Carbon Traders Whine Permits are Too Cheap to Make a Profit

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t JoNova – carbon traders are complaining that over-issuing of carbon permits, a lack of political will to make carbon trading work, has destroyed investor confidence in the industry. Tough to Keep the World From Warming When Carbon Is This Cheap Carbon markets, the free-enterprise solution to saving the world…


The Pope puts the kibosh on carbon credit trading, calling it a ‘ploy’

Maurizio Morabito originally observed that the Pope’s climate encyclical was a “damp squib”. For the most part it is harmless, but it does confront carbon credits and a “ploy”, albeit Pope Francis believes that some “radical changes” are needed.  He is against materialism and consumption-  nothing new there.    Reading it, one can’t be certain he is…


California Moves to Revoke Carbon Credits After Inquiry

California, operator of the nation’s biggest carbon market, plans to revoke offset credits issued to EOS Climate Inc. and Environmental Credit Corp. for ozone-depleting substances destroyed at a plant in violation of its federal permit. The companies operated projects that delivered refrigerants, proven to destroy the earth’s ozone layer, to aClean Harbors Inc. (CLH) complex…

$260 / ton for carbon – the price of salvation

Lord Stern: Models ‘grossly underestimate’ costs of global warming Submitted by Eric Worrall Lord Stern, the British Academic who prepared the “Stern Review” on global warming for Prime Minister Tony Blair, has just claimed a carbon price of up to $260 / ton is required to prevent dangerous global warming.