Fossil discovery reveals complex ecosystems existed on Earth much earlier than previously thought

Discovery challenges understanding of how quickly life recovered from the greatest mass extinction in Earth’s history

Birds and Window Stickers

Collisions with windows, are a major anthropogenic threat to birds, with rough estimates of between 100 million and 1 billion birds killed annually

Do Google Search Options Conceal Climate Data that is Contrary to Government Alarmists Propaganda?

For some reason this most comprehensive and complete data website regarding the 2022 tornado season is not included in Googles most prominent search options.

UNESCO’s Delphic Oracles

the first diviner to occupy the Delphic Oracle was Gaia, the mother of the gods, a connection that would appeal to those devoted to conservation, or who imagine they are…

Was There a Weather Connection with the Whidbey Float Plane Crash?

Is it a coincidence that the accident occurred simultaneously with their traversal of the big wind shift?

Researchers Rediscover Oak Tree Thought to be Extinct

One Quercus tardifolia found clinging to life in Big Bend National Park

NASA to Set Up Independent Study on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The study will focus on identifying available data, how best to collect future data, and how NASA can use that data to move the scientific understanding of UAPs forward.

Toward Customizable Timber, Grown in a Lab

Researchers show they can control the properties of lab-grown plant material, which could enable the production of wood products with little waste.

Skydiving Salamanders Live in World’s Tallest Trees

The aerial dexterity of the so-called wandering salamander (Aneides vagrans) was revealed by high-speed video footage taken in a wind tunnel at the University of California, Berkeley, where the salamanders…

Terraforming the Northern Sahara Will Save the World

And yes—man would actually have achieved something thought impossible even by most atmospheric scientists—we would have effectively controlled the weather!

From giant elephants to nimble gazelles: Early humans hunted the largest available animals to extinction for 1.5 million years

The study shows that humans always hunted the largest available animals until they became exceedingly rare or extinct, and then went on to target the next-largest.

Humans Have Figured Out How to Make a Warp Bubble

Warp bubbles were long the domain of science fiction, until theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre came along and theorized his Alcubierre warp drive in 1994, which maintained general relativity while allowing…

Climate Change Fueled Witch Hunts… Then and Now

It appears that we haven’t learned the lessons of the 16th century and the dangers of stirring unfounded fears concerning changes to our climate.

Facebook Outage Appears to be a DNS Hack

I’m not an IT expert, but I decided to check. Our users can probably provide more detail.

Question the Dogma

There is another point of view which needs to be heard.

15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice

“We know very little about viruses and microbes in these extreme environments, and what is actually there,” Thompson said. “The documentation and understanding of that is extremely important: How do…

Fish hooked on meth – the consequences of freshwater pollution

We must get to grips with the amount of pharmaceuticals in our waterways. The world is some way from fixing the problems of addiction and illicit drug use. But, at…

Turning Algae Trash into Treasure: Conservation Nation Episode 5

These algae blooms are causing big problems for Florida waters, but Aguaculture may have found the key using free market forces and technological innovation.

An animal able to regenerate all of its organs even when it is dissected into three parts

Prof. Shenkar concludes: “Since the dawn of humanity, humans have been fascinated by the ability to regenerate damaged or missing organs. Regeneration is a wonderful ability that we have, to…

Considering Ammonia

At one time in China the communist authorities thought backyard blast furnaces were a wonderful small is beautiful idea. What they got was a lot of poor quality iron. Considering…

The Red-eyes are Coming!

“:Brood X, made up of billions of individuals, is expected to appear in 18 states in the next few weeks . . . . “

Researchers study how lifelong environmentalists want their remains handled after death

UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS Research News LAWRENCE — Traditional burial in a graveyard has environmental costs. Graves can take up valuable land, leak embalming chemicals and involve nonbiodegradable materials like concrete,…

Stargate Atlantis and “The Cause”

But here is the interesting part. In the introduction to this episode, Tunney (Dave Foley), has a conversation with his funder about the safety of the project and its goal,…

A True Shaggy Dog Story

The brilliant zoologist and “bone whisperer” Susan J. Crockford has a new paper just published in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

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