Pursuit of the Green Dream Will Make Inequality a LOT Worse

It’s amazing how quickly we could find ourselves living in a world where the vast majority of people have become poorer, in the sense of struggling to meet their basic…

Professor Peter Ridd – The World’s Coral Reefs are not Declining

Professor Ridd reviews the latest data on the state of the world’s coral reefs, which is extremely encouraging, especially for the Great Barrier Reef, the largest single reef system, with…

Challenging the NSTA’s Position Statement on Climate Change

Unfortunately, the NSTA has taken a strong position that is antithetical to the scientific method, critical thinking and open scientific debate.

A Requiem for Blueberries

There is not much of the United States that is south of the I10 left to grow blueberries in.

Scientists Debunk Alarmist Claim That Vertebrates Declined 69% Since 1970

Two independent groups of scientists have destroyed the always improbable claim that vertebrates across the planet have declined by 69% since 1970.

Climate conundrum: Study finds ants aren’t altering behavior in rising temperatures

“It’s interesting that the worker ants we observed were willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations while foraging,”

Konstantin Kisin | This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far – 7/8 | Oxford Union (via Climate Change)

For others, it is a dangerously absolutist ideology, a sort of reverse McCarthyism, corroding liberal society and encouraging self-imposed victimhood.

Climate Embarrassment: Anthropogenic Climate Change is a Hoax but Global Warming is Real

Humanity needs to improve intellectually or we will never achieve the best of our imagination.

Wrong, Climate Home News, Climate Change Is Not Hurting India’s Sugar Crops

Indian sugarcane production increased by more than 64 percent, setting new records for production 10 times during the 30-year period

The World is Not Ending | Bjørn Lomborg and Jordan Peterson

Together they break down the ideas of social credit and easy activism, and paint the picture of a world we can strive for, without the demonization and destruction of the…

Climate Change is Not Causing Famines

While showing heartbreaking footage of children starving in Somalia, CBS News blamed their plight on climate change, but the facts reveal an entirely different story.

Anthony Fauci merges COVID & Climate: Infectious diseases ‘largely the result’ of human ‘encroachment on nature’ & ‘often aided by climate changes’ – Published in New England Journal of Medicine

Worried about COVID-19, then support the UN Paris climate pact, the Green New Deal, carbon taxes, etc. or else you are a gramma killer!

How Protests and Crackdowns Can Exacerbate Climate Change

It has become impossible to parody the delusion depts of Climate Alarmists. No one could come close to making fun of them that matches this from Foreign Policy

World’s Northern Hemisphere Tropical Storm Accumulated Cyclone Energy Plunges 33% in 2022

This readily available tropical storm data has been consistently ignored, hidden, concealed, misrepresented and otherwise falsely manipulated by climate alarmist politicians and media.

Worldwide Record Cold Challenges Climate Rhetoric and Risks Lives by Complacency

It is the cold that kills. If anything, the warming of the past three centuries has been extremely beneficial to mankind, helping us achieve unprecedented progress in human health, living…

Indur Goklany: “No Empirical Evidence that Anything Bad is Happening B/C of Climate Change”

2007 book: The Improving State of the World: Why We’re Living Longer, Healthier, More Comfortable Lives on a Cleaner Planet

Morano on Fox News’ Dan Bongino reveals the ‘UN climate/Great Reset summit’ in Egypt where COVID & Climate Merge & ‘Democracy goes to die’

This is all about control. This has nothing to do with science.”  – ‘This is Sharm El SHAKEDOWN, is what we’re calling it

The Climate ‘Crisis’ Isn’t What it Used to Be

Growing realization by the climate establishment  that the threat of future warming has been cut in half over the past 5 years.

Allow Children to Learn About the Arctic Without Terrifying Them with Fantasies of Climate Catastrophe

Children need to be allowed to learn without being used as pawns in an adult political battle.

Climate Alarmism or Realism | Bjorn Lomborg

We are in the middle of an Energy Crisis and many are wondering if Climate Change is just a false alarm. Should we really be concerned about it and why…

Update: Climate Debate in London! – Effort to halt Morano & Monckton from debating FAILS at London ‘Green Davos’ conference

Morano & Monkton engaged in a vigorous two-on-two debate with a moderator at the ‘Green Davos’ summit in London.

Attenborough Laments Demise of 800 Penguins “Because Climate Change” – But Fails To Report Discovery of New Colony 1.5 Million Strong

This is calculated ‘climate change’ propaganda marketed as entertainment.

Army Releases New Plan to ‘Mitigate’ Climate Change – Defense Sec Austin: The U.S. Army needs to ‘immediately take appropriate policy actions to prioritize climate change’

While the plan offers ways to reduce climate change, it does so without directly acknowledging the military’s hand in exacerbating the problem as one of the largest industry emitters of greenhouse…

Climate Scientists Want to Ban Dissenting Views

Betts and co may disagree, that is their prerogative. But if they do, they need to present the facts why, instead of blackmailing the The European Physical Journal Plus into…

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