Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox: ‘Biden’s EV mandates are a controlled demolition of the U.S. auto industry’

From CLIMATE DEPOT Fox Business – Varney & Co – Broadcast September 14, 2023 By Marc Morano ‘DISASTROUS’: Expert warns of Biden ‘demolition’ of auto industry – Fox Business – publisher Marc Morano discusses…

Will The UAW Strike Perpetuate the Death Spiral Already Mandated for The Automobile Industry?

Increased labor costs are potentially insurmountable and uncontrollable challenges facing the automobile industry for the government mandates in wealthy countries for lower emission EV’s.

Electric vehicles catch fire after being exposed to saltwater from Hurricane Idalia

The Idalia vehicles were apparently flooded with salt water. My question – could salt spray from a windy day at the beach also trigger a deadly battery fire?

The Electric Car Debacle Shows the Top-Down Economics of Net Zero Don’t Add Up

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT By Paul Homewood h/t Paul Kolk Blimey!! Ben Marlow has finally seen the light! Sadiq Khan’s controversial Ultra-Low Emissions Zone scheme for…

Will Soaring Insurance Costs Derail the EV Revolution?

As automakers continue to lose money on EVs and consumers worldwide continue to prefer the vehicles they have learned to trust over decades, will EV mandates fall by the wayside – or…

New York State Advanced Clean Cars

The ultimate fall back is to simply keep the existing cars running as long a possible.

Think Megawatt Hours of Gasoline

… we need to build generation capacity that is almost one and a half times our present generation to make the transition.

Unsold Electric Cars May Be Signaling A Death Spiral For The Auto Industry.

As new EV inventories on dealer lots continue to rise, there are bumpy roads ahead for EV penetration into the lifestyles of the common folks.

The Potential Looming Auto Industry Fiasco

But sanity is forbidden in the west. It is EV or nothing. Infrastructure be damned. Investment be damned. Popular demand be damned. 

Race to salvage sinking cargo ship carrying 3,000 vehicles as it burns out of control in North Sea after fire ’caused by electric car’

Perhaps electric car makers will jump on the bandwagon of “source locally”.

A Comprehensive Critique of Net Zero Fantasies

Today, IEA is fairly described as a center of advocacy for elimination of fossil fuels from the world’s energy supply.

China is Throwing Away Fields of Electric Cars – Letting them Rot!

Hundreds of Thousands of EVs just being left to rot in fields….

Joe Biden Wants Every US Military Vehicle To Be Climate Friendly

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said she supports requiring the military to have an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030:

Cars soon unaffordable for 50% of Germans, expert warns

… warns half of Germans “will no longer be able to afford a car.

Is the NY Area Seeing an Explosive Growth in Electric Car Ownership?

“Ownership rates of electric cars have more than doubled in New York City and the surrounding area, propelled by more varied models, more charging stations and lower prices.”

Are Electric Vehicles About To Sweep The Country?

I’ll place a solid bet that market penetration of EVs will stall out at a low level well before 2035.

Germany Wary Of Europe’s Ban of Fossil Fuel Cars By 2035… Too Pricey, Technically Unfeasible

…it appears the folly of the idea is just beginning to dawn on those who had been expected to take a more critical stand much earlier.

Electric Buses

Have EV buses been beneficial? Depends on your point of view. From a driver view-point I give them a thumbs down. The extra stress placed on drivers adds to an…

Electric Cars Are Not “Zero-Emission Vehicles”

The notion that electric vehicles are “zero-emission” is rooted in a deceptive narrative that ignores all pollutants which don’t come out of a tailpipe.

Charging Electric Cars Like “Spilling Liters of Petrol”…(Hidden) Losses During Charging Are Huge

Massive energy losses from generation, to transmission, to charging and during battery storage are turning electric mobility into a cost nightmare.

America’s Favorite Vehicle:  Priced Out of the Market

“The truly venerable Ford F-150 pick-up truck, America’s best selling vehicle, stands to become priced far too high for most Americans to afford.”

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