Power Grid Operators, Experts And Federal Audit Office Warn Of Blackouts As Coal, Nuclear Get Phased Out

As wildly fluctuating, weather-dependent green energies come increasingly online, German grid operators and the German Federal Audit Office are warning the German government of power blackouts. But the government is…

Climate Activist Europe Firing Up Coal Plants as Gas Shortage Bites

As Europe emerges from a harsh winter with depleted gas reserves, desperate European governments are increasingly firing up old coal plants to bridge the energy supply gap.

Climate Woke G7 Agrees to Eliminate Coal Jobs

Anyone listening in Pennsylvania?

L A Times Publishes Beijing-Funded Propaganda, Conceals China’s Massive Coal Use & Emissions

Biden, the Democratic Party, the L A Times and other ill-informed climate alarmists are completely out of touch with global energy and emissions realities with their incompetent schemes mandating that…

Both Sides Declare Victory in Aussie Children’s Climate Litigation Coal Case

An anti-coal case court judgement so deliciously ambiguous everyone feels like a winner.

China: “renewable energy … intermittent and unstable, we must rely on a stable power source”

According to Su Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission, renewable energy is too unreliable to power China.

Aussie PM Joins the Biden Climate Push, Promises Not to Change Anything

OK, he is making one change. Aussie PM Scott Morrison will spend $263 million on carbon capture, and $275 million building coal powered clean hydrogen hubs, which won’t capture carbon,…

German coal phaseout… lasted only 8 days

The planned new construction of green power plants will not even come close to offsetting this output. Should the electricity demand, after the Corona lockdown, rises again to the level…

For Mexico’s president, the future isn’t renewable energy — it’s coal

López Obrador’s devotion to fossil fuels and rejection of cleaner energy at a time when most nations are moving in the opposite direction has dismayed environmentalists, who warn that Mexico…

China’s carbon reduction target looks elusive as banks keep throwing cash at coal mines and power plants, undercutting Xi Jinping’s plan to slash fossil fuels

American and Canadian banks led almost half of the US$3.8 trillion in global fossil fuel financing deals over the past five years. European, UK, Chinese and Japanese financial institutions pale…

DOE Clean Hydrogen Plan: Breathing New Life into Brown Coal Plants

The farce of government agencies and climate warriors celebrating new CO2 belching coal plants which produce “clean hydrogen” is gathering momentum.

India Ignores John Kerry

Meanwhile back in the real world:

United Nations Demands an End to Silicon Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

Guterres actually demanded an end to coal, but metallurgical coal is an essential component in solar panel manufacture; no coal, no new solar panels.

John Kerry Disappointed Australia Wants to Keep Exporting Coal

What a shocker – Australia is not rushing to meet John Kerry’s request to give up one of our main export industries on the timeframe of Kerry’s choosing.

The Trump Energy Resilience Plan which Could have Saved Texas

Has Trump derangement syndrome cost Texan lives? Back in 2017, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry proposed paying Coal and Nuclear Power Stations to keep at least 90 days worth of…

Aussie Momentum Growing for Climate Financing of New Coal Plants

Major discomfort for representatives of Aussie coal mining districts; will they defy the government and support the vote to make coal eligible for climate finance, or will they face the…

2021 COP26 Climate Conference Hosts Authorise a New Coal Mine

Britain, the host of the upcoming COP26 climate conference, is getting slammed by climate activists for authorising a new coking coal mine in the politically sensitive national electorate of Whitehaven.…

Sources: Biden to halt all oil, gas & coal leasing on Federal lands & waters

Guest “we told you so” by David Middleton This is not related to the 60-day procedural mortarium currently in place. While this is based on anonymous sources, I did hear…

Climate Warrior John Kerry Notices China’s Global Coal Funding Spree

“Some countries are funding coal-fired power plants around the world, some countries are planning to bring increased coal-fired power online” – But Kerry can’t quite bring himself to say the…

Surprise! Chinese Coal Output has Risen to 2015 Levels, Undermining Climate Pledges

Who could have imagined the possibility Chinese President Xi Jinping’s climate rhetoric does not exactly accord with what is happening on the ground?

Iced Covered Wind Turbines Hamper China’s Efforts to Retire Coal

Guest essay by Eric Worrall As China struggles with a surge in energy demand brought on by their economic recovery and a cold snap, the reputation of wind power has…

China Suffering Mass Blackouts Following Aussie Coal Embargo

Millions of Chinese are suffering severe power supply problems, brownouts and blackouts. According to media reports the problems have been caused by fuel shortages, following Xi Jinping’s embargo of Australian…

Australia: Chinese Embargo of High Quality Aussie Coal is Increasing CO2 Emissions

According to the Australian Government, the Chinese Embargo of Australian Coal is increasing CO2 emissions, because the coal China is burning instead is lower quality. But there is a much…

Climate Activist Aussie Politicians Leap to Rescue Vital Coal Power Plants

That hilarious moment when coal haters realise their necks are on the block if the power grid fails repeatedly during Summer heatwaves.