The New WUWT Theme

Here’s a thread for everyone to list all their complaints, and even some compliments on the operation and appearance of the new theme.

US Election Open Thread

Most of our readers realize that today’s media pronouncements are meaningless and we are in for a month or more of lawfare.

Open Thread Weekend

We’re going idle this weekend in order to minimize complications of server move on Monday. Feel free to talk, discuss, yell, and play in the sand. Stay polite. Behave. Represent.…

Weekend Open Thread

Today is a three day weekend for most Americans, including me. Feel free to discuss any topic within the purvue and scope of this website. Guest authors are welcome to…

Open Thread & Poll – discuss the recent changes to WUWT

In the last two weeks, WUWT changed the cloud service it was hosted on, and made significant changes to the way comments are handled using the new WpDiscuz commenting system,…

Open Thread – trying out a new comment system

Hello, Now that the move has been successful, I’m trying out a new commenting system plugin called WPDISCUZ. You can read more about it here. The original comment editor I…

Some quick housekeeping

Some of our users log in via twitter.  This causes them to show invalid email addresses in WordPress, usually some form of * This is causing these users’ comments to…

UPDATE: 8:30AM PST Sunday 2/12/17 This is some sort of glitch with, and it published last night instead of Eric Worrall’s piece on the French giving asylum to Climate…

Open Thread Saturday

This week is not exactly a true open thread… I do have one topic that I’d like to discuss. I’m considering doing a weekly radio show with the same name…

Open Thread Saturday

It has been awhile since we have had one. Feel free to comment on any topic within our normal guidelines.

Open Thread Saturday – "What Could We do Better"?

I’m traveling today, and my ability to connect to the Internet will be hit and miss. Therefore, I’ve decided to run an open thread along with this question: What Could We…

Weekend Open Thread

It has been quite awhile since we’ve had an open thread on WUWT, so let’s have one. As usual, stay on topic per this blog’s usual discussions, and keep it…

Open Thread

    Feel free to discuss topics within the bound of regular discussions here at WUWT. Regular programming will resume this weekend.

Gone fishing open thread

I’m out on Tampa Bay fishing with Ed. You’ll have to fend for yourselves. Feel free to discuss anything within our normal bounds. Fish stories to follow later. 27.453864-82.633929

Weekend Open Thread – call for essays

I have some major pressing life issues that I have to deal with at this time, so all I can offer is an Open Thread. Feel free to discuss topics…

Open Thread

I’m on travel today, and will be away from email for quite some time (unless the flight has WiFi). I’ll be attending both the Cook and the Mann lecture at…

Open Thread

Traveling today, as I have been all week, but this seemed like a good time for an open thread.

Open thread weekend – societal concerns

I’m off on travel today, but I wanted to take this opportunity to give readers a chance to talk about a variety of topics and to discuss something that has…

Open thread – what could we do better?

Introspection is always a good thing, and with that in mind, the suggested topic today – what could we do better at WUWT? Some background first. I get lots of…

Open thread weekend

Discuss our usual range of topics.

Open Thread Weekend

This holiday weekend, be sure to remember the U.S. Memorial Day, which is Monday. I’m offline except maybe for some time tonight and tomorrow morning.

Open Thread Weekend – Mann Overboard! Edition

I’m traveling today, so an open thread seems useful. Some topics might be:

Weekend Open Thread and Poll

I’m busy with other things today, so an open thread is called for. I’m also asking readers to consider a question.

Open Thread

I have some work to do today that will take me away from being online, so it seemed like a good time for an open thread. All topics within the…