The Summer of 2022

It’s been a summer of record breaking hype, if little else.

Are This Summer’s Heat Waves Extraordinary?

There are two terms for the EPA’s tactic: cherry-picking data (to include only those consistent with your theory) and its more precise subset, end-point fallacy (starting or ending your data…

Wrong, Legacy Media, Climate Change Is Not Causing Summer Heatwaves in the U.S. and Europe

The headlines have been truly apoplectic, and absolutely wrong.

The European Heat Wave and Global Warming

Ironically, such an extraordinarily extreme event is a sign that global warming played a very small role in this event. 

Hump Day Hilarity – EU ‘Smack in the Face’ Heatwave Edition

It was totally predictable that the media would start screeching the usual screechiness they employ whenever there is a heat wave anywhere in the world. Some headlines were a bit…

The Heatwave Green Hysteria is Out of Control

The unhinged eco-dread over the heatwave exposes how millenarian environmentalism has become.

Think It’s Hot Now? How Britain Roasted in TEN-WEEK Heatwave During Summer of ’76

Amid the hysteria over the coming heatwave, the Mail reminds us all about the really roasting summer of 1976:

Norway Heatwaves Are Perfectly Normal, Despite What Paul Krugman Says

Temperatures in the 80s are perfectly normal in the north of Norway, such as Tromso:

U.S. Heat Waves: Dessler Continues to Step In It

Atmospheric scientist Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University created a stir online at Twitter last year when he decided that a graph published by the EPA, and cited by Bjorn…

Heatwave Lockdowns Have Arrived

Outdoor events – including, ironically, annual ‘Resistance’ celebrations – are banned until the officials declare the heatwave is over. They’re even restricting some indoor events that don’t have air conditioning.

Heatwaves Getting Worse In India? More BBC Lies

In other words, it did not even hit the 46C threshold:

MSM Scares Themselves, Confuse ‘Unprecedented’ Weather Model Temperature Spikes with Actual Temperatures

Scientists (and journalists) that use those terms might be better off keeping a lid on their opinions until they have real data to confirm their “unprecedented” claims. Carl Sagan rightly…

EPA promotes U.S. heatwave increase since 1960s while downplaying HUGE DECREASE in U.S. heatwaves since 1930s

But the EPA also reveals that If you go back further in the “heatwave” record, their entire man-made climate change analysis falls apart.

Heat Waves vs. Observed Data

What is clear is that a distance of approximately 300 miles and an altitude difference of 780 feet has produced very different temperature data in these two locations. The heatwave…

Heat waves and hot air

Heat waves are the new polar bears, stoking alarm about climate change. Climate scientists addressing this in the media are using misleading and/or inadequate approaches. How should we approach assessing…

The deadly heat wave of July 1936 in the middle of arguably the hottest decade on record for the US

One of the most widespread and destructive heat waves ever recorded in the US took place in the summer of 1936 which fell right in the middle of arguably the…

The Truth About Heat Waves

Disturbingly, some scientists dependent on global warming funding also suggest only global warming explains that heatwave. However, they ignore the fact that the heatwave’s clear skies reduce the local greenhouse…

Was Global Warming The Cause of the Great Northwest Heatwave? Science Says No.

The evidence for a predominantly natural origin of the high temperatures records of last week is compelling, with global warming marginally increasing the peak temperatures by perhaps a few degrees.…

New Podcast: Global Warming and the Northwest Heatwave, Plus the Weekend Forecast

Reposted from the Cliff Mass Weather Blog New Podcast: Global Warming and the Northwest Heatwave, Plus the Weekend Forecast The severe heatwave this week has been on everyone’s mind, for…

Major Media FAIL on Reporting the Pacific Northwest Heatwave

The headline in E&E News, WOWT-TV, Scientific American, WorldNewsNetwork, and other media outlets this week, “Unprecedented Heat Wave in Pacific Northwest Driven by Climate Change” couldn’t possibly be more unscientific. With absolutely no analysis, no…

The Big Heat Post Mortem and the Next Few Days

Reposted from The Cliff Mass Weather Blog  It’s over.    Throughout the region, all-time temperature records have been broken, if not smashed.   Just to name a few: SeaTac hit 108F,…

Even More Extreme: Extraordinary Record Highs Followed by Perhaps the Most Rapid Cooling in Northwest (US) History

The latest model runs, all at very high resolution, show even more profound extremes than previously predicted. And the end of the event will be extraordinary, with temperatures falling by…

Update 3 on Northwest US Heat Wave Predictions

As we get closer to the big heat event, powerful new forecasting tools are becoming available. Tools that provide a higher resolution and more nuanced view of the extreme heatwave…

Update 2 on Northwest US Heat Wave Predictions

Surface temperatures will get above 112F over and near the western slopes of the Cascades. Large portions of western Oregon and Washington away from the water will be above 104F.

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