A True Shaggy Dog Story

The brilliant zoologist and “bone whisperer” Susan J. Crockford has a new paper just published in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

Ladybug Lost

This is the time of year that ladybugs start to look for places to spend the winter. They don’t migrate like songbirds, but hibernate, more like bears or turtles. Many of us find ladybugs inside our homes once the weather starts to get cold.

A brief tale of wind and steam

About a year ago I read in a Dutch national newspaper an article which elaborately and somewhat aggressively argued that if you had the choice between, say, a 1000MW gas-fired power plant and a few thousands windmill generators the latter was the way to go.

When a bird changes its song . . .

I like birds – big birds, small birds, common birds, rare birds – all kinds of birds.  I have fed them in my backyard for years and watched then wherever my travels have taken me.  I am not your typical birder – I just find birds interesting.

Diamond Princess Mysteries

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach OK, here are my questions. We had a perfect petri-dish coronavirus disease (COVID-19) experiment with the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”. That’s the cruise ship that ended up in quarantine for a number of weeks after a number of people tested positive for the coronavirus. I got to wondering what the…

The Math Of Epidemics

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Watts Up With That is about more than just the climate. It’s also about interesting things in the world. So if you’re looking for just climate, this isn’t the post for you. However, it’s an interesting peregrination through the world of the mathematics of illness. We’ve been hearing a lot…