Those Damn Polar Bears Refuse to Die

Those damn Polar Bears just aren’t dying the way we said they would, but it might/could/may/perhaps happen in the future.

China The Renewables Leader? Do Your Homework, Guardian

The Guardian don’t mention that China’s target was a very easy one.

Media Bombshell: Shocking Outbreak of ‘Climate Disinformation’ in the Media, i.e., Journalists Asking Questions About Net Zero on GB News and Talk TV

…climate scepticism was on the rise throughout the world, as populations start to grasp the effects of the looming Net Zero disaster.

More Carbon Credit Fraud Uncovered: CEO of Verra Resigns

CEO of biggest carbon credit certifier to resign after claims offsets worthless

Fake Analysis by Greg Ayers and Jane Warne – Because End Justifies Means

From Jennifer Marohasy’s Blog Jennifer Marohasy I estimate the Bureau have about 200,000 parallel temperature records. These are handwritten records of temperatures measured at the same place and the same…

A Heatwave in Spain

The latest garbage from the Guardian:

Thanks, Guardian, For Reporting that Europeans Are Also Unwilling to Make Huge Lifestyle Changes to Stop Climate Change

“The more a measure would change their lifestyle, the less they support it,” reported The Guardian.

The Coronation & The Guardian, Temperatures, Misinformation (Part 2)

A 0.7C difference is enough to generate more record hot days for the same weather, supporting the narrative of the new King – that the planet risks overheating.

The Guardian, Temperatures, Misinformation (Part 1)

There has been no harassment on our part. All the Bureau needs to do is produce the data that John Abbot and I have reasonably requested over the years and…

Media Can’t Agree on the Number of Climate Tipping Points, Much less When

Despite evidence to the contrary provided by real-world-data, climate alarmism over future tipping points seems to be a constant feature of the media, but they never happen – “its déjà vu…

Oh No – The Guardian is too Climate Alarmist even for Michael Mann

WUWT recently covered a Guardian claim that “total climate meltdown cannot be stopped”. It turns out this claim is too pessimistic, even for climate scientist Michael Mann.

Three Years Till The Guardian’s Global Climate Catastrophe

No wonder the Guardian is in such dire straits. Apparently, I am one of their top readers globally, having read 64 articles this year!

Naomi Oreskes Slams Big Oil Climate Change Ads

Naomi Oreskes, who believes that Climate Change is a problem, has written a dramatic expose of old Big Oil ads which actually told the truth about global warming.

Guardian Climate Survey: “Few Willing to Change…”

According to The Guardian, most people surveyed already believe they are doing more than their fair share to save the planet from climate change.

The Guardian Demands More Nuclear Power to Fight Climate Change, Slams Plant Closures

According to The Guardian, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Closure of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant was a big step backwards in the battle to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Guardian: “The Paris Agreement is Failing”

Does The Guardian want military invasions of countries which fail to reduce CO2 emissions? Author Jojo Metha laments the Paris Agreement has no enforcement clause – but she shies away…

Aussie Government: “we don’t need a [carbon] price because renewables are too cheap”

According to The Guardian, the Australian Government is “more concerned with the impact of short term electricity price rises on a small number of highly energy-intensive manufacturers” than solving the…

Most partisan polling group ever assembled says climate change not a partisan issue!

“There may be a divide on Capitol Hill but the large majority of us are worried about climate change and want to see leaders deal with it,” said Ed Maibach,…

Guardian Scratching for Climate Tipping Points

According to The Guardian, the melting of Greenland, which could take centuries, could trigger several meters sea level rise and a cascade of other urgent tipping points. But rising sea…

The Guardian: “The Four Types of Climate Denier…”

Guardian environment editor Damian Carrington wants to pin nasty labels on people who disagree with his views on climate change. But in my opinion Carrington is doing a disservice to…

Media’s Horribly Dishonest Antarctica Propaganda

By Jim Steele Attempting to reinforce the climate crisis narrative, a recent high temperature record in Antarctica has been misleadingly ballyhooed as an example of global warming by the world’s…

My short legal kerfuffle with The Guardian and #spiritofmawson

From the “things that make me laugh” department. It seems the Guardian took exception to my use of this image (I suppose they haven’t found this one from Josh yet).…

The Guardian's ridiculous claim of 75% Arctic sea ice loss in 30 years – patently false

Reposted from “Haunting the Library” (well worth a bookmark), another clueless journalist combined with an artist/activist makes The Guardian look pretty darned stupid. Five minutes or less of checking would…

Newsbytes: Anti-Green Rollback Begins in UK

From Dr. Benny Peiser at The GWPF The UK government wants nuclear power to be given parity with renewables in Europe, in a move that would significantly boost atomic energy…

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