The Sinkhole - Our Descent into the Next Ice Age.

The Sinkhole – Our Descent into the Next Ice Age

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Back in May, Climate scientist Ed Hawkins published a scary spiral graph which appeared to show global warming leaping out at you. As a homage to Hawkins’ effort, I created a similar graph, covering the last 10,000 years, rather than just covering temperatures since 1850. The effect of the longer…


Analysis of Washington Post police-shootings data reveals surprising result – nearly 2x more whites than blacks shot by police

Note: While not the usual fare of WUWT, after some discussion with Mr. Eschenbach, I decided that this was an impartial data analysis, and that publishing it would be a public service that may be helpful in these troubled times. However, given the sensitive and inflammatory nature of the subject matter in the context of…

This is a close-up of the new orchid species Telipogon diabolicus showing its flower resembling a devil's head. CREDIT
Marta Kolanowska

Blame Climate Change? New orchid looks like the devil

For some reason, this press release showed up in my Eurekalert news feed for Atmospheric Science. That makes me wonder how long it will take for somebody to blame this new mutant flower on climate change. After all, there are thousands of other things that climate change gets blamed for. Orchid or demon: Flower of…