Climate Craziness of the Week: ‘Exhale up to the atmosphere. Love away the carbon dioxide.’

From: “LOVING THE EARTH” reflections on yogaecology, climate change, permaculture and community, the only thing missing is the unicorns (h/t to WUWT reader Hank Veild) Meditation for Climate Change This meditation came to me a week ago in meditation. I often let my consciousness and breath follow my spine up and down. Recently I learned a…

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The Answer is NOT always in the data – why data analysis is always contaminated by human value judgements

  Eric Worrall writes; Mike Whitehorn, chair of analytics at Dundee University, has written a fascinating article on The Register, about why data analysis is always contaminated by the value judgements of whoever is doing the analysis. According to Whitehorn; “Evidence-based decision making is so clearly sensible because the alternative — making random decisions based…


Video: Why science reporter Seth Borenstein at the Associated Press is more about ‘New Catch Phrases’ and less about science

Worth repeating, in their own words on video, from Pierre Gosselin’s “No tricks Zone”: Amazing…AP Reporter Seth Borenstein Emphasizing Value Of “New Catch Phrases” To Hype Up Climate Stories! By P Gosselin on 20. Oktober 2014 For the media, at least for the AP’s Seth Borenstein (seen at left in the video), it’s not about…