 Endorses Global Carbon Pricing

G20 Guest Bankers also spoke of the need to “unlock” pension funds, so they can invest ordinary people’s savings into combatting the climate crisis.

Guardian: Mass Immigration is Easing the Transition to a Climate Friendly Low Birthrate Future

The Guardian thinks immigrants will be happy to take care of the old folk in rich countries who chose not to have kids. Or maybe robots will sort it all…

Logistics and Costs for Australia to Achieve Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 2050

Massive industrial and economic disruption. Unreliable energy. Higher energy prices reducing Australia’s international competitiveness.

Europe faces global scepticism about its carbon border tax

The European Union faces an uphill battle to convince trading partners that the world’s first levy on carbon imports is fair, workable and a necessary part of the bloc’s attempted…

SMH: Aussie Government Economic Forecasts Ignoring Net Zero Impacts

It is almost as if the Aussie Government thinks commitments to shut down coal plants and eliminate the use of steel and alumina in industry will not happen.

Texas Starts Waking Up To The Issue Of The Full Costs Of “Renewables”

Reposted from The MANHATTAN CONTRARIAN June 20, 2021/ Francis Menton The promoters of the climate scam have a variety of deceptions to get the gullible to accede to their socialist plans.…

Bloomberg Celebrates an International Banker Effort to Dictate Climate Policy

Climate policy is rapidly becoming a test bed, for how much control international bankers can exert over the policy decisions of elected governments, through boycotting the purchase of government bonds.

New Paper From Richard Tol: The Economic Impact of Weather and Climate

I propose a new conceptual framework to disentangle the impacts of weather and climate on economic activity and growth: A stochastic frontier model with climate in the production frontier and…

The Economic Costs Of Climate Change–Swiss Re

Coming back to the UK, it is simply absurd to claim that we would be £50 billion better off with the climate of the Little Ice Age, Our agriculture would…

New Zealand Climate Commission Report Recommends Fewer Cars, More Electric, Fewer Cows

Climate ambition meet Modern Monetary Theory – a slap for every remaining productive sector of the New Zealand economy.

Aussie Regulator Warns Companies to Disclose Climate Risks

Mixed signals anyone? As debate rages over the Aussie government funding a new gas generator, businesses are being coerced to increase their disclosure of alleged climate risks.

It Is Necessary To Destroy The Environment To Save It

The innumerate of society that imagine the transition to Biden’s 2035 carbon pollution-free electricity target will have such insignificant environmental impacts that they should be ignored because of the existential…

Claim: The Climate Crisis is Not About Overpopulation, the Problem is Affluence

A debate is raging amongst climate economists, about whether we need a drastic reduction in global population, or whether simply making everyone poor will suffice to save the planet.

CNBC: “War-Level Footing” Needed to Solve Climate Change

Steve Keen, a Fellow at University College London, believes fellow economists are biased towards believing “capitalism can handle anything”, and that a “war footing” is required to correct the “total…

Aussie Banks Grilled on “Climate Virtue Signalling”

Australia’s big banks have defended their moratorium on financing Aussie coal projects, claiming they are required by international regulatory bodies to which Australia is a signatory to consider their “climate…

Add The Wall Street Journal To The People Who Can’t Do Basic Arithmetic

The simple fact is that wind/solar plus battery systems would not need any government subsidies if they were cost effective. The Biden Administration is proposing to hand out many, many…

Degrowth: Universities Push Permanent Poverty as the Solution to Climate Change

According to modelling by University of Sydney and ETH Zürich, scaling back total production and placing a cap on maximum wealth would not only save the planet, it would also…

The ECB’s climate models are built on obsolete scenarios

There is an urgent need to not just update climate scenarios, but to implement a process whereby they can be kept instantaneously current … we can do this, we know…

Climate Visionaries Explain why a Green Universal Basic Income is Required

Climate visionaries explaining why a green universal income will help head off a violent armed uprising by economically redundant workers, who can no longer find a job in the age…

China: “renewable energy … intermittent and unstable, we must rely on a stable power source”

According to Su Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission, renewable energy is too unreliable to power China.

Study: Warmer Temperatures Increase Fish Abundance, But Reduce Fishing Trips

Global warming is predicted to reduce fish abundance. But when scientists studied fish vs temperature, they discovered there were more fish and larger catches during warm weather, but the frequency…

India ignores media preaching on ‘net zero carbon’

When first-world reporters write about the developing world’s ongoing love affair with fossil fuels, their reports are “not necessarily the news!” Instead, they editorialize in nearly every story about the…