The ‘world’s most respected science journal’ Nature starts on the road to Perdition

I never in my life thought I’d see this article, never. I witnessed the corruption of National Geographic and Scientific American into political cesspools, but I never thought this would happen. Nature has sunk to the depths of blatant political advocacy. They don’t even seem to read their own writing, because the first line says:…

Scientists used fossilized plants, like this seed fern, to reconstruct the ancient atmospheric CO2 record from more than 300 million years ago.
William DiMichele/Smithsonian Institution

Claim: reconstructing climate from 300 million years ago from fossils says we’re in trouble now

From the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA – DAVIS What the ancient CO2 record may mean for future climate change Deep-time reconstruction shows tropical forests can deeply impact climate change The last time Earth experienced both ice sheets and carbon dioxide levels within the range predicted for this century was a period of major sea level rise, melting…


Study: lakes started oxygenation problems long before fertilizers and climate change – blame urbanization

From the INSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE – INRS Urbanization: The historical cause of low oxygen conditions in European lakes The secrets lake sediments have to share A new study shows that hypoxia, i.e. low oxygen conditions, in European lakes started in 1850, becoming more widespread after 1900, long before the use of chemical fertilizers…


Ridicule and Dismal Science

Guest essay by Tom Scott Do you recall the last presidential election season, when the New York Times, Washington Post, and other media giants ridiculed those who argued that the US could bring retail gasoline prices down to $2.50 per gallon by maximizing production? Many pundits and “experts” read the same memo and went straight…


Study: Papal letter, Laudato Si’ fails to inspire Catholics on ‘climate change’

From Springer: Despite papal letter, Catholics and the public politically divided on climate change Pope’s 2015 warning about global warming failed to rally broad support for climate action Among Catholics and non-Catholics, awareness of Laudato Si‘, the first-ever encyclical or papal letter devoted to the environment, was not associated with an increase in public concern…