UPDATE: 8:30AM PST Sunday 2/12/17 This is some sort of glitch with, and it published last night instead of Eric Worrall’s piece on the French giving asylum to Climate Scientists. Is suspect it had something to do with me approving it on my phone, and having a weak signal. It did make for an…


Open Thread Saturday

This week is not exactly a true open thread… I do have one topic that I’d like to discuss. I’m considering doing a weekly radio show with the same name “Watts Up With That” and I’m interested to hear opinions on the topic. The idea would be to have a show that would cover topics…


Open Thread Saturday – “What Could We do Better”?

I’m traveling today, and my ability to connect to the Internet will be hit and miss. Therefore, I’ve decided to run an open thread along with this question: What Could We do Better? This applies to WUWT, it’s readers, moderators and guest contributors. Constructive criticisms and feedback are welcome, but for my blog spawn and detractors,…


Weekend Open Thread

It has been quite awhile since we’ve had an open thread on WUWT, so let’s have one. As usual, stay on topic per this blog’s usual discussions, and keep it civil. I’m particularly interested in hearing from readers about topics and issues we may not have covered that would be relevant for future posts.